No Interim UFC Lightweight Title...

No Interim UFC Lightweight Title...

74 426 views | 19 Dec. 2020

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Chael Sonnen talks UFC Lightweight contenders on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


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I hope the guys watching dont just think all of your opinions on being a showman are overstated. Making people care is the most important thing in everything


charles “kinkin’ hoes” oliveira

Rohit Mahali

Chael "48 hours" Sonnen.

Tafadzwa Matariro

Chael I've listened to you for a while now saying Dana is generous is an absolute joke

Jay The First

Chael is a huge company man

Gustavo Serrano

If you hear all the stories from fighters about Dana you wouldn’t be so surprised

Cory Anderson

Never seen anyone bob up Dana more that Chael

DD Davis

I’m unsubscribing from you Chael . I lost respect for you after the generous comment. You turncoat prick

Roberto Herrera

Charles “kinked the hose” Olivera

Georgios Mavros

Who cares how many fighters are cut as long as Dana brings back in the octagon the American Gangster

Finest Bodybuilding Shop

UFC is no carreer. Its an opportunity!

First these guys sign UFC contracts. After that they want a judge to negotiate what they the signed.

Or, they fight 1 time a year and lose the fight.
The rest of the time they are on twitter making money.

Self proclaimed warriors and hippocrates.

Cut them all!

William Girard

Dana is the most generous man in America? That is the most asinine statement I have heard in a long time. What an idiotic comment. I am extremely disappointed in your ridiculous hyperbole. Come on man. Get real.

Trevor Mensinger

Chael you should really consider doing commentary or managing wrestlers in wwe or aew. Chael on the mic is just gold he can make a pencil seem like the most interesting item in the world.

lucas takeo

Michael Chandler doesn't deserve a fight with Gaethje right off the bat, give him Hooker first.
Winner of McGregor vs Poirier fights the winner of Gaethje vs Oliveira for the undisputed title.
Winner of Chandler vs Hooker gets to be the 1st challenger and let's get Tony and RDA to fight.
What's left to figure out is where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?

Zack Le May

“ the”

Jason ODaniel

The guys he's cutting for the most part are probably the guys who should retire.for example I guarantee you they wish they had cut Anderson a couple years ago.cowboy I love cowboy but I don't want to see him go out there an get his ass handed to him again and again.maybe they should start a senior citizens and losers only league for the buncha cry babies that are bashing the UFC for cutting the old or washed up fighters

Mic Bles Official

Oliviera - did say he wanted the winner of conor and porier.......

Jason Barnette

Screen "I'm the guy who uses this lame ass format of inserting a statement from the video in quotes between first and last name for the thumbs of dimwits" name.


Luke just got relevant to mma cause he was mentioned here.

Dont be scared homie

Stop throwing ya little friend chandlers name into the mix. He is not in the mix

Jared Chan

Conor vs Dustin is already locked in currently that’s 5th ranked vs 2nd ranked for 155 division (winner gets title shot). Then Charles who is now ranked 3rd should fight Justin ranked 1st (winner gets title shot against winner of previous fight, given if khabib is retired). Tony who is ranked 4th should fight Dan who is ranked 6th. Chandler needs to prove himself in the UFC and fight Al or someone ranked 6-10th.

Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network

Yes, Uncle Chael, I was furmiliar with that saying.


Dana White, the most generous man in America?? WTF is he on

Kristjan Rom

Good points

Ball sack Lopez

Where does Kevin lee fit into all of this

Tj Campion

I wish he made X2 amount of videos he makes now.


Chael: makes logical sense

Tito: ok great


I don't think there's a single person who wants to see, or thinks Chandler deserves a title shot in any capacity

Kendra Helms

Okay Chael the blacker your shirt the more the black background beside the Bad Guy Inc lights makes you look bald. I would definitely look at changing that back screen...

Nick Bounds

aloe vera is in a tight spot rn

Aungst Marketing

Heavy is the head that wears the crown!


The winner of Conor/Dustin gets title shot. Winner of Justin/ Mike fights Charles to see who fights Conor/Dustin for undisputed title.

fufu from eso

chael arguement from authority: you like helwani and thomas

me: i worship anik kenflo/ big john/Josh thompon

ok fine

Romeo Ferrari

Call me cynical but, Dana is using Khabib's situation as an excuse not to give the title to Poirier if he wins but... you better believe if Conor wins he'll decide to give him the belt.

Because potential $$$$$$$ to be made and Poirier doesn't bring it like Khabib or Conor so... that's my opinion


What throws people off is that one day dana says 60 cuts and then another day he has says 2020 was one of the best financial years ever for the UFC.
How does that make sense ?


none of them can beat khabib

Pie Face

Uncle Chael is dead wrong here. Denying Oliveira a top 5 opponent for a new comer Michael Chandler would be the UFC acting in bad faith.

Charles Oliveira, UFC fighter tied for the most finishes at 16 and most subs at 14.
A 25 fight UFC veteran, or a hyped up wrestler that lost 18 months ago?

What kind of message is UFC sending its fighters? What more does a fighter need to do after destroying Tony Ferguson?

All of Chael's rules about Oliveira break if you look at 1 foe.
Anderson Silva

furbyflav gaming

Chael, would you be interested in fighting Cerrone after his victory over Dos Anjos?

Sammy Penny

Dustin vs Conor should be a title fight!


This is the first time I've agreed with everything Chael said in a video in too long!

Derrick Graham

That's means the best fighters in the world are not in the UFC. They have the best at the top and the the young up and comers. That's going to make a big difference from top to the middle.

Mickey Mouse

November 2021 Conor vs oliviera for the title

Derrick Graham

If Charles's isnt relevant than how is Chandler that hasn't fought forever.


Love ya Chael ,but sorry bro,the Prosecution gets the last argument ...I should know lol

James Crenshaw

The mere fact that Chael is asking the question means wrestling is the MOST effective. Wrestling is the ONLY system that can possibly compete against a well rounded MMA style. Even when Chael puts wrestling against other disciplines he is putting them against well rounded not single disciplines. He didn't say striker with no grappling. He said striker with some grappling defense against a pure wrestler. In todays MMA here is no pure anything. BUT if you are pure wrestling is the way to go to get far Romero, Lesnar, Cejudo, Comier etc get to championship level of the sport. Not true with strikers...I can't think of a high level championship striker who did well. Maybe Overeem. Saki got destroyed. Akiyama got destroyed. Mirko? Hunt? Even the guys who are strikers are really MMA guys who did striking not strikers who did MMA and those guys didn't reach the levels of success as the championship level wresters.

Furthermore, with the exception of GSP. I have never heard of a person who was a striker or BJJ and abandon their primary discipline to become champ. I see wrestlers continuously abandon wrestling and become hi level at MMA (Gaethje, Hendo, Jones, Cruz, Frye,) Imagine Wonerboy or Machida no longer using karate and becoming a boxer or wrestler primarily


Who is Chael speaking to with those hand signs? Every video is full of them.

Mickey Mouse

I love how chandler hasn’t had one fight in the ufc yet and is already considered a contender for the 155 title , chandler shouldn’t be fighting a top 5 imo , he should fight tony Ferguson coming off of 2 losses

Matthew Herrmann

This new video...”ITS JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS...”

“Ok great”

George Wright

Were making life at Lightweight look so much harder than it is . Porier vs McGregor obviously. Oliveira vs the winner. Gaetheje v Chandler . RDA v Hooker . Done easy am i the most generous man in America now ?

Ragnar Már

Exactly! I hate when people shit on Dana, it's because of Dana we have the UFC as it is..

James Jamison

Chael "he needs to use his eyes and mouth to beat these guys" Sonnen

amx 1

"Where does Oliveira go from here?"


Ariel is ducking the Schmo

Angela Innis

Today, on Chael indirectly undermines the CA lawsuit...

Trevor broadstock

I often think of that saying in regards to Trump

Ibrahim Mohammad

Your example is incorrect, in a court of law, the prosecution gets to go first, AND last. Look it up...
I agree with you though that the defense should have the last word because it's their lives at stake.

Man of the Land

Anyone else think if Connor wins the title back, Khabib will come out of retirement to put him back in his place?

Tadeu Moraes

Oliveira literally said that he wanna fight for the title with the Winner of Connor x Poirier. The actual problem is that he does not speak english.

Back Road Customs

Whats with the lisp?

Chris K

The saying: No good deed goes unrewarded.

Chael: Ok great

joe Phalan

Literally no one listens to Luke Thomas. Ever.

That Should Work

if its so hard to get a world title fight, doesnt that mean the world title is held by the wrong guy?

First Name Last Name

Aloe Vera

jun 150r

Where is ryan hall?

Robert Hernandez

If khabib doesn't come back, Olivera vs Gaethe, vs the winner of Conor vs Poirrer for the title...

William Girard

Why are you fools saying he didn't call Dana the most generous man in America? Can you listen? Is English a language you dominate? Because that is exactly what he said.

Eric Gendron

Hey uncle Chael, "c'est la vie" means "thats life". "C'est fini"[fee-knee] means "its over". Just so you know.

Justin Furman

People that weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty

Yann Bilodeau

Olivera vs Conor

Vic Rattlehead

1:56 You alright there, Chael?


Chael with the promoting masterclass

Michael Godin

Chandler might have been a bellator champ but wtf is he even in the running without 1 single fight in the ufc? When do we honor belts from other organizations?

Kelly Chambers

So Oliveira has won eight straight fights, 7 of those finishes and the last one a straight dominance to get to number 3 in the ranking,Khabib beat everybody else, why is nobody saying Oliveira deserves a chance

HipHop Anonymous

Me: Okay gr- Noooooooooo!

Rene Stanneveld

Damn right Bellator should cut this Chael dude. he has not won anything since 2018.... lazy i tell you...

Titiana Rasputin

splitting hairs.

Felipe Fonseca

Why we talking about Chandler? really why he is on these 4 men group? he dont have A SINGLE FIGHT in UFC

Brandon Koehler

What you are saying here was my exact thought when they said they were cutting 60 fighters

anthony buoppana

dana is a scumbag

Quick MMA clips

Did chael develop a lisp?

Donald Desloges


Eric Christian

Chael you get so lost in your own wordplay that you miss the obvious. UFC wants Khabib vs McGregor, period, end of story, stop talking about it, stop confusing yourself, accept truth, it gets old buddy

Cameron Williams

Tito said it best. Chael HAD to use his mouth to get his title opportunity's. That doesn't mean that everyone else HAS to. He gets angry when people climb the ranks which he chooses to dislike but it's an actual thing! Let the noble men earn their belts without call outs and media it isn't impossible...

DV Phil

Sound like cowboy could be on the chopping block Based on what I've heard so far in video. He has had opportunities it hasn't quite made it

Paul Bennett

He's a smart man


chael just tell it how it is... theyre replacing who ever they dont feel like marketing anymore. who ever they deem to be dead weight. who's no longer going to bring in money compared to x y or z

Private Schmuckitelli

Gaethje was, should still be, Interim. Hard stop.

preacher biggin

Chael: Ok, LISTEN UP! Class is in session!

Badnewz Bandits

Dawg if it wasn’t for Chael Idk what i would do on YouTube

Ballout 795

" dana we almost broke every record this year" also dana " were gonna probably cut 60 fighters"

Harley Woods

Would be awesome if Conor vs Dustin was for the lightweight belt , khabib should vacate the title and let them go after it and would hype the card and the ufc paper view even more , and Olivera can fight the winner and we will see how Justin and chandler go and khabib could return any time he chooses to hopefully a
super fight against GSP , my opinion and give tony some rest of and look for options for him at summer 2021 .

Jake the snake

Am I the only one who thinks Conor will kinda walk through Dustin? I love Dustin btw

Billy Goat

“Them shoes talk better then he does” CM


Really sad you forgot weighing in with josh Thompson and big John..and they give you props often..

Charlton M.

Love you give Dana that credit. He is very generous, everyone wants to fight under his brand for a reason.

Grey Pistolero

Chael needs to bring back the fan questions.

Taylor Stillman

Prof. Chael teaching class.

shaffic ahamed

Next soon light weight champion justin gaethje

Joseph Stabile

Chael “And by the way..” sonnen


This worries me for Donald Cerrone being cut