WINTER SOLDIER Vs. GUILE (Full Version) - Super Soldiers Clash

WINTER SOLDIER Vs. GUILE (Full Version) - Super Soldiers Clash

1 384 469 views | 3 Nov. 2020

Guile task to capture suspected hydra agent with metallic arm in an old ruin. Meanwhile, hydra also send their other agent to retrieve a run away asset.

Don't expect next animation come out soon guys, i only have a vague idea right now. Not to mention I'm doing this alone apart for voice acting of course (yeah my VA is terrible

Toni Kavorkias

Ton SS


Angel N

Awesome work.

Austin Andricks

isnt this the MF from Street Fighter ll id always use the indian looking stretch dude. people would get pissed cause id keep stretching across the room and kicking them in the nuts.

Pain ToParidise

Yoo we need a juggernaut vs hulk

Paulie Ty Sian

Winter soldier against another patriotic american hero!

Pedro Mendes

Vídeo muito bom eu nunca vim alguém fazer mais bom do que isso sucesso



Kevin Grimes

Very very good fight


Heeeey!!! Go SAITAMA VS MOB100

michael thoele

Uh bawler

Stanley Ofori

Good work

Jhxn Prxphxt

Guile team MTFs, tuuuuu tu turu ti tin tin tutu ri tuuuuuu.

Nazeel Ramdani

Sometimes the tatoo gone

Henry Emang

make more video ok

Josue Rossi

Caramba que massa!

Jeffrey Abreu

Now i will love to see a real movie of these 2 fighting !! Great video

Foodies For Singles

They should have a included Guile in infinite. Could have save the game.


Que animacao linda , perfeita .

Arman Ali


kenji vang

Can u do a zoro vs kirito love these 2 swordsman even thou kirito is in a game still I want to see it pls if u can make this I'd really love to see it or atleast a zoro vs sasuke both in prime ages ofc plss

Vladimir Moreno

Felicitaciones por tu trabajo. Congratulation for yours job

Антон Пойденко

Советский союз побидил

Astronaut Ninja

Jax and Sonia Blade would've been 100% better choice than Guile.

Oly jed

Hey I was in this! i was the third rock shard when they busted that first wall! Acting anima skills hehe

Kasanova Sloan

Well at least he won’t have to report bak empty handed

Esteban Alvares

Simplemente genial

Sergio Cruz

Omg ! Great video !


Do batman vs black panther

espo espo

There was the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick. I'm happy. You know if you know.

Cristóbal Sánchez

Alex Mercer Vs Kaneki-Ken It Would Be Brutal

Mirian Carpintero



yo le boy al ruso viva la madre rusia >:V y soy venezolano XD

Kenny Ak

Goku vs saitama

f1r3 hunt3rz

You are a hidden gem, and I am so lucky to have stumbled upon your channel.

Lolo biru

That's Cool


Bucky vs captain america xd

Anthony D1620

When the mask came off I thought Guile was gonna go "Bucky."

Awesome job by the way

Alex's Stuff

That was so epic

Cry of fear

American soldier with RPG-7

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Yo you did a good job with this make more!

ultra boixo.


Jae Bizzle

This anime is fantastic absolutely love it keep it coming bro


you are crazy

Pallab Sarma

saitama vs goku please


You should make series about your recent animations

gamer isai Avila

I think winter soldiers won


Why was the other guy in the mask??

Gabriel Urena

Creative unique talented

FHRITP eaglesnation

Anything is possible in the multi-universe


My money's on Guile da OG

Kaos G

This! Right here! Is FUCKING GREAT!!!!!! MAD PROPS

Bernard Isaac

That was a masterpiece. Well done!!!!

Hal Borunda

Marvels vs Capcom

thyllo games12

you are not making video anymore why?

Zimaut Animation

For those who don't know the third guy.......


Sweet pea

Whats guile shoulder routine?

Spiritual MEDIA

I wanna C a fight of hulk vs broly in Y’ur style plz!


Damn this was amazing!

Ghana Pallbearers

Next make Goku vs Saitama. Or goku vs hulk

majestic cichlids

Guile is a BEAST!


1:42 That guile strategy on how to evade and counter the sniper made my day.

Sigma XIII

To the animator; you need to fix Guile's tattoo on his right arm. We do not as Americans; and certainly NEVER anyone in our military represent our Nations Flag in retreat.

Ralph Soans

This was far better than WW84

Michael Silva

Muito massa.

upload video

I'm not the first
I'm not the last
But When I see this video
I click like

Marty Malon3

Best fight scene one seen in awhile nicely done

Hulksson Gaming

You should make the next one juggernaut vs the thing

Darrall Shamar Williams

Well done. Whole new respect for Guile now.

Hulksson Gaming

The only thing that confused me is when you sped it up

Cicil Britches

Shorten the dialogue

BlueTwist _

Fucking awesome

James Cantu



It's marvel baby

Mohd izwa Azilan

Morree vid about hulkkkk


One smart WS would attack SB's legs

Christ Alone 89


Super Ty

Cash register noise when Guile kicked tho lol


재밌어요 잘보고갑니다


When I saw winter soldier I thought of captain America ....

Anene Tochukwu

Notice the flipping at 13:46?

charlie soriano

I didn't see that coming... Damn!

Jesus Vela

Ryu would sweep the floor with Bucky


Muito bom, impressionante e parabéns.


Better than Meliodas vs Escanor

Johnny Ringo

Iron man whooped winter soldiers skirt off, she was lucky his girlfriend cap was there.

Kiddo X

Jean Claude Van-Damme vs Sebastian Stan.

Dubstep show


Richard C Autorina

That was great

Dy Sun

choreography is epic for cartoons. This has the potential to go on the big screen and compete with Disney productions.

Error 404

I want to see something like this in dragon ball super

Neymar Gordo

Animação muito bem feita parabéns


Possible in Marvel Vs. Capcom

Michelle Mckenna

I don't remember bucky being that bulky and buff

espo espo

Question: isn't Guile an Air Force pilot in the original SF story?

Roozevelt Rodrigues

Muito irado esse crossover

Efren ismael Baldovinos Ramos

Gray Fox vs raiden

Muhammed Sabir

Now I'm a winter soldier fan ...
Because this video make me a winter soldier's fan

Leon Webb

Dude this is awesome what program did you use to create it? Super cool!! Did you use photoshop?