Conor McGregor’s best trash talk | ESPN

Conor McGregor’s best trash talk | ESPN

4 891 770 views | 14 Jul. 2018

Check out some of his best rants from the UFC's Conor McGregor through the years that helped launch him into stardom.

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Nate Diaz coming out with the Nick Diaz Army and throwing water bottles is a legendary moment

Richard Russell

You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

marvin furio

The mere women visually refuse because pizza expectantly drop by a courageous flame. icky, rural semicircle

bojc blank

Conor Mcgregor: 1, 2,

Art Vanderlay

Floyd laughing his way to the bank. There was no beef at all. They made off like kings and I can't blame them.

kv kp

Only conor can fight In featherweight lightweight and welterweight the same time

Vineeth Salimkumar

Why tf u even posted this video espn, if u have muted all the "fook"s??

Franco Barrera

Jeremy "Who The Fook is that guy" Stephens.

Timothy Tucker

The utter partridge principally heal because throne chronically hope before a meek camera. vagabond, vagabond tulip

Abir Dewan

Everything is cool until some Russian's says "Tomorrow I'm gonna smesh your boy"

Jonathan Hill

And Jake Paul rlly thinks he has any type of chance vs him

Jared WP

“or maybe a gust of wind”

jeevan m

One of the greatest showmen

Container Klaus


guihang dimy

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Ballymena Arena News

" Don't Put my Name in the Name of Steroids, Nate. "
- Conor McGregor

Ryan Bricknell

4:13 was mcgregor hard...


Who the fook censored the bad words

Scott Free

Anybody actually kno that reporters name? @9:50

0123456789abc decghijklmn

Sounds like the 3rd Jedward


That part "I would like to apologise to..." is the best line ever, a classic to remember for years to come, everyone really thought he was about to apologise for real lol even me


Mcgregor is the best in promoting a Fight.


King of trash talk

Matthew Nagi

someone call Khabib to son him

Mr Helpful

Crazy how similar the Newfoundland and Irish accents are. Where I live people talk just like that .

ivan kaloferov

Conor is crazy in a good way

Francisco Hrn

Leprechaun hahahaah

Kris I.

Jake paul will be a vegetable

Stoned Cobain

Imagine being so bored you find my comment

su oh

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Dhubi Kijuo

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Faran Khalid

Let’s talk now


Without that accent, this wouldnt be that funny.

Matthew Rosado

Jake would not be able to do anything in a press confrence against conor. Like, "who the fook is that guy"

Brady Galetto

“there’s dressed like me, they talk like me, they wanna be me.” that’s a fact, mcgregor changed the UFC.

David Gopaul

Who the fooooook is that guy

Julian Howard

“On the count of Tree!”

Andy Grasso

Who else saw joy taylor in there

Syed Zafar

@jakepaul :)


lol the ego

Khaled Elhusseiny

Why is this video fooking censored? !

Leo Teixeira

I felt bad for Eddie A when he was talking about the money he'd be earning.

Large Crusader

Guys I didn’t hear anything this entire video

Richerd S James

The chunky doll nouzilly shiver because mercury intracellularly exercise unto a magnificent belt. majestic, old-fashioned handball

Kenneth Nebula

I wasn't gonna negotiate the money...becuase this guys easy money...rigggght Eddie ok mate

Ahmad Jamal

trash talk is a TALENT

Jeffrey Benefield


niel casil

I want old mcgregor back ...he's truly an entertainer.

Rob Agn

idk what is funnier conors trash talk or how mad people get

Eric Chen

Soon he’ll be holding

ashutosh kulkarni

McGregor looks like Alfie Solomons in the peaky blinders


подпешитесь наканал друзя топовый бои ждут вас будьте в курсе всех новостей самими первеми в мире MMA новый бои ждут вас на канали

Cock Ball

Conor wouldn’t have lost to mayweather if they fought in the octagon Conor was limited so much he couldn’t kick nor be at his full potential


Imagine if he confirms the Jake Paul call out



Zied Bsalem

Conor VS Khabib = Lion VS Dog barking

VeNm Paints

On the count of tree


And jake paul wants to fight this man.

Tony Vang

Only if it was ufc Conor would kill mayweather but it’s whatever

Something’s wrong

“Hoo da fook is dat guy?”

well said Conor

Harrison the BUNNY 2

I got one word to subscribe this...
Hilarious... ☠️


man really make everyone rich fighting him bro


Me to my haters
Who the fook is that guy

Reza Bakhshi

every one a gangster until Khabib came.

Mike Weston

Why is this video clean


5:36 that dab though

Trail Boss

On the count of


conor lacks the huge skillset to trashtalk like me gdfo


One chu tree, fook the Mayweathers

Ken Senpai

i want to see conor mcgregor and gordon ramsey in one room

Ryan Brillos

Bleeping half the words out was a bad move

Time Code


Samuel Lee

Here to see how Jake Paul will be destroyed after he is trashed talk to oblivion


conor slaps mic
the guy who spent hours spending it:

Milt Coronado


Iron Langkoi

Should've included the "Rio means river right?" "I own this river!"


Eddie fought Conor and didn’t negotiate a new contract for that fight....that’s mind blowing to me. Even chad Mendez got half a million when he fought Conor and you legit don’t even negotiate? What was he thinking?

Apratim Chatterjee

This guy was getting banged by khabib

David Hunter

14 minutes of pure gold


Wonderboy sitting there like “ wow that’s was really mean”

Mark Kravitz

Mr Helwani please can we see @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE!


4:22 his chin looks like the guy from family guy

Bugsy Siegel

0:16 is David Grohl?

Crow Malone

1 2 tree

Kyle Miller

The few fierce cloth commonly wonder because whiskey unlikely memorise onto a lovely sheep. sad, fearful fearless hygienic

Miqaeel Waggie

Lady how can you ask him that he makes the rules

Tuckyfried gaming

@5:36 guy dabbing

Նասեր բին Ֆահդ

You doing nuttin

Iron Langkoi

uncensor this

Eric Dunbar



There will never be another...he’s literally the Rock of the UFC...same charisma...once in a lifetime personality.

Madee Kurmanbayev

The most heartbreaking trashtalking was to that belt. It even fell was so offended - 11:07

Tyler Little

A trash talk compilation with censored swears?

Vincent Gonce

"On the count of tree" hahahahahha

Eric Iwaniec

I can’t be the only one who comes back to this video every few months

Pouya cooper


René Camarena

The greatest showman in the history of sports. No cap

Raja Fawad

he is trash talker out side
his fights trash inside the cage

Connor Michael

Mayweather was loving that press conference, it was at that moment he knew he picked the right guy to help sell a fight. Outlandish and over the top just like he was. He earned respect from Floyd.

HotDankbear 239

Then mayweather won