LIVESTREAM: UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference - MMA Fighting

LIVESTREAM: UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference - MMA Fighting

55 193 views | 30 Dec. 2018


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Gus can't even stand on his leg .... poor guy

mike vic

Lmao. I'm done with you guys.. I love you all. .lol Jon Jones is funny character boy. Well that was entertaining. God's Bless Jon Jones and no one else. You know what they say? Every dog has his day. And the truth eventually will come out.

Randy Troutman

The difference is he's on PEDs hahaha

World Wolf

Looks like Smith is #1 contender now.

Blake Williams

Scratchy throat and a runny nose. Jones is on coke right now

Via Cloroformo

The King of Peds is back!!!!!!


Joe Rogan has said multiple times now that he won't interview Ko'd fighters anymore, This is why she wasn't interviewed, Stipe wasn't interviewed. He said he doesn't want to interview ko'd fighters anymore because they're not all there yet.


Cyborg has been portrayed as a villain in the past but she is actually a classy person, got my respect tonight.

francine ganmor

Damn runny nose.. He must have a cold !! ?? ... What a joke. DC has been Champ how many years? While junkie jonny is watching from the alley.


jones key to success = Eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up, test your limits, Dbolish your haters, and always winn


Yo I think they caught me with the picograms lmao

Caesar Mxd

Jones defo been sniffing that Whitney


now we see if jones pass a drug test

kcx 94

Are people surprised by jones? He took steroids to win and he did.... try to do it without testing positive

Fetrik Austin

All glory to god..congratulations Jones..


Love you Jons but cut the religious talk

Randy Barrientes

UFC is the greatest

Bartek Drobniak

Jon Jones seems bilpolar. Pre fight Jon and post fight Jon

HeyZeus M

Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez

Ryan McGuire


Adi Sucipto


Rekha Samal

Now Amanda will try for men's bantam weight belt
Amanda vs TJ will be great to watch
If Amanda win than he will be call tranny

MMA Homework

Pay every penalty? 1:06:11 sounds fishy!

Reda Chraibi

Jones talking like he’s a gift from the gods to humanity


People stop crying


Haters we forgive you all, wish you all a great day, and i hope you find peace and happiness and get read of your hate

mr big wood

Jon bone made that man age by 60 years ,he walking like he is 89 years old. He need's some steroid's to help him get up .all that talk about what he was going to do, kind of remind you of Connor McGregor nothing but mouth.......

Zehrudin Hasanovic

Gus is not even half the fighter of Jones. Sorry but that's truth. The dude fought 2 fights in last 3 years while gus was active.

HeyZeus M

Cyborg is a great sportsman, regardless of the knockout she deserves a rematch especially since she hasn’t lost since 2005. Who else is up to fight Nunes anyways? Let them fight again!


Cyborg has an incredible mindset

Ryan Chandler

I really don't think that steroids can help a fighter's timing and natural ability. Jones is the GOAT

Norlee G

Congrats to both Amanda n Cris for making history in WMMA class acts. Cris should get a rematch they gave Johanna two title shots n I thought Cyborg always had a rematch written in her contracts. Team Lioness here always but respect to Cris as well.

Cesar Chavez

UFC hates Cyborg, she’s humble

Amroz Khan

I like Alex as a fighter more then Dc
DC make soo much drama against jone steroids issue
Alex is a brave fighter he faced GOAT. win and lose part of game but salute you Alex

mike vic

Jon Jones your nose is leaking bud.. so you're telling me since it stays in your blood for 7 years you going to keep coming up with a picogram failure every time? Lol

The Red Wave



Hate him or love him Jons is GOAT


13:05 rematch?
Only time you ask for that is stopage, bad refs and cuts


Cyborg is the real GOAT!
Beat everyones ass for years, all she needs is a rematch. #CyborgNation