UFC 239 Results: Jon Jones vs. Thiago Santos | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC 239 Results: Jon Jones vs. Thiago Santos | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

227 433 views | 7 Jul. 2019

UFC 239 results are below. Spoilers ahead.

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At UFC 239, Jon Jones retained his light heavyweight title against Thiago Santos while Amanda Nunes made short work of Holly Holm. Meanwhile, Jorge Masvidal scored the fastest knockout (KO) in UFC history as he obliterated Ben Askren in five seconds. Michael Chiesa steamrolled Diego Sanchez and Jan Blachowicz stopped Luke Rockhold with a monster left hook.

This is my UFC 239 post-fight special.

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Samson Simpson

"I´m sweating lika a whore in church"

Chester Sykes

Askren needs to wear a crash-helmet next time he steps in the Octagon. He was lucky Robbie didn't KO him too. I don't think he fights the same. Imagine what the Tillmeister would of done to him - probably would have blasted his Dad bod into mush. Askren should probably go back to ONE.


Jorge got away with that because of the health of Ben was at risk. Are you fucking kidding me? Imagine there was seriously injury there with Ben and the winner is clowning like that? Oh, great look for the UFC brand. It was a pathetic display. Again Luke I think you miss the boat on what sport is and what competition means.

Денис Успешный Синхронный Переводчик

change the mic. you have a deep voice... you something less muddy.


There's no GOAT ... not in wmma or men's. This is just a fictional label.

Sunrise Pups

Awesome stuff


Why was jon jones so hesitatin' in that fight. I have never seen him that way. It is a little bit concerning since when anderson silva started to become hesitatin' his career fell apart

Jermaine Event

Ben Askren has wrestling schools here in Wisconsin I'm sure adults can attend.

Light Up The Darkness

Jon Jones looking in decline off of steroids... must be age? Ok Luke, great analysis.


Wait?! You think YOU looked better in that Chael situation?


Jon ego got in the way. He could've taken Santos down and ended it


that was a CLEAN JON..i know u want to say it luke lol

Robert Estrada

Jones is not the greatest ever! Testing positive for Coke, Roids, dick pills, etc... finding anyway to win. He will lose if he stays clean. Heavy Weights will Molly Wop him!

Kevin Sigaran

I understand that donations help you but ylfont you make money out of having a YouTube channel? I never understood why people complaint about suing their own money for YouTube looks at it as an investment I'm sure you'll end up getting it back from you tube not donations luke

dnl abd

luke thomas podcast would be SWEET. subscribe f*ckers!!! 100K


Masvidal vs Mcgregor

Natasha Pinto stan account

I would let holly sit on my face

Enoeth Ylnodna

Luke Thomas you protected and placed in YouTube the full fight. It's been 5 days and this is false advertising. I would not subscibe. It there was 1,000 thumbs down you will get it for putting FAKSE INFIRMATION FIR PEOPLE TO CLICK ON YOUR VIDEO AND NIT GET WHAT YOU USE TO DESCRIBE WHAT THE PERSOM SEEKING WANTS.


How good is valentina shevchenko.... i mean jesus i'm sorry but she won that second fight she fought it brilliantly - she's a fucking murderer 80 fights and 5 losses and this one debatable personally i don't see how it could be anything but a win

plus nunes is the most unlikable person ever always talking about being the goat it's like.... ffs be humble its one thing to be confident its one thing to talk yourself up but another thing to be obnoxious af talk about your "legacy" after your career take a lesson from GSP and always respect your opponent treat them as though they're the toughest challenge you've ever had each and every time if it wasn't then how they get before you? and be humble

Felix Galvan

Can you interview Jorge Masvidal por favor


jones gets his strength from cocaine it's like spinach for popeye but now he can't do coke lol

joking aside in all seriousness you know whats crazy? jon jones was so difficult in the beginning of his career because his style was so unique especially for light heavyweight but NOW look at bantamweight lightweight etc EVERYONE is throwing spinning elbows etc - they're light years ahead technically hasn't quite spread to light heavyweight yet but regardless jones hasn't evolved or adapted in time by comparison

David Lewis

If you’re wondering why Jones looked so beatable, it’s because he’s off the juice finally. I don’t understand how people have forgotten about that

Bartholomew Baltech

If not for Chance Rencountre's otherworldly chin, he wouldn't have had time to implement the ground game. Kinda disappointed you didn't mention that, but otherwise great job.

Howard Kim

Luke Thomas your show is almost as bad as Schaubs and that’s pretty damn bad


Luke Thomas loving the mayhem and reporting it like it is always. Congrats on Showtime!

Komander Ground

they should book Maia VS Askren

Sunrise Pups

Izzy city kickboxing

Darien Santiago

Anybody who complains about Masvidal and his celebration after the fight is a PUSSY to the highest power.


Yairs or Masvidals KO?

Jeremiah Hosea

Luke, I think you calling the main event "a bit of a dud" is a bit irresponsible. It was a quality fight and Santos with a clearly injured knee fought Jon to a split decision. It wasn't a thrilling fight, but it was a quality fight and not a "dud."

Animals Rock

the fact that Jon stood in front of a killer for 5 rounds without taking it to the ground only shows how good he is.


Jones only threw 2 punches the whole fight it was weird but I think Santos may of did enough to edge out a decision but tht ole saying u gotta beat the champ to be the champ brought up when Shogun vs Machida days

Walker vs jones

Billy Cheng

...how many people entering stage on weigh ins shook the kids hand...?...he got his wish from " make a wish "...i dont remember anybody but santos...is it a shame...????
...my prayers for that boy....

African Soldja

CAT ZiNGano beats her. I mean Nunes


Holy shit sums up that fight perfectly. I'm still recovering from watching that a day later. Pisses me off. Classless but I guess that's his MO.


Luke nobody else acts classless like that and guess what? There has always been a lot of shit talk in the history of the UFC. Don't excuse that shit. It was garbage. It's no excuse. If your point is valid, then the UFC turns into a shit show after every KO because shit talk/hype happens a LOT.

DJ Vanilladream

To me, Jon Jones is going the same way as Anderson Silva. He’s starting to make all these stupid mistakes in his fights and doesn’t want to challenge himself in another weight class. Instead he wants to stay in a division he’s already cleared out and keep fighting ham & eggers who will eventually knock him out. Don’t know what is wrong with the dude but he’s got talent and is clearly squandering it.

Nolan Kean

It's hilarious how ppl keep saying Jon purposely kept it standing even tho he coulda "taken him down and easily won" as if Jon wanted to take it to a super close split decision. For whatever reason, Jon was not comfortable going for the take down.

Kendall Bryant

Askren is the GOAT

Robert Estrada

Jones fight was a draw! If he hadn’t hurt his knee we would have seen Jones going for take downs or Jones would have gotten KOd!

Sunrise Pups

Masvidal would give you a great interview

L.GH. Djoetma

33:27, It's called a 'TIGER KNEE', Luke. Tiger Knee.


The hands on the back when a fight might be going to start is sooo classic and common in ppl from the dangerous areas in latin countries, said from someone who grew up in one, myself . He reminds me that.

denno Maka

Luke i love u but stop that donating shit, like a teenager who does reaction videos.

Stephan Ulm

Wow very excited but please no spoilers!

aria ghamati

I feel like maybe he decided to just barely beat santos to make him self look weak, look beatable, look like he can be beat. Maybe to get dc to fight him? But we'll never know


Jones be turning into lazy bones! 2nd fight he won that didn't look great.


“ How do you beat Nunez if she’s not tired?”
Well, according to you (and I’m not saying you’re wrong), Shevchenko just did it not that long ago.

Quiet Time Gaming

I'm of two minds about Jones/Santos...

It was SUPER close. I could go either way. But I don't think it was an outright robbery like some are saying, though.

Santos got outstruck, Jones controlled the octagon and he was the one advancing most of the fight with Santos mostly backing up behind the line by the cage.

I think Santos landed the harder punches... But as far as actual damage, I'd say they were about even, with neither sustaining much actual damage, besides both hurting their own legs/foot.

So the question is what measurable stats can we use to differentiate their performances?

Well, as I said, if striking was kind of even (with Jones landing more but Sanros landing harder) and there's no wrestling/BJJ, then it comes down to effective aggression and octagon control.

I think a lot of people only feel Santos won because he didn't get dominated, and Jones couldn't just have his way with him like he normally does.

But to say it was a robbery is kind of ridiculous.

anil ramautar

Luvvv that knee in the face of that CUNT Ben "THA Bitch" Askren, Respect to Mr.Masvidal.


He also needs to lose the banner at the bottom of the screen. Its annoying and just highlights how bad he needs donations and subscribers.

Matt Norris

jon has turned into the most boring fighter on this card and in the ufc.. since the roids he has not looked good at all... i think he lost the fight but i wont argue if somebody thinks he won bc 2nd round... lost the 1st and 5th for sure i cant really see anyone refuting that... the 2nd could have went either way but i gave it to santos... that said jon is going to get himself in trouble with some of the killers coming up in 205 fighting like that

Joost Horstman

@luke Maybe Jon Jones just tried to take it easy and looks vulnerable in which case maybe Daniel wants to come down and fight himt, it's a TRAP :D


Colby is basically fighting a Lose-Lose fight against Robbie. Even if he wins, he'll likely get severely hurt, and possibly injured.

Seth Olmstead

I asumed that jon was tenntative of the power after seeing those vicious kos in the earlier fights and it put him in a defensive shell.

Dylan G

We dont need 3 angles to see you sit and talk about fights, dude.

Nicholas duck

I think Jon had an injury before the fight, seemed to me like he was walking with a slight limp

Sunrise Pups

Your right the reality of getting caught running your mouth. How do u put your head down with out setups

Pseudo-pro Air-cowbeller

On a positive note, Ben Askren pool floaties are flying off the shelf with Ben Askren picnic benches soon to be available for sale.

Ghost Rider CoC

As always great show Luke but my only complaint is you didn’t put enough YouTube ads for me in this video :)

Rob Viviano

Who the best looking female fighter? “Can’t answer that.”


you poke the the bear.....the bear comes back with a flying knee to the temple!!"!


Dana" I scored it 2-2 going in to the 5th" White
1,2,5, Santos 100%

Денис Успешный Синхронный Переводчик

Dude, stop with the donation thing... you are losing the game....wasting peoples time.... 89K for a reason...a lot of logistics should stay OFF camera like checking your phone buzzer etc...a lot of water in your words.... a lot of bla bla...learn from the best - look at Ariel Helwani.... its not that hard. a little less ego, a little more homework prep.... Go, good luck.


"Boy that escalated quickly... Jorge killed a guy"

Thomas Neutel

i also repeat myself alot when im drinking

Sunrise Pups



9 ads Luke? Really? Taking the piss

Andre M

I was talking with a friend ....we agree what Jorge did was remarkable....but did it answered the question between jorge and Ben? A lucky punch......or lucky knee, in this case, in 5 sec. should not be the walk away. Jorge owes Ben a rematch. Will Dana make it happen?


Street Jesus menu update: Askren got the 3 piece and a coma.


Have enough ads dick?

Ozzy _

Tyson Fury best fainter in the world.

Sunrise Pups

Great analysis on jones I think a lot of it was jones played it a little to safe bc of santos power showed a lot of holes with Jon if he’s not dynamic


The only thing missing from that shirt are the wet arm pits. Luke, can you work on that? Even if it's water, that's fine. Sweat please, visible. It's makes is way more authentic.

You're the man now Dog

30 in tennis used to mean retirement, but not true today. As far back as 2017-2018, the majority of top 20 rankings consisted of fighters in or very near their 30s. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic are well into their 30s and are still playing prime tennis and winning major tournaments.

Hunter Meier

More ads please


I thought Kook Dumbass retired. Was the West Lynn Gangster mistaken?


How many ads do you need on a podcast? 17 minutes in and 5 already.

Lalon Karim

After seeing Askren knocked out like that, Jon was hesitant to shoot for takedown.

Sunrise Pups



I screwed up by putting Masvidal in line for Nurmagomedov. Usman v Masvidal is a match that will come down to activity. I don't think anyone gets put away.

Gregory Maurice Hollman

Fuck off with ur donate shit. U make plenty of money from ur Sirius show, I’m sure, u DONK

Assertive Karma

Masvidal win is over blown, it was a deceptive high energy, moderate risk attack. It could happen in any fight with about anyone. I think classless uncontrolled behavior/attitude should mean something. Unfortunately for Ben, people down played the skill/excitement of his fights, so he needed to spice up his promotion with smack talk. I would like to see a rematch some time, and wouldn't be quick to bet against Askren.

Billy Cheng

ne of best ppv cards ever....lol


Shut up, Luke; it is not the game, because Askren would not have been that classless and unprofessional, if he had choked out Masvidal.

Masvidal has shown his dickhead behaviour before, such as with Leon Edwards.
You also slagged off Khabib for losing his temper after the Conor win.

Masvidal is becoming like Conor. I cannot wait for him to get ktfo.


I still think Shevchenko is the pound for pound best female fighter


luke if youre into athletic excellence why do you watch the womens soccer finale?

John Ferguson

Luke Thomas wrong on most predictions again

Gabe Smith

Fuck Luke Thomas


one of the best KOs in history but probably THE BEST celebration in history that was simultaneously bad ass and hilarious anyone that doesn't like it is a soft bitch go watch something else i'm not "just bleed guy" but that was definitely the time and the place - we're watching people punch each other till their brains turn to mush you people have a problem with his victory show of stiffening up like a board mocking how starched he got?


Nicholas Wilson

Nice job 600 adds doooope bro

Tony 2 Toes

Why so many adverts all a sudden make it unwatchable specially when i listen whilst doing other shit


Jorge “don’t talk personal shit before a fight but I’m friends with Colby “cringe, shit talking about the whole country of Brazil, trump visiting, dickbag Covington”) Masvidal”

That was hard to type out grammatically correct


Masvidal lost all my respect tho, he is garbage in my opinion, I never have been fan of him even tho I am hispanic like him and I love Romero but this guy never have been someone I like to watch to fight, now... zero respect from my part, and not for the knee but the punches after Ben was clearly out already and then the stupid act he did on the octagon, he is lucky he is fighting cause seems his brain does not need to be punched to get stupidity to show out.

Mat G

C'mon man Jon's age?? Lets stop making excuses for Jones' performance... Jon didnt show up for work; plain and simple. Thiago landed more significant strikes and caused more damage.. the only reason Jon retained the belt is because he is the current champ, and the champs cant lose by decision..

Morgan Yu

England uses the word geezer. Eddie Hearn could be described as a geezer. But these days anyone can be called a geezer, geezer.

Environment elite

masvidal it was 2 haymakers


Word is that Askren is still stuck reaching for Jorges crotch


I appreciate that self evaluation at the end Luke where you say everyone hates you at first, I think that's why I fucked with you heavy from the start, there's a real honesty you have that usually makes people feel that way initially, but the realness is what ultimately wins everyone over. Stay genuine big guy you the real mvp of mma media next to the big nose.


The punches Masvidal threw were what you would call "whipping" Chuck Liddell has demonstrated this, you can see it on youtube.