Dustin Poirier REACTS to Conor McGregor's 60 sec KO prediction, WARNS him about a finish, 1 mistake.

Dustin Poirier REACTS to Conor McGregor's 60 sec KO prediction, WARNS him about a finish, 1 mistake.

65 483 views | 16 Jan. 2021

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What does Anik mean “try to make noise if they’re 3 people”



Anwarul Chowdhury

khabib really humbled him huh

Ilyes Ibrahim

Soap opera

Muhammad Hikmal

all war zone all skenario is ready.......mah.....mah.....mah ....mah ...............after fight my ballon was foot ...........

Zeehan haque

Maybe mcgregor gave some money to Dustin to lose the match in 60 seconds.

Poto Bagins

Dustin will be knocked out quick nothing has changed dustin is a clown.


Why conor is sooooo confident that he can knock out dustin in 60 secs? What if dustin runs around the octagon for 61 seconds?


5:07 Dustin

You're welcome!

Gun Play Gaming

Dustin is going to lose... I think deep down he knows as much.

God bless Me

Dustin sounds like he already accepted defeat.
Conor already predicted 60 sec win.
Mindset, mentality.

Muhammad Kazi

Ngl I wanted McGregor Poirer without a crowd

Diego G.

Poirier is going to try and go for submissions, he wants to make Conor tap. This is going to be an interesting fight, and I can’t wait to watch it.

Red Ness

I think you should make his foot a balloon,after all he's a buffoon

Kris D

Tired of this bullshit narrative “ oh i wasnt committed for that fight” mate, threw a dolly at a bus trying to get this man LMAO u can sell that snakeoil somewhere else


Got a feeling Dana's gonna cry in the private jet


dust1n look soft...you better not take a dive like cowboy did..sell out kmpret

Never Say Die

Covid 19 still fucking rules in 2021

Spengy 420

I think conors prediction is stupid personally, but I also believe he'll win. Set to be a great fight either way

Tangerino Tanger

Conor was during the figth against Khabib allowed to cheat and still being smashed

Tarzan Baby

All it takes is 1 mistake from magregor and he could get taped under the chin....but Dustin's last fight I noticed so many opportunities for elbow..uppercuts or just so many punches that could have given him the win but it was lack of training and experience...few times there up close on the cage both hands down and backing away from cage ..dustin could easily have done on multiple occasions a tony Ferguson combo uppercut and elbo followed by swinging as other guy had hands down so many times and in reach but they both did nothing..if theres a shot it should be seen every second and deployed,its war...in thai land these fighters are what I'm explaining here..if you are open or put your guard down for 1 millisecond your out cold on the floor(Connor honestly wouldn't last 1 round in thai land...I would think now Dustin has fixed these issues...he looks good and I'm beting on dustin this time round

Dianne Stone

As long as dustin keeps the hair he has a chance lol

All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt

Chandler is nowhere near 5 ft 9, he s lucky if his hair reaches the 5ft6 mark

David Gitin

Dustin wants bloodshed in the first round but I’m predicting tears will be shed in the post presser! He will leave fight island like he did last trip....heartbroken. (I’m a fan of diamond but he’s outmatched).

Paulo Kraft

Jon Anik is a terrible commentary

Julian Jhingree

Dusty is a kool guy but he will get smash there is levels to this s

Muhammad Kazi

Jon spoke well


Dustins last stoppage victory in 2018 against Eddie Alvarez, he ain't stopping Conor don't be silly

Joseph ll

Dustin looks ready

বিশ্বাস BISWAS

Go ahead Dustin. Smash that clown

Denis Matieș

Paul looks kinda high to me ngl

Travis James

We won't actually know anything until they fight next weekend. Everything else is speculation until then. This is MMA. Anything can happen. Any fight can change a mans career. Despite their affairs and struggles outside of the octagon, they are both damn good fighters. With both fighters current state it's hard to say who gets the W. They both look on point right now. I believe this will be a damn good fight either way.

Michael Banks

Felder lost 6 man points wearing that hat

matthew anderson

Someone give that guy a drug test

Trap Logic

Dustin is taking 10 million to drop in the second rd

Elon Musketeer

please dont cry when you lose dustin

ring of fire

Felder looking like the fresh price of bel air

Dustin Green

Y’all better wake up. Conor and Dana both are not in this for the fans. Their in it for the funds. Just look at that”season” Conor has last year. Wait! No fans to up the funds?! You don’t say

moes dogar

I will be not surprised that khabib and Dustin had a chat and that khabib give him some information what he felt in the octagon and will be be a good information to help Dustin to make the fight easier to win.

Jayza Cortez

Look at this guy, wtf trying to be big, look at his fake shoulder's

Joshua Lee

He’s lost already. You can see it.

Tangerino Tanger

Dana is already talking about Mcchicken defending the title, it seems that you have no chance Dustin

aliali benali

#Boycottfrance. Dustin we love you and we know that you will beat conor easly, take him down and drane his power first round, second raound give him 2 or 3 good chats in his face he will ask you it's just business hhh hhh

Angela Marie

Dustin is gonna take Conor to the cleaners in the fight & then he will be the GOAT in 2021! Canada is behind you all the way!

Mohsin Ashraf

I really hope dustin lasts more than one round

Candi haro Rodriguez

Dustin said "watchu mean" when told he would get knocked out in 60 ahah


“He doesn’t have a vision has you can see”


Why is Paul dressed like a kindergartener on the first day of school?

KusH FacE

Dustin gonna take a dive for the Irishman and the UFC. Hes a good company man... Like Cerrone...

John Stover

Dustin Poirier nose looks like it is smelling something over to the left of him lol.

19ps166 Vaibhav Pundir

Conor working very hard, improving his skills.
Conor fans : "Dustin is an easy opponent."


He’s just an average fighter conner he’s nothing special he’s just money making game ...

Lane Ritter

One mistake is all it takes it just so happens that the mistakes Conor makes are outside the octagon not in it.good luck Dustin


Dustins saying all kind of clichés Cowboy was saying before his fight with Conor. He doesn't believe he's going to beat Conor, not for a second...

longJohn Richard

Conors mind games... he’s gonna be really respectful and nice to porier like he was to cerrone and take some of the fight out of him....then finish him brutally

Ravi Gurung

What happened last time Dustin ? Explain excuses....

Mike Martin

All I want for 2021 is for Pea head to ko mcchicken!

Maz Nuf

Whats the name of the background music?

Staf Justice

Dustin will beat connor


I can see Dustin scared as fook

N Smethers

Sometimes you have to get your ass dirty...haha ok Dustin, choice of words just made me laugh. Immature I know. Best of luck both fighters, hope you both get your asses dirty in this one. Going to be banging.


Dustin says he will finish conor if he makes one mistake? How about we talk about how many mistakes Dustin makes that gets him hurt lmao

Τζον Τζετα

He doesn't even believe that he's going to win I can fucking see it in his eyes..

Bman 25

I have no clue who will win against Dustin vs connor could go either way

Dr. Phil



Bruh I’m literally faded rn and I’m 20 does that mean I should subscribe

Zeko Reko

Paul Pizza T Shirt??? Hmmm...

Tim Forde

I'm only guessing as no-one knows the future lol. the one who's not in his mind as the mind is well untrusting to all will win. have fun guys


As soon as the democrats are back in office, suddenly the cure cant be worse than the disease so everything must open back up and sleepy joe is a hero for making it all happen.


Interesting to hear Anik in an interview and see his 70’s Sean Connery muschlook.

Trammel Maycan

I hate when people underestimate dustin he easily beats anyone other than khabib Conor and charles anyone else he smeshes

Joe King

MMA fan to conor fan, so who else do you support and follow as a fighter in MMA apart from conor?
conor fan: (confused look)

Rob Nolan

Paul looks like a kid with a beard


InshaAllahhhh Poirer win.

Nathan _

Love Dustin, but this focused McGregor simply doesn't lose.


Conor will smoke him fast ⏩

Brian Abisdid

Why Mcgregor acts like he struggles to make 155? Dude just doesn't want it bad enough anymore.

Navin Cintury

When is the press conference between conor vs poirer?

Nakko Nakko

Dustin will loose

Casey Richards

Dustin couldn’t finish an arguement .. if he stands with Conor he has no chance

deon charley

I don't think Connor will knock out Dustin within 60 sec .Dustin is a hell of a fighter.no doubt but against Connor it's not a good match up for dustin.if the fight stay on stand then Connor will definitely win.


Dustin is going to really beat him.

SJ Cali

Lol Dustin is about to go to sleep. His game plan is stupid. He wants to get in a brawl within the first 60 seconds “to make each other bleed and see who has the most heart” the first round is when Conor is most dangerous. Get him to the third round and that’s when it will start to favor him.

gary brown

Conor wins R1/2 , after that he fades , he wins early or loses late , the 2nd Diaz fight exepted , not quite sure he won that though , just my opinion , we know Dustin is good for 5 rounds . Conor already has a win over Dustin at 145 in the 1st round but 6 years ago , it's an interesting fight for sure , whoever wins this should go on to win the title if Khabib stays retired , Khabib may make his comeback to re win the title back off who ever wins to do his 30 , I think thats the plan reading between the lines , I might be wrong , this is a great fight for both .

Chaels Neighbor

With that hat & shirt u gona have to say "Im not Irish,a dragon, or Schaub's albino brother"


I agree with Paul completely. It's awesome being able to hear all the exchanges and mid fight coaching but there have been a LOT of times when the commentary has been heard by a fighter and it COMPLETELY changes the result or their approach. Many of them have acknowledged it post fight too

Berken Billimon

It’s going to be the same like last time.


He has 7 submissions he can submit him.

wasup fool

Dustin gets into a slugfest early with Conor he will lose big, he needs to kick that lead leg and get Conor in the later rounds

B Huff

I have always liked Felder but that hat makes me can’t stand him! Holy shit and that is coming of a loss! Lol

Enterprise 88

Paul Fielder is a class act,he should fight against Sánchez

Prince Malcolm

Conor is ageing too quick.


5:47 that little gulp. mans shook.

Shillong 87 teer no

Da only difference is dat da notorious is bald n Dustin has hair ds tym..dose hu agree hit da like button...

Lu Dub

i hope Dustin pulls off the upset just so all these "fans" go away

Brad Horner

Conor's face has some new creases.

Nicky Luna

I’ve got the feeling its gonna be Dustin...

The Wolf

Colby's prediction will come true


Dustin keeps talking about mistakes when half the time during his fight with Hooker he was playing with his shorts, that's the type of shit conor will look for.

Joe King

conor looks like he left the hanger in his suit when he put it on, lol