Sea Ray 240 Sundeck Product Walk-through

Sea Ray 240 Sundeck Product Walk-through

195 719 views | 8 Mar. 2016

Join Sea Ray's Product Training expert JD Schmid on a walk through of the 240 Sundeck!

Jeff Krzyzanski

Searay, Crownline, Chaparral only 3 boats to consider when looking for a 24 ft. Deck boat in my opinion.

chs timeoff

C Yaw
They did not go into how the hull is made. I own a 1989 Sea ray bow rider and I have to say I will never own another Sea ray product. They look nice but they are not built very well as far as construction under the deck. The wood is not protected very well under the floor. I have always kept my boat in a garage yet I have suffered severe floor rot on the back half of my boat. For the price you would think the stringers and wood you cant see would be better protected.

Marc King

Did you say 13 passengers ?

Eddie Weesjes

Take your @#$&ing shoes off! That’s a luxurious boat you potato!

Max Kay

Very nice boat

Nicolas Mahone


J Ngai

How much is this in USA?

Gabriel Rader

will this fit 11 people?

John David

How much does this one cost?

Jacek Drews

Syn tracer

Dani L

Looking for help with the fresh water system

Aliou T. Ndiaye

so class

billbo baggins

I was looking to get a 24 Sea Ray-. I looked and looked and brokers need I say more! I had to make an appointment in Tampa....such BS. I ended up buying a YAMAHA 242 LIMITED's a jet boat and it's a great boat and a lot less $. Sea Ray is a great boat but if you can't find a 24 SR, check out a Yamaha 242. No out drive, cutting your legs or kids. Hey, it's just an option!


Still confused as to where are people gonna pee?

Excellent review though! Bravo!

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