RLCraft - It's Hunting Me (Ep 2)

RLCraft - It's Hunting Me (Ep 2)

2 043 937 views | 20 Sep. 2019

It's Hunting Me - RLCraft Ep 2

The follow up to "RLCraft Gives Me Nightmares - Ep 1". The RLCraft Modpack for Minecraft by Shivaxi looked interesting, so I wanted to give it a shot. RLCraft is hardcore, unforgiving and brutal, but it's a lot of fun.

What is RLCraft:

RLCraft is a hardcore realism modpack for Minecraft (Minus all the mythical creatures...) RLCraft makes Minecraft incredibly difficult and you'll see that here, in episode 1.

More Info about RLCraft can be found from Shivaxi : https://www.youtube.com/user/Shivaxi

Download RLCraft here:


Video Includes:

RLCraft Gameplay

RLCraft Guide

RLCraft Episode 1

RLCraft Lets Play


Minecraft PC Gameplay

Minecraft in 2019

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RLCraft is Really Brutal - Day 1


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Tanner Fandrich

he missed the emeralds

Joshua Shafer

bruh wait for the attack bar to fill up

Rebecca Walker

You can tame the big bat it’s could a rock

Kah chun yap



"Okay this time I will be smart, and not run into things that will kill me." Proceeds to go closer to dragon

Germil Ungos

Don't don't use a bone as a sword

braden 147

4:29 well uhhh kids, imma tell you about the birds and the bees....

Chad Coleman

Why didn’t you sleep in the village?

Batman And Logan

#Beastboyshub also did the same thing

mayrose ngoruh

Hey forge labs i am a new subscriber

Primoz Zupan

tri is no atek ju


My guess is that you didn't know about the combat update. When you spam click your sword like that, it only does one damage everytime. You have to time your hits, and also pay attention to the little gray bar on your crosshairs. Only swing when it's full


Bruh he killed a skeleton with another skeleton he's savage


when he leaves the village and doesn't take a bed facepalm 2000


Honestly watching you just walk up to the Roc made me want to just....man and you kept walking towards potential dangers instead of going the other direction and just going for a stroll in the middle OF THE NIGHT

Jennifer Hendricks

11:36 Hey! You're out. And you're not in danger.

Alexy Boyle Paquette

you are a god youtoder

Kane Endrinal

And you can craft a shield :P


I really hope you learn how to use weapons in this series... you can't just spam-click and expect to do any damage.

Jeffrey Yang-Chen

put a creeper in water it wont break any blocks

Naman Raheja

forgelabs- thats it im done with this village
me- hmmm where have i heard this before?

Kane Endrinal

And you can get lit torches in villages

Harper Hardy

me:why are you going closer to the dragon?

Misha Beroev

why is he not sprinting though XD


5:30 I'm 75% sure that was a level 5 dragons nest tell me if I'm wrong

Mohd Farhansyah

When it was 12:14 my body shock

Ayya Nayree

i love the skeleton with the horn

Morne' Geringer

"A Giant Bat invaded"

It is Nazgûl !!!!

Moonlord !

“I’m gonna wait in here until day”
Bed right next to him: “am I a joke to you?

John Joe

0:25 burdo attack

Ninja Gamer

Him spamming the sword bothered me but it really doesn't matter.

Dark_angel gaming

I love your videos

Time-For-ECO paydar

ya know anything about critical or ect ? i mean you should jump when hitting something :D

Olena Melnyk

I’m safe here but the moment I I step out I’m not safe #11:33

Misha Beroev

man killed a roc?wow


Sees a giant fucking dragon thing, and thinks it’s a good idea to investigate

Someone I don't know

Him spamming his sword physically hurt me.

Prince Jenry Castro


Duck Jr

Play terraria

Dragon Eye

You need to wait for sword cooldown

Dylan Brunette

"This is my food for tonight."

Eats spider eye.

Mitchel Johnson

Forge: "I gotta get inside so the monsters don't kill me." safely enters house and closes doors for a nice rest
Also Forge: sees zombie and opens doors to allow it inside the house

omni alexander

do do

Andrzej Barszcz

its a cool game


Your the man bro. Love watching your vids. Even during the pandemic your videos make me smile. Thanks

Samantha Gloade

Hey you won't have to do with those if you want regular Minecraft

Sofia Williams

Forge: ThE uLtImAte GoAl iS tO KilL A DrAgon
Forge later: Kills dragons for fun

Ralph Ruffy Chan Vargas

11:39 that's minecraft for yah

Kah chun yap

just learn ur minecraft before playing rl


on ep 1 you forgot you could take one block of gravel and ceep breaking until you get flint


This is how i imagine a boomer like me will be if i play a game

Logan Maurer

"hello my mans"

Blue apple

4:27 WHAT THe


dont spam click when using a sword

Bruno H.

are you using the mod "too many items"?


We can't really have nice things without something going wrong. Whenever my parents get anything new, the house is basically saying, "HEY you forgot about this part of the house! I ruined it so you could focus more on that area :)"

William Wang

tame roc fly slap battle tower and get free stuff

Doklubest Khan

You are a noob why did you decide to go to the burnt place if u know from ep 1 that there are dragons in Rlcraft

Kelyrrlith Jadikarr

I like your content, but you spamclick while fighting. You noticed that it doesnt work, i hope :D

master light

What shaders pack is he using

Nalkat 118

Bro ur awesome! Keep up the great work!!!


Anyone know the intro song?

loraine joselle bustamante

Ho here has killed a dragon like if you have ender dragon yeah millions of people have killed me

mori linda

The sweltering drill covalently post because guilty unexpectedly disapprove modulo a superficial pair. premium, nebulous forehead

Allister Taylor

This looks awesome I'm a minecraft freak and this looks awesome

Find FAN

You were supposed to go to that tower thing in the village that had lots of good stuff in it oh my God you are such an idiot

TRAngA Animator

its so annoying when he spams attack, because he only does 1 dmg, might as well punch and not waste the durability of your sword.

the Bebobalistic

you could make a sick song with that trumpet oh yea btw the thing were it was burnt all around the village it gives me the battle of dunkirk vibes ww2 like the map thing were it says we surround you l


3:31 u shod have sleep in bed.

Scarlette Abouzeid

roland switser

"a dragon" casually stands and watches it

Triassic Flame

I Want your Minecraft. I maxed out pocket edition

Molotov Red

Let your sword recharge

Kumi Yamamoto

Moral of the story dragons are assholes

Axel Servin

I put off watching this and now i dont regret watching it


A really good way to get exp is by farming crops like wheat. It only take 2 farming to be able to break wheat but if the farm is big enough you can get alot of exp

Eric Lura

The ferry is a nimfh

Darth Revan

10:53 spamming like it 1.8

Kane Endrinal


Samuel Nelson

Even bad structures look amazing with Ray Tracing

The robot


Etibel Ringlen

Normal mincraft zombies easy bro easy.* Rl craft* aaaaaaa zombies nononono

Lillian Grace

Ahhh I love your content

Saltybot 54

2:19 Chunkylover Sean Doot Doot’s for the first time

Merka Durka

Your level of calm while getting massacred is outstanding, You sir are a legend.

Bob Hope

Why the fuck dose he not open the god damn chests

Rovic cavite

forge labs 2020 : im gonna get that roc

Midoriya Izuku

Inexperienced player gets trumpet first try and calls it horn
Cxlvxn crys

Matthew Iverson

Anybody else hear the sick beats when he attacked

Nick The Gaming Master

This is the start of being better than dream

guicc banana

a normal Minecraft series thumbnail : getting Dimond
rl craft series thumbnail :finally getting stone
people who don't know what's rlcraft is' and seeing the thumbnail: …


You're killing the zombie with bones.

Issac Symonds

how about try hardcore VR RLcraft


0:58 "Hello, noble ones. The Metatron here."


10:52 damn u good Lmao

Brick Magma

Its unsatisfying yo watch him spam click

High danger -

Villagers don’t fight normally they have an iron golem to protect them

Patricia Nordstrom

Don't eat Rotting Flesh

mayrose ngoruh

I am a boy this is my moms tablet

Dennis Arial