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Turbulent Waters at Haulover Inlet.

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We are testing a new camera and the old mic don't work with the new camera. Excuse the sound quality

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00:41 Hope she has a dental plan.

Sean C

6:18 that boat “full throttle” is an F&S yacht built in Bear,Del

Jacob Bandel

0:12 that Galeon 470 sky rides that chop beautifully

Boat Zone

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Beautiful cinematography, thanks for your time and effort.


Hey, did anyone else see the Yamaha Waverunner loose his passenger seat ? ! That stinks ...

vincent mounsey

Keep up the good work

Grady Roberds

Viking captain is a noob


not in the usa but makes this inlet look like childs play lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNCFjZthD9g

Andrew Yanke

I see that polluting shit bag in all of these haulover YouTube channels. Terrible to have one guys boat do so much pollution. I would love to lick my palm, get it all saliva covered, then smack the shit out of him!

A Smith

Found the new boat and engine size harder to read. Just not as clear.


not a fan at all of center cockpits like us boats, im so much more into the european style but maaaaaan that gold statement is beautiful af!!

David Bayles

5:40 Not a Viking. 2014 F&S Boatworks 64' with top speed of 51 knots.

King tob

Finally a nice boat and you film the crappy open bow Boooo.5:15

richard welk iv

When the old man yelled down to the engine room at 9:45 to put the coal to her he wasn't lying !!!!

Paul Marquis

Great video.

Dorf Lonnigan

Nice drone shots

Isla Visión

Brett Kraatz

Really glad that girl on the jet ski in the beginning didn’t smack her face and bust out her teeth swaying forward and back that much.


When was this video taken?

Try Particpating

The guy with the girl in the front of the jet. Ski. Is abusing. Her , maybe he doesn't realise she doesn't. Know how to antisipate the waves. Her neck, back and face are in real danger, The boats. With a bridge. And flying bridge is why having a bigger. Boat is good, soo many newer big boats are build. Like 20 ft. Skiffs ,

kiteboarding lessons

this is great I love Miami Florida. all winter all summer. has great yachting with full industry support. jet skies sup even kitesurfing to go with you yacht adventure. https://miamikitesurf.com/

William Mathews

cool vid,keepem commin...

Shortribs Longbow

Another awesome video thanks for sharing. Quad shots are outstanding.


What's the point of putting boats names halfway through the video? Put it all

Time To Do Patriot Stuff

That 64' F&S at 5:50 is one of the sexiest boat's on the water.

Active Dad

Straight deisel pollution at 9:50

Really man, of all boats and engines that are affordable to the AVERAGE 9-5 peorson your driving this in such prestine water... Yeah yeah tree hugers I know Miami water isn't perfect but damn it's better without that cruiser blowing black deisel.


I saw all these boats yesterday on zipzappower channel. Can you coordinate which ports you guys are going to

colin m

5:07 dont focus on the little boats when you got that beast comin in man wtf

StrikeForce K9

The sound is MUCH better! But you still need to sock the mic to eliminate the harsh wind you get (or limit your angles to not allowing wind to directly blow in to mic or through it).

That's the only drawback to the vids that I've had. I can see you losing a lot of engagement and full video plays because of the annoyance.


Really enjoying these videos

Kevin M Pardo

The Red Jetskis Back Seat Fell Off

Paul Fisher

The drone slow mo's are simply the best, very much appreciated, cheers from the UK :-)

Olaf Ventzke

The drone shots at the end are awesome! Nice for advertising whe one will sell the boat. :-)


That "Viking" isn't a Viking


Galeon is a 560. That FandS sportfish at the end is running so nice.

Johnny Mackerel

The pursuit looks sweet

captain coolziy

2nd the sik drone shots

An N

I feel bad for the guy in the kayak with the lady in pink. Two people and only one doing all the work, been there done that.


Is it supposed to smoke like that?

Blake Shaner

that boat at 10:06 is rolling coal and is letting out some Prius repellent.
But seriously should that boat be smoking that bad?


Another Pig-Pen vessel at 9:43.