Dana White PROVIDES UPDATE on Khabib vs. GSP, UFC 257 press conference announced, Conor slams Khabib

Dana White PROVIDES UPDATE on Khabib vs. GSP, UFC 257 press conference announced, Conor slams Khabib

133 526 views | 16 Jan. 2021

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MMA news today:

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV finally meets Dana White in Abu Dhabi



DANA WHITE says that Khabib needs to vacate title to fight GSP in his return


CONOR MCGREGOR believes that Khabib has retired because he didn't want to fight him


BRENDAN SCHAUB on Dana White's warning to streamers


JEREMY STEPHENS explains why he is not worried about CTE


JOAQUIN BUCKLEY talks his rise and upcoming fight against Alessio Di Chirico

UFC 257: MCGREGOR vs. POIRIER pre-fight press conference announced for January 21


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Bloomfield Plymouth

Just when you think Connor may have matured a little, he never fails to disappoint. Khabib would destroy him again. “Let’s Talk!!!”

Agosto Ceilings

Conor who??

Žmogus Hibridas

Conor live in dream world :D

Ben Dover

I hate it when I’m all caught up on the news!

Dra Dikketrip

so what he said is. he is not retired.. he is till in the game..

Tashreeq Sayed

Connor : khabib is afraid to fight me.
The world : khabib f**ked the shit out of you then still jumped the cage to kick to shit out of you team also.

The Batman

Khabib is like the ex girlfriend that says it’s over but keeps coming back

All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt

Delusional coner

jordan m

Connor is a gronk

Hannan Raja Ali

Why did McTapperTapOut....?
He needed TimeOut...


Conor' The delusional'Gregor

Riley Tuplin

I Actually agree that was the worst of Conor and the best of Khabib


DANA - please stop talking about Mcregor vs kabib fight, last time it was so mismatch in every aspect. so we are not interesting in that anymore, please make something fun like: kabib olivera, lets see kabib dominate this BJJ on the ground.. make an excitement match.. what do you say viewer's. am i right here ?


Dana should make Conor vs George if Conor beats Dustin XD


Mcgregor should join Dantey wilder and Donald Trump in the delusional department of the metal institute


"Humble in victory or defeat" pmsl. What a fucking clown this man has become. Anybody who is more interested in Mcgregor khabib 2 than khabib Oliveira is nothing more than a casual and thats facts.



ST0N3DB3AR 420

Y lie

Domingo Tripp

Didn’t Connor do the same thing to Aldo

Navid Rehman

Conner got his arse kicked. Full stop..

chocolate starfish

Conor needs to shut up.. guys a knob and got schooled then shit his pants when it all kicked off.. Conor is the definition of what happens when money and fame ruins a person

John White

I'd rather see Khabib vs GSP. He would just kick Connor's ass again.

Muhammad Hikmal

all ready ...all war zone .............mah...mah....mah ....mah ...........when fight "it's only busines" ........when interview "my balloooonnn was foot" .........and finally "khabib scared rematch"

Mighty Mack

Conor trying to lure Khabib out of retirement to get the big pay day!! He smashed you and would do it again and again!!!!

Mason Madman

Allowing Dana to walk in 1st is respect thing my nigga is such a back home nigga

Mac Mase

Let me help some of you keyboard warriors out there. Fighting is not only a physically draining sport but a very emotional one as well. You have to be 100% committed (mind/body/soul) When a fighter finishes a fight is very common for him/her to say that’s it and retire. ALL THE GREATS DID IT SEVERAL TIMES OVER! Anyone talking shit about Conor or Khabib is a punk. They both have shown that they deserve respect in this sport.

Yasir Benzian

Salty mcgregor ain’t getting no rematch

Pablo Escobedo

Conor saying khabib isn’t a true fighter but yet he has never defended any of his belts....

Domingo Tripp

Retired Undefeated
You’ll never get that one back and Daddy Dana can’t “fix it”... LMMFAO

Dj hotdawg

I mean conor has a point....... khabib did sign a contract to fight Tony and then never did

Hakeem The Venomous

My dream: Khabib vs mcgregor rematch Khabib will actually lose but..... Reality....

luboIchi tj


Oli Vedebe

Conor is so frustrated

Vitor Hugo

Khabib just DESTROYED Conor and he’s talking about fear?

Peter Griffin

They just announced it,, KHABIB WILL COME BACK


McChicken : I fought the best of him, he fought the worst of me.
Also McChicken : Refuses to rematch Aldo, retires several times, wants to fight easy washed up fighters.

OK. At first Khabib was living rent free in mctappers head.. now he seems to have moved in permanently and is continuing to buy all his real estate.

Tyler Grauman

“You know what I’m say”
“And everything like that”
What’s up with athletes repeating themselves in interviews

Sugilite Gel

Fire that Trump supporter



Matthew Torres

Why does Khabib have to vacate when Conor held up 2 divisions for his rematch with Nate Diaz?

Peter peters

Cocaine is a hell of a drug


"Khabib Nurmagomedov was never my friend" - Dana White


Conor thinks he is motivated now so he can win against khabib, he needs to realise "motivated Conor" is just meme content.

Pound Sterling

Conor you showed your hand when you tapped out against Khabib.

Hichem Mowahed

Khabib defended his title three times.
Conor never defended his title .

Mr. Selfish

" I talk and I talk and I talk. But guess what? When it's time to back up the talk, I tap." - Conor McGregor


Khabib beat that ass so thoroughly that the non stop cheating didn't matter.
taking the biggest UFC fight at his worst. sure. So many good fights out there, he should know he systematicaly avoided every1 of them


Conor, true to form, showing he is a no-class, trashy, crybaby daddy's boy. Khabib beat *everyone*, including people that Conor beat or lost to. Get over it, mctapper.

spencer mccrackin

"I have da ansah ta detroy dat man"

Yeah, just like you had the answer last time. Khabib would fuck Conor up again with no problems.

Nick Brown

Conor is honestly pathetic with his disrespect towards Khabib at this point


So when did Conor give Aldo his rematch.

Anas Nabil

Conor outside the octagon : khabib is scared of me
Conor inside the octagon : it’s only business

Adam Birnstihl

Connor says Khabib is scared but won’t give Diaz the trilogy fight so who’s scared


lol why would khabib be afraid of conor? he crushed conor

Samir Azam

Just shame yourself so easily u forgot that what he did to u on that night oh man !


Conor/Trump delusion


Dont forget to fast forward to end and hit replay to avoid commercials.

Easy Balls of Steel

Why so many people are still so stupid to understand that Conor will do everthing to get Khabib attention for a rematch..Hes not stupid he know Khabib will beat him but he also know its a big payday.

El J

Conor STFU already you tapped and I wasn’t even on your neck “tap machine” need to have the voice volume “turn off”... just remember you are fighting another guy that got finished same way you did by the SAME PERSON” - + - = + “ I guess


Conor look humble

Enes Poturak 83

You got your ass kicked already so keep your mouth shut (Conor)

Jon P

How can I fight in the ufc? Last time I was in the ring I got choked out and woke up covered in feces and was foaming up pre workout outta my mouth. I guess when I blacked out my bowels went limp and it was like the Hoover dam flowing mud. I did a punch test and they said my overhand right is the same energy as a full grown elk bucking his horns into an oak tree during mating season.

Michael Lefebvre

Omg he beat the fuck out of you McGregor

Shawn Best

He beat your ass Conor


Wait you didn’t give Nate a trilogy he’s been calling for it for ages. You didn’t give Aldo a rematch even though it was like 20 second fight, you’ve only rematched one person and that’s because you lost against him e.g. Nate. You’ve not fought Dustin yet so can’t count it. Adding Conor to Khabib’s list again will not improve his legacy and that’s his main concern.

Rasmus Jensen

you no i saying ?? You kno?? you kno ?

Northern Corruption Monitor 907

conor is funny at this point i would not even want to watch him get beat up again and taken down and grinded into the ground but you know it would be funny as fuck to see khabib come out of retirement and send conner a text saying "give me location we meet cage no cage gloves no gloves " Conner would piss his fucking pants even when UFC takes khabibs belt we all know who is champion !!!!

Mars LPV

Connor still delusional. . Khabib wasnt the one crying "its only business"

im raan

Goat vs Goat

Bob Bobson

Haha it seems Habib was at his best 29 times in a row. What a lucky streak

one badmoto


Moses Moses

Khabib just had to JORDAN the game 4 a minute. Domination can have that affect on superior athletes.


Khabib is not a true fighter, but a true son to his mother.
How many of yall could say the same?

Terry Boulder

"It is what it is" does not cover what a load of BS you just talked...


conor simply cannot handle that loss, it eats him up inside, he probably lays awake at night thinking about it. He is just desperate to try and get that win back to soothe his own ego

Raymond Scott Jr.

Lol Conor is acting like a ex girlfriend. Khabib has nothing to gain from smashing the leprechaun again.

ArSenal ForlifE

He dodged a tony and khabib in 2017 just to get his ass whopped by a 40 year old mayweather for money.

Hassan TeemPan

Khabib is afraid to fight Connor ??
So Khabib is afraid of fighting all 29 of his opponents ??
Khabib: This is number 1 Bullshit !!

Nezioo Araujoo

lol hes AFRAID to face me? he completely dominated conor the WHOLE fight khabib easily beat him lol to problem for khabib . conor mouth is bigger than his abilities

tanzeen ahmed

Ariel Helwani needs to stfu

Junaid Khurshid

They should get Joe Rogan to put on micky mouse ears if he is commentating for the fight.

Muhammad Faizal

Everyone: khabib retiered because afraid of me.

nathan wallace

Conor McGregor is delusional and an open liar. He got destroyed by khabib and refuse to accept reality that he was literally begging for his life in that fight. I don’t know how anyone with an ounce or grain of sense can believe anything he says when he has act cowardly by attacking a man who wasn’t a professional fighter and one who was elderly. He’s like a school kid who is playing mind games and using psychological tactics because they are insecure and can’t face the truth that they are weak and not the image they project or try so desperately for the world to believe. Conor McGregor despite his many posturing and showy personality is insecure and only a fool can’t see that

Dra Dikketrip


lol training with his mom :P he is soo tuff, just to to this and dont care.

Dexter Morgan

Khabib has never faced a grappler like Olivera, that match up is very intriguing.

Kyle Coley

If khabib fights again I'm only interested if it's Charles or George

Anas Nabil

Conor you cant apologize in the middle of a fight like a little b*tch especially after all that trash talk and then expect to get a rematch. He even let you stand with him for a full round and you still couldn’t even damage him one bit.
Focus on Dustin Poirier dude. You’re a good fighter, not a great one.

Joe Hughes

Conor would beat Kabib in a rematch but kabib won’t fight him because he knows it is a hard fight for him. He callled Mcgreggor out so many times for holding up the division and now he’s doing exactly the same “I might fight the one who impresses me most”
I’m not a Conor fan nor khabibs. But it’s n interesting story that will play out

Ian Lewis

Khabib will never fight GSP stop with your trash ass click bait

Caleb Henrick

You fight Ferguson and Olivera then Connor lol you won't.

Shayne Sim

Any respect I had for Conor is gone after hearing his egotistical ramblings about the true legendary king of the UFC.


WE ALL LOVE KHABIB.. BUT, how can you say that Conor is wrong? Khabib is hell bent over this a GSP shit, the man will be 40 in 4 months and you guys want a Prime Khabib to fight him? Damn what did George do to deserve this beating he's being sentenced to lol. There is a long line of killers waiting to fight Khabib just like Conor said so why are you looking for a fight with a 40 year old man? Half of the guys at 170 are 5'11, the same height as Justin and Tony.. I'm sure if you ask Masvidal, or Colby if they'd like a shot at Khabibs title they'd jump all over it.. So as much as we "ALL" love Khabib, we need to stop acting like there's nobody left for him to fight.. that's nonsense that a child would say. I personally can't say he's the G.O.A.T. if he doesn't move up in weight and fight like all the other greats did because I'm not a fanboy who sits around repeating whatever my hero say's.. I think for myself, and what I think is he needs to fight a hell of a lot more guys before calling himself the G.O.A.T. with that being said, I do believe Khabib can beat most of them, but there are a few guys like Charles O, McGregor, Covington,and Masvidal who are always a threat, and the guys like Usman who would destroy him. And don't give me that shit about Usman being to big because Conor fought Diaz who is the same size as Kamaru, and Khabib is bigger than Conor. There's a lot of guy's left before he gets to G.O.A.T status. Jon Jones moved up in weight, so after Stipe beats Ngannou, Jones will beat Stipe, and then there's no way anyone can say Jones isn't the Greatest... End of story....... I Can't wait for all the fight geniuses to come tell me I'm wrong, and he don't have to prove anything.. or maybe they'll turn this into a Conor Mcgregor thing LMAO.

Anas Nabil

Conor and Kevin Lee read the same self help books


Conor is pretty funny, no sense of irony!

Experienced User


VPN Users:


did conor forget? everyone can walk away anytime they want "it's just business"

Jacob Nash

I agree with Jeremy Stephens on his way of looking at it, I'm a trailer mechanic and inside a gas tanker trailer there's something like 82 cancer causing agents or something ridiculous like that and I've known a lot of mechanics that have passed away due to cancer, so there's risk n life no matter what in my opinion...

snakelunik %

Lucky chiken punch


Khabib dominated Conor, demolished him on the ground and could be argued he was better in stand-up too, with that one knock down.

ac17 140

Olivera is a way more dangerous fight for khabib than a mcgregor rematch