Hermitcraft 7: Stand Off and 1-Stack Challenge! Keralis vs JoeHills ep 33

Hermitcraft 7: Stand Off and 1-Stack Challenge! Keralis vs JoeHills ep 33

29 683 views | 12 Aug. 2020

It's JoeHills vs @Keralis in @xisumavoid's Stand Off game! Next up, we compete in @cubfan135's 1-Stack Challenge!

00:00 Howdy, pups

02:32 CubFan135's courtyard visitor

04:46 Stand Off practice round

09:23 Stand Off tournament match

21:50 One-Stack Challenge practice rounds

30:30 One-Stack Challenge serious attempt 4realz

37:25 Outro and I.S.S.

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My base this season includes a model of the Wizards of Wine Winery from Chris Perkins' book the Curse of Strahd! He's awesome and you should check out his book!

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Dulce Rolindeaux

Apparently Xisuma = the ghost of Christmas past.

Wiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wiggles

It’s like chess except with more knocking back and basalt!


Spot on xisuma impression

Blind dragon crochet Angela bonne

i love your outlook and how you bring fie into your videos with a spin of positiveness remember any mistake you make is a chance to learn the only bad mistake is one you learn nothing from as long as you are learning you are improving


Armor stand games should stop using swords because it's too easy to hit miltiple stands with sweeping edge.

Scuba Steve



Keralis used 83 arrows, not 64.

Disorganized Chaos

Why did i actually start tapping the table when he said drumroll


The banner thing, pretty sure they've always been intended to wave in the wind, but there was a bug for a long time where they'd just stop moving after a little while.

And the camera work is great this episode!


Hey joe since your the dog catcher you should make somewhere to adopt a dog

Car Jul

Two old friends playing games is GREAT entertainment!

Wiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wiggles

Man I just love these videos the way Joe talks is so incredibly funny and I wish I could catch more of the streams because of the amazing Joe Hills community joe and the chat are always so nice and welcoming and it always makes my day

Joshua Gibson

I think Joehills is a made a mistake in the stand- off at 18:16


Okay Joeralis collabs are great too!


you had a wandering villager cheering you guys on during your stand off match haha

Count Dooku

I can never unhear joe trying to do an English accent

Vikman Photography

You should make a short channel intro video + add your rough streaming schedule to your channel description.


See, what Keralis could have done was use his Switch Spots to get your armor stand over by his starting zone, and then on his next turn use retreat to move his armor stand back over there and potentially into a position where he could get you.


That poem was so lovely, absolutely adorable <3

Del Roberts

what is the laggiest part of the hermitcraft server?


no one:
literally no one:
wandering villager during the tournament: bounce bounce bounce

Quincy Allen

the standoff bit was a lot of fun! and I really liked the aerial view, made it much easier to understand what was going on

Tim Hoppen

21:49 Keralis shouldn't feel bad for being defeated by a ledge end like that.

Carter Fabris

Joe is giving me aids with his bow skills.

Dog catching ability - 10/10
bow/crossbow ability - 2/10

F. H. K

The 1 stack challenge doesn’t look very fun. Bows and crossbows and slightly randomized so you can take a shot that lands in the corner and then one that lands in the center without moving your mouse.


Joe is such a weird wonderful person! And the decision to start youtube full time really shows. Good Work, Joe!


Loved to poem at the end :)

Nick Livingston

Love the seamless move from Southern to British. As an Okie I understand it. Love the videos!


Wow, it's cool how many comments Joe is replying to now. It really shows that he cares about his audience. (btw i don't want this to come off as asking for a reply, i just think it's cool)

Matthew Olive

The wandering trader at 13:50 just goes to show that anything xisuma builds spawns them except for his farm.

Lahav P

i dont understand the rules. at all.

edit: ok on the second round i got it, and good game! gonna build it on my server it looks fun


i live in Nashville too

Kaelan Mick

Snowy stand off would be a cool variation. Could also add more players, for a 1v1v1v1 game

Patrick Forsyth

"Comedy of eras" congrats man, you successfully made me do a spit take hahaha


Thanks for playing Joe!


That poem was adorable!

Scar Bee

guess im never gonna figure out what PTO really stands for....

Tayters 87

"comedy of eras," what delightful word play


GG JoeHills :)

Itz Forbid YTツ


DD Myking

I love you voice in your intro.

Will K

when are you going to catch Rendog? LOL

jimmy neutron

That moment when they didn’t do the one stack challenge right

Shu En

Keralis and Joe both have my favourite hermit voices


That X impression made me laugh so hard I forgot how to breath

Eric Fate

I'm amazed that almost all of the hermits who have tried the 1-stack challenge have passed up the crossbow. The thing that doesn't shake around when you are trying to aim.

jason D

One has a plethora of diamonds. One has none. You tell me who's who.


the bullseye-cam was super helpful! it makes it way easier to see lol

Aka Iced Tea

Very sweet poem


I got to watch Joe do some of this episode on Twitch and... It's really weird when he says "Tiiiimmmmeeee Skip" and then there isn't a time skip because it's live.

Danica Diederiks

I loved that poem <3 so sweet


My favoutite hermits! Yay!

Oliver Zhang

Rendog should actually get a unique hoyse

Nicole B

Howdy Joe! I’ve been trying to catch up episodes for all the hermits for season 7 and I’ve just caught up to you here by binge-watching all your episodes recently. Now, in addition to catching up to the other hermits’, I’ve started watching your season 6 episodes

Jackster T123

Joes xisumavoid voice sounds like postman pat

Animaysons 728

Joe kinda confirmed that he may not be a human lol, just as I suspected!


This is a great game idea. It would work perfectly on our non-PVP server, we're always looking for competitions to have, this is wonderful.

Victor Diaz

13:39 the crowd goes wild!

Jonathan Huss

that british accent was beautiful.

beautifully offensive...
jk but like jeez joe how do u come up with all dese poems ur a madman and a legend keep it up

ransom davis

i am bob

Bethan Jenkins

The accent isn't too bad it's a bit muddles though


The Xisuma impression at the beginning was absolutely fabulous

Kurt Hohman

Keralis and Joe are always so happy-go-lucky individually. them together is wholesome.


You should've had a poetry contest

Winter -.-

I really need to find out how to time skip


Keralis and Joe is a winning combination! Please collab more if possible!

hey hey

just glad that i can watch your episode because i have a bad day but i am glaqd i can watch your video's :)

Sam R

skjfjksind "A Comedy of Eras" Joe you fitted like six different jokes in that one sentence A+

Villads Rolskov Hansen

Couldn't you use those armorstand books to lock the armor stand if there is to close to each other

Roshi 710

I love the different camera angles during the standoff match!

Aara Edwards

Joe is very stand-offish


i just realized that joe was using a diamond sword during stand off smh

hsiF A

If you jump and hit it you only hit one.

Christopher A

Hmm, seemed like Keralis had more than a stack...

Ruth Cook

I absolutely love that poem


slightly more scottish than english lol


The impression of X sounds more like the ghost of Christmas past in the Disney version

Animaysons 728

That Xisuma impression was spot on

Melvin Wackwitz

The bow maybe more hands on but less arrow travel


Did he catch rendog?

James Gray

First Joe the dogcatcher, now Joe the arrowcatcher - rounding up those stray arrows


struggling to set mouse sensitivity to exactly 50
You should turn down your mouse sen.... oh wait nevermind.

Ferris the Red

A "comedy of eras" . . . that sounds like an excellent (if terribly punny) business name. A medieval-themed joke shop maybe, or prank contracting? Like if Shad-E E's were a pranks-for-hire shop, rather than a front for an unofficial pranks-for-hire shop.


There’s something so relaxing about watching you Joe. Maybe it’s your voice or your poetic words but I just love to binge your videos. Please don’t stop making content, love what you do!


Hitting two stands at once is totally legal.


29:41 Wait a minute, that's way too many arrows. I'm pretty sure all but one stack of arrows there were shot by Keralis, which means he shot 17 extra arrows.


There are few things in life capable of making me as happy as being witness to a masterful Joehills impression!


The camera work in this episode is fantastic. Keralis pov, Target POV, We had an overview shot of standoff. All around really good stuff

hey hey

hi joehills

RavenMadlunitic Craft

Joe I think that that was my absolute favorite poem that I’ve ever heard from you


When Joe was trying to sound like Xisuma I thought I was watching Harry Potter

Ly Bi

“Comedy of Eras” gosh dang it Joe, I’ve broken down in giggles and I’m only five minutes in

Representing Norfolk

Imagine placing hundreds of dogs around the server just to get yourself a job. Power move


The Xisuma impersonation was spot on.


That Xisuma voice was better than most of the British accent impersonations in video games!

Nala Yo

Joe I was watching your live stream and then I saw the part that was in this video.

Appleman 145

XD ghost exuma

Maremi Meerovc

I'm not normally a sports person but I get so into the matches between Hermits

jacob bridgewater

Isn't xisuma swedish?


Loving the season and appreciating the time stamps