30 BEST THINGS ON AMAZON! home decor, tech, + beauty products you NEED in 2020

30 BEST THINGS ON AMAZON! home decor, tech, + beauty products you NEED in 2020

338 210 views | 30 Aug. 2020

anyone else ordering way too much on amazon these days?? today i'm sharing my 30 favorite amazon products! let me know your best amazon finds in the comments. :)


Gel nail kit: https://bit.ly/32BvZgp

Black masks: https://bit.ly/31H6on1

Slippers: https://bit.ly/3jvFtAK


Marble coasters: https://bit.ly/3b7fhcA

Acrylic wine stacker: http://bit.ly/2IACmY9

Dining room chairs: https://bit.ly/3b8OZ9G

Artificial eucalyptus: https://bit.ly/2EO7qoh

Valentino book: https://bit.ly/31H7dw7

AD book: https://bit.ly/2YQFbfQ

Homesick candles: https://bit.ly/2YPMYKC

Clothing rack: https://bit.ly/3lwvr3Q

Velvet clothes hangers: http://bit.ly/3c3O0aP

Do What You Love neon light: https://bit.ly/3ju3zvG

Hanging canvas sweater organizer: http://bit.ly/2w2U1UH

Closet rod extender: https://bit.ly/3gJkpVx

Metal chip clips: https://bit.ly/3lwuPey

Metal straws: https://bit.ly/3jtq57P

Bath tub drain cover: https://bit.ly/3hJSiqj

Bath tub pillow: http://bit.ly/34AHc0z


Love handle phone grip: https://bit.ly/3bbO74i

Clear phone case: https://bit.ly/3gH7yDk

Glass screen protector: https://bit.ly/3b8TXDs

LED TV Light Strips: https://bit.ly/2ELpAqA

Alexa control outlet: https://bit.ly/2ERduwk

Sandisk photo backup: https://bit.ly/3baebN1

JBL speaker: https://bit.ly/2EIbJBA

6 ft charging cable: https://bit.ly/34Pq4H8

Faster charging block: https://bit.ly/3beA5if


Paint by number: https://bit.ly/32GT4xZ

Colored dot stickers: https://bit.ly/3b9q8mg

5 minute journal: https://bit.ly/3gF5Emn

Ankle weights: https://bit.ly/3b9pRzK


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FTC: This above links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from any purchases.

Patti Cake

Thank you for the short video with great products

Karen Bennett

Jeez... slow down when your speaking. No competition. Your giving me anxiety


I found coffee table books from the dollar tree.


Please, don’t keep wine near sunlight unless you’re trying to turn it into vinegar...

3Stars in the air

Who is binge watching Amazon finds


Using screen protectors and having never cracked a phone is a better measure of intelligence than IQ tests

House Pimping



I loveeeee your shirt

Spartan Invest

I'm sure you don't know that: https://amzn.to/3gkUSn1

Amanda Blue

Seriously love the pace of your videos also! I will not take the time watch a rambler. Thank you


That gel nail kit is definitely very cheap! I spent 100+ on my kit but I love it

cj wins

You got some really cute stuff. I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting the same ol stuff.

Katherine Roe

I’ve been having a lot of skin issues since I have to wear a mask at work! (And I’m not wearing makeup) I instantly bought the black “medical” like masks when I saw this! Thanks!!

roxy rblx

i love how you wasted no time, new sub!

Kristie Gilmore

Okay I’ve never had roommates aside from my partner, so this is a serious question. Is that really what it’s like? Do roommates really feel the need to label their own food in the fridge?

syrup sul

The sticker idea is GENIUS!! I dont have roommates but i do have a very hungry husband


I watch a lottttt of Amazon haul videos & this is by far the best one I’ve ever watched

alx bd

Kristen P

Just an idea, since you're obvi a Prime member, if you use Amazon photos you can set it up that it automatically syncs every pic you take as well as vids. It's unlimited storage for photos and it fast when it come to backing up compared to other options out there. I'm paranoid when it comes to losing photos so I usually have several back up options set up.


Wearing a muzzle aka mask is never fashionable.... but loved all of the other products!

Elizabeth Kautz

Where did you get the pictures on your wall? Love those! [email protected]sbcglobal.net
Thank you!

Shay Moore

Where is the glass mason jar from, amazon as well? The one you showed with the metal straw, it’s adorable, would love to know where I can find it.

Lis V

I Find things to buy because it’s fun! So I appreciate these videos!!

Tara Garcia

First of all.. you're wearing an *NSYNC shirt


Awesome Amazon finds. Thanks for sharing!!

Elizabeth Kautz

Where did you get the pictures on your wall? Love those! [email protected]sbcglobal.net
Thank you!

Ashleigh Forster

This was the best video! Oh my gosh I felt like I was watching myself say all the things I need and think about! We are the same girl!

nikki sizemore

I absolutely love my JBL speaker

Nenacarolina Fuqua

I thought I had you on fast speed


Straight product video.....no chaser! I loved it great job

Paulette H

I'll for sure order a few of your suggestions...thanks! P.S. I've heard of speed readers, but never a speed talker! Your fabulous !

Makeup By Marissaa

Paint the black wire the colour of your wall so it blends in!


Ok so I’ve literally watched over a hundred amazon favorites videos - maybe even more - and this is definitely the best one. You’re favorites are seriously the best and I’m gonna buy a lot of these things! Definitely make more of these videos!!!

Melissa DeAssis

Girl, you are on my speed!

Edel Yabes

I love this video!! I appreciate how simple and fast you explain the items. Loved it! Definitely subscribed ☺️

Derdine Brown

thank you for going through this quickly!


Wow, you talk suuuuuuuper fast.

Joan Carver

First video, of yours, for me, and I really enjoyed it! Loved the pace, the energy and your presentation. Also, enjoyed the variety of Amazon products. I'm going to be your newest subscriber! Loved the video of the 30 Best things on Amazon!

Rachel Kenyon

good video, i like it that you're straight to the point! subscribed for more :)

Maria H

Okay but where is your desk from ? It’s so cute!

Andrea Tremaine

Love how u got to the point with all the items

Aracelyy Xx

New sub ✨

Michael Yates

yo what up

Emma Wright

Ooh all of these items are so aesthetic

Jessica Grimes

One of the best Amazon videos I have seen!

Sherrie Chandler

Almost half the things in this video you showed in your video I previously watched.

Afton Crain

I’m from North Carolina so it’d be interesting to see what the candle smells like

Yarii Iglecias

OMG I did NOT know that was another drain!
It all makes sense now lol

kahla irwin

I literally trust your opinion so much that i bought the nail kit without even looking

Henry Schweezy

Buy a Fluffle it’s absolutely amazing for fall weather, if you don’t know what it is go to flufflebuddy.com I got two for my gf and I and we love them

Amanda Maas

Love your videos and you don’t babble lol


From all the Amazon Home Decor Hauls I've watched I like your way of doing it the best. Everything in this video just matches somehow! And I think I'm gonna buy one of those Phone Cases, they seem pretty neat :) Keep up the great content :D <3

Sharmaine Policarpio

Can you do more amazon hauls!? Love everything you purchased, they're so practical!

Angelika Kopek

Love that this video is quick!!

Kayce H

Never watched u before but this is a great favourites videos. Lots of stuff I’ve never seen before. Not the same old stuff. Fantastic.

Smart Life

Nice products. Share the product that has improved your life here ismart.life/products


She is so beautiful

jackie jester

Would be nice adding the price

Deirdre Hart

New subscriber! Also obsessed w watching amazon favorite videos


i wish my eyebrows were as perfect as yours! ur stunning girl!

Romy Fleurs

The 5 minute journal caught my attention. I see Mimi Ikonn using it in her videos with her husband a lot. I think Alex is the author. :)

Jodi Henriques


Josiah Botello

i feel like we have the same problems lmao

Modern Millie

You need to include less items in your next Amazon video because you’re going to make me go broke with all these finds

Luara Rodrigues

Your hair is so beautiful!

Shynal Chand

The links don't work

Priscilla Salazar

I enjoyed your video short, sweet, and to the point. Thank you for the helpful information

Richie V

I actually had to play this at 75% speed to keep up cuz you can explain something SUUUUPER quick. Could also be me taking things in slowly. LOL. Also, love the shirt.

Med Tech67

For the light sign, just paint the cord the same color as the wall.

Ashmere Prasad

These are all amazing wow need so many things. Also what camera do you use?!


I am today year's old when I learned that's what that circle is for in your tub...

Evette Walker

Too fast for me


You talk too fast.

Andjela Bogdanovic

There are many beautiful and useful things for women here, check it out

Justine Rivas

too much capitalism. buy buy buy to buy things to store things to buy.

Kiana Archer

Great video. Straight to the point and some actually really good items. Thank you.

Flor Ortiz

Oh my God your shirt

Valerie Williamson

You move from one thing to the next way too fast for me.


Where is your dining table from? I’ve been looking for one like that with marble top and wooden legs

Sherrie Sena

Your house is so nice


Thank you for sharing your amazing finds, I’ve enjoyed watching your videos.


Love this vid ! Adding to cart

Z Seher

You definitely have your viewers best interest at heart! I love that you did drag this video to be 30+ mins and got to the point, you cared more about your viewers than yourself!

ivey Lunette roth

What about wrapping little decor lights along the wires in a way that it handing down safely from the neon sign? It could make it looked like a firework going off or something idk

nelly almanza

I love how your straight yo the point. You don’t waste time

Lucia Kristofikova

Where are your rings from? :))))

Kaitlin Casey

Thank you so much for the video! I love how straight to the point it was, but still had personality. I have a very short attention span and this video was perfect. <3 I know everyone else said the same thing, but I wanted to add my appreciation too. I loved all the suggestions!

Lisa Kinnaman

THANK YOU FOR THE BATHTUB DRAIN COVER!! I'm a bath girl and everytime I take a bath I think 'I really need to look for some gadget to cover my drain to take a DEEP bath'!!! Then I promptly forget about it once I'm out of tub :) And, I love the pace of your videos...not blabbing on forever about non-pertinent stuff! Get right to it and show us lots of fun stuff. Thank you!!

Chloe Camp

A chair made of all plastic should not cost more than 50$. Having chairs that are so uncomfortable you don't want to sit long I'd one way to curb appetite & kid wiehht

Christine Maire

Ok, so I am getting the slippers, TV LED lights, and the tub drainer thingy!! Awesome finds. Thanks for the video!!

Jonathan Giovannoni


Yoona Key

People, please purchase REUSEABLE MASKS... I might be mistaken but from this video, it looks like they are disposable masks. They are so bad for the environment. Please do better.

Laura Brown

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Denise Marlin

What a great selection of items! Definitely going to check out the wine rack. Where did your rug come from under the dining table?

Krishan Fletch

The utter milk dolly mug because layer problematically boast up a fresh specialist. insidious, bright friday

JH linder

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Lisa Leezybeeze

Really nice things shown in the video


I love this video. Fast paced but still informative.