EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER | Bohemian Minimalist Aesthetic 2020 *Urban Outfitters INSPIRED*

EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER | Bohemian Minimalist Aesthetic 2020 *Urban Outfitters INSPIRED*

261 586 views | 31 May. 2020

My office/craft room/guest bedroom is finally done! I am so excited to take you all through the journey of making over this room, showing you some decor tips, and the final reveal of this new space. I feel so inspired in this room now and cannot wait to continue to update it with even more decor and home DIYs.

How to Create a Mood Board Video: https://youtu.be/4sonV4SAXK8


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✧ Fan Headboard - https://bit.ly/3hcs1k7

✧ Daybed (similar) - https://bit.ly/2WqEMiO

✧ Velvet Throw Pillow Cover in Orange - https://amzn.to/3cfQkdP

✧ Velvet Throw Pillow Cover with Tassels in Gold - https://amzn.to/3dkB1BU

✧ Geo Square Throw Pillow - https://bit.ly/2Wmkgjj

✧ Knit Throw Blanket - https://amzn.to/2ZQ2yr6

✧ Tufted Cotton Area Rug - https://amzn.to/2BiBxCt


✧ Rattan Etagere Bookshelf (similar) - https://bit.ly/3hTlb3f

✧ Rattan Etagere Bookshelf (similar) - https://bit.ly/3jQlMEx

✧ Arch Etagere Bookshelf (similar) - https://bit.ly/30Y54dH

✧ Ria Bookshelf (similar vibe) - https://bit.ly/395p3uT

✧ Wicker Rattan Shelf (similar vibe) - https://bit.ly/32Zv0s2

✧ Amber Glass Candle - https://bit.ly/38XjHBz

✧ Geode Bookends (similar) - https://amzn.to/3hcmgm7

✧ White Planter - https://bit.ly/3eCHkkn

✧ Lomography Diana F+ Camera - https://amzn.to/32nrXcZ


✧ Wired Circle Mirror - https://bit.ly/3fxRBzp

✧ Wood Frame - https://bit.ly/32k4adK

✧ Rattan Sun Mirrors (similar) - https://bit.ly/2OKLtZ3

✧ Floor Mirror - https://bit.ly/3eDIE6v


✧ Brass Desk Lamp - https://bit.ly/2DIT1sW

✧ IKEA Desk - https://bit.ly/3fPlqfb

✧ Chair (similar) - https://bit.ly/32sGUdY


✧ Canon EOS M50 - https://amzn.to/2XNHL6u

✧ Mic - https://amzn.to/3ag81sV

✧ Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 Lens - https://amzn.to/3bwkn1z

✧ Laptop - https://amzn.to/30c8haF

✧ Phone Arm Stand - https://amzn.to/2xEZySI

✧ Ring Light - https://amzn.to/34L80Mp

✧ Tripod - https://amzn.to/2ypJ5Sm

Music by Cassette Tapes - This Year (Instrumental) - https://thmatc.co/?l=507834FC

Music by Ryan Little - wish you were here. - https://thmatc.co/?l=BC82E9BF

Music by frumhere, kevatta - summer nights - https://thmatc.co/?l=62210DD3

Music by Gil Wanders - Dreams - https://thmatc.co/?l=2B7AA123

FTC: This video is not sponsored. Some links listed are affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission from purchases made through the product links listed.

Kenneth Surillo

Do you have air conditioner in your room? I'm asking because I have plants too and want to know if they are ok with airconditioned rooms.

Rachel Randrianiony

too funny when the giant fan took over you !! nice vidéo

Maffis_ snaffis _

HOW has she not gotten more attention already? This gurl has some crafty skillz!

Jarah E

you seem like such a sweet person and the room turned out great!

Maria Keo

Your hair looks so cute up in a bun!!

Jessica Reeve

What colour is your wall x

Josh Rivera

So cute! How do you do your graphics/handwriting?? New to YouTube and I’d love to learn! It’s so beautiful


This turned out sooo nice! You're so pretty too - love the hair style


Where is your vinyl player from? I love it.


8:25 just marking where I left off

queennicki1019 queennicki

Where did you get the huge fan over your bed???? Plssss tell me

Bre T

Anyone over the age of 25 here? I feel like little kids are the only ones who watch YouTube anymore.

Vanessa Engert

What app did you use to make your layout of ideas for the room makeover?

Rucha Raje

I love the rattan shelf! I’ve been looking everywhere for it but it’s so expensive. Waiting to find it on Facebook market place

Kim Jane Yeon

It's not bohemian but it's mid century modern

Afro Exotique

Staci Wachsstock

this room is double the size of mine ugh

Ana Moreira

Omg don't wash that shelf with water you can ruin it because od the material it's made of, I wanted to scream when i saw it

Pam Schonfarber

I really like the gallery wall, I wouldn't have thought to use a metal hanging piece with some prints, it looks great. I really like your taste.

Jude Lewis

I would space the frames just a little further apart on the gallery wall. Feels too scrunched up to me.

Anna Brinkerhoff

So cute! You did so well, are you an interior designer or just talented?

The Gaming Librarian

You have such a wonderful personality! Just stumbled upon your channel and I'm loving it! Keep up the lovely videos:)

Angie August

I absolutely love how it turned out

Meryl Betz

Auntie!! That piece is gorgeous! Love this makeover Tina!!

Reham A

I watch you from Saudi Arabia

Colleen the CatLady

Esha Mac

OMG THIS IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Come do my office please


Have you tried a goodwill or thrift store for frames and art? You could always redo the art inside then to make your own but then you get tons of art and frames for super cheap. Target is not the cheapest when it comes to artwork, at all! It’s very pretty but they are pricey for that stuff. And HOLY MOLY that rattan shelf, wow those things go for upwards of $500 on Etsy and online. You are so lucky you got that for free! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a decent priced one. Cheapest I could find was $300 and I’d have to pay an arm and leg to ship it.

Nicol Quijandria

”So it was probably super cheap and they marked up the price” deadddd

Meng Antonio Carlos

Woaaaahohooho its so pretty

Ellie 69

That shelf is beautiful! and that fan is such such a statement piece! Looks greattt

Garima garima

Seems like you have only 1 room

Paper Crowns

Love your style, and you have incredible ideas!

Valeria Arteaga

wow wow wow!! Now let me go redo my room rn

Manasi Khatua

I don't even have my own bedroom


Love the color pallette

Patricia Volles


Sheila B

WOW !!! I love the rattan shelf. It's so PRETTY !!! The room is sooooooo COZY and BEAUTIFUL !!! Great job girl !!! Peace ✌

Samantha Munns

So so cute!! Love the colors I am a minimalist myself and sometimes the decor ideas I see especially for aesthetic gives me so much anxiety cause there’s so much clutter but I’m glad there is such a thing as minimalist aesthetic :) lol. Love this! I was shut thinking about getting a plant stand and using it as An actual bed side table/storage space and wanting to get a vinyl record player so hope it all turns out good for me.

Venice George


Kara Klein

This girl is so type a I can’t stand it. Just go for it

Anita Proctor

Nice makeover

Susan Melero-Tripp

if you give the little selves I do want it for myself I do have a lot.

Raquel Lambropoulos

The gallery wall is beautiful. Does the one say Chicago? Unfortunately I am relocating from my birthplace of Chicago and I'm moving to Nevada I would love to add a peice of Chicago to my gallery wall

Justine Y.

That’s one of amazing beautiful bamboo shelf! So happy to dig it out from garage and give it a life! Bravo!

adriana neff

Wow! I love the finished product!

Mai Lee Reyes

Omg it’s so adorable and cozy!!!! Thanks for inspiring me to update my art/office/guest bedroom !!! Sending you love

celine pansy

Beautiful, from where I can get the fanshape headboard?


Hii tina, where did u get the white desk chair?

Katherine Aranda

Just stumbled on your channel and LOVE your videos. You editing is so cute and I love how to the point you are! Please make more of these! Maybe a closet makeover?

Mai Banez

Where did you get the bed from??

chelebelle 222

I love your items and color pallet! Great that you were able to stay under budget, too!

Angelyca Violet

omg that shelf is to die for!

Jan Beard

Looks great!


grabbing that shelf!


i love your smile throughout the whole video ❤

Rebecca Bentley

loved this


I have a grey and white and black room what accent colour should I do

Haylee Cross

i’m obsessed with the sun & mountains walk art piece! where is it from?

Faylinn Fawn

So beautiful! Looks like such a calming environment

Zoe Vanrensburg

I’m so bleak because I really want to redo my room but I don’t have money to get the stuff

Wandy Gonzalez

I love how it came out.

Rouge Noir


linda barrett

Great job! Well done

Mk Andrade

Orange pastel color palette is

Lee Grace

I have just found your channel and your "Hello from TIna Voice-Over" totally won me over. Love your energy and beautiful personality, not to mention your AMAZEBALLS creativity. So back to binge watching your video's xx


omg where did you get that day bed!! ❤️✨

Rebekka Ch

I feel like if you would have given the desk a lil bit more yellow touches the room would be perf ☺️ but I love it

Syeda Rahma Hashimi

your room is literally my dream room! much love

raveen kung

for the boho rainbow you made, could you link the paints? <3

Jessica Nguyen

Sitting through these commercials for you ☺️

ann thompson

im looking for room inspo since im redoing my bedroom! this video is perfect!! i subbed

Christina Brimo

Hi, I love your style! Where did you get the vinyl player? <3

Giana Fabic

eek this gave me soooo much Inso!


Soooo cute!

Brenda Sparks

It really came out great. Love the colors

Candace S.

it made me cringe to watch the plants put on that beautiful shelf without any plates underneath. I can only assume Tina fixed that after the video.


hey what did you use to make the moodboard?

Raynaa's Recipes

Good ideas, nice sharing

luz duran

love it. the giant fan looks like a fortune cookie

Zoe Zoemniok

I like this room a lot BUT it's not minimalistic at all xD

Lizzy Loo

Currently in the process of redoing my own bedroom

Mk Andrade

I looove the color palette!!!!!

Nina Blair

Watching these vids whilst I recover from COVID :3


Which software did you use to create the vision board

Allie Wheeler

i'm obsessed with your aesthetic!!

Naromie S Beninche

You're so pretty!

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I just found this video because im trying to re-do my apartment. Glad I did bc you are literally the cutest person ever!

Sasha Dasha

Beautiful boho!

Jordi Phillips

o my gosh it's AMAZING! #goals

Golden Länni

The room makeover videos are SO ADDICTING to binge. I can’t stop, someone send help.

P.S. I LOVED the way this room turned out. It felt warm like the sun. And the way all the colors complimented each other too!

Myrna G

Love how you created your mood board with the dimensions to draw your layout idea what software did you use.

Katherine Spinu

I know that this is from a while ago, but I have to know where do you buy your plants?

Annalisa Jensen


Angela Tuck

Oh wow. So so chatty. It looks like you have decor talent, but couldnt get to the end because all the chat chat. Just do the room and show us. Shame

Ryn The Natural

Literally just placed my Urban order for that fan headboard. It was a must

Winter Wyatt

I LOVE it! Very nice. Full enough without actually being full. It looked empty before.

Sabrina Guinjicna

loooooooveeeee!!! that shelf is such a steal! love how you talk us through your thoughts and how doable this is



Zoe Fitzgearld

OMG THIS IS SO PRETTY!!! I want to redo my room and turn it from kid to teen and this is totally my inspiration!!!