HUGE Pink Girly Collective Haul | New Bag, Makeup, and Luxury!

HUGE Pink Girly Collective Haul | New Bag, Makeup, and Luxury!

41 079 views | 25 Jun. 2020

Hey pretties! Thank you for watching another one of my girly haul videos This one was def a treat! I cant believe this pink girly haul video was literally over 40 minuted long. I hope you enjoyed it. xoxo

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Trying Dior makeup GRWM:

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Teddy Blake Bags:


Pink bag is the KIM bag

Nude bag is the AVA bag

Bling Mirrors & Cases:

IG: @Cell_Letto

Starbucks CUPS:




Bling Brushes:

Code: THANIA for 10% off

Zoeva Pink Brushes:

Rechargable Lighter:

Cake Hairspray:

Cake Dry Oil:

Cake Deep Conditioner:

Luxury Nail Stickers:

LV Inspired Blanket:

Use code THANIA for 20% off

Dior Flower Box:

Charlotte Tilbury Pollow Talk Palette:

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kim KW:

Toofaced Sugar Peach Palette:

Toofaced fruit cocktail blushes:

Toofaced Warm Glow Candlelight glow:

Toofaced Dew You Setting Spray:

Toofaced Watermelon Hangover spray:

Toofaced hangover spray:

Toofaced Hangover good to go moisturizer spf 25:

Toofaced Hangover good in bed serum:

Toofaced Liquid Eyeshadows:

Toofaced Dew You Fresh Glow Primers:

Toofaced Dew you Powder:

Toofaced Better Than Sex eyeliner:

Toofaced Born this way foundation:

Toofaced Puppy palette:

Toofaced Triple Scoop Palette:

Kylie Setting Spray:

Kylie lip kit in high maintenance:

Kylie x balmain palette:

Kylie koko highlighter:

Kylie body Glow:

Kylie Gloss:



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Vienne Moore

I loved this

Saray Hernandez

OMG girl I will not miss a video from you I am obsessed with your channel, all your beauty room. I can’t well let me tell you I chanced all my room I bought the impressions vanity vanity and I got everything pink lol my hubby doesn’t mind as long as I am happy he says. Love you xoxo

Zeena Olson

Hey Thania, I ordered the bling brushes with your code and can’t wait to get them

Emily DelBuono

I love your girly channel so amazing

The Only life

18.09 I need

Denisse Castruita

love your videos

Johnnel Adderley

Hola, hola, I hope you've been having a great week and you look amazing btw

Marie Smith

Loved this shopping haul!! Thank you for sharing!! Love you Thania!!


Can u do a full Louis Vuitton collection?

Janet Roberson

It is a perfect bag

Kristen Ryan

Made it to the end

Sophia J. Law

Great haul I just ordered two Starbucks cups!!

Anna Kuruch

Oh I love this haul so much! So relaxing and satisfying to watch! Love everything that you get!

Bervelyn Sawyerr-Markwei

I just found your channel and had to just like and subscribe. All your videos are good and inspirational. I have always wanted to learn how to do makeup but never got to it. Your videos are motivating me to start. I am happy I found you

sarah smith

Omg I love the LV Inspired blanket but it’s 265 dollars!


I found your videos yesterday, and my wallet is hurting lmao, I love your aesthetic! <3

Carina Xxx

hi girl i’m a new subscriber and i have been binge watching all your videos !! i love your content

Thania Gonzalez

Be honest... did u watch the entire thing ?

Tessa Mae



You know what, I’m not a huge fan of pink but you make it look cute x

Emana Carroll

i have to get a Teddy Blake bag now lol i need it in black! and the coffee mugs are so cute cant wait to order one i love they are inclusive !

Utente Bernini

Genesis Almeida

Love your top

Vienne Moore

You know the hairspray? Can you still use it on extensions? I was told I couldn’t use products on extensions as it builds up in them

Nelly Rampola

I love pink color also

Kally Maddox

“Do you like my melons”

tolay berjaoui

u make me want all these items i love u

Latoya Peatross

My daughter was watching your videos with me and she is now so In love. She saw all of your bling brushes and said mommy we need those. Shes only 6 and can’t stop talking about your room.

Yency Marinero

I need that mirrrrrrorrrrr!!! <3

Refilwe Mosase

Hey. Whats the name of the bag on the 2nd row in the middle

Maria Martinez

I So Love Watching you share all the fantastic stuff you buy when you go go shopping

Marilyn Hodgkinson

Hi Thania l always watch till the end. Your videos are great. Really interesting products. Would love to see how you put them in your vanity.Thanks so much for sharing xxxx

Christina Fuentes

Love your recommendations keep the videos coming girl

Refilwe Mosase

Hey. Whats the name of the bag on the 2nd row in the middle

Sharla's Beauty room

Yassss now I have something to watch before I go to bed hehe just dropped in to say I love you

Brenda Ayala

I went to your link for the nail stickers but i couldn't go. I love those stickers

Adriana Garcia

Love all the products! Your cats so cute! Lol roaming around your room

Cassidy Delima

I love this girl she is so beautiful and a great YouTuber I love you keep doing what you are doing

Holly H

Love your videos ❤️ they’re so my style and I LOVE pink XX

Melba Allegro

watched the whole video and the best part was the cats in the background.... hilarious I love the video and all the small shops...

pretty pink

So cute

Michel Radford

Juliet Valentine

Yes I did and it was so fun and so visual! Love it. Thank you for something gentle in such a hard time!

Cognac Wellerlane

Had so much fun watching your girlie haul! Your Ted Baker Bag is my favorite part of the video! Really Gorgeous!

Brenda Ayala

Where do i get the boc thing to hold the flowers?

Janet Roberson

Hello sweetie

Jaclyn Kovach

I was at Dollar Tree today and saw one of those macarons you have in your beauty room!! I'm thinking of going back and buying a few ❤️

jazz johnson

GOD bless kudos to you for supporting small businesses

Crafts & ArtsSisters

I understand you Thania


love ur room and aesthetic!! totally my vibe

Flowly Gardens

i Love Pink and your Pink room!! I want to see your Pink clothes behind you.

rasha ali

I looove your hair it’s so beautiful ❤️. Girl u got me wanting to place an order on too faced.


Love love love everything!!!! Happy Thursday beautiful


Cute purse !! Cute makeup !!

Cassidy Delima

That bag OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinkalicious Shabby

Hi Thania I love everything you bought,please do a video put all your new makeup in your vanity,pleaseeeeee

cookiedreams UwU

Your The best you always inspire me

Cassidy Delima

And plus I love pink and pink is everything

Joey Justiniani

Thania thanks for being so inspiring to me! I just put in my order for the pink Kim bag & the pink Bella Vitello 12’ bag. Girl, I know exactly what your talking about... My husband pays for ALL my shopping addiction! Lol! Some of us are blessed to have our men like that and also to be spoiled 24/7!


The Only life

My room is pink land I love your vibe

Woman Roaring

you look like Sharla smelling it, haha!


I love Thania Videos, i love all the pink stuff, I bought everything I like for my Channel and I love support small business as well. I gonna start creatina my pink space at home. So excited.

Janet Roberson

Great haul

Malarie Locklear

I loved everything in this video, especially the pink bling brushes. Pink is my favorite color.

Susie Munoz

Watched the whole thing

lili chacha

U look stunning

Karas vlogs and fun

What camera do you use?


I love this video. Everything featured is sooo adorable. Including your cats. I am so glad that they made a cameo.

julie galaz

Your makeup looks amazing

Diane Negron

Super cute ... love it..... a lot of amazing products.... Thania, FYI in your links and info.... business is spelled wrong ...

Melissa Beauty Quinn

Love Pink

Alma Hinojosa Beauty

Lo que más me gusto fue tu maquillaje tu eyeshadow cuel palette usaste ?


New subscriber here! I watched the entirety of this video and looking forward for more.
P.S.> please do a GRWM with the too faced makeup and or Kylie cosmetics from this vid thanks!!!

Alexandra Gonzalez

I’m only @4:07 mins in and I CANNOT stop starring at your makeup!!! Love the shadow liner. Would you please give us a tutorial

Crafts & ArtsSisters

your the BEST

G Newhall

Thanks for sharing all these goodies, I picked up a hoodie from ‘shoptrendygal’

Holly Baker

Is there another place we can look for the blanket? It’s not on her site :(


Awww I really want that box of flowers but I don’t have a ig account she doesn’t have a link or something that I could go to and buy from.?

Jennifer Johnson

I love your videos babes

Gigi Guided by Christ


lindsay Love

Youll love the watermelon spray!!! Love the dior box!! Thats awesome you gave her a shoutout!

Janet Roberson

I love the Cake brand


I watched the WHOLE video!!!! I love your channel! Keep up the amazing work and YES you should do putting away your makeup in your vanity!!! :)

Brittany McNeal

Love your videos

Lil Otto

Love the shirt!!!

Lorena Walker

Congratulations on being a Too Faced influencer!!

Melissa Eckborg

I think it's sweet that you promote small businesses

Aria Pesmatzoglou

I love sooo much watching her

Mystical Mermaid 30

omg I love your whole outfit, nails, hair everythings on point love

Te-Shell Sutton

I absolutely adore you!!!! I love how you keep it real, letting us know we don't have to keep up, loved that. I also loved how you promoted the flower boxes, even though you do the same product, that was awesome. I can't wait for your next video

Anusha Madurangani


Alexus Capers


Denise Martinez

Quick u have the jawbreaker palette...if u do so you can do an eye look with that pastel purple color in it please..!!!...

Fashionably Elise

I love your girly hauls

Lorena Rodriguez

Bag twinning with Sharla! That bag is truly gorgeous and it looks so elegant! I’m going to need that candle lighter for sure

Stevie-Rae Prior

your videos are the best and i love the pink in everything. :)

Aminah Shakoorah

Lovely pretty haul! Absolutely hope to get some items from your selection

Wanda Olivieri Rosado

I love everything


Love the LV blanket! Do you know if her website will be back up soon? It shows an error for that link