UFC 220 Results: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis N'Gannou | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC 220 Results: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis N'Gannou | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

105 844 views | 21 Jan. 2018

At UFC 220, Stipe Miocic and Francis N'Gannou fought to a decision. In the co-main event, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier outclassed Volkan Oezdemir to retain his title in under two rounds. Calvin Kattar, Gian Villante and Rob Font also scored nice wins on the main card.

At Bellator 192, Rampage Jackson and Chael Sonnen fought to a decision. In the co-main event, Rory MacDonald managed to outwork Douglas Lima to become the new Bellator welterweight champion. Aaron Pico and Michael Chandler also earned nice wins.

This is the UFC 220 and Bellator 192 Post-Fight Special.

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1:07:37 Spot-on impression of Stipe's post-fight interview by Luke Thomas.

Dr. Phil

Guarantee Luke is one of these Donks trolling mma videos


This is going to come as a bit of a backhanded compliment but also keep in mind that N'Gannou is a HW. If he was in a lighter division (WW, LW, etc), you could probably dismiss him since just having KO power but being mediocre at everything else is not going to cut it. However, in HW, if he improves his takedown defense enough, he could really go on a tear again.

Moises Perez

Sounds like white noise to me. LUKE, you need a wind screen.

Tunedn54 Is

Audio is really low

Zero Suit

6 defenses baby


I dont think Ngannou should be critised too much hes been putting people stiff lately. But you know what they say Mo' muscles mo' prolems... said no one ever. I mean he did show the fight IQ of a guy with a little over 4 years experience and the gas tank that of my dad but still clocked Stipe multiple times.

Alan Martínez Rodríguez

Stipe is the UFC HW GOAT until Cain comes back and we get to see that fight. IMO, Cain beats him and is the best of this era. Overall, Fedor is still the HW GOAT. He fought the best competition of his era and never lost in his prime. While Stipe is fighting the best competition of this era but lost in his prime against Struve (lol). Do not get me wrong, I like him, but we cannot deny facts.

Borna Tona

MIOČIĆ humiliated him and dana white and you hypocrite

mike lee

Thanks for spoiling the fights for me. I didn't want to know the results.

Luke Thomas

If you guys want just the Bellator portion of this post-fight special, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuzkY-WuJXw&feature=youtu.be! Be sure to like and subscribe!


Stipe fucked dat black boy up KHABIB Style.. EASY

Link McCormick

ENJOY Your Drink Brother... And thank you for your service from a Retired army Grunt.

Ahmed Dakhil

Fuck it have a drink and try a leg lock


45:40 Relaxed and unadulterated Luke Thomas is the best Luke Thomas. So, hell yeah man, you do you.

Roel Cyborg

There is a cool video on Youtube called > Stipe Miocic - Train like a Champion
I think that says it all there , He invest in just other stuff then many , Stipe looks like a light weight but he is 239lbs ,,,very fit all round athlete .

Jefferton Alive

If you give Stipe Luke's beard, He could be the new Brawny™ Man

Joseph Zinck

best MMA journalist in the game.


Training MMA around 10+ years (he trained a MMA fighter back in 2005)
Wrestling I am assuming 4 years (Division 1)
Boxing I am assuming 2 years minimum (Golden Glove)

Around 16+ years in combat sports

MMA around 4 years
from my understanding no other combat sport training experience, the guy was homeless 5 years ago.

So 16 years vs 4 years, If i had a some serious surgery to do and was told to pick a doctor with 16 years experience or 4 years, so it makes sense what Mr. Thomas is saying, experience can't be replaced.
Also Stipe got TKOed 10 years after training MMA, Wrestling and boxing combined and now is at the top, he was not perfect in his early MMA career. Let's see what happens with Ngannou in a year, perhaps will see Stipe Vs Ngannou 2 in 2018, Stipe Vs Cain in 2017.

Borna Tona

you know shit ...hypocrite

Zero Suit



thx luke

Arshed Fazal

#Luke 'NGANUUUUU' Thomas#


Wow Luke how about a trigger warning at 39:02 ? We don't want to trigger the PTSD or any snow flakes on here.


I can’t imagine how much energy it would take to hold Ngannou down for that long.


Luke is not the post fight show, Ariel does the post fight show wearing a suit holding a mic normally on location, call your the aftermath of something don't steal his title

Saeed AG

Love Luke unbiased analysis.. unfortunately even Joe Rogan was biased about Stipe vs Francis

Cappy 22

Stipe vs Dana....make it happen Luke

Raul Garcia

luke theres some noise on the microphone it sounds like thoose old tvs that you had to adjust to see the image properly

Jorge Barba

Ngannou came to get a KO, Stipe came to fight.

Surge Álvarez

Good analysis Miocic and Cormier are great champions!

SZ ceed

GENTLE GIANT N'GANNOU aahaahahahahahaha so easy

Pajama Muncher


Drop the Bassline





Thanks Luke ! Coffee and MMA much more satisfying than the talking heads and govt shutdown

Ka1ne X

جبران الأسد 9

your audio makes noise in the background but was a pleasure listening to you

Robert Chamberlin

Rory is the world champ.

Josh Weller

Like did you notice how stiles didn’t allow Dana to put the strap on him? Do you tho k there is some animosity there towards Dana for counting stipe out before the fight even happened ?


Stay frosty? Little cheesy Luke, you are not even Canadian.

Arshed Fazal


Sam Ashworth

Yea, Luke. you've been live for about 20seconds!

Robert Chamberlin

Stipe and Francis have got some serous iron chins.Francis can eat some punches.

Curt Ligot

New graphics look dope Luke!

And great breakdown. Excellent points.

Jeremy Phillip

really enjoyed the way you described DC the competitor


You think you can stop making videos pls


He is finally saying ngannou correctly!


Luke, you and you’re show are great! Thank you for staying frosty! HTTMMA - HTTLT - HTTR ;) ! Thank you!

D Brown

Miocic treated Dana White b** ass after the fight he smashed that belt and let one of his Corner men put the belt on his waist

Bobby Razzia

Also if you read these Luke, I just got to the 45 minute mark, where you're talking about whether people enjoy these. Hard "yes," dude. Keep doing them please. You break this stuff down better than any MMA journalist. I always check for your post fight vlogs either right after the event or the next morning.

Richard Alan Shepherd

Luke, your in depth analysis is very much appreciated by those of us who are both long time fans of MMA and who strive for the better understanding of the nuance of what of these great athletes provide us.

2 things:

1. After scouring the internet this morning, no one has discussed Stipe’s head movement. Yes, his wrestling was the star but his high level head movement/boxing and making his 270 lb opponent MISS was the fuel that made that made his star burn oh so bright.

When you swing with all you have and miss, the fuel expended both physically and psychologically is MASSIVE.

2. CHARACTER VS PERSONALITY...Personality is easy to sell. It’s on the surface and what is seen first. The Character of the individual is experienced over time. The depth of the ocean is unseen on the surface. You have no real idea of its power until you wade into it’s massive depths. It requires time to experience it’s full breadth. Thus...

The UFC’s marketing dept needs to shift it’s lens/approach, metaphorically speaking, from Mcmahon to Whitman with Stipe.

At the post fight press conference, Stipe’s disdain for the way the UFC has handled his narrative is ALL OVER his face.

This is a man of principle and high moral character who will not bend for every ‘trendy’ gust of wind.

Thank you for addressing his often overlooked strength of character as being an integral component in reaching this seemingly impossible benchmark!

Timothy Zakrzewski


Charles Murray

DC v Stipe anyone?

Mt Zaba

Ngannou is a shame to the UFC. The UFC/Dana/body armor curse is real

Fergal McBride

Have a drink Luke! You earned it! Keep up the good work. Love these vids


The fact Jon Jones doesn't like Luke, makes me a Luke fan

Regie Berame

this is funny

Perry Ross

More boozing videos!

Micheál Gallagher

Bellator is a joke giving that fat slob the main event ahead of MacDonald vs Lima

Bobby Razzia

Dustin Ortiz said in a backstage interview that he wanted to prove a point that his wrestling could overcome Pantoja's BJJ.

It wasn't smart, and it made his life a lot harder than it had to be, but I love guys who win with that mentality, the old Jon Jones 'beat you at your own game' chip on the shoulder.


Nobody wants to Stipe vs Werdum 2

Mike Pham

Calm under fire, sounds like a fire fighter. Maybe ff mindset helps in the ring and vice versa.....

Phil Joyce

Who the shit asked that question....I'd rather you booze and recap...good job man just subscribed after listening to you a few times....nice work from NH

Jonathan Ibanez

Love it

Joost Horstman

Great break down, keep up the good work. Great intermission between UFC and Bellator "Hmm berries taste like burning" XD


yoo stipes head movement though


You really need to watch the Kattar vs Burgos fight Luke. The best boxing match that I've seen inside a cage ever.


Your boy Luke is tuned up in this video!

Borna Tona

you are also piece of shit as dana white ....fuck you ...Croatia win over Africa and ufc


Now we'll never know what the one last thing he wanted to say was :(


Who the fook is Francis Nganeuw


Luke "Enganew" Thomas with the fantastic analysis.


1:07:35 - Fuckin' LOL.

Don Juan Bob Jovi

I like Stipe but Cain is still better

Alexander Muller

If there's such a thing as a Jiu jitsu humble brag, that was it.


ngannou did good for a guy with 4yrs experience in a title fight.

Daniel Joseph

Ngannu looked like Bob Sapp in this fight. Slow, telegraphed punches and completely clueless on his back.

J. Cash

Liked and subbed Luke......good breakdown my brotha,and good shit saying Ngannou correctly


Luke you the man! Thanx for focusing on Stipe and giving him him the shine he deserves. Cruz, Roegan and Anik couldn't lay off Cain Velasquez post fight end commentary. Not cool.


Round 4, stipe outstruck Francis 82-0.


I think the ref shouldve stopped the fight when stipe landed about 10 GnP punches on a Francis who didnt even move or defend himself. Thats the whole idea about TKO, stopping a fight where a fighter isnt defending himself, even though he isnt actually unconscious.



Tyler Loffler

Thanks for the break down big fella keep it up!!


Good video Mr. Thomas

Ben Mccomb

I want to see the fight not hear you talk

Mono no aware

Ok, you sound better now (tho it feels like there's a small echo.) the image is sharp! Definite improvements slowly coming into play, like you said there would be. Keep it up, Luke! And great work!

Mike Clifford

All the dislikes is the snapping


goat of heavyweight means goat of all classes.....as stipe could beat mighty mouse

Patriot Chris

Judging by that shirt you raided Helwani’s wardrobe so go one step further and raid the mma hour set for some decor might I suggest the replacement Fedor bobble head as one of the items you “borrow”


but the way good to see your not using that crappy Google stream anymore

Ulf Hazelcreek


Chris B

Think your computer fan can be heard in the background. Lots of white noise coming through. Definitely not me, I checked by muting my computer and no fan noise.


Love the content Luke!

Zero Suit


Dark Helmet

Liked, but you need to replace the Beam with Turkey. Turkey is the best mixing bourbon.

Nicholas Oliver

Why would u start your video like this hahah

Jules K

I like your podcast. It is very nice. You have many knowledge and you look like a rat. Stipe is greatest. Keep doing work that is good

Bibo Booboo

bellator was better


Everybody who criticized Francis for he's poor performance, listen he knocked out everybody on his way to the title shot although he's still way green for it. What's that means the heavy weight division is very bad n poor to allowed him.
Otherwise tell me guys if wasn't Francis who should get it??
Same thing in the light weight
After JBJ gone
So in my opinion this ufc 220 main and co main sucked so badly.
So ufc needs fresh blood if Cain n JBJ CAN'T MAKE IT BACK
Stipe is in whole different level