Hermitcraft 7: Episode 11 - MY FIRST DISTRICT!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 11 - MY FIRST DISTRICT!

3 853 885 views | 3 Apr. 2020

The Mumbo Mega base has been a focus of my attention, so in today's episode we work on my first district on Hermitcraft season 7. I build districts for different types of builds, and this district is my villager district. A form of industrial district, this one involves villager trading, industrial iron farms and villager breeders are all contained within the decorative minecraft maze, and the villager head walls!

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

Alena Ross

Mumbo: Didnt expect the wall to take this long...
Me: 5-6 hours
Mumbo: This took me 5 and a half, 6 hours.
Me: I-I was kidding....


The trading district looks pretty pogchamp!


4:26 the villagers just want to leave on the bottom left

Marc Ben

Hes torturing himself


4:00 is anyone going to say how satisfying watching that one tree disappear? Oh my, it was satisfying

Giovanni Klassen

4:00 - Yeah let's just ignore the struggle the Villagers are having in the Water on the bottom left


You guys shouldve left an item in each frame to commemorate each challenge!!!

Skits to feed my Children

Who been watching since season 5

eee MAN.

at 00:53 who else heard this is, this is much appreciated, then heard this isn't much appreciated, it really is
confusing lol


Mumbo i wish you good luck

curly fry

6:06 its the placing of the glass

Brian Roth

Do purppisely make squid wairds head


No, mumbo that doesnt, look sweet, it looks like slavery and capatalism.

Epic Mar

Can Docm77 please say... Finish him!!

Sara Bunny2

i’m watching in november 2020 lol. i like to wait until they’ve uploaded a lot of episodes of a series until i watch it because i don’t want to have to wait for another episode so i just watch something else until they’ve uploaded a lot. though it is slightly annoying how i can’t comment anything without having to say “Btw i know this was a long time ago, but whatever.


If I could like this video 1 time for each block you placed, I would, seriously, this is just amazing.


I know this is like 9 months late but I HAVE A MONSTERA TOOO

Cameron Stiglic


Max Tanner

Props Bro, Nice build

Domination PG3D

where did u get the grass?

Richard Thickens

Skididi bop m dada

Heather Boehm



I came here late lol

Dillon Spilker

not a single person getts the name right

Silver Jay

6:05 sounds like glass instead of grass

Roo Goose

19:23 Okay, so I’m watching this late after already watching most of Grian’s and the signs in the barge make so much more sense now!

Beggo Ingi

kottbullar, lol
im icelandic and swedish people have a similar language to us so its so similar

Alexis Schouest

I assess y


I know this is old but if you placed cobble slabs between the leaves you could then walk around in there and it would create a beautiful contrast

Johny Blacker

I hate mining and doing dull stuff

The Red Crewmate



Grace Lam

It look like a maze



TimJ Fog


Finn Timmer

and i got a story behind it. My sisters and i always made really big builds together when we were bored, so while they were building the beautiful structure i was filling in the floor and walls ;-;

MIguel Davila Avila

You don’t like simple things you them cus ur a red stone master

Sigge Carlsson

Mumbo- its the placing of the glass
Me- its called grass dude what the flip

Josiah Ponicsan

I wish I had these huuuge projects to do I can never think of anything to do!


It’s not fair that Iskall got the good deeds. He already always does that it’s not a challenge.


9:56 how did he get another stack into the hotbar?


In this episode: Doc M (Rapper name: Lil Goat) invents the Vote for Mumbo Scat Song (Grumbot Song)

Zoe Lea

Omg during the time lapse of the outside of the wall you can just see all of these villagers just stuck in a pool of water outside the district and I just can’t stop laughing

Alexis Schouest

I assess

Thomas Lanfranchi

Docm77’s voice.
That’s all I need to say

PandaBlue Who

I switched from a different show and was sad because I ran out of things to watch then I remembered hermit craft :)

random boy 2

Wow good villager heads you have there, wont it be a shame if it was made into a grian head

Sarp Bilge Senkardesler

dude I just swa the rentheob. Is he sttil a hippie?


After watching all of Grian season 7, i finally understand what burn sticks are

Bunny Bro

"Villager district" pretty much just sounds like suburban talk for "Village"

Lucas De Ferro

ola mumbo,provavelmente voce nao esta me entendendo,mas obrigado,voce me ajudou muito na luta contra o tedio,obrigado, send this mesage in the google traslate

My name is Bugalugajug

I would love to build this base but it would probably take me a year to do because I can only do an hour a day ;-;

Chris Guo

I'm also worried that mobs are spawning within the statues. Oh for lag's sake.

Trond Lundeby


Benjamin Parker

comment for good algorithm stuff


I agree to disagree it agree to agrre to disagree to disgaree to agree to disagree it agree to agrre to disagree to disgaree to agree to defity not not not agree to disagree.

Malachi Brown

The amount of time he spends on these builds... I cant handle playing for more than 4 hours without going insane

Thekinge Dominion

How are you still sane?

Minecraft Or what

Mumbo: I swear the hermits are going mad this season everyone’s just building big ridiculous bases

Xx Okamii xX

19:16 "he burnt me měåťbøłļ"

Andeline Halgreen

you are the best builder


yes i agree

Splattey _

Bruuuuuh, the motion blur... It's- it's- IT'S JUST AMAZING! Great job mumbo


docm sounds like my great uncle


Great vid mumbo!

Sarah Hanson

You have released your inner Good Times With Scar!

Jendrik Mikuszeit

In season 6 you wanted to put the Villagers on the evil island,in season 7 you put them in the evil building!
Anything behind that?

yes man

The fact that he has districts for each thing gives me mad Hunger games vibes

Koamoonlight Koa

Same, i had to fill a 600 by 700 block floor in one of my creative worlds

Amanda O'Donnell

mumbo : i seem to be taking on projects that take ridiculous amounts of time

Grian taking the whole season to complete his mansion be like : Bruh

Student Lina Ruiz

At the beginning of the video when Mumbo said goodness gracious me i went 10 seconds back, 10 seconds back, 10 seconds, 10 seconds; goodness gracious me goodness gracious me goodness gracious me goodness gracious me goodness gracious me goodness gracious me goodness gracious me. lolol

Jack Lomax

nice faces

Chris Guo

These villager head borders are very Quirrel. It unsettles me.


that was amazing

Jendrik Mikuszeit

Mumbo and Grian swapped personalities a bit this season

Muhammad Amin Zafar

I am very jealous of the zombie in the iron farm.....he gets to ride the roller coaster 24/7 for his whole life .

Aaron Rogers

now those signs in Grian's episode makes sense. XD

Claude Anello

I have a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge problem with this episode and this entire series in fact.

It's that mumbo considers himself a bad builder.


Luiz Portella

this district is SOOOOOOOO COOL


‘’Little brain’’ is one of the best minecraft redstone users on the planet

soumya kuchana

The villagers heads look like squid wards house or grian's conduit in season 6 lol

Abhiram Gadgil

Now I am thoroughly confused. Is Mumbo a redstone specialist or a builder?


So THIS is why there were "burnstick?" Signs all over Grians stuff lollll.

Old Swampo

What was that ending???

Scott Schutten

i agree

Melissa York

10/10 outro

Malachi Nadruku

Anyone notice that at 10:57 ha had 48 fire rockets and then a few seconds later he only had 44

Xiping Q

Look at 4:17! At the bottom left, there are like 10 villagers in the pool! LOL

jirat jiampoonsap

20:15 - 20:20 E

Rubennn S

How can you switch so easily things out of your inventory without having to press E?

Happy Hobby Hole

i thought grian was apart of hermit challenges

Dylan Young

I like how when you realized that you accepted the challenge of placing 10000 blocks by accident you were like “OH GOD NNNOOO” then when you remembered about your plans for your base you just, did it

prolly a bot

at 4:00 minutes in, it looks like a pool party xD

Frosty_ Lemon

6:35 I agrre

dragon fellow

9:15 why dont you kill him!!!

Eli Stafford

love your vids so much! I know this is kind of an old video but and you most likely won't see this but I still wanna say thanks. :)

Someone ?

Villagers? I think those are iron golems

Hello Imahuman

When you start listening to Mumbo’s videos to concentrate

Noah Doyle

did he say glass or is that just me 6:00

Colton Geremia

You sould look at the hole grian made its...jus..st.......INNNNSANNNEE


so I don't watch the vlog channel and never will... Do you have a family? If so then how are you spending this much time on Minecraft?