DIY ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET | Decorating Ideas | Modern Farmhouse Entryway | Entryway DIY

DIY ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET | Decorating Ideas | Modern Farmhouse Entryway | Entryway DIY

225 612 views | 10 Oct. 2020

This DIY ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET will share decorating ideas for a modern farmhouse entryway! We have a small entryway but this makeover is a huge transformation and includes tons of diy projects, like a diy entryway bench & diy coat rack and decorating ideas for entryway decor on a budget! Let's do this entryway DIY!

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kendra Johnson

Sherly Millender

I love your Background

Carolina Menendez

Hi Megan!! Question, what’s the name of the paint you used on the walls?

Ly Kri

My Ex now and I had a house we were doing completely over. It was not updated since running cold water. He would not let me touch the sanding of spackle, but I knew better. I did it in the bathroom one day before he came. He was impressed with my work and admitted that women often have the natural touch to do spackling and dry wall.

Life As Jessica Marie

Love the turnout!! You are giving me so many ideas

LoveSan Jones

I love you video so inspiring. I also love the music you used on this one. Do you know who sang that song, that sounds like a country song with the lyrics "my wheels in motion, and windows down, wind blowing in my head? Really liked that song. Really a cleaning motivation song.

Laura Bee

New subscriber. I really enjoyed your video. Your entry way looks beautiful!

Marsha Balderrama

Get a screwdriver and stick it thru that hole and pull it towards the right and your door will open. It came out very nice.

Rajasvi Khandale

Very nice

Ana Paula V S


Lanessa Watson

This came out so cute and functional. Great job. A tip with the drilling issue you have. Drill pilot holes first. Not only will the screw go in much easier but it'll also go in straight and won't split your wood and you don't have to push your whole body weight into it

Peter G

Hi Megan. Wow. What a transformation. Looks absolutely beautiful. Love the color of walls etc. You do such an amazing job. Lovely painting to. Those floor tiles look so much better. Excellent. I'm moving house soon, and will definitely be using that color on my house. Nice and bright. Love the vids. Really enjoy them. Music is great to. Take care, and stay safe guys. All the best.

Life Made Simple

I love that shoe rack! I dont think ive seen one like that before!


Wow! Megan the entry way turned out awesome! Love the hook rack. Keep the videos coming love watching you and Ashley. All of your videos inspire my videos!!!

Sondra Six

It looks awesome

Jazmine Vaughan

You have trouble with the screws because your drill is not powerful enough. We have a Mikita drill and impact driver, highly recommend. Also, some C clamps and a workbench would help if you for some reason didn't have an extra set of hands.

Leticia Hoskins

I would paint the key holder black then sand the letters to distress it. The gold is kind of clashing IMO. But other than that looks great!

Gabriel Parker

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Alexandra Conceição


Grisel Blanco-Garcia

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!! That turned out SO beautiful, girl!!!! I LOVE it!!! 

I've been wanting to makeover my "entryway", which is just a wall when you open the front door to my aparment... so I have to be strategic about making it work so that the door doesn't interfere nor knocks off anything on the wall. Thank you for the inspo! I definitely got some ideas on what to do on my entry wall so we can place our keys, face masks and mail when we come in the home. The shoe situation I had to fix by getting one of those over-the door shoe shelves and placed it inside my master bedroom (my bedroom is the first room you have on your right when you first open the front door.) I also have a coat closet with a two-tier shoe self in there, but it's not enough space to store all of our shoes. One day when I have a house I'll be able to have a more functional and beautiful entryway like the one you've created here for you and your family. I really enjoy your DIY's. I need to be more like you, Karrie Lynn, Kathryn from "Do It On a Dime", and Amanda from "This Crazy Life" where you gals aren't afraid to use a drill and create so many high-end looking home decor pieces and projects. I truly admire you ladies!!!

Kimber Harvey

I love that you took the time to build your own furniture for this space. So inspirational!


Can you give us the link to the drill you are using? Tia

Lauren Greiman

every time she went down to get more paint my brain was like "why is she painting the floor"

Silent Reader

Wow!!! I made the exact same bench. I also made the same blanket ladder you made in your living room makeover video.

Kristen Copeland

I really like the look but i wish we see how it ACTUALLY looks with coats and shoes.

Laura Gosnell

Erin Masciarelli

Megan!! It looks so amazing you did such a great job!! I absolutely love it!!

Anna Martinez

what was the size of the board for the coat rack?

delorise snelling

That's the color I just bought for my living room and two hall spaces!! My daughter recommended it. She's going to be doing the painting for me too.

kenneth bunton

Great job. To make drilling easier. Drill holes before. They will go in easier. Works for me.

Harley Dancer

Very smart young lady.

Karen Eversole

It pains me to see you use nice stools for sawhorses!

Leanna Figaro

I've been way behind on keeping up with YouTube life been really taking a toll on me but I'll never miss your videos you never disappoint you really give me motivation every time I'm feeling down can't wait to see the end

lisa morand

Great work. How come you don't use a broom handle for height in roller? Oh there it is. My bad.

Nicole Pena

I love all ur video's,

ماريا توته توته

ممكن خريطه المنزل

Sherly Millender

Awesome Thank YOU for this idea love it

ماريا توته توته

ممكن خريطه المنزل

Grace Smith

Love love love!!! You have such great vision!

Savannah Burkett

I feel like your walls are gonna get really dirty with that shoe rack

Shannon Dorrian

For drilling into wood, I find it easier and safer to do predrilling with a small drill bit then using wood scress

Nadine Panz

Your entryway turned out great!!! It looks really really beautiful!!!
I always enjoy watching you doing your diy projects!! It is so inspiring and kind of calming at the same time

Cláudia Carvalho

Sharon Murry

I really love how you did everything, especially how everything was done on a budget, I was so inspired, I love creating, decorating, coordinating, and all that Jazz, I tell my friends and everyone, that, as long as I have, drill, nails paint, decor pieces I am happy, I Love your projects

Rachel Olivas

You should try a stencil on the entrance way that could look really good anyway absolutely love how everything turned out, its beautiful

Peter Chisnall

You should be proud of your work.

Francine Hogsett


KimmyKay Natural

It would be nice to see with the shoes and coats added. Was wondering how that looks as well. My entry way is very similar.

Stephanie Macerola

Hi !!! You are such a hard worker!! I love all your makeovers!!


I love your channel and your diy's in a budget that I can afford in my rental. Your entry is beautiful you rock.


❤️ Ana

My Style My Home

Love how clean and fresh it looks.

Melissa Moore

You should try plumbers puddy instead of DAP. It wipes off with a damp sanding. Love your channel!

Brenda Elosegui

Where did you get the round black shelf I love it

Kay A

Im interested to know how the floor stand up to the traffic that go in and out. I'm weary about doing that knowing how rough my husband is with walking and stepping on things lol

Tay Tay

An impact drill does the work for you. You could drill with one hand.

מרסלה **

Wow you are in one world wonder woman amaizing.


Oh my goodness!! That looks great!!❤️

Loving Life as Megan

Hey Guys!

I hope that you all love this entryway makeover!

It was all done on a super strict budget and there’s tons of easy DIYS so hopefully you guys can get some ideas to use in your own home, no matter your skills level or finances.

Maria Bright

I no this is a random question and iam sorry but u do lots of diys. What sander would u recommend if u had a lot of sanding to do? Thanks

Linda Curtis

Great job Megan! Love your paint color. I was looking for a neutral grey and kinda gave up once I brought all those paint chips home! Now I wrote this color agreeable grey down. I have always liked Sherwin Williams paints. You are quite the DIYer!!!

Karen Wink

Loved “ I DIYed the crap out of this.” You are the real real and a very hard worker.

Donna Johansson

Great job , well done!

Gloria Mercado

Such talent girl!

Denise Bangiyev

Finally getting a chance to catch up on your videos!!

Nova McCoy

Wow! It looks amazing you did a great job!❤️❤️

Catia Maria


christina reyes

Great job

Oksana Bovtenko

Hi, Megan! I am impressed, how great your budget projects. Our company, StencilsLAB, would like to collaborate with you on a stenciling project. Our audients actually would be interested follow up on your Youtube/Instagram content. I sent a letter to your email/Instagram. Let's do - DIY project together!

Vanessa Mallorca

Me encanta!!! Te ha quedado precioso!!

Marisol Loera

Genious on a Budget!!

amy salmon

Love to watch how you do for your make over projects, keep going , don't stop

Marcia Flores

Very beautfull!❣❣

Alyssa_ 13

Love your videos Megan

Kelly sumey

That is so beautiful!!!! I love all your makeovers and love talking to you on instagram all the time!!!!!!


You are so dope!!

Sherly Millender

Awesome good job

Ellie Dearden

Love the enter way. Color amazing and cute little sitting bench

Lauren Medina

It’s so crazy how a coat of white paint will change a space!!! Looks awesome!

leoneevans tarr


Kristina Carter

Absolutely stunning! Love the bench!


Great job on the bench and shelf. It looks so inviting.

Alyssa AnagramPlans

Gorgeous! You're videos are always so motivating and inspiring. It's amazing how much fresh white trim can change a space. My house used to be all beige trim/doors/windows. Once we updated it all, our house feels brighter, cleaner, and more open!

Rachael Austin

Wow, I’ve just watched this for a second time and I’m still totally impressed. All your hard work paid off. Beautiful.❤️


Perfect transformation, but the bench looks like not too steady, stiffening ribs are needed it seems

Misty Norman

Hey! Thanks for this video because I almost paid someone to do helped me cut down on cost! Keep the great videos coming!!!

Claudia Lillibridge

This looks Amazing! Now I feel the urge to paint so thank you for that.

Christina Carter

it’s so beautiful!!! that floor transformation!!

Brenda Elosegui

I love the color.

Beatriz Latorre


Aminah Masoodhi

U r amazingly amazing
Really u r so talented, u r queen of DIY's


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Katie Pulera

Looks great! Just a trip... If you use a bit and drill pilot holes first it's easier to screw the wood pieces together.

Pamela Fox

It’s much easier to put screws in when you pre drill the holes. Good paint prep though.

Rita Robinson

Great paint job!

Sandrinha Costa

I should have put my French hands up and hidden with the pictures.

Brian Intravaia

Love the videos!! I am always looking to change stuff up and keep it fresh and new!!

Quick tips...

1. to open a door without a handle, put a screwdriver or pencil through the bracket and depress the latch. I love to see how things work, so I looked at how door knobs work and when you twist the knob, it just slides the latch to the side.

2. To help drive screws in by yourself, use drill bits to make a "pilot hole". You want to use a drill bit that's slightly smaller (thinner) than the screw you're using. This does a few things. A) it prevents the screw from moving around and keeps it straight. B) prevents the wood from splitting C) allows the screw to drive in easier so you don't have to put weight behind it.

Good luck! Keep making awesome videos! Proves you don't have to spend $1,000s to make a home look amazing. Hope those tips help!

Dolores M. Zamora

pre-drilling the holes might help :) loved the outcome

Peter Chisnall

Wow. Plain and simple. Beautiful