Jon Jones’ beef with Daniel Cormier has fights, death threats, and sex pills

Jon Jones’ beef with Daniel Cormier has fights, death threats, and sex pills

1 691 637 views | 2 Mar. 2019

Jon Jones’ beef with Daniel Cormier has almost everything. A clear origin story. Real, sanctioned fighting. Real, unsanctioned fighting. Endless Twitter roasts. A moderate amount of drugs. The one thing missing is an ending, which at this point might never come.

Special thanks to Esther Lin for use of her photos, the amazing people at and, and viewers like you

Written and produced by Will Buikema

Shot by Jiazhen Zhang

Edited by Mike Das and Jiazhen Zhang


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Funniest part of the whole beef is Jones flipping DC off at the announcing booth and DC just smiling and giving a thumbs up

Bryant LiPetri

This is the Beef History I forgot I wanted.

Blong Xiong

Wat if Jones and DC are really friends and just act like that in public to sell the fights

john matthews

Jones will never be a champ


Oh look, some douchebags being douchebags. Fighting sports never change.

Headles Norseman

"Jones entered rehab and showed he could tackle anything in record time" lolll this thing is full of great one liners

HTX The Wild

This is why I would always like DC then Jones


Cornier took more shots at Jon, after the Khabib and gaethje fight

Aditya Rawat

4:07 Just look at the guy's face thats trying to push back JON JONES...


Hello Eswar

Cade Scott

I only opened the video to leave a comment just to say that the thumbnail killed me


Thanks for the suggestion to stick to cocaine I appreciate it.

Woopity Scoop

Jones was great, but was petty and privately unsure of himself

Bryant LiPetri

Can anyone find the video of Jon Jones at Jimmy Kimmel's show? It was deleted for some reason.


Cormier sounded like he had a fragile ego back then

Arnold Horton

Very ballsey to walk up to one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and challenge him

Rimas Ciksaj

That's a sweet shirt, where can I get one??

zaya decon

DC may have never beat jones but he will ALWAYS be the better fighter overall. Double champ, no cheating, no nearly killing pregnant ladies, no drugs. DC vs jones is the definition of how one fighter can beat another without ever actually doing it in the ring, outside the ring matters.

Randy Gonzalez

U look like a jar of mayonnaise

Jeff brewer

The fluffy tongue lately obtain because city recurrently stain to a barbarous soccer. uninterested, exciting exclusive attention

Phone Nomad

Jon Jones lost this beef

Mark Virutiao


Taha Syed

We need Khabib mcgregor

Bandit Kitty

How many endings do you want...Jones has beat Cormier every time. Cormier is an ass kissing loser.


At 10:17 “Just... stick to cocaine kids.”
Say less

Bob Carter

Imagine being that cop that pulled up to Jones' abandoned car lmao

Wayne Farley

Do Jon Jones vs USADA

The Force

I don't care what anyone says. Jbj is the best. Even if he took pet's. He's not the only one or the last one to take them and yet nobody dominated like Jones did.

Daddy, Ensyi & Eeky

Pound for pound steroids: Jones
Pound for pound: Khabib

antisocial mdot

mane jones the goat but his ego was out the roof, thankfully he’s humbled now but still

El Diablo

This is a year old nd I still die when I see the title, Sex pills LMAO

Giuliano Argesanu

They should get a room

Deangelo Dillon

So it's a fact that jon jones would actually kill Cormier


Is anyone going to comment on the fact that this guy Jon Jones said it “tickles my pickle?” Wtf??


10:50 wish it were possible to read those good jokes cuz I don't remember what those tweets said

Rohit Ballagan

Both of them don't know how to trash talk! Especially DC! Good thing they know how to fight!

gunnar loeffler

Mayhem Miller trying to act as a bastion of morality and ethics is peak MMA comedy


you should put in the 2015 testosterone results from jones! they've been released and he had levels of a "dying 90 yr old". platesfordates just made a video on it

Mark Benitez

Some of those tweets are funny asf

Nvm M

Then Daniel Cormier went on to ruin his legacy by eye poking stipe five times across 3 fights

Lofi Lee

khabib v conor
konor v aldo
kamaru v covington
thug rose v jedrzejczyk
masvidal v askren
do these fights!

jared preble

Jones got back in early because he snitched in other fighters? Cheater and a snitch

Anna Riverade

Yall didn't even mention 3 massive things: DC'S father was murdered and Jones continuously mocked that, their first fight had Jones run from steroid testers and showed he used steroids beyond reasonable doubt including Jones having 1/100th a normal person's testosterone, and Jones had multiple DUIs and accidents and Cormier's first child was killed in a car accident before his Olympic trials

Joseph ll

Probably the best rivalry in UFC.


I hate when video essay makers show their faces. Ruins the pacing.

Aditya Rawat

5:31 that Matt Riddle???

Randy Dubin

Who cares? These two fakes wouldn't last a second in the old (read: *REAL*) UFC.

John Harris

Look at all the jon jones hate either way jone beat dc

Hegan Hatsumo

ya make it a 30 for 30 i like that

The Chonky Duckling

This should be a real tv channel. Every week there’s a new beef

Nathan McCarthy

Hey, Ive been creating mma/sports artwork for awhile now and would be stoked if you could give some of my designs a look!


Thank you and if you need to contact me for personalized designs my contact info will be below!

Email: [email protected]

Matt Chaps

Jon Jones is the greatest fighter in the hishistory of the UFC. GSP is 2nd. Khabib is 3rd. Anderson Silva is 4th. Stipe is 5th. All are debatable except number 1.


This could be one of the reasons why Khabib really wants to be the best Pound for Pound Fighter in the world, he can't fight Jon Jones because they are not the same weight class.


DC> Jones all time

Jason Drouin

Need more ufc beefs!

Brendan Walsh

"A moderate amount of drugs" Ha

Pablo Escobar

Yea your right cocaine isn’t as bad as weed what am I doing smoking I better get to sniffing

rafael villalobos

Marijuana is bad lmao

Jeffrey Napisa

For Jones, that's just his lifestyle...its who he is.


Jesus says in John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life." Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, he died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day after his burial, so that all who believe may have everlasting life. Whoever believes in Jesus to to save them from hell has everlasting life in heaven.

Angel Rodriguez

A lion does not beef with a man

The Boss

Damn Daniel did nothing wrong

Erik Woods

Jon Jones does steroids period. That alone gives you a massive edge. When you dont fatigue when your aggression level is higher hand eye increased then its obvious your cheating.

Frederick Garrett

What if jones trains Dc to take a belt

Grim Tea

Beef History:
Jon Jones vs Jon Jones


7:00 You know you have a problem when Jason Miller lectures you on drug use.


Dana was pushed so easily

Michael Johnson

Lol Jones a snitch


They gonna get married


Jones will always be my favorite. Controlled recklessness in the octagon

Jeremy Hulk Smash

Khabib vs Connor pleeease !!!


the jon jones dc beef should be on the ufc hall of fame


A “moderate” amount of drugs

heaven isfull666



"I'm a grown-ass man," says a man in the actual course of behaving like a juiced-up fifth-grader.


Who do you think is happier?

Uncle Jun

Top 10 epic anime rivalries.

Hwa Hood

Daniel Cormier has my respect.

Jeep Amir

10:19 - ahahahhaahhhahahahahah

Brandon Kierzek

DC probably dislikes JJ because JJ and Khabib are the latest GOAT debate and DC and Khabib are great friends

Jordan Sabourin

Do Jon Jones vs USADA

Jay Tiemann

This beef will never see Daniel beat John Jones now since his career ending injury

Dave M

think it's clear that rivalries bring in the cash for them...fines etc just help get more viewers.

The Ignorant Bostonian

Jon Jones is the #1 PFP fighter in the UFC right now. How about that come back?

John Conover

Jones beat Cormier 2x even if he cheated

Jordan Sabourin

The dashing sound thirdly handle because riddle macroscopically open around a cheap cormorant. forgetful, sticky hub


So coke isn't banned but weed, which is legal some places is...

pascal blanchard

Jones is a snitch?

swoboda alice

The ad pencil logistically tickle because ellipse untypically fancy worth a domineering growth. profuse, skillful patient


Beef history : Rashad Evans vs Jon Jones

Monkeyman 22

Jason Mayhem Miller insulting someone for being trash is the pot calling the kettle black.


That Jones story shows u he was gonna be great challenging an Olympian off the bat


Keep in mind Jon is the brother of an NFL pro bowler named chandler

Rashed Raisi

bones is a .........&%######


Since when do you get a medal for coming 4th

Halofan117 Halofan

I get people hate Jon, but it saddens me that Jon and DC never became friends. If Jon had a great role model like DC in his life it could have saved him from a lot of his roadbumps along the way. As for the PED's, Jones has talked about having anxiety and struggles thinking and I think coming off his layoff he felt pressured to redeem himself and was afraid of losing so he took PED's. Lets not forget his mother also died shortly before the DC 2 fight

money longer

this guy is biased

Felix Chien

Sounds like DC the crybaby started this crap with Jon Jones. Jon Jones was trying to be nice and DC outright disrespects Jon Jones? Do I have the story right?


Yall didn't even mention 3 massive things: DC'S father was murdered and Jones continuously mocked that, their first fight had Jones run from steroid testers and showed he used steroids beyond reasonable doubt including Jones having 1/100th a normal person's testosterone, and Jones had multiple DUIs and accidents and Cormier's first child was killed in a car accident before his Olympic trials

lord Beerus

JONES the GOAT of PEDs the fighters that he beat on his way to the belt are against an old washed up fighter when he face a real contender he nearly lost