Clanking on the Waves at Haulover Inlet

Clanking on the Waves at Haulover Inlet

2 041 724 views | 23 Oct. 2019

On this episode of Haulover Boats™ we see that you better batten down your hatches and secure your anchor before cruising out of Haulover Inlet when the tide changes and the big waves build up!

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Boats in this video:

00:04 Robalo R300 with Twin Yamaha 300's

00:23 Release 301 RX with Twin Suzuki 300's

00:37 Freeman 37VH with Quad Yamaha 300's

00:52 Sea Ray SDX 270 OB with Mercury 300

01:16 Robalo R300 with Twin Yamaha 300's

01:34 Offshore Center Console with Twin Yamaha 250's

01:57 Scout Dorado

02:37 Venture 34 Center Console with Twin Yamaha 300's

03:03 ?

03:25 Everglades 435CC with Quad Yamaha 350's

03:46 Monterey 328 SS

04:18 Grady-White Fisherman 257 with twin Yamaha 150's

04:37 Riva 44 Rivarama

04:55 Monterey 328 SS

05:21 Cigarette 38 Top Gun ST

05:44 Donzi 23 ZF with twin Yamaha 225's

06:14 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

07:41 Boston Whaler 370 Outrage with triple Mercury 350's

08:06 Midnight Express 37 Open with Quad Mercury 400's

08:52 Regal 53 Sport Coupe

09:29 Everglades 435CC with Quad Yamaha 350's

09:43 MTI V-42 with quad Mercury 400R's

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2:58 You got to learn to handle jumps if you're going to ride a jetski

Guy Witscher

Who else thinks the theme to Gilligans Island would be
appropriate for those boats going to sea??

ACP Telford

Do American aerials work better when down then?

Craig Miller

Click bate

coffee drinker

still no one has paid off their dingies??? and they're all broke down in some way now!!

Michael H

Are these supposed to be dangerous conditions? Or just filming people heading out?

Because I didn't see anything particularly dangerous or that oh shit we are in trouble moment.

Armani Gallon

women's world cup 2019

Tea Eff

I hate those noisy Cigarette boats... but he’s doing it all right, bow up keep on the throttles. BTW the horsepower of outboards is ridiculous these days, I remember when twin 150hp Merc’s was badass, lol


Fine ass @7:44--- Little too old for me, but nice !!!!

Prune Squallor

I can’t believe the number of people not wearing PFD’s. They must be fantastic swimmers, even the kids.

Josephine Bennington

What do they do when they get there? And where is “there”?

B-Man 123

Some people have $$$$ to burn!!

S Lit

7:50... Beautiful Boston Whaler...

Stefan Rose

Why people don‘t weat lifejackets when riding a boat?

Dustin Downen

This is my new favorite channel.


What it would be like to be rich! But, we have enough assholes in the world already

John Blackard

That Freeman cat at the beginning looked like it hit pretty damn hard!! ???? Thought the cats were supposed to ride on a cushion of air!!!


The Grady White is a fine skiff.

Toe Jam

At about 3:00 the beer was not spilled

TJ of SC

NONE of these idiots have an idea what PFD’s are for.

earl Wright

This must be the inlet to the "cheap rent"area of Miami lol

Mr Sincere

4:00-4:15 Tanning must be very important..LOL

Frank Rizzo


JRE Comments!!!

I got Click baited


This site always promises dramatic footage but 99% is just boats going in and out

Red Iron farm

Haulover my ass...go out the barneget inlet....also that dude in the cigarette needs a driving lesson....


What a crappy weather for going out with the boat

Dynamic Solution

Used boat shopper in miami asked if their boat has exer been "IN" the ocean. Monteray owner pauses and do you define "in"?


I see they don't bother with life jackets there, not very smart.


Everyone is freaking out about PFD’s but they’re not a requirement here. Only for children. You just have to have it in the boat.

Goodbye Mr. Anderson

That cat was heavy duty!!!

R Yeckley

The Cigarette at 5:30 needs to drop the tabs and punch the throttles

Dale Lantz

Reminds me of the 11 foot 8 bridge videos

Mark Camaro

Well, if you cant come up with the the moolah for one of these yachts, the wave runners seem like fun


Anyone in Florida wear PFDs?



Oh Boy

Pretty calm waters. This is a normal day on the water on Lake Michigan leaving the harbor.


the most ligth have a 250 hp, my fish boat only 15 hp, hahahaha

Hanging Around

@4:05 worth the wait!


6:06 jeremy clarkson voice “In the plums”


Something I'm noticing, there isn't very many i/o in that area. Even boats that look like they should be. Is there a reason for that? Something that really pushes people to ob?


That 44 Rivarama cruised through like a freakin caddy. They need to use this inlet for marketing some of these boats.

samuel lubricant

@ 5:27 Finally somebody who knows how to operate throttles

Humble Evidence Accepter

Most of these boats cost more than my house.

Edward Myers

The worst thing to do here is puts along. You gotta keep some power on, enough to keep the bow up ass down. Sadly some of these peeps dont get that


What is the boat at 4:48?

Ethan Hunt

Где происходят эти соревнования?

Carl Zorro

Dummiesssssssssssss no life jackets

mohdhaffis mohd

All people no live jacket???

Rob Klohs

Love to see a lot of these clowns try to cross a bar. This is just an inlet.

Tz Nxde

where is this, it seems like its never good weather


I'd love to be an outboard dealer near there

Geo Lovett

For fun like to see them park those big ass boats.

Don Kinzett

I find it hard to believe there are no speed restrictions at this place

David Weston

What is that boarded up building on the other side of the inlet? Ugly thing

lawrence beeler

Click bait

Bert Gor

How many people you think give up boating after a few failed attempts at Haulover?


Punching against wind and top of the Tide..

Tim the gun guy

I'm amazed at how many of these high dollar boats are piloted by morons that don't have a clue on how to operate a boat in rough seas and obviously got more $$ then brains!!!

William Stryker

That Rivarama... Absolutely gorgeous. 4:37 Guy is out alone, though!!!

Central Scrutinizer

..........I knew it was a TS by the paint job.


Gave you a thumbs down, the click-on icon is unrelated to this video, just looking to get more traffic ... good bye

Google Voicer

What’s with the misleading title and clip? This video did NOT include the boat banging against the rocks which is why I clicked this time.


0:45 - I think the picture of the woman on the side of Magic Carpet is topless... :D


Not one of those idiots wears aPFD

M Ark

7:02 does not inspire confidence

Guido Giorgi

This reminds me of gta 5 those waves hit hard


4:00 jetski guy had to stop and look

high tide low tide

You want some wave clanking? Come to the Sf bay Potato Patch for some real footage. This is child's play lol, rich people with fancy boats


Why is this so enjoyable to watch ? I watch the whole video and I don't even have a boat

Ron Jaime

I remember in the early 2000 I was looking for a flats boat to buy and stumbled on SeaVee boats, I know they made a flats boat but were a off shore boat builder. They looked pretty nice back then how come I havent seen any on these videos, are they crap?


1.3 million views. Very nice!!


There are dozens of videos on this inlet of vessels getting their added kicked going in and out of the harbor, even in fair weather. WTF do people launch out of this place?

rc Ohio

Wow! That midnight express! And the mti at the end!

James Postle

I need that blacked out midnight express ASAP

Cynthia Cler

I thought it was illegal to fish off the pier or area your tapping from? I noticed a guy with a rod in the water at 1 point during the video.

Good Bonezz

That captain, AND that 260 Sundancer (I actually think that was a 240) gives Sundancers a bad name...weak

Brandon Wingfield

How fast can these quad engine boats go? To someone who doesn't know boats it seems like they can go crazy fast

MrT 06

I hate the way the bottom of these boats got painted why doesn’t it fallow the cure it just goes straight I need to know the point it is like this on most ocean boats looks weird


Click Bait‼
What happened to the boat on the rocks❓

todd mccowen

i dont see life jackets on anyone not even the kids ,where the fuck is this ?

Gavin Abrahams

Freeman magic carpet rules of course it a cat


6:37 did this guy have a change of heart?

Andi Mumxhiu

That RIVA is sooooo sexy

Harry Wilson

Glad they’re all wearing lifejackets

John X

da questo filmato si desume che una barca deve essere di almeno 10/11 metri per non venir sbatacchiati dalle onde anche non enormi

Jerry Smith

Why are people allowed to overload their boats? Then instead of equalizing the load they either go to the bow or go towards the stern. I am surprised a lot of the boats don't sink and drown their passengers.
I will admit it was kind of funny watching the circus until I realized that was for real.

Bricknose Powerstroke

I’m not sure what amuses me about sitting and watching boats go in and out of haul over Inlet, but I do like it!

Wilson T

Why the pirate flag?


If you fly the skull and bones on your boat, chances are you are a douchbag

Random 549

The more expensive the boat the prettier the female passangers

David Hoffman

I guess sterndrives aren't very popular anymore.


Why would you even want to take your boat out in shit weather like that


ill never understand why the Rivas has such an ugly ass bimini..

Dayne Wilson

Leaning forward in a center console makes the boat go faster!

FaZeCartman 1

Great Channel, my friend turned me on to it, awesome videos ,thank you! I watch them everyday day!

Rafal Rocks

Midnight Express:Another smooth day on the water.

Curtis Hill

$100,000K for that Sea Ray is ridiculous!! It doesn't even have a cabin lol SUCKA


Video title at 00:08 and thumbnail at 06:24 / also i think the older guy on the Sea Ray is sea sick, poor fella..

Michy Nature

Wow can’t believe the idiots at 4:05 as well . No brains at all