Conor McGregor - The Road to Redemption (BIOPIC) 2020

Conor McGregor - The Road to Redemption (BIOPIC) 2020

499 187 views | 11 May. 2020

'The Notorious' Conor McGregor is a Mixed Martial Artist who transcends the boundaries of nations and sports. He is a global phenomenon -- either loved or hated for his personality. Although, he remains the centre of attraction for his unique skills, style, and accomplishments. This movie tries to convey his legacy, his frenzy, and his attempt at redemption while trying to unearth his beliefs and philosophy which made him stand apart from the rest of the world. 

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The Mac Life


The Notorious (Movie)

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Boot Barn

Audio Quotes:

Chael Sonnen (Bad Guy Inc)

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0:00 -- (65 Days of Static) - Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

01:21 -- (Fifty Vinc) - Way of the Warrior

04:06 -- (Adrian Von Zeigler - Remix by Welan Edvee) - Dyclan Song's

06:34 -- (Sinead O' Connor and Notorious BIG remix) - Foggy Dew and Hypnotize

08:03 -- (FesliyanStudios Background Music) - Victory Music

13:37 -- (Globus) - Preliator

15:50 -- (Secession Studios) - Most Powerful and Dramatic Classical Music - The Untold

18:47 -- (Mitchell Broom) - Redemption

23:01 -- (Secession Studios) - Most Powerful Building Orchestral Violin Battle And Revenge Music - Vindication

27:01 -- (Daniel Pemberton) - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

34:52 -- (Warriyo and Laura Brehm) - Mortals

39:53 -- (EscapE) - Against Demons

45:13 -- (Eurielle) - Carry Me

47:21 -- (Secession Studios) - Music to become a villain - Heart of Darkness

51:19 -- (Argsound Background Music) - Tense Cinematic Background Music

55:24 -- (Warrior From Heaven) - Descent into madness

58:12 -- (Epic Music World) - Fearless Motivation - Revival

1:05:34 -- (The High Kings) - Fields of Glory

1:08:24 -- (The High Kings) - Rocky Road to Dublin

Featured Opponents: Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone.

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Mony Kol

Great video man

Franky Smash

The Jose breakdown word for word was awesome

Nate never Late night

It was like a christmas present... This dude likes fighting for real

Achraf Abbes

Khabib really humbled Conor




khabib said it
khabib is chasing LEGACY
MCTAPPER is chasing the money still cuz he lives a lavish lifestyle

Carissa Jessop

This is an amazing edit. Thank you for loading this. "Precision beats power and timing beats speed" -Conor McGregor. He has a beautiful technique. He has a lot of mouth but he backs it up and that's what sells but at the end of the day he is a great mixed martial artist.... He challenges himself all the time across three different weight divisions. Conor is an amazing athlete.


I lost a lot of respect for Conor while he was acting like a lunatic but he has worked to come back from that. Maybe punching an old guy in the face and the guy doesn't give an inch showed him he isn't all that and a bag of chips after doing so many stupid things. It's nice to see him back to form and also showing respect when its due, poor Cowboy, was run over like he was barely there.

Gurpal Singh

This was class, keep it up

Alberto Anacletti

Connor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz are two of the most dangerous people that ever walk the face of the earth .And Connor how could you not love him???And Nate Diaz how could you not love him???But I would have given the fight to Nate Diaz.Connor would have had to knock him out or choke him out .And he did neither .Nate Diaz won that fight .He got robbed .

Ari Lehtiniemi

MMA is closer to an actual fight. Gayfeather would've been dead. Yeah, two different sports. Just sayin. Was kinda hoping Connor would've roundhouse kicked him in the head at the last minute.


Nate won both fights. I love Conor, and you gotta give it to him for stepping up two weight classes. He is, pound for pound, probably the better fighter. But Nate won that second fight. That was some bullshit. The trilogy needs to happen. It will be the biggest fight ever in the UFC. That and George and Khabib are the two fights that need to happen.

Jeffrey Napisa

Conners obsessed with Conner, that simple.

Jason Davis

Diaz won the second fight. UFC dont give Diaz brothers decisions. We all have seen that. More than once. How do you run away the whole fight and get beaten to a pulp for three of five rounds and get a decision? UFC was protecting their cash cow.

Liberty Sumai

"...and without me this ship sink!"

Steven White

I'm the money fight in all weight divisions and that's it


All this man has done and still they doubt him. He won't get the "proper" acknowledgement untill his time passes.


khabib not fither is gey


The mayweather fight was ridiculous, a silly tap dance and Mayweather took it very easy and was working at 50% tops, it wasn't even fun to watch.

Rezwan Butt

Hope Piorier kicks his ass he needs a wake up been living off the fumes off the mayweather exhibition not the same guy anymore justva caricature a cartoon...

My 11 Bad Kids

Fook the Mayweathers!!

Darlene Adamski

I love this fighter. Hands down he is the best sh!t talker and best fighter I’ve ever witnessed.

Peter nufc


Terrance Simpson

One of the best Conor is a monster and only getting better keep it up Conor


Aldo fight was gonna be the easiest out of all 6 he did before the belt
He broke also big time
Also couldnt take him anymore


Simply awesome

Liberty Sumai

The disrespect he showed May though


Conor is worth what Dana has paid him just for the pr


I know they don't "fit the narrative" but both of the Diaz brothers have been robbed by the UFC over the years. I love Conor, and I know that this video is about him, but those fights with Nate were Conor at his absolute best (pre Mayweather anyway) and look how he was dragged into the trenches. Nick and Nate both deserved a lot more from their careers. Just goes to show, if your face doesn't fit....
Like I would love to have seen Nate Diaz vs. Khabib. Khabib wears guys down and keeps them on the floor. Who wouldn't want to see a legit BJJ black belt with god like cardio get a shot?

John Doyle

A dream is won by consistency and variety and skill good for you man. I’m not a fan but it’s your success i wish for in life

William Bryon

The dream is Connor having the Diaz brothers in camp for the Khabib rematch

Alfredo Sanchez

Gathje and Kevin holland got it spot on

Krama Nabeel

Bhai aur video bana please ❤️❤️❤️

Manuel Jordan Basso

Amazing. Pumped for Poirier. Conor u ma boy Blue

Keith Greenshields

Connor is the greatest entertainer of all time. He is also one of the goats.

Another yt channel

Could you imagine Connor subs Poirier with Mighty Mouse move


Awesome video, thank you


@1:06:36 Tyson Furry

Ruby Mae Studios

What made you all put this together? I assume you’re a media firm/company, but with 3 videos of varying content, I’m just curious. Keep up the great work!

Danny Barnard

His coach was too much of a yes man. Ruined his mindset. Lost his savage desire for success. Like every other savage from poor background. Tyson mindset. Conor will end up being loved by everyone post career.


Awesome video... Loved it.. Great job

thoms jordan



Conor is a living legend, dissecting and analysing the the brawl in the ring! He even handled a brawl tactically, “I won” lol what a legend!


what does he says at minute 8:35??

Angela Billows

Great edit, impossible to not get u pumped up. I’m telling you he will be the champ once again.


I'm a fight fan not fanboy the old days the emperor would tell khabib and Nate to finish him ..6ft under

Jeffery Boat

You guys living in the past, this conor got chocked out by Nate Diaz.

After that he was never the same.

But this is all nice to look at.


I only watch UFC when some guy from some other place wants to kill the King McGregor

Fire Tab

There's a 100 marketers in Ireland

Travis Ioannou

'Im gonna wrap one on one shoulder, wrap the other one on the other shoulder, and you gonna need a funkin army to come take them belts of me"

Bliss Media & Communications

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Khabib sums up Conors and all the UFC baddest fighter hype. Khabib: "I will smash your boy", Conor: "It was only business."


To say Conor is just a fighter is dishonorable, this man is a philosopher and his acts bring them into reality.

ya ya

no one wants to talk about conors ground game. you'll all see if it goes there.

ruktakul sriprapa

Carzy good video

jeffery wade

Boxing has way bigger money than the UFC. You don't make this kind of money in MMA..

Robert Milroy

Conner should be cocky in fighting cuzz he is a hellava great fighter, but he is also humble in real life. That's what makes him truly great

jay schoeller

People sleep on conor his bjj an ground game... al people who know shit about mma..

kesu geethu

Conor Irish king

Gurpreet Mann

Amazing! Cant wait for him to dust peahead on Jan 23rd! Long live the King!

Bliss Media & Communications

The time frames of the segments:

00:00 -- Introduction

01:20 -- THE LEGACY

02:21 -- Chad Mendes Fight 
04:03 -- Jose Aldo Fight
07:55 -- Conor's Personality and Character
13:28 -- Nate Diaz Fight 
18:32 -- Doubt and Hardwork
22:21 -- Nate Diaz II Fight 
27:32 -- Eddie Alvarez Fight (greatest ever UFC performance)
34:52 -- Mayweather Fight

47:21 -- THE FRENZY

47:46 -- Khabib Fight
57:07 -- The headlines 


58:14 -- Back to basics 
1:01:44 -- Dance in Moscow
1:03:20 -- Cowboy Fight 
1:08:08 -- I'm back and I'm ready.

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Martin Magee

He makes me proud to be Irish ❤

Vox Pendragon

Hands Up...Bro this was well done.

Dylan James

The goat returns Jan 23rd

Jim Kipila

UFC and or the McGregor camp should pay you for this! Great job.

nate cote

37:30 Dana lmfao turned into

BitChute Destined

"Your little gazelle friends are gonna be stairin' you tru da cage lookin' at you when your cacass is gettin' eatin' alive."

Roy Costilla

Tap, tap, tap strikes back.


No mater how much u hate corner you can’t deny the fact that nobody in ufc has achieved the fame and the achievement he has achieved. He is the biggest attraction till date and ever will be until the day he retire. He changed the game forever!!


Shortly after 37:11 "they're all fookin ones" lmao

Often Elsewhere

The fact is a little bitch rigged Mayweather would not except an actual real fight with Connor McGregor fact


Conor vs Dustin ---TWO! Who do you think will win?

Micah Active

Great fighter. Great entertainer. Respect


Let's just all take a minute and respect how brilliantly put together this video is,loved this

Brad N

Kavanagh’s reaction to Conor’s success in the Cowboy match is tear jerking.

Shawn Kliewer

yes he is good for sure. but it's only who ufc hires. there are millions ufc won't hire

Brad N

Love that this showed the true background on the beef between Khabib and him, instead of starting with the bus incident. You can’t understand Conor’s attitude going into that fight without all of that.

Edinb. Scot

The GOAT!!!!
Great vid. !!!!

Mini Kim

If this doesnt get you off your ass and start doing SOMETHING, anything, big or small i really dont know what will

Calla CTM

Notorious liar.

yanyan zhang

Bruh, imagine if Conor becomes a 3 time LW champ and goes on a run again. He’ll be back on the conversation again.

Gran Tocino

Conor doesn't need to act like such a douche, if he was even the slightest bit humble I would still enjoy watching his fights and respect him, but he's such an egomaniac nowadays and he's got excuses galore for any losses or mistakes, I just can't and won't respect him until he pulls his head outta his ass and gives respect to the game that gave him the spoiled life he has. I hope Dustin Porier knocks him the fuck out. He needs it. Would help him swallow his bullshit and realize he's not a god and that he's a normal man who should be grateful for the things he has in life.

Jonathan Young

Who gives a fook about you?

Liberty Sumai

Conor will go in history as the greatest UFC fighter of all time.

At least in my books.


30:38 how right that woman is

Muhammad Mu'izzuddin Haron

its never easy and never ever had someone imposed two images, humble and cocky and yet succeded in inspiring young people , especially me . His philosophy is phenomenal. What a man, win or lose, will always be my favourite fighter. ❤️


5:28 that laugh always gets me XD


real king UFC conor mcgregor
real king of boxing many pacman pacquiao


“Your lack of dedication is an insult to those that believe in you”
My favorite Conor quote


9:10 so true :D

jamie hoang

i want to see connor actually start beasting and feasting again

Yusuf Mohamed

Khabib have taken hes legacy mc gregor take the many

Mohamed z Hassanin

you were Cheater not once or twice 6 times, and of course, you have to have respect to the REf that did not call any of it .

Kenny Knowles

Conor i like him his been the same since start but i think lost a bit of that hunger after Mayweather fight he start drinking more i feel the fight with cowboy his getting back to his best. N i love dustin but i feel this fight will be different conor wants to show his back to his best n dustin is gonna show his part of the best.

benjibaker -

Enjoyable watch ... Thanks

mike demayo

This was a really well put together mini-movie this was very much appreciated and thanks for your hardwork on this...and how can you not like Conner McGregor its good to see him back and trying to stay humble and overcome adversity you can't knock a man for that

Shawn Kliewer

diez did this not connor

Sérgio Gomes

And then.... Khabib!!

Ah Yeah

Name of the song/band at Cowboy Cerrone fight?

dziese zumu

Connor won over mayweather... For sure