Live Stream - Among Us with Etho, Bdubs, Impulse and the crew!

Live Stream - Among Us with Etho, Bdubs, Impulse and the crew!

57 796 views | 22 Dec. 2020

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Lauren C.

1:49:29 JoeHills raid


Thumb up purely because you said you weren’t observant rather than “being blind”. I appreciate the wording. In fact, have another thumbs up.


This is my favorite stream of all time, not just because of your reaction sir Tango at the 1.000$ donation - although that was genuine, beautiful and moving - but also because that proves (if proof was needed!) that you are a great youtuber sir Tango, but foremost a great human being: funny, positive, brilliant, respectful, creative, modest and caring, you are a wonderful role model for adults and kids alike.
And I loved the complicity, the kindness and the love that you and your wonderful (and wise, and brilliant, and funny, and beautiful) wife share: long life to you two.
Warm hugs from my family to you.


Oh man! I missed this live :/ hope to catch it next time tho

Plexy Hill

Am I late to the video post? Nah, I am good, gonna be spending my morning with TangoTek and the AmongUs Crew!!!!!

Alyssa Fundal

A running list of my fave moments:
- 40:30 I admire how Tango tried to still blame it on Skiz, it was smart and maybe if his voice didn't give it away it would've worked LOL
- 44:23-44:50 EVERYTHING about this
- 49:50 Impulse's revenge
- 1:39:10 Bdubs joins the party fashionably late!!
- 1:41:03 Tango's singing
- 2:01:00 FLASHING LIGHTS :D!! cute
- 2:25:29 Pop goes the Etho
- 2:47:10 Joker's bein a Joker
- 3:55:15 Aw puppers!!!
- 3:56:35 New hat!!
- 3:57:42 Tango's dog is just so cute oh my god


"That's adorable."
<3333 hahaha

Danielle Linkletter

I love that tango only played imposter with endless

Wojtek Lados

The actual game starts at 10:25.

JoJo Geppetto

These streams are so awesome. Thank you for keeping them coming!

Naraka 00

they're saying the maps are flawed, but they should have reduced the field of vision for everyone, to make it easier for the impostors. And the impostors should have turned off the lights when they want to kill someone, to avoid getting caught... like Endless and Etho xD


57:10 Evil killed by his own swag.


Tango, next time you should def try "proximity chat"! I think it would be perfect for this group!

Decker Maggoux

The crew can see miles with these settings wooow

E. Andrews


Also, I suggest watching Hopeless Idiots for proximity chat.

Dark Phoenix Gamez

the streams are always amazing, but i think this may take the cake (or pie, lol). i don't think your chat bot was the only thing to break tango. also, slightly happy crying for you. i hope ya'll had a wonderful christmas!

Säschchen Reichert

Etho has like 10 intelligence, 4 Charisma and only 1 Luck

Jack Duchesneau

Make more mods, I know that was a long time ago but pleeeeeeeease do at least one


3:05:10 Bdubs never streamed. That was his cousin, Beau Truck. I wonder whatever happened to that guy.

Sarah Ruff

I was so happy to see BDubs join the group that evening! It was so much fun <3

Johny Draper

u is welcome

Scott Shaffer

That $1000 donation was will worth it.

Daniel W.

That flashy lights on his hat moment❤

Gabby Jones

Tango's hat: is a llama

Me: flashbacks to HEP llama tower


Soo... what happened in stream around 1:56:40 that broke the Tango?

Jack Duchesneau

Him: says polaris instead of Polus
Me: plays ploytopia
Me again: whaaaaat

Lila Basener


Jack Duchesneau

Do prop hunt I'm sure it'll be awesome

Jason TheRoman

You guys should break the stream into 3 sections (1st Mira HQ, 2nd Polus, and 3rd Skeld) in that order so that you get map knowledge and can play all the maps without constantly saying that no one has map knowledge. The more y’all play the different all the maps the more you will be able to play Mira and polus with the same skill at skeld


Grian bogards the color red? I never would have guessed he'd be difficult when it comes to somethin like that

Daniel West

Does it make any sense if you're ejected from the vehicle that your ghost is on the ship able to do tasks?


First, I love these streams. I watched this live and I'm watching it again here.

That said, the time you vented in front of Skizz with Endless right there, all you had to do was team up with your fellow impostor and get Skizz thrown out; IE both of you claim to have seen him do the kill - stay cool, wait a beat or two before talking, and don't give any information nobody asks for. You were both right there, and the only other person was MrsTango, who couldn't argue, due to having tripped and fallen on your knife. Skizz could then throw sus in both directions as a result, but, with some careful marinating, you can play the long game for a win - you at least have a better chance with both impostors alive.

Also, never say the killer vented if you weren't the one who reported, since you can't do both, and declaring you were the killer as you're tossed also makes it way harder for your teammate.


is there a reason for censoring the room names?


urgh miss tango is the most annoying player in all of these streams.

Holphana Scott

I don't think anybody wants to dictate what is done here so someone should just request a setting change every round to mix things up.

Daniel A

I miss etho

Ahmed Mourad

I'd totally watch these daily!

Ryan Bell

If Skizz would pay attention to the game instead of ignoring it to look at chat and go nuts, he'd not have as many issues


Tango is so down to earth. $1000 would blow anyone's mine, but you can see how appreciative he is in his face from even a $10 or $25 donation. That's why I love Tango!!

Calvin Stepp

Where is b-dubs?

Tjepser Sky

"I have a misletoe above my head, if anyone's interested"
~ Bdubs 2021


The first few times I ever saw Impulse claim he felt something in his bones -- lots and lots of streams ago -- he was absolutely right, and had good consistency. In that video. After that, not so much. It is a testament to first impressions that Impulse's bones still sound slightly more reliable than "wild ass shot in the dark by he who is both blind and deaf."

Kay The Dragon

I've been waiting for this to come out, because I had some ideas about Etho's ‘silent’ gamemode, (or whatever we're calling it)

-I think two impostors works better, because it give you two ‘skip’ votes. Just one means you're verging on random ejects.
-Crewmate vision all the way up. Impostor vision either the same or one notch lower.
-The big one is longer kill cooldown (maybe 45 seconds? maybe even longer) Crewmates get more time during a round to do a bit of detecting and decide who their allies are and who they can afford to vote off.
(And maybe that's a place chat can get involved too, idk)

I feel like you could end up with some very interesting strategies if there was more time, like maybe you find a body and instead of reporting it right away, try and lead others to it so they know where the murder happened.

Katherine Lee

Liked before watching. That simple at this point


The puppy at the end was amazing!!

Marleen Lyon

Did you know purple has the highest chance of imposter

Primrose Everdeen RIP

Hey btw I know I'm late but I thought I would tell you the answer to why people seem to start faster than you. When it says either your the imposter or your a crewmate if you touch and hold the black spots it moves you in the game and you move. When it says _ _ was ejected and that screen in space you can hold the too

Kris Lewis

In a game centered on intrigue, the only thing I'm really interested in is what Stoner did to break not only chat, but a full-ass Tango

qaz wiz



Really wish Bdubs would put vids of this up.


Herr_stoner broke tango. What a legend

Nihar Patwardhan

hey tango it was an fabulous stream love your videos it is 10 14 pm in india rn

Gillian Stephenson

not only did herr_stoner crash your chatbot he crashed you hahahaha. what a guy

Madelein Fletcher

Etho's weakness is Bdubs.

Hannah Wolfert

My favourite quote, "I'm just gonna sit here and flip my puff"

Eli Tillemann

Love these streams!


2:33:31 Tango being corpse blind

Alice KFranklin

Yay! Got a little shout out at, 1:51:31 !!

Tony Block

Impostor games:
Your welcome


Tango: It DoESn'T sHoW tHE bOdY WhEn U rEpoRT doEs It?
Me: Surgically replace your eyes with the butt of a cat. You'll get just as much use out of it and it is also fluffy.

Jordan T Fryman

Impulse was NOT early "Clicking" he was Moving early

Dakota Jones

Back from their break at 54:24

Patrick Senkbeil

"No idea what I'm doing"
Literally instructions on screen...

Katherine Lee

Doggo surprise near the end :D

Thunder_Bird FPS

Etho’s game could be pretty fun, maybe some tweaking with vision or something to make the rounds longer.

Sara Shuleska

4 hours of therapy, thanks

Jason Last

Tango is a smart man for marrying the worlds worst liar.



Hinth Darkshot

To be voted off there must be at least 2 votes and it must have more votes than every other option.

Aaryan Bhardwaj

Dude, I'm a big fan of your streams. But, seriously, stop reading your chats and focus on the game. Not only is it annoying when you're reading over other people, it's annoying when you don't know stuff that happened on screen cause we're supposed to be having fun thru you.
Keep up the good work.

surfer 23

At 3:23 the should have just said oh wait evil was last in there with joker and he might have been it at the beginning

Jezreel Hasman

Tango is literally the worst player sometimes. It bothers me ngl.


mrs T showing tango that his hat lights up was very cute

205 badger

Stoner broke Tango!


And at 1:56:20 we see Tango's mind decide to freeze as he tries to understand what he's seeing. HUGS You're great Tango, and I love watching you. My daughter loves Tektopia!

Hans Christopherson

Tango’s brain just stopped functioning after the 1k donation showing how much he really cares


Hi. Tango. I hadn’t played Minecraft and watched any game vids for several years but wow this game is great. I have one suggestion. If you can contact to Among us game developers, let’s make Minecraft mod version with them. It’s gonna be so epic.


Oh yeah, four hours stream, hot coco in hand, snuggly blanket and Christmas tree in the back. Feels like Christmas to me <3 love this group, thanks for uploading!


1:56:20 - "Tango.exe stopped working." Honestly, it's insane how overwhelmed Tango gets when viewers donate such huge amounts, and this is just another reason why I love watching Tango's content, because he's just doing what he loves, while entertaining us all without expecting anything. Happy festive season Tango


Dear Tango, instead of instantly panicking at a new task, perhaps it'd be beneficial to take a moment to look at the interface, and then panic.


What is the deal with this sobertron, he topdonates everytime edit: nvm herr stoner you madman


Game starts


At first when stoner did crashed the chat bot i thought tango was mad cuz he spammed and it crashed. But then he raised the cup and im like ahhh gotya

Nikil Kumar

U shld try the Christmas mod

Metal Monkey

I don't know is Tango will see this but the best settings for this game should be:
Player Speed - 1.25
Kill Cooldown - 22.5
Crewmate vision - 0.50/0.75
Imposter vision - 1.25
Tasks: 2,2,4 or 2,1,5
(also, Proximity chat) I'm sure you'll do that soon

Daniel Lockwood

Part of your llama hat matches your green screen

cami twig

bdubs’ imposter voice: 1:41:37

ViperLee 44

Wonder why there’s always 5 mins or so of opening credits


01:56:22 for the reaction to the $1.000 donation.


Hope this helps :)
Round 1- 10:30 Crewmate
Round 2- 20:10 Crewmate
Round 3- 29:21 Crewmate
Round 4- 39:29 Imposter
Round 5- 56:32 Crewmate
Round 6- 1:06:44 Crewmate
Round 7- 1:17:59 Crewmate
Round 8- 1:24:26 Imposter
Round 9- 1:41:51 Crewmate
Round 10- 1:53:37 Crewmate
Round 11- 2:06:31 Imposter
Round 12- 2:20:56 Crewmate
Round 13- 2:29:33 Crewmate
Round 14- 2:50:55 Crewmate
Round 15- 3:05:08 Crewmate
Round 16- 3:15:37 Crewmate
Round 17- 3:28:47 Crewmate
Round 18- 3:54:59 Crewmate
Round 19- 4:05:50 Imposter
Round 20- 4:09:52 Crewmate

Merry Christmas :)


Tbh I'm glad I'm not the only one who greets the chat and and streamer(s) with "Hallo!"

Alex Rae

Impulse, the natural peacekeeper. <3


These are so enjoyable! Would love more :D


I love listening to the hermit banter. You guys are awesome, thank you


As someone who haaates talking but loves Among Us, the Etho game is perfect. The best version for introverts XD

Shaun Giller

Does Joker have a youtube channel?


Funny Brody mentions how he and mrs. Tango are the only ones dressed festively. In my game I picked brown and my hat is the cherry and I changed my name to "fruit cake" and whenever someone asks me why the heck I would pick the name fruit cake I say it's because I'm being festive. Lol

AFS5 _lp

Just finished the last one, it's hard to keep up with all this content

Toby Collins

THATS NOT ETHOS DOING BUT IMPULSES FAILING DX poor Impulse he gets too excited :D

LEGO Creator

2:35:03 don’t mind, this is my bookmark