3 SATISFIED MEN | Satisfactory #1

3 SATISFIED MEN | Satisfactory #1

4 499 760 views | 30 Mar. 2019

Bob, Wade, and I venture into the wonderful world of Satisfactory and try to build something!

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"Oh you can make a portable minor"
That is a child

Megan Van Schaik

Me at the start: Oh cool I just got this game recently and enjoyed it, didn't know Markiplier played it almost 2 years ago
Me at the end: O_o

jaden yuki

49:45 i had something similar to this happen to me in the 2nd grade i forgot to push my chair in and the whole class was screaming chair alert so i walked back to the class and did this exact thing XD


I'm worried my mum could hear the audio, specifically, 34:00 onwards


we love miners


Zhi Hao

The weirdest trio ever


11:02 Bob started Corona confirmed

Panda panda Panda

Im getting a very sharp pain in my lung when i take a breath or laugh or any body movements so i gotta go

Marija Jovanovic

Fredbear: Wow how rude you are a big gerk

Skyler Witham

26:40 my mom is. Here

just dood

I'm still kind of new to the Markiplierverse! Thanks for this review video.


i love watching mark play games its a whole knew experience since he never plays properly he just goofs around :)

James Clark

4:14 Mark is like a five-year-old kid, even the smallest of things entertain him.


They genuinely bully wade and its sad

M̶̈̑E̵̔́M̶̔̐E̴̋͝ L̵̽̉O̶͘̚R̵̐̓D̷͂̽

thiz cokment wasmâde by no ar m ga g

UnReal NightCore

Y didn't they continue the series?

Mary Echo

My favourite bit is acting all nice and appreciative to wade while he tries his hardest to be shitty

Vanishingink 4

So when stuck in an alien planet wade goes nuts Mark gets abusive and bob is normal

Little Moth

10:51 Mark Pog Mark Pog


Ahhhhhhhh. Back when he used to number his videos


44:00 Amy hear mark and just looks at the door to the stream room and just say: What... The fuck?


1:49 CHIDORI!!!

Alex Woolums

Someone please animate 26:40-27:30

Jacob Kellermann

You know you have an amazing woman when she interupts your recording to give you food

Lazar Andrejic

Thomas Edison did not create electricity.


Anybody notice how weird subtitles have been?

Omar Elasadi

Holy shit that moster got fucking body slammed by bob

Jimmy Edward

It’s the dance of Italy 1:25

Cadęncę Bluębęll

How does this remind me of subnautica?

Beaniesaurus Rex

"Dude I just wanna burn some leaves I"m an ecoterrorist''
Mark 2019

Neon Blue Lolbit

Can you play another one in this game please

Victoria Martin

29.10 that e plosion scared me so much I spilled my drink on myself.

Corey Cunningham

11:24 There you go Wade. Just in case.


I guess you could say it's... satisfactory.

Egg Egg



20:58 Kills me. Mark's reaction to "your Wade-fucking needs" is priceless.

Marija Jovanovic

Fredbear: take that for not seing the big snail you get kicked

Karine Bélair

I have to say that anytime I watch a video where Amy walks in during recording/gameplay, I love how Mark reacts and acts. My experience has been very different. /:

Jakdak The 5th

Nobody at all:
*Wade*: guys we're in trouble im gonna have to focus

O.G gamer boi

Is mark reall

Bsbs Bdbdb

suk it dry!!!!

Bay The Semi Blind Bat!

To any one of my family members who heard me watching this video I SWEAR ITS NOT WHAT IT SOUNDED LIKE-

Ok Animations

I love how Marks multiplayer videos consists of either Bob and Wade bullying Mark or Mark And Bob bullying Wade

Darian Ward



Geese mark this is PG13 ( during the chipping away)

ThePeople Persons



Damsel In Distress

Is nobody going to talk about how wade was basically perfectly in time with Mark mining iron at 3:53

real xlot101

Mark: you suck
5 second latter all you hear
You suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck you suck


I am not going to lie...

I am in love with Bob’s laugh.

Rachel Gomez

Mark: pretends not to see 1st slug**
Mark: OmG ThErE iS a PoWeR SlUg!!!
me: bro...

Jan Pomarańcza

Me and the boys trying to kill small head, long legs, gigantic creature

Clayton Ross

Is this on steam?


its 2020 and i still can't stop thinking about cumcrete


“I actually hate you.......”

Panda panda Panda

Satisfactory is a lie I’m not satisfied there was no hookers no bitches no nothing

Angie Wincell

52:00 Such drunk minecraft dammit wade vibes

Airi mage


Jacob P

He upgraded the

The Koda Wolf Gaming

Wadesonly is just Wade's Onlyfans he keeps hidden from everyone where he provides advice on how to make amazing puns.

Jayred undead

Can we see more satisfactory

Tanaka Ryunosuke

My future kid/Non existant kid: Who is markiplier

Me: Like the best youtuber ever

My future non existant kid: well hes dead

Me: Uses air horn THIS IS WHAT HE ASKED FORRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

xFantasy Dreamer

17:42 highlight the word 'Again'

Dakota Hill

"I ate your god whos your god now"

Kyra GieselerCoppins

Mark makes wade go CRAZY. Love it!

dane harfield

News on the first 30 minutes:
. Wade has befriended a slug


what the f our the noies are bob and mark makeing when thay are close to the storg conetaners

Matthew Morris



who else watched the streams

Allan Allan 06 Allik

Cumbler com 23:19

Deborah diggins

These have been the funniest comments I have ever seen


bob and mark's conversation about miners gets a lot more inappropriate if you change the e to an o

Thomas Burlingame

bob: builds workbench
Mark: It's free real estate

Izsak Jorasz

3 Satisfied Men...

...which I just realized are playing women.

Calvin Rosar

if you go to 11:40 and rewind 5 sec in say something funny


That's no butterfly. That's a manta ray

Explorasaurus Monk

I place this

Allan Allan 06 Allik

in 20:47



monster of games

im in zoom and the spiders fucking scary me

Explorasaurus Monk

And I started there


That bird is the same in subnautica no?

furious gandi

my mother is probably wondering what im watching when they say stick it in there and grunting i think she is disgusted


almost 2 years later and his videos are still amazing :)


"I ate your God. Who's God now?" -Bob

Brysun Warehime Jr.

49:20 basically everyone in 2020

Hannah Sears

"Did you drop the extra miners" "no I have them in me "

Artic Fox Fan

Kilian Experience done this a bit funnier tbh. But i respect this

Colbi Holt

43:42 killed me

lunar Skies

Evolution isn't real. Giants existed and dinosaurs didn't.

Alpha Skull Warrior

Mark: I'm gonna drop this slug on the ground.. ( Makes Fart Sound )


Everyone: Mark wheres the slug.

( A moment of )

AAA! It's the end of the world, where's the missing slug.

Me: Crying with laughter. XD.

Quinton _05

I can't believe this is less than two years old...

The Tick Squad

bob: is building
meanwhile: mark and wade being mauled by spiders and fire people

red love

It's tiny its so small oh wait its getting bigger- that's what she said

Hopefully Helpful

It’s the boopsnooter

Regium Draco

I'm not saying I'm right, but I assume the reason your voice deepens when you have food stuck in your throat is because your body naturally stretches your throat out so you don't choke and the food passes or gets spit out easier.

Sack fu

Not enough people bringing up the whole "Of course, the moose cube. Guys, we've been doing this all wrong" part. What the fuck is a moose cube and why is it so amazing?

Identity Unknown A

ItS ThE DaNcE Of ItAlY 1:25


More satisfactory videos please

HumanNeeds Media

Amazing Gameplay, just one thing u should remember doing for future gameplay, TURN OFF VSYNC. It honestly helps with unlocking more FPS than 60.