✨ CLEANING TIKTOK ✨ (every clean freak should watch this)

✨ CLEANING TIKTOK ✨ (every clean freak should watch this)

937 271 views | 3 Dec. 2020

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c ʀ ᴇ ᴀ м ᴘ ι ᴇ.

I smell ✨toxic✨ in the comment section

Cupkeice Angelina

Can anyone tell me what some of them spray on the dirty head pipe (that has black tiny dots) ???

I think I'll need them in the future

Villian Deku

Levi has entered the chat:

Heidi Legacy

With all those chemicals, no wonder everybody is getting cancer....

Bella Williams

What’s with these people cleaning perfectly clean appliances??

Akira Shouto

My mom would love this video


1:45 how to clean blood in danganronpa:


Am I the only one who likes watches people clean but I never do it??

Lonara Hinds

This is for mom's lol

Mafer BH

These people said "fuck environment" in like every fvcking language

Lala uWu

my mum would love it

oliviaxbarner x

next time don't put song

Lacy Lou

Watching videos like this realize how much of clean freak my mom is, and in turn me as well since I grew up with her. I would never let anything get this dirty

Letícia Lages

The waste of water-

atsumu miya

Omi and Levi would love to watch this video

Paige Rosner

Look at all the chemicals entering the water system, air and surfaces around us. I love cleaning videos, don’t get me wrong, but maybe this is why the world is dying of cancer.

Nur aqilah Khairoddin

* levi entered the chat *

Tis I, tanDIO

This is refreshing. Now all that’s left is to actually get up and clean.

Call me gally

Mom: *wakes up *
Mom: what are you doing?
Me, washing the bathroom at 3am after watching this video: -
Washing the bathroom?

• C L A U •

Sakusa and Levi would totally love this


the background music is so lound :(


the irony of me watching this while sitting in my war zone of a room

Official Killua Zoldyck

I’m a simple clean freak
I see the word “Clean” I clicc

Vaishali Suthar

Pls share the cleaning agent that use in this video

Tooru Oikawa

Should I call Sakusa Kiyoomi??

Celene Evangelista

Where Levi at

don’t talk to me

Where do they get these products from? I just use AJax for like everything

shadow demon

Don't yall ever see the video and be like you messed a spot

Nicole Reyes

How in the world does a pool get that disgusting


WoW I Loved

Martyna Trąbska

I see you Virgos.

Haruka Nanase


Kendra Knighton

Lemon juice, bi carb and good old fashion elbow grease is whats needed for most of these. Too many nasty chemicals

Army love bts

Eu com 14 anos vendo isso pra quando tiver minha própria casa kkkkk

Annanicole Villarreal

what did she put in the washing machine like it
freaking looks like sugar!!

- ᴄᴀᴘᴜᴄᴄɪɴᴏ

This is how our parents expects us to treat our room

Z a R i A

if this were me i would be wearing a whole hazmat suit lol




So satisfying to see others clean, but not when I have to do it..

Taous Wita

the waist of products is ridiculous and all of that is causing hugeeee amount of pollution we never use as much in our house omg.... please think about the planet

Micah Morton

That toilet one, how much product are they wasting? Also those toxic fumes, Jesus.

JesusChrist IstheKing

JESUS LOVES YOU AND HE’S COMING BACK REAL SOON!! The kingdom of Heaven is at hand so you need to REPENT of your sins!! GOD Almighty is truly Good!! HE sends down HIS Son, Lord Jesus Christ, to die for our sins!! All we need to do now is to believe that Jesus Christ was sent by the Father and believe in Him! Also reading Bible, praying, and fasting are also really crucial. So is following the commandments of GOD! Goodbye, may GOD Almighty help and bless you always!!❤️

Harris -

13:39 what kinda weak ass scrubbing is that

Hanso Sanso

What is the music at the beginning called?

bangtan Sugakookie

they rich rich-

Candela Rios gameplays y basura

Me: just some towel and water, wash wash all the tables, and done
My mother :

Tiana J.K. Ward

You can clean me up anytime ❤


Those dislikes are the pips who doesn't like cleaning

Anna Ellman

2:56 What she needs to do is stop wasting all that product in the sink and actually use it on the DAMN COUNTER. LOOK AT THE HAIRS

༒꧁Lonly Monxchii꧂༒

The Mayonnaise is a Bleach.

Devin and Daisy

I love cleaning I always do chores at home

Jennifer Hinchliffe

I dont know who needs to hear this but under any circumstances, do not mix your cleaning chemicals, you don't know whats in them and you could very easily make hydrochloric gas and kill/seriously injure yourself

Paoleen Bernardo

ah yes im watching people clean stuff but here i am refusing to clean my room :)


Ott cleaning more like it, wow

A. A.

I'm just glad your title says "for clean freaks" and not OCD

Sakshi Jain

I was so inspire by seeing this video and thought i will clean my house....

Tasha Hunter

Looks like they put a bath bomb in this toilet bowl


This music in the background is so annoying.


2:51 love how he just pokes his fingers through scrubby's eyes

Michelle Perez

I don’t think its good to use too many cleaning products

Dayanne Alves

Eita povo que gosta de um desperdício... tirando isso, o vídeo é legal.

Z a R i A

3:09 yuckkkkk

im alive yey

They're using the scrub me daddy sponge

Z a R i A

0:24 ewwww

꧁Little Teacup꧂

This video just shows that you never now how dirty something truly is until you clean it

natha love it!

3:25.......in how many years hasn't that been washed?

Hdjsh Djjdjd


Adrielli Baka

Massa agr so falta os produtos

Z a R i A

why is this so satisfying lol

Рауана Баймахан

Лайк если ты смотришь это видео и хочешь убирсться

meilky dems

ueyoma-kun should watch this

Chocolate Wizard

For me if the music wasn’t in this and I just Hearn the noise as I’m looking at it that would be wayyy better

Maddy’s_gacha Butterflies

@2:05 is the forbidden cotton candy ice cream


Cleaning without gloves =

movie platform

These kind of videos make me sleep

Sofia Vasquez Beltran

yes i kin sakusa

May May

I’m the opposite of clean freak but this is nice


So many people here mixing bleach with other products. Just putting this out there...not a good idea folks. Not a good idea to mix any chemicals together unless you really know what you're doing. People have died as a result of that, by gassing themselves, cause they mixed bleach/chemicals with other stuff it shouldn't be mixed with. Just stick to one product at a time.

Sanam Chartursing

Watching this video.. Does this make me a clean freak??!

Jamie Ritchie

Levi enters the chat

Javierre Remartinez

Levi like this

Ayessha Pearl Habab

I blame kiyoomi sakusa for making me like this

lia garcia

Me cleaning


It’s freaking me out ....so many chemicals. There is NO need for all that.

Erin Byrne

Waaaay to many heavy perfumed products, so bad for you!!

Nichole Stroup

Is it that necessary to use that many different products, expecially all at once. Bleach spray, fabuloso, furniture polush is my go to

Mc Donald's

This comment section didn't pass the vibe

Nagito Komaeda

1:45 why are they pouring blood on the toilet??


These people use so much product but when i was a kid i was yelled at for spraying more than three spares onto something

P!nkvolcano • 10 years ago

Fine, i’ll clean my room


Me watching this at 3:00 am:

Luana εïз

I was just watching thinking about how much Levi would love to see this

Cedes Gbaby

All these videos just show how we are deeply hurting our eco system. I’m so sorry beautiful planet that we were blessed with only to take for granted and destroy thousands of years later. We need to do better lives

Jzia Grace Divinagracia

is it just me? cuz they're using waaay too much detergents

{•Bøbæ Çhãñ•}

Why is it that i hate cleaning but i love it when i see other people clean- like.. b r u h

Just a Gachatuber

Oh man when he said acid I got scared for him

Beatriz Ribeiro

I wonder ... hoe many time they dont clean this pool...

bryton wentz

i watch this and wanna clean then my mom tells me to clean

Maka-chan is my cat

I wanna eat it

Candy sprinkle chan

As a Virgo I'm satisfied