Minecraft - TerraFirmaPunk #48: Blazing Black Steel

Minecraft - TerraFirmaPunk #48: Blazing Black Steel

212 507 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Minecraft TerraFirmaCraft is back again for a 3rd season! This time around we will be checking the strange world of the TerraFirmaPunk 1.7.10 mod pack, with it's crazy mash up of various mods and incredibly harsh barrage of hostile mobs.

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Cristian Wampner

Merry Christmas

C Doe

your sandwich needs onions! LOL

Cloud Flame

Ergo you are now the best Minecraft player congratulations


Is ur skin based off kakashi from Naruto??

JaceyB TV

Banana chicken cheese? That's my favourite!


Yay my favourite series thanks mr slabs!

Bigfoot Games

Merry Christmas Etho

Piyush Dhamecha

There's lot many people who play minecraft. But the way you play... The way you interact with the world... The way you interact with Chester... I just love it. ♥️


When will you upload normal lets play

Ruben van Rossem

I really want this siries to finish

Duda 286

ok I've just watched the whole 48 episodes in a row throughout days, wow, thank you Etho for providing this amazing content, keep up the gud stuff, and blowing up boilers, that was hella fun to watch

P.W. Plays

what happened to etho's LP :(


Minecraft letsplay Ep #1 was 10 years ago by you, damn and I still remember you

Qz Rei

Merry Christmas Etho!!

Calum McAuley

Merry Christmas Etho.


It’s s been long while but do you remember that castle in the sky earlier on in this series? You avoided checking it out because you weren’t confident on taking it on at the time. It was above a large body of water and you didn’t have a lot of blocks to pillar up. Next time you decide to go adventuring would you consider checking it out? I’d love to see what’s in there! I imagine your armor is good enough now. Having enough blocks on the other hand...

I started watching this series in media res a few episodes ago back in April and never quite understood what was going on, why people enjoyed this series so much and why building anything took forever. So I decided to go back to the very first episode of your first tfc series and watch through from the beginning. I finished at the beginning of the month and found myself looking forward to the next episode even more than a hc or lp episode! Then you went and posted hc back to back and while I was clammering for more tfc! I love this series and you’ve accomplished so much. I didn’t realize at the time how much of a gamechanger it was when you got that giant’s pick. Now I’m so glad it gave you a second (or third or fourth, etc) wind otherwise we’d have never gotten to see Chester or the continued home renovations including the new workshop, the kitchen in the basement where you fought Isaac for the first time when it was just a hole in the ground...
I’m very excited/invested for you to reach the Tier 6 anvil!

jim skywaker

Etho, once you finish this mod pack, you should play stone block. It is the perfect mod pack for you as everything is underground

Shane Code

I appreciate the fact that etho hasn't changed his intro for the longest time. I'll admit I dropped off for like 4 years just came back cause I was watching vintage beef then I remembered etho and the nostalgia is hitting hard

Ryan Grieve

Love that he's still doing this series! Has a special place in my time watching Ergo

Adam Shaw

Gee I guess I'll just have a regular day then

Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne

I'm so glad this series is still going

DoubleD 123

I love you so much Ethiopian


Hey Etho, What happened to Enigmatica?

AirBorN Gaming

Guy fell from sky. Poor guy.


Should play some Vintage Story, basically Terrafirmacraft but good.

The Man With A Plan

2 years?! I thought had been going on for like half a year to one year. I would have expected the first season to be 2 years ago. Man my perception of time sucks

Messy Desk Productions

The world gen really was not on ethos side this episode



Luke Emberland

Who understands this lol

Ajan Annamalai

Pls pls pls do not stop this series.

Rowan McCune

Wait. Then what have I been doing all this time...


Someone needs to teach this man about maces and damage types.

Otidoody 111

Happy Boxing Day Etho!!!!
And all the other Canadians!!

Tyler Peloquin

My man etho has really been doing this for 12 years without showing his face lol

Dawood Shafique

Hey etho you should watch this vidoe by mister epic about who is the best Minecraft player and it may or may not be you

Nunya Business

Love this series! Happy boxing day!

Eagleye42 00

only real etho fans remember the water blaze farm that etho made on mindcrack a long long time ago when he says he doesn't know if he's ever made a water blaze farm


For Anyone Wondering, and for Etho, The Glitch at 11:18 is caused by the FlaxBeards steampower generated structure with the steam hammer, steam pipes and damaged (minecraft) anvil. more specifically there seems to be an invisible block that is breakable, which for some reason causes a nearby mob to load on top of your head, breaking the block soon makes the glitch disappear.

Richard McNeill

Love this series. But don't forget about battlebane!


Etho! Vechs just released a new super hostile map, I know that those used to be Zisteau’s bread and butter, but I would love to see you take it on if this series ever runs out of steam

Ryan Waterbury

Where has etho been getting all of his giant's picks? I'm trying to find some and i can't find any


I love this series! I get so excited when I get to watch it.
Thanks for the video, Etho!

Quinn Romanzin

Just binged all of these, this series is probably my favourite comfort watch rn.


Hey Ergo, there's a mod I saw recently called Create, it's for 1.16 (Direwolf20 pack has it) and it's super coooool, you can rotate structures and make combine harvesters, and it's just generally an interesting concept and different from all other mods, I think you should check it out! And it would be cool to see what you can make with it, if you decide to do a series in a pack with that mod in the future :)


heyo etho I understand your schedule is probably full enough, but I think I speak for everyone when I say you should let us all know what your gonna post during the week. because I personally feel like your giving up on some content.... or the etho we are presented isnt the etho we know and love. maybe start streaming.......

The Bomb Digity

Etho why don't you use the giants pick to.mine large voids of of rock to make mining the veins easier

Toby Collins



This series is starting to kinda remind me of project ozone 2 in some ways. That was an awesome series too!


Etho said he was doing this series for two years. Me, I just started watching this series


New season should be TFC+, although less sophisticated than this mad modpack

Will Braden

Ohhh shnappers

Md couron

Etho check the nether for dirt. The mods might change all dirt after the structures are made but it might not for stuff in the nether. I'd look around and see if it was changed there too


Its not deekay , its dekhay

Timothy Zhelnovakov

I just watched all the episodes agian, I think you can upgrade the gains picks not sure tho. Might want to look into it!


"we got our brand new workshop here..."

Fit without a roof... As all things should be.

Thomas Treaty

Happy Holdiays Etho <3

Zac Kawa

I have watched all 48 episodes of this series in the last two days! Thank you, 1.5x speed, for catching me up on this lovely series!

Jimmy Frost

He must have came from the ..Roof?


Hey Etho, check out this sick mod called Create 0.3 , I think you'll love it. Nothing like we've ever seen before


hows it going everyone


11:10 Does anyone know what causes that? It happens to me so often and it's quite annoying.

Laura Mocanu

95 years later Etho, where’s the roof”Etho well we save that for a short time”People TRIGGER”.

EnderSquid 11

2 years? no.


Great episode


Keep this series up, best tfc series out there by far!

Sweden style

I love you etho, my whole life i been watching you, all the way from 2012

Psycho Lamborghini

For some reason all of etho’s videos are nostalgic, especially the modded ones


You're an absolute legend, so much was accomplished this episode I'm in awe


Etho did you try making portal in the Nether in addition to the one in the overworld? Maybe if the portal to connect already exist in the Nether it wont crash because game wont need to generate a new portal.

Sean Ermer

Are horses not a thing in TerraFirmaPunk?


This episode was a blast!....... furnace

Taico Aerts

Dont forget you have infinite unbreaking 3 books. Also the autochanger can use an anvil without it costing any xp


Merry xmas, Etho! Hope you are having a great holiday season this year. <3

Dries Verhaag

Etho, please make another video like the time you made your peanut butter banana, only this time make a banana, chicken and cheese sandwich in real life


What a lot of off-screen time for this episode, it feels like!


Thank you for the video, Etho!


16:13 You've used a water blaze farm before, remember Mindcraft saeson 4? (i think it was)


3:57 alright Chester don’t pick these up
Chester what did I just say

Ben's Brain

Thank you for ten years of Minecraft lets plays!!!!!

Aged white cheddar

This man hasn’t uploaded in a few days

Stray Lizards

Thanks for the video, hope you're safe and content!

Wilbert Garcia

Hey guys, been out of the loop started playing mc again and found ethos channel again after many years, but does anyone know if etho has a discord server or if he streams on twitch?

Kevin Tram

Dude this is crazy that you still make videos! Ever since you started the Ethos play Minecraft and your still making videos! Love it brother!~

HappyGamer 4ever

This series has been going on for 2 years!?
Times have passed

Not a Lynx

26:03 "Pig iron does not come from pigs. Don't make the same mistake I did" Etho I'm scared to ask but what did you do?


we don't have coke oven, is pepsi oven okay?

Sukhjot Singh 88

Can anyone please enlist all/most of the mods he’s using? I would be really grateful

Der Schredder

Thanks for continuing this series, it’s my favourite on YouTube right now :)


I just want to say I am a huge fan of this series. I have been binge watching it for a few weeks now and I have to say it is pretty amazing. I am normally opposed to modded minecraft but this series stuck out to me. It has inspired me to plan some videos for my own channel too. Thank you Etho.




you should really fix roof mob spawns before you get a creeper


Etho you've made a water blaze farm before. I don't remember weather it was in a World Tour or a SMP, but it was during the period of time you could melt ice in the nether and water would form. IIRC correctly the farm was a double/triple diagonal blaze farm.

Teksture Pako

“Playing this modpack for Tuyeres or so”

F. U.B.

Done! I'm all caught up. Love this mod.
Definitely made for co-op, maybe some friends would make it more fun.



Island Eagle


Explorateur Olivier

Etho you never build the bedroom like you planned in the episode 10


“Let’s eat some garlic... maybe that’ll keep them away from us”


Haven't watched the entire episode yet but you might need to use the original minecraft flowers like the red and yellow flowers

AJ Playz Games

Etho you are such a good YouTuber and I hope you continue to make funny awesome Minecraft content