Hermitcraft Season 7 #28 | Golf Waterfalls & Spy Chickens

Hermitcraft Season 7 #28 | Golf Waterfalls & Spy Chickens

4 519 views | 26 Jul. 2020

25 July 2020

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Donna May

Loved the stream zed!


How about a 'blind shot' hole. Hit it into a dark cave hole with a water curtain. Have it lead down into zed cave. Have 3 different ways the water flow (like a bent fork) changes in play in one shot.


to get some variations on the starting tees, you could make it so that some of the tees can take a different route depending on if you start short or long, but both the routes would be a similar number of shots to get to the hole. This is very easy to work into holes that curve around something and to balance it out, the shorter route could be "rough" with more obstacles and less ice and the longer route smoother with more ice and less obstacles.

example the hole that you wanted to have players able to go left through the cave, or right around the mountainside (hole 5?), could work with this where left through the cave is the slab tee (short shot), that goes down hill a little bit to make up for the shorter distance and to go around the outside would be the ice tee (long shot), where it starts out a bit flatter and the shots can be longer, but both ways will take the same amount of overall hits to get in.

Liam Kelly

My favorite part about this stream (besides Zedaph) was at 1:33:10 when I saw that Doc was back online


Isn't Zedaph just adorable? :3

Emma Parkin

I don’t know if you’ll get to see this, but you could ask Mumbo if you could put The Charrot (chicken parrot) on the course somewhere.

Tim Jorzick



Taught of psj with the spy chicken xD

Intanpatr 2


Aranel Alasse

something like your zombie plinko machine would be a fun addition to one of the holes - not sure exactly how it would work though!

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Joel Redmann

You should put down patches of slime blocks to act as sand traps also you could put in a secret second hole in some of the levels so players could go for either hole

Transmitter Tower Site


Thatz Flow

Joe is now the best at dramatic timing

Mark Angelo Valdejueza

Reversed shaming

Jake Bones



A snowy hole with a wandering snowman


How about having not all be ice? For example, maybe randomizing ice and dirt under carpet in some areas?

David Garcés

thanks for your vids dude, they are great!


"I've not even found Joe"
Joe drops from the sky
"I found Joe"

The timing could not be more perfect.

Irene Magnin

One direction (ice tee) needs long shot to get to the hole, 2nd direction (need floor tee) closer shot, both reach the same place.