UFC on ESPN 3: Francis Ngannou vs. Junior dos Santos | Weekend Recap | Luke Thomas

UFC on ESPN 3: Francis Ngannou vs. Junior dos Santos | Weekend Recap | Luke Thomas

62 534 views | 1 Jul. 2019

UFC Fight Night: Francis Ngannou vs. Junior dos Santos results are below. Spoilers ahead.

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At UFC on ESPN 3, Francis Ngannou stopped Junior dos Santos inside of a round, Joseph Benavidez TKO'd Jussier Formiga, Demian Maia held off Anthony Rocco Martin, Alonzo Menifield made short work of Paul Craig, Vinc Pichel slowed Roosevelt Roberts's progress and more.

This is my UFC on ESPN 3 recap.

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Looking and sounding very healthy luke, glad you made the changes but I'm already having withdrawals from not getting the Monday morning analyst.

Super Vegeta

Theres really nothing too recap lol Francis has the craziest power and abilities too land said power and JDS left his chin way back in 2013 and it’s sitting on Velasquez’s mantle.
No surprise here.

El Soy

Barbas should be a returning intro guest.


Good ole Reverend Barbus. Great pooch


its looked to me like jds didnt want to be on knockout highlights video on youtube

Muhammad Moosa

Francis is much more cagey than given credit for. Seemingly he causes panic and mistakes amongst his opponents. Overeem,Cain and JDS all fell victim to his searing power. Perhaps after getting a sense of the jackhammer like force they feel rushed into a survival mode and lulled into a counter that ends in a one punch ko

Anthony scott

Dont take sleeping pills thats for DONKS if you want full sleep and health proticol. Dont hesitate to ask for information . Stop being a donk and take our information

Edward Cota

I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed him calling us bitches at the end

Kwaku Anansi

Even with this win it seems as though the Ngannou hype train is derailed. I thought there would be a lot more fanfare over the spectacular win.


wait benavidez beat formiga??? wtf i watch ricardo ramos fight and i could have sworn the guy he was fighting was benavidez! lmfao! wtf is going on? i never saw the whole card.

really real

New podcast with shaub


Chael - 2 Luke - 0

Ryan Biggs

Starts at 7:50

Alex Cacares

Luke, you feel like crap because youre 50 lbs overweight. Not because youre "old".


Fight Chael in Bellator lol

Johan Liebert

why do people bother donating to this guy when he doesn't even give a fuck he's a conceited little prick

Dylan Vincent

Ilir latifi or Romero with those traps as well!

shun shun

Hey Luke, why you so much emphasis on how to beat Francis

Nurse Avila

Stfu about being tired!

Alex Cacares

I think its absolutely hilarious that you think Jon Jones, who had a lot of trouble taking down Anthony Smith, would be able to take down Francis. Not only that but you say it like its just a given that Jones will not only take him down with ease but will hold him down and smash him. In what universe do you seriously see Jones doing that to Francis?


Asking for money for consumer grade gear at this point in your career is downright criminal

jay Roowe

Fuck off with the ads luke


My bold prediction; Luke starts a podcast with Jimmy smith and they name it "Jimmy & the Donk".

Mind Games

Jesus christ got enough ads?

Albert Alvarez

Is JDS washed up? Is it time 4 him to say Goodbye!

Jake M

35:40 Luke likes traps?

Steelo B

Blades vs Lewis I want to see that .


Yoel has better traps.


Congratulations on your ESPN deal Luke!


Junior Dos Santos needs to retire and Ngannou has the gravy train with the rest of Africans in UFC. UFC want$ fighter$ with African root$, damn it$!!

Dan F



Man that is such profound analysis of Francis Jesus Christ my gay cousin could have provided that insight, no shit everybody is fighting him the wrong way much easier said than done jackass

James Ptah

I unsubscribed to Chael Sonnen! Sometimes in life you've gotta do the right thing! I was a Chael fan as well.


Looking like a brand-new donk, change is good

Moxi Moz

Sony cams are for DONKS.

John F. Murphy

Luke for President.......this loyal donk will find your content anywhere.....thanks for the hard work.


Did he respond to Chaels second video ????

Francis The Predator 2.0

They all underestimate me and think I'm just a wild slugger but I'm a ma'fuggen surgeon I'm that octagon. I'm coming for my soul Stipe

Jesus Judai Cavazos

Derrick Lewis still better than Ngannou

David Sosnak


The Dildaddy

Thanks Luke! I needed some Monday MMA Contents

Steelo B

Before Francis fights for the title he owes for the black beast fight (Derrick Lewis )that was messed up

Dars von nang

The Athletic should at least give you a free subscription for that plug

Micheál Gallagher

One of the judges scored the Maia fight a draw??????? The incompetence of these people knows no bounds!


Isn't Barbas the name of the talking dog in Skyrim that hangs out with Clavicus Vile?

Travis Hearing

Stop all the fucking talking!!!


Please put this on SoundCloud or an RSS podcast feed dude. The MMA Hour finishing has left a hole in my commuting podcast schedule (:


Chael changed your bum life! Totally a work, good cross-promotion on the both of you.

danny Macarthur

Cant afford your radio show but thanks for doing these videos


Luke need to make a show on his private YouTube account with Danny Segura discussing MMA.

Call it The Donk & Danny Show

Gregory Norfolk

Is the dog real?

Timelapse Experimentals

Luke Dogmas

Nurse Avila

The fall of Luke

Wayne Arbes

You talk way too much dude. Just get to the mma news. Thats ONLY reason we tune in. Takes you 5 minutes to even get to anything. Like we care about what you drink and your lighting and stuff. I can do a better job than this

really real

Damm i am excited for what luke has coming up in terms of projects & new ventures

Ron Jones

This reminded me of the old Wednesday Live Chats. Absolutely loved it. Keep it up Luke

j K

Luke "I never say no to the troops" Thomas

Derek Ericksen

How do you work the body & stay far away? How do you not allow his explosiveness? How do you take him out of the fight without allowing engagement to tire him out? If your throwing a kick at his calf, he can knock you out at that range. If you throw a teep kick, he’s going to react quicker & more powerful than you. He turned his weakness into motivation after soul searching at UFC229. I don’t see anyone who can beat him anymore. Stipe & DC should hurry up & fight each other & both retire immediately after the fight.


luke you should consider bringing the watch party with your friends.

clive ramsbotty

'i've never been to scotland but i've been to the uk'

shun shun

Damn voice text

Peter Dempsey

Keep em coming Luke. Mma fans need you


um gonna need that ether intro in perpetuity bro

ASEC Mimosas

Bad week for BJJ practitioners. Greene, a blue belt, knocked out Albini, a brown belt who, for no apparent reason, didn't try to use that advantage. Former football player Eryk Anders stuffed 5 tkd attempts from black belt Vicinius Moreira before putting him down. Alonzo Menifield, another former football player and someone who's been vocal about his disdain for grappling, stuffed a takedown from Paul Craig, a black belt, and then knocked him out. Then Francis Ngannou put JDS, a real black belt, to sleep before he could utilize grappling in any capacity, if he would have chosen to do so later in the fight.

This is not an argument so much as just an observation.

Taylor Grove

I own a window cleaning business and am looking for donations Lol wtf. Who gets donations to help with supplies to do there job.


Skip to 08:00 for recap/actual content

Pseudo-pro Air-cowbeller

Paul Craig is the door dash of stoppage wins. That's why he crossed the octagon, he was trying to make his delivery.

Teddy Tokotahi

Francis vs Mark Hunt

Wayne Arbes

And i thought Arial helwani was bad lmao!!

Malcolm Legette

Barbus? Luke you an Elder scrolls fan??

Snake Pliskin

Saseen Kawzally

cute doggy

Shibby Chingching

Luke..love your analysis..but this 45 min live chat had 9 ads..I hate to complain..but that's alot.hope your seeing good revenue from this


When you have power like Francis you will always be around the top of the division. Rumble was the same way it’s just he had a lot more weapons on the feet than Francis. Nobody demolished Glover, Bader, Gus and at the time Manuwa the way Rumble did. It took a huge light heavyweight like DC who in my opinion is the 5th greatest fighter in UFC history to beat him. As of now Francis only threats at heavyweight is the top 2 guys DC and Stipe. If you put the Derrick Lewis fight aside, nobody is beating Francis in a stand up fight. Same went for Rumble. When it comes to being a KO artist both of those guys are in a league or their own.


Tell us about the showtime gig


Why are people so eager for Ngannou and Benavidez to get more title shots? Both have and were dominated.

Connor Crawford



Joseph Benavidez was so vicious. His timing, aggression, precision, and forward movement was so unforgiving. It's almost like he took it personally that the flyweight division is on life support. It just seemed so primal. Benavidez tested positive for anger. Dude, you could see it. It was visceral and I like it. Can USADA suspend you for rage?

nequals 1

Between the baby; lukes job; and his inherent difficulty sleeping - he probably gets a good 5 minutes of quality sleep each night.

Justin Hammond

I never leave comments... I usually like Luke’s insights but fuck me. HOW MANY ADS DO YOU WANT TO JAM INTO 1 HOUR.


Start your own podcast Luke! you can do it when ever you want from home.. Id watch for sure, and whats Brendan Schaub gonna do without your breakdowns come up with his own? .. Shit'd, "Chin what else you got"..

Luis Flores

He makes more


Luke’s lying, that’s actually Barbace 2. Barrbace 1died from licking up Luke’s adderol and coke stash that he left on the coffee table.


People fucking underestimate The Predator, give him the respect he deserves.


Francis "Black superman" Ngannou
Daniel "I'm gonna retire soon" Cormier

Rick Green

How does Tony fit into all of this?


10k for attendence is pretty bad

lucas w37

Enjoying the Democratic socialists commercials for this video.

Dr. Uke

Bet y’all $50. Luke’s big announcement is that he’s going to ESPN. Who’s taking that bet?

Franc Mittelo

Luke Thomas has recently become the latest example of "hard work DOESN'T pay." LOL

Shane John

This is my reekend wecap hahaha


You’re already looking healthier Luke


Dude if youre heading to a paywall outlet i will be so fucking bummed.

Oisin Haran

Im a big fan of traps as well

Jab Mullerson

Super developed traps = test use in my experience.

jeeboy25 1

9:46 "people get too way too comfortable with him way too quickly". i complete DISAGREE. I think JDS was scared and paniced, that is why he threw that haymaker.

Philippe H.

@46:00 grappling 10-8 : the definition would be the GSP vs Diaz fight... as ever when he grapples ... round 4 is maybe the greatest round of dominance by GSP in his career... after seing Diaz in the closing moments of the 3rd round almost hit the ref with his late blow (cause Nick was pissed he was controlled by Georges all that time), when the end of round 4 came Gsp decided to control Nick until 2 seconds had passed after the bell. Just to be sure nothing would happen in terms of 'late blows' then you can see Diaz crawling back to his corner on his knees looking at GSP with his 'deer in headlights' gaze. A broken man.

Jye Sheavils

Pre sad the MMA beat has ended, but glad you are still putting out content on here.

Just wish we could get SiriusXM in Australia though.

M-A Girouard

Losing the mma hour and the radio show sure sucks but the content were going to have on Lukes channel is going to be pure gold

William Boyle

Good to see you still on a Monday