Nate Diaz walkout UFC244

Nate Diaz walkout UFC244

281 696 views | 3 Nov. 2019

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Diego Osorio


Matt Wreford

Insta: Mattwreford95

Niall Evans

Anyone know the song starting at 1.35? And anyway more importantly what a walkout!


"Nick's in his corner!" Uh derp lmao. This shit is dope as heck though!

El Rodrilowks

What’s the second song name ??

My reply is dumb But,

2:56 song?

LiveIt UP

This man is the truth. If he's fighting for something he truly wants, I'll put my money on him EVERY time with no questions asked.

Lance McClellan

Probably the best entrance music I have heard. Gets you jacked up for sure

Ricardo Masvidal

Damn! Never heard how loud the crowd cheered for Nate

Oscar Simón

Should've walked out to "West Side" by The Game. That track goes hard.

Or "Win" by Jay Rock as Wilder did in the first Fury fight.

Ryan Dunn


Rocko 97

1:32 east coast showing love for the Westcoast Gangsta that's love! Thought y'all would've booed my man cause he from the West Side
Goes to show if you real, the fans feel that... sucks he lost but ! Damn he didn't give up they just stopped it ! Sucks for it to go like that

Nasir Di'ablo

So fucking cool.
Love from Canada.


Nathan is the man

C 7719

Fuck it.... I walk out when I'm ready!

Tomas Barbosa

For all u guys looking for the second song - is trained to go - E 40

Jason Diodati

Goosebumps in section 117 row 22 great night wish they let my boy finish


Diaz Bros 4 Life

Samoan Thor

Walk of shame, about to get his ass whooped easily

helm helm

Nate always has the sickest entrance

Walmer Zabala

Name of this song ?


1:57 song plz

Some Guy


DaveBatistafan 1969

I doint like triple h stephine mcmhone

Nikki Baby

I love him he so muthafuckan Westcoast

mobbin williams

This walkout was fire . we better see a nate vs masvidal rematch sometime in the future

Noah Jones

I’m going into Finals like this lol

náisiún na hÉireann

God bless


Is there an audio version of the song?

Jhosue Olivares Mendez


Michael Bayles

Gangster as fuck this like . Naughty when he walks out

Landa 713

This is the most gangster entrance of all time



Max Kroeten

I hate that i cant get this exact song version

Jose Insfran

The name of the song?

T. Ferguson DiazBrothersFan

Here after the fight

Zeerak Patras


Husnain Yasin

What song is this


All his walkouts are awesome but man him walking out to 2Pac's Don't make enemies with me & Ambitionz az a ridah are unrivalled


diaz trash

Se7eN Cureton Reviews

I think the singed the bmf2 deal but there using the hype of all the other shit going on right now.

Long as we get it it’s all good.
Diaz army born and raised in Stockton 2ō9

Alibek Ayazbaev

Name of song?


Itz Random

The last song was a shot at usada.


Love nate but jorges walk out was better.

Marvel Tanaka

Whats the song

WithKass !

name of the song ?

Fran Gutierrez Maicas

Every day to see this video, is amazing.

Big Boss

That roar for diaz as he entered the octogen gave me chills

Ventura Fam


otoot kol

nate a real brother


What is the tiltle of the entrance song name?

Adrian ad7

Name this song?

Luis Adrián

He lost because of drake

supermoon lalith

Can any one tell what song is this? Help me

Robert Jack

Diaz owned that crowd. There were not as much cheers for gamebred

Green Archer

Hate how its censured

Kazz the Gamer

Song anyone?



Showtime Productionz

full highlight video with original walkout song

Anthony Toulemonde

Le song please ?

Some Guy

Respect that the money hasn’t changed Nate like it changed Mcgregor and Masvidal. Still the same old G, with the same old black T.

Hasan Ali

Anyone know the name of second one

Some Guy

E-40 Song ID , pls

gurinder rana

i m not surprice

Rob S.

he always comes out to mixes, usually with Tupac on them

Barone B

what an absolute fuking JOKE that BMF bullshit was, is..!!!! 2 journeyman with almost 30 loss's between them.... fk outta heahh...
Masvidal beat a D1 wrestler with ZERO striking ability... beat a 23 year old emaciated Darren Till ...

Nick Pan

All that to get beat up

Tanner Rokosny

Where can I find this mix?

Nischal Agarwal


Ashkan Khatee

Call anyone tell me the name of famous Tune at 00:12

Max Kroeten

Still want this exact version as my song



Arts Rage

0:12 song name please

Mudasar MSR

What a star Nate is.

Nishith baria

Coolest shit I've seen in my life!



Marypaz Mendoza

# Nate Díaz

Fat Hat

Guy came back after 3 years and fights two guys coming off epic wins in a 170 d, and instead of talking about how he refused to quit against Jorge people just say he got his ass beat. It's insane, this is where the best in the world fight. Look at Conor, he calls out an expired Cowboy and an already beating Dustin.

Bailee Ryan Jenkins

I was sitting 2 rows in front of potus

The Elusive Man

Love the diaz bros

Youyou C

Whats the lyrics ?


Oh here we motherfucking go

Szkita Zbita

Everybody gangsta till diaz brothers arrives

Ankit Sharma

That's a real ass whooping entrance. I luv this gangster❤.

Some Guy

I listen to this at the beginning of the gym sesh to pump me up

Hugo Quisber

Cuales la musica del principio

Rocko 97

1:27 westcoast thugsta

Jose Velasco

Bruce buffer is a goat.


someone got the remix? its fire af

Srijan Shekhar

Whats the first song?

gracjan k

Teamnatediaz ✔️

Daniel Lee

How can you watch a Nate Diaz entrance and not get chills?!?! By far the best walkout of all time UFC!! Plus he's like a God in that cage!

Frank Garza

Diaz Brother's are smart in this fight game!!! They have a strategy...Their working behind the scenes... fukers already made history...Viva Los Diaz Brother's!!!!

Mudasar MSR

Diaz is a warrior

The Kickboxing Community

I don't care how many times Nate loses. I will never get tired of the guy!

Emily M

nate lost to the doctor

Iqbal Syed

Win or lose Nate Diaz is a real gangster

Nathan Luz

jesus christ when he start to shadow box with the shooting sounds...

Col Friday

That song is badass