Ariel Helwani's MMA Show (May 25, 2020) | ESPN MMA

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show (May 25, 2020) | ESPN MMA

181 270 views | 25 May. 2020

Ariel Helwani is joined by Daniel Cormier as they look back at DC winning the light heavyweight belt at UFC 187 and his call out of Jon Jones. They also discuss (24:50) Henry Cejudo's retirement, the UFC's plan to move fights to Las Vegas, and the latest surrounding (42:55) Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman and the top of the welterweight division. DC & Helwani also weigh in on the negotiations (54:50) for a potential heavyweight fight between Jones and Francis Ngannou.

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Colin Durrant

How many times was Anderson busted for drugs in the last few years?? Not the GOAT!! Same goes for his buddy Vitor.

tony calvo

Peter Yan should be giving a chance future Bantamweight

Leonardo Rodriguez

The Champ and The Nose this podcast is top 5


Wow. DC is such a big COMPANY guy now. His justifications for matchups are now about popularity and money. Not what a typical fighter would say. Ariel is right in who is deserving of a title shot

TV Grant

Is Yan more recognizable than Aljo?? Never heard of Yan until he fought Faber.

Derrick Ow


1. GSP
2. Amanda Nunes
3. DC
4. Demetrious Johnson
5. Khabib

Eazy 117

A Woodley that is focused and not worrying about his side hustles, can take Usman

D. Phillips

Wow they can't find another fighter to interview? Wowww

James Hazell

I eye roll when people forget about Amanda Nunes for P4P goat. She beat Shevchenko, Tate, Cyborg, Rousey, Holm. Fo’ Real. Goat.


Ariel has DC on alot...

Eric Martinez

Please change the intro!!!!!so the show after that

King Regg

great episode you guys are to funny

Robert Doyle

Yea dc you are fat. And that's why you'll lose against stipe. Plus your old

Lack of a better name

First of all dc, an athlete doesn't include himself/herself in the goat list. Fans does. Dc, I love you but you are not in the goat conversation personally for me. Steroids or no steroids, ten title defenses means a lot. Winning titles in two different weight classes doesn't make you a goat. Dominating a weight class does when the pressure is on time after time. My list will be
Anderson Silva
Jon Jones

Pro freedom Tom G

I like DC. I enjoy Helwani but I can't get a sense of what type of guy he is. I enjoy he's intellectual and funny though


Ariel has some horrible takes this episode. Aldo 100% beat Marlon and deserves the shot


That feelin you get when you order 10 chicken wings but you get 11 lololol Only DC

Lefko Productions

Great show i look forward to every monday lmao

Kamikaze Boy

Ok dc. So u saying you hit stipe much more then he hit you ... all that says you couldn’t put him away that time. ,,, never mind them eye pokes .... stipe hit u few times in yo guts & you was done

TheNotorious James

Love their chemistry

Octavio Tat2

Hey DC,,,,big champ,,bla bla,,, i like ur big mouth,,,,,,Jouu,,do U fight Fedor?


Ariel this is fun but I miss your old show too wish you could do both

Music locate

I love dc

colby rodgers

Ariel is an agenda pushing shill and an antagonist.

EastCoast Shine

It seems like people have more of a problem with DC cheating by trying to gouge Stipe's eyes out thru both fights than the 'towel gate' cheat at UFC 210 weigh in. But yeah either way DC rep aint clean in peoples minds as he hopes

Limited Infinity

Dc is definitely top 2. his only loss that counts is the 1 to Stipe. Jones losses he tested positive for something in both so null and void. First person to ever win and defend 2 titles? cmon now. Thats NBDB History right there. I also feel Nunes should be in there. in All time greats not just womans goat. Shes finished and beaten so many Champions. And we may not ever see another woman do what she has done in MMA

Maria Bourquin

DC- I don't know why ppl don't respect my body of work?

MMA-Jon Jones

Andy Foster

Daniel Cormier could’ve been the greatest Welterweight in history if cakes hit different


....You touched the towel DC

Murad Asad

Literally the only good thing about Mondays

Jeremy dewayne

Dc you are not fat you may be a couple pounds heavier than you maybe should be but I think everyone has that problem

Brian Bays

They need a show. Ariel & the

DC Jones

This show should be called "Cry and Crier"

Gautam Devadiga

Great chemistry

Simon Power

Modelo made me fight a wall!


How can you not love DC the man is hilarious!!

Spaniard Prince

Best podcast on YouTube.

Juan Gutierrez

1:00:39 lmao when he accidentally admits to holding the towel and ariel smirks

Syed Ahmed

UFC wants Yan as Bantamweight Champion, Khabib as Lightweight. Then do a Russia/Fight Island card with them headlining.

Dommy Gunn

Usman only gets beat by someone his size. McGregor would get mauled like the rest

Iyekekpolor Harvey

People get it all wrong with ufc this is a sport and also a huge business its nit just getting into the wring and getting blooded its about getting payed and fame

P Manny

This is my first time watching, I really like it


Cormier speaking facts. Dana has to make this happen in fight Island. Usman vs Masvidal and Conner vs Diaz Trilogy. This has to happen anything different will be a huge letdown by Dana White and he does not let the fans down. Lets get it done Dana!!


Gotta feel bad for Francis AGAIN. The man is very clear he doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines but it’s almost like the UFC doesn’t give AF. Jones fight is a good one. Tear up his contract and let that man get paid at Bellator

Orlando Trustfull

Is there nothing Ariel won't take credit for?

Ant Jonez 218


Muharem Agic

Ariel going to cry in the car


10:15 I can’t breathe

Adam Jo

DC vs Fats Shaming 2

Carlos Webb

Ariel grew up actually thinking Hulk Hogan was his older brother. Lmao

Dave Lloyd

I think the only reason dc isn’t considered top 5 ever even non ped is because of his 2 losses to jones

Hugo Pickering

DC is by far the best analyst/ commentator


Idea for the bantamweight title. 1st card on fight island have a 1night tournament for the title. Cory, sterling, yan, Aldo, Cruz, Moraes.

Zachary Mancini

dude dc is the best. he can be fat. still has cardio for days and destroy people in the octagon.

Leonardo Rodriguez

We all know the owl wants no part of


This is the start of a very promising segment .. its a different feeling compared to other MMA Chatshows ..
Knowledgeable, personal , funny , great chemistry, relatable... keep up the great work legends


They forgot Amanda as the goat


Nose vs Schmo!!!


gaethje v conor is the fight for the summer. and masvidal v nate 2 co main. gaethje has the interim belt, so he'll get ppv points. he's crazy if he doesnt take that fight asap. once in a lifetime opportunity, the real belt will always be there, conor won't.

Derrick Ow

DC is the jock and Ariel is like the kid who helped him with his homework

Nollaig Kelly

Brilliant viewing, keep up the good work

Matt Duncan

best duo ever!!!! DC is uncle phill ! haha

Zane Regan

These two are gonna have a messy breakup in the foreseeable future


Not trying to be a hater but its questionable that Henry retired because he knew Yan would be his next fight and most dangerous. I dont blame him, who wants to fight a monster when u ain't getting your number.


Hmmm so what lol

Mathew Maconohay

Tyran woodly lol

Elliot Cranmer

Why isn’t it labelled DC & Helwani

Bad Camp

This show is awesome

Mr. Brandon

Amanda Nunes is #5 not Conor

Brian Bays

Ariels THAT guy. Have you seen this movie? Yeahhhhh.....


Can't listen to DC, please bring back Mr. Sonnen

Phenomenal 24

I disagree. I think he fell in and out of love with it

Joel Parkinson

Such a good episode look forward to this every week keep it coming!


Once again hilarious and thank you


DC is Gold!!!!!

Ultimate Gooner

Aldo does not deserve a title shot

Derekk Wolf

Love these guys, much less conflict than the when Ariel links up with the bad guy lol


i love DC so much as a person and hes right he is one of the GOATS i just wish he didnt eyepoke my boy stipe so much

Wayne Brown

I think fight island is DW’s “deal” he made with Mayweather at the basketball game awhile back and this just happened to line up with the pandemic.

Mecon Tadmanboy

they're cool but Rampage and Helwani were better (or funnier) together despite less professional because of rampage personnality.

Kyle Kilpatrick

Tony Ferguson lost because you didn’t want play the intro for him.


Love this show guys!

ツMario TO THE DEATH Yamasaki

Ariel’s laugh is insane. Stab a goat in the throat while it’s making its goat noise. The result is Ariels laugh.


Haha DC has to put the video game away at the start.

Carlos Torres

Don’t sleep on Felicia Spencer ..... yea ... IIGHT

Ayman Alotaibi

Love DC, wonderful character and happy vibe.


6:19 Naaa man

Ant Jonez 218

Havent watched this much ariel since he was one the mma beat years ago. This is amazing.


Ariel is the man. Shows real journalists still exist in this country.

Keith Lopez

DC is top 5 of all time, no doubt.

J Miller

Ufc needs Alain Ngalani


Let there be a once a month/quarter/whatever 2 hour episode! Corporate Jake you are goofy!

Max Sherman

how did you not include Fedor in your top 5 DC???!???

Slice of Life

DC is definitely one of the best ever, only lost to 2 of the greatest and became a double champion

Lukas Belinski

i dont know why dc thinks mma fans dont like him he is a great guy i cheer for him to beat stipe and ariel is great to been lisening too him for years good cemestry team

Logan Delorenzo

Can you guys keep putting this show on YouTube

YouTube Connolly family

Plz just give us the Colby usman rematch

Charlie F

DC common.... top 5 you put yourself in there but not Stipe... I get he’s your rival but he’s two time Heavyweight Champion and defended the belt the most... and you can’t put him in there?

Petrila Christian

You can t put a guy in the goat conversation if that guy was beaten by the other guy in the goat conversation , if you get what i mean

Raphael Gittelson

Best show in the business.
Love these guy's