Dream BURNS down Tommyinnit house... (Dream SMP)

Dream BURNS down Tommyinnit house... (Dream SMP)

90 866 views | 16 Jan. 2021

in this video tommyinnit logs on the dream smp to find out that dream burnt down his house on the dream smp!!

Dream BURNS down Tommyinnit house... (Dream SMP)

Dream: https://www.youtube.com/dream

tommyinnit: https://www.youtube.com/Tommyinnit

Ghostbur: https://www.youtube.com/wilbursoot

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I have a theory that during the final battle tommy will sacrifice himself to save tubbo and his discs

Griffin Martens

Stop stealing content

Licy Artymer

So the whole Dream SMP series is just about man destroy another man property so both of them can't have it

Mon no jo

I found something weird on this video and made a video about it hahahha thank you Usman! ( i placed ur link in my desc)

Nightmare Arts

FoolishG's skin looks like the totem of undying.

>_> is he the totem Ghostbur needs? XDDDD

Jjoosshhyy 27

Finally he's going to use pandoras vault

Ho Marcusprogamer

I know why dream take tommys house down BC dream don’t have a house and he thinks if he don’t have a house Tommy don’t it will be fair

Hot Wangz

"What time is it? SATURDAY"

Tijay Caliva


khantnyar myolwin

Tommy just learn how to turn diamond armor to netherite XD

King Aying

I just love that when he turns back....... Lol

Ally J

In exile the one thing he let him have was an ender chest and now that’s the only thing he leaves behind

Justnormal girl

If i can’t have a house no one can - dream

Lojas Mm249

actually, it has a pretty good chance that ranboo did that, but for now let's suppose its dream because i'm a ranboo apologist

Addicted 2 Sleds

What time is it?

Patrick Lee

There is no way this ends well for Tommy or Tubbo. Dream is going to burn the disks in front of them, then kill them.

Bee D.

6:53 another reason we dont want rae in the smp


Doesn’t Ranboo have both the discs now? Please tell me


Omg i reaaaaly hope ranboos other "state" shows up with dream on Wednesday, cuz he had one of the discs. Tho I think he gave that disc back to dream so maybe not, but one can hope. :P

Linnea Nielsen


Ahyan Azeem

This means that dream wants to execute tommy and tubo alone


Ok, but who didn't see that coming. Like it was bound to happen at some point-


Dream will meet Tommy and tubbo on Wednesday
while evil badboyhalo and the egg is conquering now.


Welp, these guys are gonna get dropkicked

Cameryn Norris

im american and does he hate me i donate 99 dollars when i can


Dream burned his house deserves the same rude punishment as when tommy burned georges

Dark zero801


Chris is fat

Was this recent or not?

Tony Comi

I wonder if dream is going to make tubbo and tommy fight to Canon Death.

gaming is fun 7Cantika


Tai Vialva

You know when the piano music starts to play tommy is serious




Kill technoblade
Kill dream

Nathan Hwang

In every video Tommy's in, he curses at least once. LOL

MAGSUMBOL, Rommel Miguel O. -Miguel

he didnt burn it, it is made out of fire

uNkNoWn HUmAn

hey tommy!


Fun fact:CaptainPuffy was FoolishG's father
(she said it on twitter look)

Ziqryinx gaming

Imagine one of the sci-craft members join the Dream SMP
Ohh whoever he is sided with is gonna win
If you dont know Sci-craft is a server with people that have special abilities

Zeus 1431

Dream be jealous cuz he has no house


Tommy has prot 3 on his helmet and boots. Welp another homeless guy is about to get murdered

Kristhomas Lorenz Anonuevo

Ranboo has the cat disc

darryl Moletski

Tommyinit:look behind him

eating sandy children

Tommy: I don’t have a weapon. Also tommy: has a diamond axe and diamond sword in inventory

User Not found

Unluckily for tommy dream doesn’t have a house to burn down.

Ruben Pascual

Techno and dream are anti houses HAHAHAHAHSSHSHHAHAHAHAHAH

General Kenobi

was it dream or the egg?




jazz music stops


His skin like totem of undying

Ryan Wilson

If you became a ghost you could be Tommygeist and just haunt people and throw their shit around.

Bumblebees Gaming

Oop dream should get exiled


So we not gonna talk about how ranboo had stacks of nether rack blocks



Obi wan Kenobi

dream to eret when he was king:

Bdog Marshall

the thumbnail "nooooo my house..."
no explanation mark or anything LOL

Darth British

I bet he’s thinking “ technoblade isn’t no bad rn.. “

Cayden T

If you really think about it Technoblade is watching all of there streams at all time he join when Tommy’s house was burned he join when bbh showed he’s corrupt side Technoblade is always watching


i wonder if the lodestone compass will lead to the prison?

Annoyed Honeybee

People say Dream is going to put Tommy in the prison but I don't think he'd do that cause that would be boring and Dream is all about the chaos.


Why do i hear sounds... (realization) :o


Me : tommy actually did work!!
Tommy : I stole this from eret
Me: ofcourse

jxedtz _

This has happened many times

Jimmy Aujla

His armor is trash


"Dream burnt down the house"
Who going to tell them that Ranboo burnt it down (as seen an hour later when Ranboo streams) and that the compass points to Ranboo, not Dream's "house"

Bagel Master

It being Dream is the most likely outcome tbh unless it’s actually Ranboo. I see a few things that could happen, 1. Tommy and tubbo are locked in the prison unless Dream has them lure techno there to get the disc. 2. Dream makes tommy choose between killing tubbo for the disc or not. 3. It’s Ranboo whose behind this and idk what would even happen then.

Shardul Khadtar

""If I can't have a house no one can" - Dream " - Technoblade

Camden Driscoll

Tommy: and this is where I put my non stolen things, if I had any

RoseEX21 ;P

Tommy: I’m going to have a lot of shit, like Techno, but better
Techno: are you challenging me?

Shivraj Marne

POG Foolish Joined

No Nxmeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Am I the only one who doesn’t like that people from the tik tok hype houses are joining in? Like I feel like it’s just for clout for them and they just want attention and lead them on or something. Like some are over seas and others are much older than them. I just don’t like Addison Rae and them in general. They are just overhyped


As soon as I SAW FoolishG appear, I knew it was Foolish Gamer, but I didn't think he would be on Dream SMP


13:29 don't mind me, just leaving this here for a min


" Do you like thigns? 
- TommyInnit 2021

Nachomy Tarcerion


Tai Vialva

Like wtf dreamm


You know what to do Tommy


Sharky BZE

9:31 what time is it


my favorite time is Saturday

Connor Campanaro

Alt title green homeless man in denial burns down child’s house and blackmails him

Sorcha Nolan

His house got the Georgenotfound treatment.

Amany Elmosalamy

Tommy makes armor for himself instead of stealing pogggg


did tommy just call addison a d*ch head????

Phantom Heat

tommy will not get his discs back

Matrixie Kitty

So much happens with 6 mins omg

Hyun Donut

I remember when i first saw Tommy i was like:Hmmmm he's interesting,Then when i heard him cuss i was like : WOOOOOO I LIKE THIS GUY!!
(Memories) Ú-Ù

Wenfell Ventilacion



It wasn't dream, it was... Ranboo, though, memory boy can do no wrong.

There's alot of evidence for this, stacks of netherack in his chest, used flint and steel, pit of missing netherack missing by the portal to near his base ect

mini ginger


MadeOfStarDust _

I'm sorry but "what time is it? Saturday." I don't know why im dying


Day 1 on congratulating people for not putting ads on these videos

Happi The Potato

I slept all day and missed as much as Tommy who was gone for a week lmao

Jonathan Gjonzalez

Tommy is so bad at pvp lol


Tommy applying for a job at a Fire department
Interviewer: so have you ever put out fire before?
Tommy: Yeah,
Interviewer: where was it located?
Tommy: my home.
Interviewer: wow,so how did it happen?
Tommy: a homeless green man burned it down so I could meet him alone for my discs.


What time is it? Saturday

Chi Panda

Are we sure it was Dream who burned it down? Is there a chance it was Ranboo?

Bdog Marshall

what time is it? Saturday, ok

Dark Blader

And there goes another homeless person


Youtube should have a cencor swearing button.


Would the Dream SMP end with Tommy and Tubbo getting the Discs back, no. That'll just be the end of a storyline, but it's very unlikely that Tommy gets his Discs back. Dream never said anything about a fight, he probably just wants to talk, who'd get into a 1v2 fight to begin with? There's also the favor from Technoblade Dream hasn't cashed in, yet. Whatever happens next, it'll start something new, and be more interesting than what's going on now.

Cymeon Duncan

I like how as soon as he failed the water bucket fall someone name foolish join the server


What time is it? Saturday