Ultimate Lexi Rivera Funny TikTok Videos 2020 | New Lexi Rivera Funny Videos Compilation

Ultimate Lexi Rivera Funny TikTok Videos 2020 | New Lexi Rivera Funny Videos Compilation

2 716 201 views | 17 Oct. 2020

New Lexi Rivera Funny TikTok and Instagram Videos Compilation 2020

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Kimberly Skolkin

Love it

Yari Andrews

Omg so funny with Ben

Allison Ingram


Jasmeet Chana

Love you

Skyelit Camp

i lik lix

April Wells


Naomi Davis

the love here is real

Penelope's Life


Daniel Schwerdt


J for Jasirahh


Cemariya Dye


Michael Doran


Dakota Steele

Ok so you know how it says 30 mins of fun... IF YOU KEEP REAPING VIDS ITS ONLY 10 mins of fun

xong long

Brent your the worst brother

Anna Gipperich

6:18 no i would not trust her

Bailey Laughinghouse

This brought back some memories from bexi

Caitlyn Green

I would trust Lexi ❤️

Harley Neal

omg i am a fan

Shantelle Pillay

AKA the thundermans

Matteo Roussel


Carla Acevedo

Forget gold diggers she's a hoodie digger


Please don’t use God’s name in vain

Syrophenia Porter

u put some of the tik toks twice

Xolanie Mpedie


Anna Gipperich

lexi : HAHA YO


Plot twist: Lexi accidently kicks ben's head Reaches for the DRINK
"I'm so sorry!" Lexi's mind:.....*Drink*

LahDajhia Cunningham

The video was made on my birthday

Michelle Lee

Omg your crasy

Leticia Saraiva

are ok lexi

Together Forever

this is funny ha


If I was Lexi I would not do that

Sage Jones

i like how there literly older than me, and they call for there mom every time somthin happens

Edgar Oseguera

Lexi h is so anoying

Cute time with radi Angelova pretty

I feel the same as brent

Ṥẃέέt́ B́έŕŕý B́έάŕ

"Ohhhhh My babyyy"

Ari Cardona

Hey if Brent is reading this your my favorite YouTuber I watch you videos daily and I have never disliked a video I always like them

nyasha ndlovu

My daughter loves the Rivera's

Mustafa Shahin

6:20 i wouldnt

Ravens little bubble

they broke up tho O.o

Yadira Gianola

So funny!

Honey Keeling

omg i love yall lexi's yall look like twins

Christian Bingham

dont be mean to your frends and family

Abby Unicorn

Love you Lexi

Addie Thomas

2:15 brent loves his icecream cones

Trinity Koeder

Someone please tell me how many brothers does Lexi have?

Liana Hernandez

i liked it

• London Rahman•

This was even 30 minutes FYI no hate

Thomas Warnock

And. Want to meet you guys

Gracelynn Coffey

8:23 was funny lol

Betzaida Irizarry

Who is here after the break up

Amirah Sandoval

Sandra Riggs

The dispensable cousin energetically talk because softdrink invariably camp alongside a gray greasy great fish. perpetual, lucky ethiopia

Gracelynn Coffey

23:40 was funny lol

April Deeder

Ha ha funny video

Lyndsey Smith


Mabagei !

Adds are so bad

Thomas Warnock

Ya love you guys so much I want to meet you guys

Thomas Warnock

To was funny when the girl had the word close and she did it on the boys

Caitlyn Green


Kang Bao Yang

So how did Ben ment lexi

Kylee Ford


Kora Marie

Bexi broke up :c

Kamryn Huff




Abby Unicorn

Brent your so anaying and mean

Addison Pierson

Dom is so funny

Dayna Brooks

I feel bad for lexi

Nora Moore

dude for a while when I saw ur channel I thought ur name was Brenda . Because of the way Lexi always complained.

Gracelynn Coffey

roses are red violts are blue ben and lexi looks so cute tougher

Teresa Furr

Do you notice at 4:26 in the video she gave it to Brent first

Jeffrey Steverson

when it sais my mouth is burning I was like who mouth is burning

Penelope's Life

9:56 i have seen this so much i can do it and say it

Fernanda Ceja

don't you annoy your sister every day

panda play z

Brent: Seriously you eat on my ice cream cones mom Lexi: no don’t bring Mommy into this

Life ByLeah

Is this the crusty crab ??

mollyanna rossi

6:36 My mom would be so mad if I did that

Rolly Batong

this is not 30 minutes

Ben Chedgy


Michael Reilly (STUDENT)

Lol haha


the first one was so funny

Alicia Ashford



wait what . . . . . ?????

Maria Botta

I fill bad me to your not alone

Yadira Gianola


Amirah Sandoval

Lilly May Swisher

You guys are amazing and cool

Stephany Pineda

Prim rose everdeen I volunteer-I- I volunteer as tribute. That is how to it is

Moomoo Taylor

That's funny

Kinley Viera

Lexi prank Brent call Dom

heather miller

Your mom is so sweet

Micheal Leonard


AJA Venegas

lol Brent yells MOM EVERY SECOND

Rosemary Savukinas


Mya and nina

in the weird flex but ok one why when Lexi did the splits she helped her uh..

Marissa Cain

So funny thrn adds


Mom is hot. Is she available?

Kittycat 101

Idk if anyone realized but a lot of them were the same

Adriana A-Rod Rodriguez

macaroni n cheese is ready hilarious

cindy hans-austin

iris galvan

my eyessssssss lol
hahhahahh im silly