Ben Askren campaigning for interim title fight vs. Usman or Covington | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Ben Askren campaigning for interim title fight vs. Usman or Covington | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

172 565 views | 11 Dec. 2018

New UFC welterweight Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss the landscape of the division with champion Tyron Woodley recovering from hand surgery. Askren campaigns for an interim title shot against either Kamaru Usman or Colby Covington, who he says he’s known before they became contenders in the UFC, calling Usman “Marty from Nebraska." (7:20) Ariel brings up the potential issue of Askren needing to fight Tyron Woodley, with Ben saying it’s been worked out. (8:54) Askren also mentions that he still hasn’t had a conversation with UFC president Dana White.

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C. A.

It’s all pointless as long as Curly head isn’t prepared to fight his ‘butbuddy’ Woodley. If you want to be the greatest, YOU HAVE TO fight ‘the greatest’

Andrew Castillo

I don't understand how people can not like askren

Psychological Psychopath

Its true btw his bio on the UNK website lists him as Kamarudeen(Marty) Usman lol

john rios

we have gitten away from champion ship fights happening when its the right time and the champion is ready to defend...
we are in the times when a champion is obligated to makexa date because a ppv needs a title fight ... putting them in a position where it seems there pulling out of a fight that isnt even made... they simply cant make that date... lol ame with cyborg they wanted a fw tirle fight on x date oh the resl champ couldnt make it... book holly vs germaine sorry u couldnt make it champ....


Colby vs Askren press conference would be like cod X-box live chat in 2000-2012.

Bear Flag Revolt



Usman pulling some Mackenzie Dernesque shenanigans


Interim belt? Who da fook is this guy?

Bear Flag Revolt

askren is right and is so smart

i bite bagels

Sooo... pretty much ben is a willing gatekeeper, willing to fight anyone gunning for the title but won't fight Woodley.. I don't know how everybody feels about that but its pretty scummy.. nobody wants to see he's my friend so I won't fight him shit. We want to know who is better. It's some teamimg up shit and i hope ben ends up losing early

Original Everything Dollar bill O.E

Bear Flag Revolt


Bear Flag Revolt

the devils juice

Gary Truesdale

Colby, Usman, Askren it works any way you slice it.

Mat G

Ariel is pushing a fighters union!


its obvious what the plan would be if askren won the interim belt. UFC adds 165 division. Askren already said somewhere else that he will be 165 champion by the end of 2019. It's already in the works.

M3l4nin P4r7icl3

Askren seems like a funny cool guy.

jackson edwards

Ben will beat Lawler he is just going to get fucked up in the process.


Ben Askren says 'Nigga I earned it" at 7:06

darragh O

Ben askren is the best talker in the UFC no doubt


He's not ranked? He can't fight for a title...


Colby is holding up the division with his fuckin nose

Cpt. Tripps

7:06 nigga??


Look-- Askren does not deserve an IC fight. He needs to prove himself in the UFC. Truth is, he hasn't really won. The first "win" was heavily contested and his second fight-- well, we know what happened there. I don't believe Askren is as good as he thinks he is, and to be frank, he is not UFC material... he will become the biggest bust in UFC history... watch.

Bear Flag Revolt

3rd fight back is always the biggest

Mike Carter

Twoodley beats Usman and fake patriot easily

Bear Flag Revolt

bro threee fucking weeks and your healed ready to go to war fucking pussies!!!!!!!!!

Bear Flag Revolt


R. Galbraith

My favorite part @16:08. Hilarious.

Ariel: "So you predict that by the end of the week, it's going to be you vs. Kamaru Usman on Jan 26th for the interim title fight?"
Ben: "... Marty ... Marty Usman"


His deductive reasoning is A1 lol Colby is terrified of Usman

K Doody

They now need to make a ben askren shirt that says "shut up and fight", now THAT GUY is an athlete.

Pete Begnell

Askren looks like Chael's younger brother..

Lone Star VII

All that's left is for Ben to say:
"Your momma named you Marty I'm a call you Marty."

GhOsT 420

This guy has never fought anyone worth mentioning, and he wants an instant interim belt? Fuck off and go get a haircut you fucking clown

Michael Warren

Ben Askren has to be trained in trash talking by Chael Sonnen.

Bailey Carpenter

Youve beaten no one sit down you fucking bum


so he he hasnt beat lawler yet and hes campaigning for an interim

M. I.

how much that dude talks...and hasn't even done a single fight in the UFC yet..jeeez


Ben should run for office when he's done with mma.

Aaron Wilcox

He's not even had one fight in the UFC and he's calling out for all manner of things. Maybe it's best he gets a couple of wins in the UFC and earn a voice and right to call out some folks.

So far it's lots of noise and little action.

So win a few and then by all means roar all you want.

AJ Tena

Askren vs woodly let’s see it pussys

Jeramy Vaughn

Great interview!
Ariel ur a beast
Askren is a MONSTER. fuck u macgregor no way u want that FUNKY heat! Biiiiiiiiiiitch

Justin Bolanos

He just said, nigga I earned it 7:06 lol


Tyron already said whats happening with him and Ben, he's going up to middleweight and Ben will stay at welterweight.

work every day

People that keep saying wrestlers are boring fighters.

Why do you even watch MMA? There's something called boxing go check that out!

ArkansasBets 501


James Handley

damn ben took martys soul lm pretty sure that ben ls cheals younger brother

Noggin Fodder

The next Chael Sonnen. Give this man ALL of the mics.

James Benson

Colby should fight Tyron in 2 or 3 months and Askren should fight Usman next month January card.

Mike Davis

That's when you know you're a nobody when you gotta campaign for a FAKE belt!


Wtf Ben hasn't fought a single ufc fight and wants an interim lol


I'm disappointed that he brings about his Twitter following when it's not that big. Yes it's 133k, bigger than 30k+ and 60k+ combined over Usman and Covington but I expected more.

Mason Richards

Nifel Smyth

Askren is funny as fuck and talks in such a matter of fact way that beams confidence. Cody is a bitch marty did well but askren has the juice for him anyone who aint a wrestler is getting beat up .


If Ben beats Lawler then Usman has to take the fight against him. Woodley has to fight Colby nevertheless

Bear Flag Revolt



I hope robbie starches this fool

Bear Flag Revolt

where the fuck is nate

Gabriel Morgan-Munro

Ben is Chael 2.0

Jonathan H

Joel Gajardo

Why the fuck fight in the welterweight div if you not fight Tyron for belt pointless there is no 165 div they won’t make new weight div because of you come on go to middleweight dude.

Elby West

I dont think it matters, he will be champ regardless if it's an interm first or not.

Psychological Psychopath

They want themselves (woodley and askren) to be at the top so they can have some modicum power to open up a 165 lb division

The Relaxed Guy

Would love to see Askren out wrestle Colby or Usman.

Brody ‘the dog’ roberts

Love Ben askren!! Can’t wait to watch him smash the division!!!! Great attitude always down to fight , doesn’t matter who!!! #benaskrengangster


7:07 did Ben just say nigga?

Bob Sacamanto

Love Funky!!!

R. Matey

Askren says time and time again that he will never ever fight Woodley, who is the champion.

Under normal circumstances, you fight for the interim belt because the champ is unavailable at the moment. Winner of the interim belt also wins the chance to fight the champ for the undisputed belt.

So... what would be the point for Askren to fight for an interim belt? Unless he just wants to titleshot-block the other welterweights that actually do want to fight Woodley.


LET’s GO ORANGE!!! Love seeing OTTO on the shelf behind you!

Eric Houck

Marty hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!



Annie Gur

4:11 don't you think he sounds alot like deadpool

Sabo Txge

Ben Askren is like great value chael sonnen lol

julius stakemann

But does he have more followers ?

Ben Reeder

I wrote that shit down. Ben Askren on influencing change in the UFC. This is profound and applicable to other aspects of life:
“In life, there is a way we want things to be. And there are ways that things really are. Until we get a lot of power way at the top where we can influence change, we have to deal in realities. If we’re just dealing with what we want to happen, we’re left with a mess of playing a game that doesn’t exist.”

neil kennedy

Kamarty Usman...

SnC Clark

I know Ben is a good fighter. And I get he has earned his respect. I feel he should fight in the UFC before he starts talking trash about every single fighter. I know it is a way of MMA now to be disrespectful but I miss the old respectful way.

Daniel Quinn

Just watch a gay porno if you like watching Askren fights.


Dana should stop this BS and make Usman and Colby fight or a combination with Ben. The UFC is a cluster fuck

Thomas Cox

Fucking love this guy

Rusdayati Idrus

Ben Ass Crane is a good talker. He can still talk after losing to Lawler.

This Guy

I knew Marty Usman from Nebraska not Kamaru Usman from Nigeria


why is ben talking this shit? he’s never gonna fight tyron. they’re friends


At 7:07 of the video did he say "nigga I earned it"?

Jedi Brooks

ALL this trash talk is wasted if he gets murked by lawler

Cpt. Tripps


JD Tremblay

what a Jew


Marty? Like when Cassius Clay becomes Mohamed Ali?

Arielle... just cain stop stirring shit up, ufc done this wrong done that wrong, jus come out n say u hate dana red and wont stop until he’s out of the ufc.

Bear Flag Revolt

im about to go pick his ass up and make him fight


all i hear is ben asking for someone that's not robbie
he wants another grappler cause he's probably the better at hugging

Conor Condon

so woodley v asken

Bear Flag Revolt

hey ariel how many fights have YOU been in?

Tina Buckley

So if Ben beats the Nigerian nebaskren n Covington what is next will he fight his mate twooodley I dnt think soooooo


Johnny Dang

Hell yeah if bitchley wants to sit on his thumb Dana better get us some real fighters


This dude is as funny as he is good at the grapps.

j shields

Ariel, your Kung Fu grows with every interview. You just tamed a savage for the last 40 percent of the interview. No one else, not a single one could do what you just did. Respect.


not sure how he's going to be a champ in ww if he's unwilling to fight tyron....


Good speaker, he should get a job as an analyst or commentator cuz no one is going to want to watch him fight once they see his vanilla colored blanket..

Jaxon Dante

ariel is type of guy who trys to know whats going on' in the world.