"Conor McGregor Ruled the World" at the Peak of His Career, Not Just UFC — Max Holloway | FAIR GAME

"Conor McGregor Ruled the World" at the Peak of His Career, Not Just UFC — Max Holloway | FAIR GAME

14 875 views | 13 Dec. 2019

UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway shares with Kristine Leahy his thoughts on Conor McGregor and his desire for a rematch.

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"Conor McGregor Ruled the World" at the Peak of His Career, Not Just UFC — Max Holloway | FAIR GAME




Tony Basterrechea

Well he lost. Stressed era

jarrentee 808

Max hope you tapped dat !!! Letsss gooo!!! Hawaiian!!!

Anato Shohe

She's the cupcake.


4:18 is what CTE sounds like


Max really be talking bout tasting others men’s flavor

Dali Sandhu

Remember when lavar ball went in on her

KushOnlyPlz Ghost

Blessed era!!!!!!!!!!

Elijah Quintana

We in


He should still be at the top, but he is an idiot with a huge ego.

Dan Dillinger

No cupcakes for Max


That was a real sour flavor taking that L their Blessed Halloway wasn't it?

Trap Gawd

Stay in yo lane

Shlm el

Kristine Leahy & Fair Game, we luv you Kristine


pause on that cupcake comment at the beginning of the video lol.


max is amazing love this guy so much he is so humble and she aint too bad herself

Jaime Enrique Cruz

Up and comer... Mark my words. This girl will rule youtube

Gifted Dee

Cringe af

Anthony Gee

Seems like a down to earth guy. Good to see.

Valerie R

This bish making my man laugh

the one and only

"My job is to keep tasting the cupcake"


That cupcake analogy - is totally TOTALLY not where I thought it was going


cool guy.


LMFAO Max is too funny


This conversation sus af .


My boy Max blessed..

Merts Edits

he tasted her after this

Marcus Romulus

Hahahaha why tasting a man


Do you want to see Max Holloway get a rematch with Conor McGregor?