UFC 166 Dana White Scrum: Klitschkos Are A Joke, Fedor vs Lesnar, Cutting Palhares

UFC 166 Dana White Scrum: Klitschkos Are A Joke, Fedor vs Lesnar, Cutting Palhares

226 244 views | 17 Oct. 2013

MMA H.E.A.T. brings you the entire 1hr+ #DanaWhite #UFC 166 scrum from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The UFC President covers topics including: the trilogy fight between UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez and former champ Junior Dos Santos, selling out the Toyota Center, Diego Sanchez vs Gilbert Melendez, Daniel Cormier vs Roy Nelson, the death of boxing, his frustration with the Klitschkos + much more...

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Midwest Fishing Show

Stand in front of punches and get hit good idea guys. Isn't the name of the game a long successful career, winning, and not getting hit? Looks like both Ali and Mayweather did that. Neither of you as far as I know are professional fighters. There is that. You see how frail Ali is now imagine if he stood in front of all the punches. What sets a amateur fighter apart from a pro is their ability to protect themselves. If I was Floyyd I'd want to fight for as long as possible and not end up like Ali

Midwest Fishing Show

MMA should be called Meathead Martial Arts. The whole industry is meatheads and people just eat it up and act like there is nothing better when they don't even take the time to watch a good fight because they're impatient meatheads and cant watch a fight longer than 15-25 minutes. I love MMA always have but damn the bandwagon fans get old. Meatheads: Go buy a new affliction or tapout shirt and act like your a fighter then come back and debate that boxing is dead or that UFC is a Golden God.

Midwest Fishing Show

Yeah actually they needed pride to grow to where they are today which is why they bought it. So now they may be fine on their own. If you think if the UFC went under tomorrow for some reason that MMA would go away your nuttier than squirrel shit. Any one of those "Arena football" leagues would take it's place in the billion dollar industry in a second. Wake up kid I would have to say Donald Trump is beyond successful even with his few failures here and there. You prob love affliction gayboy.


Sure, Dana. Klitschkos are a joke. The primitive hillbillies your sport is vastly comprised of, are anything but, right? Fucking idiot, back to fellatio on your darlings the hughes, lesnar, sylvia and their ilk.

Nasimi Matlabzhon

Fedor was the greatest fighter that ever lived not only like a fighter but Oslo like person hi was the best and Dana can kiss his ass


it wasnt, it was a good age but not golden, it had ali, frazier, norton, and foreman, but their were other ages that were more golden for sure.

Rob B

Bring any boxing fighter to the octagon and they'll get annihilated .


A Glitschko In The Matrix

Brien Irving

i love how both dana and the other guy said tuf highlights wasnt the next episode when it was.... silly geese

Midwest Fishing Show

UFC first then he left to go to pride and strikeforce I'm aware. The point is if the UFC was so great why leave to go to a inferior league? Because they didn't have their shit together. He is one of the most successful MMA fighters of all time and he left like many others have that still perform at a very high level. He even came back from there and kicked ass again so I would stop suggesting that pride is inferior when UFC wouldn't have been able to grow to what they are without them.

Taras Noskiv

I wish to see Dana step into a ring with one of the brothers

Robb Jones

Chris Cyborg Would Be Great to See Her smash Ronda Rousey


dana always got that bottle, i think its liquer in there.

Sullen Morbius

lol. the irony is klitschkos would probably murder any of one of dana's fighters in the ring. the klitschkos are the greatest thing to happen to heavyweight boxing. they'd've destroyed ali, Tyson, and/or holmes -- whoever you got, i'd put my money on k-bros ...


Who the heck takes this guy seriously anyway...? A super biased sensationalist exaggerator and a pathological liar.


5:09 - "Nike is the gold standard..." - Funny that the UFC made a sponsorship deal with REEBOK of all brands.

Douglas Finnie

name a boring Diego fight...him and Koscheck sucked

Rob B

Agreed , but boxing is almost dead .


Dana with his loud mouth again. Doesn't he ever get tired of sounding like a dickhead?

Sherif Gerges

Vitaly Klitschko is not boring to watch. He's actually a tremendous knockout artist. Wladimir Klitschko however, is very boring.

Midwest Fishing Show

Before UFC acquired pride there were guys who could have taken the title from any UFC belt holder at any time. UFC bought pride, because they wanted access to all the talent they didn't have and now do. Pride by far had more talent until they were purchased. In reality pride was a much bigger league with much more talent and the UFC WAS a joke. Now they own it all. Your comparing both leagues champions like they ever fought. Sorry your brainwashed to every bit of UFC hype like its the truth.

Justin Taylor

I said nothing about race so why would you even mention that? Did you even see the last Klitchko match, because it was embarrassing to the boxing world, It looked like he was afraid to get hit so he just kept hugging the other guy the entire match.

Shaun Bang

Oh the good old days when dana was an open mic

Daniel Shafer

Boxing is dead. After Iron Mike it was over. Its MMA from here on. Times change.


Really? You think klitchkos are good?They are boring as fuck,there is 0 entertainment,I can't wait for some new heavyweight to come in and knock the shit out of them and bring back the heavy weight devision,there has been no one after tyson worth watching.Their score is nothing,there is nothing good in it,i compltly agree to Dana.

Zoltan Gyalog

29:34 - > Dana has beautiful hands.

El Santo

Jeezus this post fight media scrum went on forever lol


FM Jr. Is exposing the lack of skill of today's boxers. He is what, 36? & they still fail to catch him with any regularity. For a guy who needs to take special care of his glass fists & pick his punches carefully he developed brilliant strategy. Now, I do find him boring as f*ck but I could say that for the most of the modern boxing.

Midwest Fishing Show

Everything isn't about title fight or even top 10 contenders. They acquired thousands of fighters which will show dividends in the next 5-10 years not now. UFC nearly only had Americans. Now you see brazillians, UK and everyone else joining the mix. Where did they come from? UFC, I think not. All those guys would still be fighting pride or other leagues. Who gives a crap about current champs its about the big picture not the next few years. I see you don't talk much about hendo


when somebody slap this Piece of shit?

Tyler Drake

This man almost always angers me.

Midwest Fishing Show

Surgery or not you can't put anyone who can't stay healthy in any serous discussion. Also if you don't recall Mir and Lesnar fought twice and Brock got put in a ankle lock. If you get submitted by a ankle lock in MMA today you should NEVER have a title fight. Your probably the same guy who thinks ALI is the best boxer there has ever been because he's so famous. Fedor had a 900% better career than 99% of MMA fighters wake up and smell the coffee.

ROL 983


Justin Taylor

Randleman was definitely faster and more explosive. I'd like you to name an opponent Lesnar had an explosive and powerful takedown on. He never threw people around like Randleman did. As for the strength I would give to Lesnar but I have seen Fedor submit guys stronger than him.

Justin Taylor

Lesnar's biggest problem was his chin. as soon as he started taking legit punches to the face from strikers he would ball up and go into defense mode. he did it against Carwin and Velasquez. I'm not saying Brock was a joke I just can't see him beating Fedor at the time. I know my fair share of MMA and have watched religiously since UFC 74(I had watched fights before then just not regularly). I don't think I know everything about MMA I'm just stating my opinion as I respectfully disagree with you

Midwest Fishing Show

Fedor had a more successful career than Lesnar all I said about him. Your definitely mixing up talent with a good UFC business strategy. UFC couldn't manage their business period before the buyout. UFCs success came from the business sense not their ability to have the best fighters in the world. There were true mixed martial artists out there while UFC champions became champions. They didn't have to have the best fighters they could just pretend they were and sell the fights all the same

Justin Taylor

By the way Couture at 45 was no where near better than Hendo then. Did you not watch Hendo vs. Shogun Rua. Couture got waxed by Machida and Rua dispatched Machida in their second fight.

Edmond Dantez

Rousimar Palhares.


mma is awesome,ufc is awesome,but dana is 1 minded sometimes thea is still a audience for kick boxing,k1,modified thai and muaythai,,a good stand up fight is wea its at

based zeus

Klitschkos a joke? This guy is insane they put people in the hospital. He broke his skull


people actually care or watch this shit? the bald guys a prick...dana shite

This Young Libertine

I thought only blacks hated the kliechkos since they are white and they hate seeing whites prevailing in that class again..


the 40's was a lot better, and before that even was better but they didn't have cameras really to tape anything. the 70's were the shit to but you wouldn't know anything about that now would you.


the bitchko sisters suck at boxing compared to a lot of talent in boxing, but even in the octogon no one would dare stand up with them, they would have to take it to the ground because even the bitchko sisters would knock any mma fighter out on the feet.

Justin Taylor

Are you kidding me?/?? Fedor beat Big Nog twice, Randleman, Coleman twice, and Herring in their prime not to mention Arlovski and Silvia. Count them, he beat 4 UFC champions. Lesnar only had 6 wins his whole career which consisted of and old Herring and Couture. So who did he beat besides them Frank mir and Carwin who killed him in the first round but registered over 100 punches in the first round and rendering him lifeless in the second. When Lesnar fights good strikers he gets killed.


seems like you been waiting kind of a while for this to happen. I won't deny that the heavyweight division is a yawner but honestly it is in MMA as well.


For Klitchko comment go to 0:33

matthew samuels

klitschko brothers are the best heavy weight boxers of all time ali would stand a chance against either of them Tyson in his prime would have a hard time dealing with them also. The only reason they aren't recognize as the best is because they aren't sell out are intelligent and not American other wise people wouldn't be talking shit about them.

Midwest Fishing Show

Love how people say "Boxing is dead". Even Dana admitted boxing will never die. MMA is a great sport absolutely love it but UFC and Dana are a joke. A true fight fan and not bandwagon MMA fan likes every kind of organized fighting. Everyone will sit there and back the UFC's every move while there fighters make nothing and UFC line their pockets putting together terrible fights. Love how people bash boxing but it is by far a much more classy sport but everyone loves UFC because its POPULAR.


lol no one watches boxing anyway. all the exciting combat sport athletes focuz on mma now a days

This Young Libertine

The klitchkos are not jokes thats a shit statement. Boxing is shit now thats the true one.

Anthony Walker Wrestling Matters

that coming from someone who is already there. go away

Robb Jones

Bet Fedor Would Shit on JDS, I'll Put $200,000 on it, bring fedor out of retirement.


boxing will never die, NEVER. it might not be as big as it used to be, but it will never ever die. besides, boxing is where the money is still at, not mma. boxers make waaaaaaay more money then mma fighters do.


They are boring as shit,nothing entertaining,i could watch Tyson all day and night,yeah exacly why would he know full name of that fighter,his not interested,and you dont even have to watch the fight,you know what is going to be there,the same olld boring shit for 12 rounds

Justin Taylor

Cloeman was way out of his prime When Lesnar came to the UFC and Fedor already had 30 fights before Lesnar had 1. Lesnar had like 50 lbs of muscle over Couture. Couture weighed in at 220 and Lesnar had to cut down to 265. Everyone saw that lesnar was going to win and couture was 45 years old. Fedor had beaten bigger guys before. Hong man Choi was 7'2" and 352 and he finished him with an armbar. Lesnar tapped to Mir from an ankle hold. He had no submission defense. Fedor would've exposed that.


Klitschko stuff starts around 33:00
If they never do anything, how did he send his opponent to the hospital from all the damage he took to his head? His skull was litterally in pieces.

John F. Kennedy

MMA>Boxing i dont expect you to understand a clinch with strikes and take downs rather than watchin a giant hug someone till the ref breaks it the throw one punch and do it again..i havnt watched a heavyweight Boxing match in 2 years thanks to the Kitchko bros


Woah, a lot of butthurt Klitschko fans. Alright, a few quick points:

A - It sounds like he also thinks Vitali is the more exciting fighter (Which he is), so this is about Wlad.
B - Wlad is fucking boring. For someone who hits so hard, his fights are literally some of the least entertaining on the planet.
C - Wlad has been a huge success 1) He has huge reach 2) Hits hard as fuck 3) Clinches 4) Clinches 5) Clinches.


yes my fault for bad reading comprehension, but there has been Italian and american- Italian champs who are consider legends in the US. During the 70, 80, and 90's when all fight division were stacked and fighters like Foreman, Frazier, Ali, and Tyson there wasn't many Europeans who could challenge them more or less beat them.but now when boxing is all time low and weak competition in every class i understand the need for more exciting fighter ffrom any country.

The Man of Starch

The Klitschko's and no other boxer will never fight in the UFC for 1 reason- MONEY! ! ! The UFC and no other MMA organizations pay their fighters. Klitschko maid $17.5 million his last fight. Thats far more than the UFC's entire pay-per-view purse from their last event. . . much more. Dana White is a Jim Macmahon kinda scum bag. Pay your fighters jerk.

Yusuf Al-Sahim

Who cares what Dana thinks he himself is a joke.




yea pianeta is good but one of handful of fighter in the heavyweight that has had exciting brawls. I dont get the "fighters not credited for not being american", because hard core fans know who deserves what, but casual fans still go for promoter hype. Here in mexico everyone really thought Canelo would beat folyd mayweather but hard core fans knew he had no chance. Promoters have ruined the sport in US and here in mexico. The center of boxing now is Germany not Las vegas

Nightfly Nick

Neither Klitschko(?) gives a rat's fart what this gladiator pimp thinks about anything.
They are busy trying to make life better in their homeland for their fellow countrymen.

Midwest Fishing Show

Fedor isn't the best but Lesnar's career was garbage. I would run from the UFC also because its a joke and pride was by FAR the better league. Where do you think UFC got all of its fighters? UFC never had the real talent it was all pride son, keep talking and you'll get shown up by a fisherman every time. You act like a fighter from 90's early 2000's would match up against any fighter now. The sport has progressed and there all way past their prime which is why your whole discussion is flawed.


I hope some real talent is coming soon to heavy weight boxing division,I miss it.


Volodymyr Klytško is the Jake Shields of boxing. Undeniably talented and a smart fighter but pathetically boring. I never watch either one of those dudes "fight" whether it's boxing or MMA. As simple as that. Don't tune in. 

Midwest Fishing Show

Your ignorance is bliss.

Jimothy Snooker

I wish we could live in a world where everybody minded their own fucking business. people try to convert strangers to their religion, atheist try to convert religious people. boxing fans try to convert mma fans, mma fans try to convert boxing fans. baseball fans try to convert basketball fans. then people, for whatever reason, watch this hour long video and talk about how violent MMA is. please, mind your own fucking business.

arcades syndicate

Anderson hold the belt longest lost the belt


What r u talking about Dana has said Sakuraba is one his favorite fighters of all time, and his always sayinf conor mcgregor is gonna be a champ. so do some research before u say stupid comments like their facts.

Midwest Fishing Show

I don't give a crap about Fedor your obsessed with talking about him. UFC nearly went out of business many times before it became popular it was tiny. Someone who has been watching it the whole time should understand the importance of acquiring pride. They became just as big in 2005?...No not until purchase. They were a relatively small league who did a great job marketing a very unknown sport. The fighters at that time were sub par at best. A few were good the rest were taken from pride.


How the fuck can u not like dana white!!!!

Midwest Fishing Show

You can keep talking about champions all you want the fact is the UFC hypes their fights so much you would think the champion is a golden god but in reality they most often didn't hold the belt for more than a fight. You act like these UFC fighters are unstoppable when half the time there was a bunch fighters out there who could kick their ass. Tim Silvia was a UFC champ for gods sake. I mean come on your saying there was nobody who could beat him in pride or another league at the time? Wake up

Edmond Dantez

I'll say it. No one will EVER hold both the UFC championship and a world boxing title. For that to happen, boxing would have to have become so pathetic that the quality of boxers in boxing were no better than the quality of boxers in MMA. For that to happen boxing really WOULD have to be dead.

Wild one

Fedor was amazing. This man in his prime was like Mike Tyson. Just incredible. A TRUE LEGEND


The Klitschkos been a joke, they threw weak fighters at them to make them look like dominate fighters. in reality they're chins are weaker than a baby's. you can see it in all of their fights they had guys that were shorter than them with shorter arm length. Boxing has always had sacrificial lambs to make other fighters look good even though they suck ass.  




Hey Dana, Mexico is part of North


Will boxing be better off without the Klitschkos??


Fuck you DANA


Good luck with that fatty, you and your 2 hours of taijutsu and a tapout t-shirt aren't going to beat dana who was a former boxer. The fuck out of here, you wanna be moron.

Edmond Dantez



IT'S ONE FIGHT. I have been watching Wladimir and Vitali since 1997

Edmond Dantez

I just saw the "highlights" show and thanksgiving isn't for weeks so, it's Dana that has ti wrong.

Nat Har

MMA mentions boxing all the time Boxing never mentions MMA read into that what ever you like.

Robert King

Dana talking shit to Ariel is always hilarious.

mark long

dana white is worst than don king, he has an opinion about everything

its like listening to a fighter that never had a fight.


Fedor would have destroyed Brock. Brock sucked balls

Michael Kim

Bring any MMA into a boxing ring and its the same

Midwest Fishing Show

Sounds like you guys are hating on the man for being rich beyond belief.

John 3:16

He's just mad cos he got paid $17 million. He hates fighters getting paid

Juan Moreno

Give Diego a title fight!

Todd boston

long ass interview!!


lol european boxers suck, american boxers are the best even if promoters have ruined the sport, honestly promotion ruined the sports since the 30's and 40's.

Jason Gleaner

You're not even a good troll. The title says his name if you don't like "the talking potato", why did you click the link?

Midwest Fishing Show

Exactly. Change the subject for the third time and make attempts to insult my intelligence. That's what people do when they have nothing left to add. Your one point is it doesn't matter what league there in which I have already pointed out in multiple posts when you tried to neatly explain that the UFC was on some sort of pedestal above all the other leagues mainly pride while pride was much larger. What happened to that? So which is it MMA would be gone w/o UFC or other leagues are important?

Lucky Luciano

JDS could have done alot better