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This video Is in collaboration with Thrive Market!

Hi! Today I wanted to share some kitchen favorites! Pantry essentials AND quick and easy dinner ideas! Thumbs up for more videos like this!

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Jaqueline Mythril

I've been sick all through my pregnancy (all-day until 22 or 24 weeks, and then just morning and late evening) and something that really helped in the last half was taking something to help with heartburn each evening!

Rebecca Royals

I love this video omg the aesthetic of your meals

Stars TV

Sam: Fresh berries...
Me: Sitting here eating dried strawberries dried berries..


the salt on the cookies omgggg

Shelby Wilkerson

Love the cooking videos! And I also love when you include thrive because I’m always looking for new things to order from their!

Katherine Silva

Omg Sam you need to try the coliflower pizza from costco is amazing :)

Mogli Dex

your house is gorgeous!!! I have always wanted to live in Fort Lauderdale! You also look amazing!!


these all look so delicious!! cant wait to try them!

Elizabeth Lucy

I'm so happy to catch this!!! thanks for your gorgeous videos, you are so inspiring

Elaina Mishelle

I missed these videos


Susannah Simon

What did you add on the cheese and tomato after olive oil? Was it liquid amino?

Matthew Carrubba

So happy to see that you are staying safe and healthy during this special time in your life and hope everything is going well for you during your pregnancy and hope your unborn baby is healthy and growing and my thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy especially during Covid-19 and God bless you all and stay safe and healthy. Love you, Matthew Carrubba from Oklahoma

Molly Drury

Most of your sodium in your diet doesn’t come from table salt, it comes from packaged foods. Table salt isn’t bad for you and you need it in your diet as long as you you have potassium and drink water your body will process it. Sea salt is better for you than regular table salt is though and is good for your heart.

Alushka Bernardo

Sending love from South Africa! Thanks for making my night with this video!

Renee B

Just a tip. Oats will increase your breast milk so eat lots after the baby comes. Made my breast milk go nuts and I was able to save lots in the freezer.

Em Montuori

Keep an eye on your bamboo salt thing. I had the same one (I got it from an old video you had) and I was living in a humid climate (Louisiana) and after about a year or so it split in the side.

Chelsea Lampinen

Girl tell me your bra secrets because I’m heavy up too too and swear I can find any ones that are comfortable either!

Elaine Johnson

This is one was very fun to watch thanks for the ideas!!

Michelle Reynolds

Can we just admire Sam's new kitchen and all the beautiful light pouring in! So happy for you!

Elle Lynn Brown

The brightest light!! love your channel!

Krissy Welten

I’m obsessed w the vibe you give off since moving to florida


I would love more easy meal videos like this! That salmon meal looks amazing!

Vanessa Balmes Lourenço

I love the videos that you do and also you’re also so happy when you film and it’s so pleasing to watch


Rao’s is pronounced “Ray- Oh’s”

Ela Kuzma

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that any salt can raise sodium levels in one's body, so if a doctor advices someone not to consume excess salt, this includes Celtic salt. The reason salts like Celtic salt are healthier is because they contain trace minerals that are beneficial, and the salt is less refined and processed than regular table salt. However, table salt has been iodized, so people need to make sure they get iodine from other parts of their diet if they opt to have salts other than iodized salt. Just didn't want anyone misinformed.

Cameo Martinez

Loved this video!!! ☀️ and omg the sunset was so pretty!

Hope Redmond

Not going to lie, when I got a notification that you posted and read the title I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was “Pantie Essentials”


Yay a Sam vid!!! Right on time cuz girl!! This job of mine is gonna make me lose my mind today


That salmon though! Looks so delicious


So yummy! Great ideas! I’m going to try all of these recipes! Thank you!
BTW, your backyard looks HEAVENLY! You live right on the canal??

Savannah Mills

This made me so hungry, my stomach is growling

Lo Without Limits

You should use unbleached parchment paper instead of foil! It will reduce the aluminum you consume

Angela Marcinkevich

Don't use too much salt you don't want to retain too mycj fluid pregnant

Nathalie Mora

I love these type of videos, I learn so much from watching your vlogs regarding what to put into our bodies!

Priscilla Lopez

How did you start eating meat again? I haven't eaten red meat in over 4-5 years but thinking I want to go back, but scared I'm going to get sick.

Dare To Daydream

Love u sam ✨

Gabrielle Crescenzi

I'm so excited for this! I've been refreshing my youtube ever since you posted about the meals earlier on instagram haha

Miss Crystalann

Can you please do a video on saving/finances and steps/tips on buying a house?

Faith Ann

Hey Sam! So when I was 22 years old fresh out of college, I moved to downtown Fort Lauderdale! I did a ton of exploring and would love love love to give you a few recommendations! 1. Playa Bowls is AMAZING! They have great açaí bowls and coconut bowls. 2. MayaPapya is a great restaurant with unique and healthy food options! 3. Ride Element is an amazing amazing cycle and TRX studio. I legit can’t brag enough about this place.. disclaimer I did work there, but they put on the best events and are a great community.
I’m not sure if you are interested in more recommendations, but I spent 2 years of my life just exploring the area! Let me know if you want more or if you try any of these! I got you girl!

Bryana Camille Braxton

This may be super random but could you do a video on driving cross country? How long did it take? Could do Tips for Staying healthy on road trips, planning stops, getting exercise in, etc. I feel like more people will be driving this summer.

La Moi

love IT!! ❤️

Kristina Santiago

Where did you get the glass storage for the oats?

Amanda Potter

I love your videos Sam, but I hate these ones mentioning Thrive Market because I want to order from them but they don’t ship to Canada!

Yeeyee Boi

My mom just asked me to clean my room and I was almost done but the minute you post- ITS GO TIME

Marta C.W.

California, Cacao, Celtic....all the same C sound

Jessica Cunningham

Omg all of that looks so good!

Nikita Agrawal

I love your videos so much!!

Isabella F

Love cooking videos like these!! Would love more recipes and what I eat in a days

Erin Webster

So I’m not the best at cooking & I don’t eat seafood normally but WOW I made this salmon for my boyfriend, he loved it !! He said it came out perfect

Jackie Huerta

Loved the simple recipe ideas! Can’t wait to try them out

Emily Liss

All of these look so yummy

Asees Hera

Sam how do you have your bulletproof coffee? I could be wrong but I’ve never seen you make “bulletproof coffee “ as in with coconut oil.

Asees Hera

Thrive only USA based for anyone in Europe or anywhere else x

Stacy Hartley

Jemmy Xx

OOOHhhh they look tasty! Much healthier than my recent haul

Lucy Varvatos

Your kitchen is so beautiful.

Cheryl Marshall

Sam Elle

ive been an avid user of thrive market and i absolutely love it!!!

Katie Goodrick

All those meals look so yummy! Will definitely be trying them out, thank you for sharing

Georgia Anderson

Love you Sam, congrats on your pregnancy. Sending you love from England ❤

Julia Nitchman

so many staples!!

katie marston

You must be a mind reader lol! This is perfect timing!!!

Elba Pavon

Hola Sam, in the video you made the mozzarella tomato and i think basil appetizer. my question is what were the two sauces you put on top? Thank you in advance and congrats on your growing beautiful family :)

Briana Walters

Hi Sam, You have been such an inspiration to me during this time. Ive been watching your old videos such as your sugar detox and weight loss videos from last summer and tips really helped. I made your pasta salad recipe and taco recipe and my family loved it. Thanks for all the help!

Amber Leigh

Love these type of videos! So many great ideas!


Help! Can you have spirulina powder when you’re pregnant? I’ve read mixed things


Can you and Jarod do a video on house and financing?! I think it'd be great especially during this pandemic!

Lulu B Guerrero

I love making pizzas using tortillas! It’s like a thin crust pizza

Erika Cardenas

Hi beautiful! Thanks for the tips, love you

Cecilia S

I looked at the thumbnail and i thought you had your baby

Alex C

We want a house tour!

Katelyn Eubanks

Omg the salmon was SO good

Caitlyn Duro

Rolled Oats are great for lactation cookies!!

Brigi T

Hi Sam! Cute video, as always! I love all of your meal ideas. I was just wondering, what cut of meat do you use? I don’t eat meat often but my dr told my I am slightly anemic so I’m trying to incorporate some here and there in my diet. Anyways, I was just curious. Much love and can’t wait to see Dot and find out her name!

Paris Abigail Moore

Just moved across the country! I feel you!

Dana Wave

Love your video!!


I’m having wild caught salmon tonight.

Michelle Sivilla

The second dinner looks soooooo good ... the appetizer, the steak, the salad, the cookies omg


I love your videos! I want to make that summer salad ASAP

Jamie Averna

i literally stop everything im doing the second you upload LOL love you!!!

Bethany Black

I’m moving in two weeks and will need to start from scratch too so this is so helpful! Those first few grocery trips always get pricey too trying to get all the basics and seasonings!

Karina R

Perfect timing! Getting tired of my usual meals. So excited for this

Lena Maxcy

Woot! Worked for the Celtic sea salt company (aka Selina Naturally) for years and the product is truly amazing. Completely unprocessed, unbleached, safely sourced sea salt. Glad to see it in the pantry essentials! One note, you pronounce it with a hard c sound... more like Keltic. But call it whatever you want, the salt is gold; so so hydrating and provides our bodies with a blend of vital minerals! Also, for you pink rock salt enthusiasts, Celtic sea salt is a more sustainably harvested salt than the Himalayan salt that requires mining. Just saying

Alexandra Corrine

You always do an amazing job of plating your food!

tania figueroa

I just read the description and thought