Kevin Durant drops 42 points as Nets win 3rd straight

Kevin Durant drops 42 points as Nets win 3rd straight

13 082 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Kevin Durant logged his first 40+ point game as a Brooklyn Net to complement fellow superstar James Harden's sensational performance as the Nets defeat the Magic 122-115. Subscribe for daily sports videos!

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Austin Liu


James Tucker

Hated he left Warriors but happy for K.D. just hope Kirre gets it right can't wait for Championship !!!Lakers vs Nets!!!

Eric Espinoza

Not a nets fan but this team is fun to watch and I hope when Kyrie comes back that they gel quickly

Xolisa Wulana

OKC reincarnated


KD if you read this, start eating a mineral rich diet (especially) magnesium), B vitamins, vitamin k2, vitamin D. Make sure you get blood and nutrients to that scalp to keep and regrow the hair you have. Great dish high in minerals and b vitamins is organinc pasta, grass fed organic meatballs and avocado. Do it now or you'll become a Lebron. Nobody wants that

1KBreezy _

Been tryna tell y’all he a point guard

Unknown guy

Love him or hate him he’s averaging 30+ coming off of an achilles injury.

Just Intellect

Kyrie is gonna come in and fuck it all up.

Stuart Welch

Absolute phenomenal players KD Harden

coming soon

Im a warriors fan but I’m happy to see him doing good coming off such a bad injury

Dese Nuts

Best in the world..idc and he fresh off an achilles injury..and they said he wasn’t gonna be the same lol

Straight2 DaLeague


Let's keep this interview format after the pandemic please.

J.F. InFinite

KD still Didn’t Open His Christmas present, He knew it was A brush in there. Nigga don’t mess with that at all.

Greatest Ever

Bra Somebody please tell KD brush his hair

Mr1nf1n1ty 111

Durant need to shave or keep it low low. Much respect KD but you would be smooth with a low low

ddanny daniel

They should play Kyrie offball

Sports Bulletin

One player is lacking for easy chip, DRAYMOND GREEN

wallygo crazy13

nets fans where ya at?

Gregory Campbell

Watch LeBron go get Giannis to join Lakers mid season, nobody, I mean nobody out-superteams LeBron

I look 50 wen I take my hat off bigballhead

By the end of the season durrant hairline gon be nomo..

Rob Jones

Omg look at his hair it literally looks like a fungus went through and ate this man hair up this shit is horrible how to get this bad damn

Sav Yonko

For all the people acting like Kyrie has a problem with harden being in Brooklyn LISTEN ! They wouldn't have green lit the trade if they didn't run it by him & KD , also I think they told Kyrie to act up to lower his trade value so could make this big 3 .

People already jate Kyrie for anything so it was easy to turn off the rockets people will believe anything

Sav Yonko

KD is amazing


This page used to have 2-3 comments for YEARS. So many bandwagons


does being great at basketball just automatically make you lose hair?

The Alpha King

So much fun to watch,lakers are so boring to watch


Thats my guy but those beady beads are crazy lol.

bow toe

this is historic its so fun watching the nets play........dont miss it it wont last...i hope they win it all...kd is clearly the mvp...the best player in the league and harden is so clever...amazing


I’m so happy for for him It’s almost unbelievable that he’s averaging 30+ coming off of an achilles injury.

Eddie Ca.

If there’s any player more deserving, it’s Kevin durant


Passing harden wow

Crimson Shadow745


-MatrixSquared -

No one deserves this more than KD. This game made my day.

Samuel Riley

If we gone talk down on brons hair...we gotta at least throw some jabs kds way

Anthony Lim

if you not injured, u may hav a champ 3 in a row

Binh Nguyen

KD can play with anybody.

Kenken Musni

If kai play they combine a hundred

Ty Purdie

KD is time to go bald

Jev Lon

True leader kd has become, His emphasizing that He ain't here to dominate alone. He wants to make a golden state team I guess.

F8aL Assassin

Look at my man's hair

Ja’Corian Pruitt

I’m a kd fan but I wonder if that statement of PG being hardens natural position was a bit of foreshadowing

Tim Jim

F kyrie

Drake Lumpkin

They played so well together I’m scared to see what will happen when kyrie comes back

Alberto Ramos

KD needs to ask lebron wtf he be doing about hes hair loss

Edward Peralta

So no one’s gonna talk about how KD needs to brush his hair


We don't need Kyrie we got KD

Anton Duffe

Nappy head ass but he a bucket

Archie Brown

Bro cut your hair

Player One

is it me or do durant look like marvin gaye lmao

gia mor



Everyone make fun of brons hair , like Kd’s ain’t shit

oj oj

The Nets are going to be the most hated team in basketball. the media already is hating kd again haha.
Everyday casuals will try to break them apart. They will create a James vs Kyrie backcourt narrative. It’s on Steve Nash to make sure his guys block out the noise and hoop. The noise has ended dynasties. Ignore it.

Gary Burns

Nets World

Loredo Jr. Garilva

DURANT, HARDEN and WESTBROOK - The Reunion please in NETS


Isaac Ali Ali

KD is always competing with Lebron ffs

Elijah O

Man I cannot wait for Kyrie to join in on this team. Harden might break the single season assists record this year. For real. He's an elite playmaker.