RE: Yair Rodriguez...Chael Sonnen explains UFC Athlete release policy

RE: Yair Rodriguez...Chael Sonnen explains UFC Athlete release policy

58 732 views | 18 May. 2018

Chael Sonnen explains how the UFC decides to release athletes on his You're Welcome podcast after fans questioned his logic from a previous video about Yair Rodriguez.

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Gus Bus

Omg I love how Chael checks the comments <3

David Moreno

also Thanks For the clarification! bro

Atrophy The Sun

To your point, Chael, the NFL may not have the problem of teams refusing to play, however, the NFL also doesn't give exceptions to their most popular teams who would want to skip a game. A precedent was set by the UFC in which they allow fighters to duck fights. So, we MUST factor in this precedent to the conversation. You can't leave it out and you have, which makes most your commentary irrelevant. It must be considered.

Q Keahey

Just say "him" bro

Dominic Albanese

Chael, I've always heard it as Yae-ear.


It was just about money..all fights were was UFC POLITICS..lets make everybody think he rejected two fights..n blame it on the fighter...Dana gets me paid..let me back him makes sense..its ur boss..

Edward H

Yeah just like rogan said... its okay for conor to throw dolly on to bus but not ray borg... you could have just said life is not fair, deal with it.

Chris Shergie

Dana didn’t make that call

Harry Poosie

Chael, don’t listen to any comments under mine, people are retards. Not yar ear, yaw ear, yah ear. The correct pronunciation is YAI EAR. Yaiiiiiii ear. Yai like chai, or Thai. Not yah.

Costis Goufas

its YAEAR for fuck sake man




uuum connor mcnuggets hasnt fought in 500 years


Who else has been released for denying two fights?

Woodman TV

Yarear, Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Ryan Phung

“Yah-ear” not “your rear”

Ralph bohatz

Not doing him any favors making him fight zabit

Hamza Aman

Chael should be the successor to Dana...

isai medel

It's cause chael is old school. He didn't care about his record . Mayweather would never take a short notice fight. Dana wants fighters to bend over for him but cuts fighters when they lose


Chael P., If you are incapable of reading a name properly, idk who then is.. Don't be petty


Dana's a hypocrite cuz' he obviously is protecting Conor even after all the bullsh*t hes been pulling lately which has definitely caused him "NOT TO DO HIS JOB" for some time now which im sure has caused the UFC to loss millions of dollars if not billions, so one guy refuses a fight and he needs to be released because maybe the integrity or policy of the UFC is in jeopardy God forbid cause them to loss money, WTF??? Bullsh*t dinosaur a$$ bullsh*t EXCUSES, motha' fu*k Dana #fakenews my a$$!!! #hypocrite



Yetti Man

Mr Sonnen, thank you for opening my eyes to the background ....yet again. I bet you have a high IQ.


"Just talked to him. He says its pronounced "Your rear".


Chael is so dam good at this. It must be cool to find your calling in life.

Maxximilian M

Chael, il tell you, your name is confusing as fuck too. honestly Yair is easier name than yours lol.

Tim Taylor

so what your saying chael is the policy is actually they do what ever they want. and thats why the fighters need a union.


Yair is pronounced as "Mexi-can't"

The New Talker Guy

You tell 'em Chael. I'm confused that you are confused about people being confused tho.

Fear No Evil

Sonnen kicks ass both physically and mentally

Gregory Michaels

I just say Yair like Hair but with a "Y" sound haha.

Freeworld Jackson

My only confusion here is that nick and Nate Diaz turn down fights for years. Now I love the Diaz brothers and I know why this is because of the Diaz brothers star power. But still is kinda a hypocrite move here.

Victor Vargas


raulito raulitos

Chael is dyslexic

Gus Bus

I think there’s a story behind this. Why isn’t he cutting Nate who keeps turning down fights?(He draws) but what about the no names?
Gata be the tweet or negotiations


Connor should of got cut


ya air is ez way to say it chael trust me i teach kids

DeCarlo Calloway

He straight butchered this dude’s name

El mas Guapo

Sadly, most Yair followers in Mexico would agree with your comments on his realease from the UFC. Greetings from mexico Chael Bad guy!


If they were paid properly like any other sport dana wouldnt have so many fighters pulling out of fights

Cassette Walkman

11:34 "I was very confused that people were confused." Chael, people are generally stupid. The old saying is true: "No one ever went broke underestimating the public."

Robert Colon Jr

There is nobody better than Chael nobody!!!!!!

Chris Shergie

Thats why chael, it could be like Patriots vs Bills if they were bargained beforehand

William Sullivan

To all of you commenting on how Chael pronounces his name, it's not funny anymore. Move on. :/

baymeo split

Is Chael snuffing?

Galileo Shift

chael chew talking

Remarkable G

What’s up with Chael’s mouth? Looks like he has tobacco tucked under his bottom lip lol

Super Vegeta

The heck with Your Ear,
Go get that strap.
You should be in the mountains right now living like a savage.The only way you’re going to get that strap is to get your cardio back.

Smig Games

What's weird to me is that it's Yair, a very promising, exciting, flashy fighter. Just like in Nate's case, it seems as if the UFC is cannibalizing itself by choosing to trigger this option, which makes me think if this isn't more of a personal grudge about the way Yair or his team communicated with Dana that didn't sit well with him, or maybe it's to make an example out of him and put others on notice, but it's just weird that they would exercise that option as soon as it became available considering what kind of fighter he is.

Kyle Tuchay

Chael reads the comments?! Uncle Chael! I challenge you to a no holds barred fight to the death in the cage! I'm 25 years old and 145 pounds!

Brandon Calvert

Who cares how to say that useless tit's name


I love you chael sonnen I know your reading this and Ima just gonna let you know you have pretty bad predictions but I still love you chael :)

Josh Newell


Leonard Shelby

yaw rear

Mac Truck

I swear chael talks like he has a dipper in

Fight Fan

Chael is wrong, yair accepted but went on holiday once llamas turned him down only to be called and told llamas has now accepted but yair said I’m on holiday the ufc said okay please...fuck of chael

K. Benzema Is God

Love u big papa chael

Patty Hays

So when is Dana gonna release Woodley?

ramesh verma

OK that's all nice to learn....then why the fuck is NATE DIAZ not being closed....

Cassette Walkman

Yair went from Yeah-eah to Yeah-Nah.



Sharp-eyed Observoir

He is right, most of us cannot tell our boss that we do not want to do this or that without consequences.


How is Chael making these NFL vs UFC comparisons especially when one has employees & the other "independent contractors " UFC fighters have no benefits no Union & no rights other than to refuse a fight. Chael makes it sound like the UFC pays its fighters just for being on the roster. When in reality much of what they do outside of the cage is done for free.

Jed Hud

chael are you going to believe dana the biggest bullshitter or yair he explained it on ariel show and I believe him not fooookin dana white I know you probably believe dana

prithviraj basumallik

It's like how he says nooones instead of Nunez for Amanda nunes

jorge humberto luevano alarcon

Nah watch below the belt and listen to the real story chael is just defending his buddy Dana shaub tells you the truth

Clayton Funke

Yaw rear has corny ass karate kid style. Hell, power rangers have better stylistic form. Yaw rear a wannabe, that being said, he is a good fighter, just a lame one...ha!

Sean Tobin

Right on Chael!!! Thanks for explaining that!


Ya-year, Chael. Ya-year

Chumbo Thecoolcat

Why did dana release your ear chael? Also why did he hold your ear in the first place?




YAREER. There's no R In the middle

And Chael , no others fighters who take long breaks and turn down fights gets cut!!!!! Why dont you understand that?? Nate Diaz does the same thing. Hasn't fought all the ppl the ufc offer him.

I AssinJar

Lmfao. The irony of how y’all were mad at Dana for not cutting Conor saying he should get rid of favoritism but y’all are ok with Dana showing favoritism towards Nate turning down fights and not Yair.. y’all wild


Funny how Chael claims the UFC spends money & time promoting fighters when they're not fighting. The UFC does a horrible job promoting 95% of their FOX/FS1 fight cards. I seriously doubt they spend much on fighters that dont have any fights planned.

Jeremy Watson

Does Uncle Chael dip, or is that the way his face looks?

Frenk van Vlissingen



Mr Bad Guy , on behalf of all your dedicated followers . It's an honour to know that you read the comment section . Keep up the great content.

The Kross

does chael have a giant dip in




As a hardcore fan of this sport I don’t believe everything Chael is saying about Yair Rodriguez. One thing I know for sure ain’t no fighter afraid of another fighter. I’ve seen fighters take 2 years off, sometimes even more. If you don’t compete you don’t get paid. Some fighters are asking to fight 4 times a year. If he’s not ready to fight that should be okay! Don’t force the man if his mind and body isn’t ready to go to war! Wtf

The UFC could’ve left him alone, and other fighters will bum up in the rankings. And when he does come back he probably won’t be a rank fighter. And it might take him a longer to get to the top. It’s very simple to me.
Other fighters taken years off their name is still on the roster.
So I don’t believe what Chael is saying ...

Tim Taylor

resource arent going into him if he's not fighting. and most publicity comes from media not ufc ads. com'n chael get ur shit together

David Moreno

Hi chae l I'm Glad You Read the comments. ! I'm A BiG AnD HuGe FAN .!!

ramesh verma

ok fuck...I just relaized you mentioned nate diaz! lol fuck

Ethan S

After watching Yair on the mma hour, Chael was 100% right in this video

Sean XxX

Ya rear might get sore with this one

Angel Arvizu

What happened to my ear lol

Adrian Del Favero

Congrats on 100k

luis anaya

no chael he didnt have too he has the option to or not just like any other ufc fighter whos refused to fight and on 3 months notice.....

Dejan Srdić

People sleep on 0:48 to 0:52

Brandon Davis

Homie corrected his pronunciation and made it seem like the fans were fucking with him, what a heel.

Nemesis T-Type

It's Yah-eer.

Sam Shakespeare

Oh you read the comments huh Chael? Well read this...


Nikko 925

Uncle Chael


is there a rule that the tech guy has to be a proxy for the average cuck/viewer

Pink Donna

It's distracting every time he says Yair.


you were adding an r in the middle is all

TheMontageKing MMA

So in the previous video on this subject Chael keeps referring to Yair's release as official UFC "policy". Now in this rebuttal video he goes back and says that "policy" isn't exactly "policy". Apparently "policy" is just whatever the UFC just wants to do, and they can pick and choose when to enforce a "policy", Which is the opposite of what a "policy" is supposed to be. Its weird that Chael works for Bellator now but keeps changing his viewpoints to support a positive UFC narrative.

Official HTMG

Pinche wedo let me sound it out for ya. Yahh-eir! Not yareier lmfaooo


Back on this video just to hear chael say “you are an ear” rodríguez

Roberto Seijas

Ya ear


It's cute that people think the Ufc is the government