HermitCraft 6 || HERMITVILLE NEEDS US! || Ep 72

HermitCraft 6 || HERMITVILLE NEEDS US! || Ep 72

70 626 views | 25 May. 2019

Hermitcraft Minecraft 6: ReNDoG and Stress get to work repopulating Hermitville!

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Series info:

Welcome, Youtube Minecraft viewer, to Hermitcraft Season 6! I am a proud member of Hermitcraft, and this will be my this season on this amazing Minecraft SMP server!

Hermitcraft is a Minecraft SMP server featuring some of Youtube's best and most talented Minecrafters. The server is 100% Minecraft Vanilla 1.13 - the Aquatic Update! This is the sixth season of Hermitcraft, and we will be setting up a base with all the Hermits on Hermit Island.

Sit back and relax with a tasty beverage and crunchy snack (a Minecraft cake is recommended) and join me ReNDoG and the Cyberdog Nation in our third Season of Hermitcraft!


I own all distribution rights to the audio in this video. I also have the rights to make videos showing off the program Minecraft. This is stated here: http://www.minecraft.net-terms as such: "You're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game, but don't just rip art resources and pass them around, that's no fun."

#Minecraft #Hermitcraft #HermitGang


Grian just ruin your business, I just want to let you know before to late


The Keep is enclosed.

Sam Metcalfe

ren the repopulating hermit ville shop is already out of buisnesse before its even open as grian has done it by breeding his with impulses and set the loose in hermitville

the average everyday person

Did grian steal your intro or did you steal his

Andrew's boring life

Your services are no longer needed


Wow. This is sad


Man, grian take your villager shop out of bussiness so hard. You should take revenge, only saying...

Gaming Neo

Do you know dog that grian did it and there is a lot of grians in hermitville mission completed

That one duck named Joel

Nah! We got Grian
And the village of Grianpulse villagers

kaneki ken

Grian had a work their in villages go back please


Oof.. poor Ren

Migixkem Jord

your no longer ganna save the village
Praise grian ville

Charles Leyva

Rendog: Hermitville needs us.
Grian: Its called Grianville now.

A Random Stranger on the Internet

Grain has ruined your business

Angel of Death

Well, about your new business...


little did he know G daddy is real

The Great Potato


Jacobus Le Roux

poor ren when he finds out that Grian populated the village.


Whoops, Grian stole ya' job

William Garrison

Do you know what Grain did?

Diamond Warrior

Ren its grian ville now

terminator 123

Grian already did this


The hero that we needed, but not the one we deserved.


Grian has taken out your work for you...

The Megalosaurus King

Sorry ren Grian beat you to it


"Men get in line!"

~Stressmonster 2019


Am I the only one here from Grians video?

Noah Chaplin

Ship? StressDog/ RenMonster? "Hey girl, wanna help me repopulate the village" 20:32

FeNix Gaming

Ren i think you're bussiness is now over

Riley Grimes

Ren: Exist
Grain: I’m going to end this man career

W h a t

Ren grian already populated hermitville so many grians aaahhhh


little does he know... its now grianville


Hey Ren, the village has become a bit more... shall we say... Grianpopulated?

Scarlett Lotus

Hermitville needs a castle! you have a church and a wall why not a castle ? Like this comment if you believe it’s a good idea!


Grain already did it...xD

Armydillo 101

Hate to break it to you rendog, but, grian sort of created and activated the villager equivalent of SCP-2000 in an underground lab, and now your business is probably gonna die

Dr. Blowtorch

You kidnaped Iskall’s Swedish friends and sold them into slavery

Anxietyboat !

grian: im about to ruin this mans whole career

Blazing Blast

Grian already repopulated the village of now grian ville

Clarence Garcia

Nope Grian Already Saved The Day!! Lol


Ummmmmm Rendog grain repopulated

Flamme 5.0.6

Well, I guess Grian ruined your plan.

Red Fire990

Welp..... Grian made a mistake he didn't see your breeding pit now he re populated the village... And every villager has grian heads


I got a Runscape ad..


When Ren joins on the server he will see groans everywhere

Tim The Dim

9:24 Gliched scaffolding?

Greyson Alexander

grian just repopulated....


Rest in peace when he realized Grian makes about twentyish villagers and released them into the village. Crippling your business.


Rendog: Repopulating the village and wants to make profit from it.

Grian: I will ruin this man whole career

Starlene, touring Youtube.

OOOOF Damn Grian, you just put him out of business. Accidentally.
So... weeeeellp!

Dan Snell

Ren, Grian just put you out of business.


lol grian destroyed your business

big fat meanie


Slumber 1492

the wall is a great idea and all but be careful of the colossal pillagers and armoured pillagers, ren !


uhh, grain kinda did a thing..


Here from Grian RIP your plans because Grian repopulated the village for free

Wira Cendekia

But grain give it free lol!

Suha Shanab

Lol griqn just made a breeding farm and let them go for FREE

Scorp Eion

i now feel sorry for him grain has taken repopulating the village before you could set up shop...

manas das

Bro grian already populated the village sorry XD

Kjell Menu

Grian just ruined your shop idea

Weeb_city 0990

Don't worry, grian will promtly ruin this business venture before you even open.

Nova Playz

actually I'm sorry but grain repopulated hermitvill


Grain ruined your business


But grains have already taken over hermitville

Mark Concepcion

Why did you just put carpets in grian place

Santiago Mendez

Redog sounds cool

Diamond Warrior

U r red dog

Warded Thorn

So he took a bunch of people from their homes by force, made them reproduce against their will, and then allowed people to trade money for ownership of one of them.

Jason Bailey

See? Trump isn't crazy after all. #BUILDTHEWALL

Ante Pavlovic v2

Who is watching this after grians video?

Daniel Eriksson

You just lost a swedish subscriber after that hahah


Rendog and stress: let's repopulate the village!
Grian: does that in 5-6 hour
Rendog and stress(is almost ready): WHY?

mark cooper

plz dont watch grians episode ren xD feels bad man lol

Codename Aki

Nah grian did it for free grian re populate the hermitvill with his head


If you redecorate a house enough (such as the hermitville build-off), villagers will flee as wandering traders to the closest other village


Grian: I’m boutta end this mans whole SLAVE TRADING CAREER

Miraculous Tabby

You should make some murder holes in the walls.

Nicolas Salazar

Rendog should be president
I love his idea of building a wall to keep those mexi- I mean those pillagers away.
He can make HermitVille great again

Ria Kulit

rip rendog grain did nothing

Montgomery Montgomery

Is it weird that the villagers now look like they are yelling with their noses?

The Legend of the Available Username

Grian comes and ruins your career

Ulysses Vardis

Grian just ruined your business

Suicidal Poptart

Grian fixed the village

Nathan Chicken nugget

Well uhhh Grain kinda..........let a bunch of grians you will understand when you see :)


Sorry, but... here's a "g" thing


Grian revived the village for free sos

kou chella

more like

.....i'll see myself out

Δημητρα Κ.

Too sad the business gone bankrupt because of Grian.


Hehe go now to the hermit ville. Someone has repopulate the village

David Culverson

yet another reason why rendog and stressmonster are shipped.

Phazey Fire

Ren, the scaffolding blocks look like a construction site because it's SCAFFOLDING

Oscar the Gamer

Sorry....... But I think your shop is dead


Groan: I’m boutta end this mans whole SLAVE TRADING CAREER

Pato Moguel

Mr beast donated to you

Kai Lin Lee

Just watched grian’s video. Uh...rip?


The hermitville wall looks like texas

Synderth MC

Sorry grian did it first


Grian has ruined your business

Phazey Fire

Maybe all the villagers died because ren punched them all to death