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4:17 jóvagy ?!?

5:32 titanium door

At 5:46 it sounded like youre playing Sonic and you die.

Pushing someone off a roof isnt funny.


Ooh that vitamin D spray sounds awesome! Great video girl! Really want to film a similar one in the future!

Awesome goodies from Amazon Olivia

Another great video, I love the Shea black castor oil shampoo and it lasts ages and you only need a bit. I also use sunny isle dark black castor oil on my hair makes my hair grow great ☺. Amazon and Superdrug are my fave online shops.

is it true that pre workouts mess up your kidneys?

Absolutely makes my day when I see you upload a new video!!!!! Xx


Max got robbed


Max is the champ, Volk is a bitch if doesn’t rematch like a man should after knowing you lost a fight

I understand nuttin except Jose waldo

4:25 in the

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Civil engineer here

Z The factory looks great on the outside but when you go to the outside it's kind of playing it just has water for the floor well that's what he said

Planes? Nah, probably low-flying helicopters or something...

Did mumbo just forget that he already had the tiny time-lapse song



above your bed you could put like a big initial painting thing if that makes sense

You should put a photo wall above ur bed it would look so cute!!!

I love those wine glasses my boyfriend has those but they’re pink with wording on them super cute and actually a decent size for a glass of wine.


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Totally getting that tube squeezer! Would love to see a video on your life changing doggy products

As a candle

Girl, I remember watching when you when you had like 1,000 subs! Wow! Congrats on how far you’ve made it!!

Never put so many items in my cart !!

“One day you’re young and one day you’re 24 and excited about kitchen stuff!”

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troy james OMG that body of his is scary my sister is a little like him but not that twisty

Wow this is so weird

I can run the same as The flash but I’m only 6

i want to read the minddd

Girl: Show me what that fingers do

me: 7:06

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DOG IS NOW EPIC ...everyone likes that

Thats cap

ok, who gave the child a knife?

It's just so satisfying when I see him happy—

Who is this and why is this on my recommended? I’m not trying to be mean but what is dream

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5:21 if you look closely he almost poisoned himself

kenanbadka is now #7 in the tnt run leaderboard

Woken in a nutshell

Heh 1 year ago today this masterpiece was uploaded...

Techno doesn’t take trolls

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And I said I was sorry... I woke up several hours later wondering what happened. Later I learned Bas judo chopped me unconscious.

Good story

"Not really how this was supposed to go"

Wow. Pure class and loyalty here Chael. Bravo to you, your stock goes up for life with shit like this.

Did these fighters ever get paid?


Woah! It turned out soooo beautiful. I love the white wall

Also why did i think that the weird small partition wall was gonna be transformed into a bar space


Love love love❤❤❤

It looks great! Your haters are so silly. Keep making your great content.


Elektrik faturasi geldiginde görürsün

Bitkilerin üzerindeki ışık özel bir ışık mı normal bir ışık mı

Biyolog musunuz helal olsun

Goltuklaru galduracaaaz sera yapacaaaz dudüğunde hanumun depküsü ne oldu

bardaklara ekmekle iş bitmiyor
%80 emek masraf ondan sonra başlıyor

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C'est génial mais c'est fait pour des personnes jeunes ...ou avec une très bonne santé et sans problèmes d'articulation. .parce que passer ses journées à se baisser à pousser à tirer des tirroirs.....

oi. I love this super cool video.

I love the desk at the end of the video the most

Another good one Brice!!

So happy to see this for storage ideas. Thank you.


pick me please


Pick me

Overwatch 2:20

pick me

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"09:96" We got everything we needed with DADY APP .C


"08:19" I've always got mine from Dadyapp.

"03:25" .Dadyapp.

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Jordini you can replace some meat with fish. It's bit healthier

I came to dig dig dig ;(

10:56 imagine after monts we come here and say " 10:56 off that aged well"

Bring back the night, fallen kingdom, revenge, dont mine at night... who remembers these minecraft parodies in 2013/ 2015

I just wanted to say clicking on your videos and hearing your positive voice makes my heart warm and happy! Thank u sparklez (:


WoW it's a washing machine out there! I was there yesterday with my Nordhavn 64 and I was surprised that it affected me (just slightly) because usually it's a walk in the park regardless of the current and wind.

Another great video Wavy Boats! Got a first Haulover catch of the new Yellowfin 54! it is a gorgeous beast. also noticed you got a nice flash from that Yamaha jet boat at 6:55 mark!

I’m pretty sure your mystery boat is a 35’ searay Sundancer circa 1990

Mystery Boat is a 90's Sea ray, With some cats.
Nice boat with the diesel.

For the size, I think the Hydra Sports did the best.


So sad though the ending

10:01 that music xDD

I objected to call this a non game Because it’s too Precious to be called like that

and the guys name was Wilhelm

Gigi is the voice of frisk and chara


My theory is that Techno brainwashed Dream to make all those Crimson strings and stuff. Then Techo will come and set a bunch of withers and send the entire town to the prison. Sapnap will also help the attack and arresting and prisoning the people. After that, Sapnap will help them escape because he always switches sides.

Just break it or the hole server will be the same like the nether but witn redstone haha

Bbh is going nuts

I love the roleplay and stuff but knowing they also build it is weird

is this actually a thing in Minecraft or is this just roleplaying?


2:23 are we not gonna talk about ramsey and his temper tantrum?

Rodgers: Gree ni tiiii Gree ni ti huuu

S/o the packers Linebacker
They did an amazing Job

Its sad to say rams didnt stand a chance. They need to fix a few things and hopefully they dont go backwards in all they have built

Go Pack!

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1:30 ofcourse you put it in your mouth you F#%

The time when the only symptom of corona you can get is being drunk...

1:32 Boy, call me

[1:43] COVID claw crane?


Brendan would su## conor dry. No cap within 1,5 seconds of conor pulling his pants down. The 1,5 seconds before is brendan analysing the structure of his co##

Da Bronx needs to fight khabib Cause I don’t understand gaethje is a striker

I think Dustin will take conor to the last round ,McGregor will be tired .

Dustin needs to cover up the first 60 seconds.

Only 4 ads in a 8 minute video.
Thanks Chin chin lol



You can call your city the Tribal City Of Sand. Or you can use The City Of Tilted Blocks.


the pillager towers are actually called outposts

Ahh I remember the last time I was assaulted by a child with a iron spoon just like yesterday...........................

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He shoulda walked out to to Nipsey

1:14 why he didn't hug his dad!? I mean why.??


Max has the best walkouts

He is a great champ may be reign long enough

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Socksfor1 = bigbrain

Amoung us but every minute everybody changes into a color

The Body which we saw in ele is laffs body

It's meme


Was really doubting the wood wall/ceiling when it got started. Then I was completely taken by how beautiful and light it really feels just looking at it. Love love love this space and so happy to be watching along on a new journey. Congrats to that and congrats to a new space that feels like you!

Rachel you are amazing! I love your style, your grit and love how you’re true to who your are. You are so inspiring!

Love your new space! May your new journey bring you nothing but blessings and Peace❣️

"I looove organization and a vision board. Don't threaten me with a good time" hahah

I love you so much and your calm Buddha style! You rock!


3:27 is my best part

“Furry transforms into a newborn baby after mutated pig with adhd and child terrorize him”

I read the thumbnail as "Wither is a minor

Tommy sticking up for Ranboo cause he knows how it feels to have people shame him excessively for a simple mistake when he himself already regretted his actions

Thanks for spoiling everything in your title!


Mediocre job

Очень хорошо помнится , такая тумба была у многих...

Класс! Молодчина!

Где штаны?



I love merch!! It's a way4me2support u!! Love ya lots! Good luc 4 wedding!! U n jarod r such a well matched n super cute couple!!!!!

I ask this with no bad intention just curiosity, why are you eating dairy again? When you stopped eating a vegan diet it seemed like you were just going to be adding in fish and eggs but still eating a mostly plant based diet. I think you even mentioned how you still get your coffee with non dairy milk, what's the point if you are still consuming dairy in so many other ways?

Which brand of resistance bands do you like?

Omg i got that soft glam pallet almost a year ago and literally haven’t touched my other pallets since lol I love it

So fun to feel like apart of the samily! Thanks for taking my idea and turning it into a vlog. You are great to your fans!


İyi akşamlar bu sistemi bana yardımcı olabilirmisiniz 05070202274 çogu malzemem var ama bilgi alabilecegim birini bulamadım bu konuda

Kardeş sera kar yağışın,dan etkilenirmi veya nekadar dayanıklı bilgi verebilirmisin tşk.

Allah razı olsun

Böyle bir sistemi kimlere kurdurabilirim manisada acaba

yedi bucuk lira? TL Amerikan dolarini iyi sollamis :)