Mechanical Problems Compilation - Heavy Machines Fails - Part 8

Mechanical Problems Compilation - Heavy Machines Fails - Part 8

404 405 views | 23 Oct. 2020

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Mechanical Problems Compilation - Heavy Machines Fails - Part 8

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Bair Valentin

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Игорь Игорь

Технику дали, а научить считать вес груза и законы физики не научили.


3rd world operators = 3rd world problems

Lorric Logging

3:15 black friday

Jefferson Sales

Third world adventures

Keith Mills

I’m the only other comment?

1985Viggen ツ

12:20 xD

Александр Катричук

Строили, строили и наконец построили! Ура товарищи!

Norm Freilinger

Crane operators in Eastern bloc countries: Load chart ? What’s that ? Know the height of your load , why ? Basic common sense physics , what’s that ?

Aurélien Millet

N ... Ne bon. Nnnnnnnn


unbelievable stupidity

betterthanlife re

Need training as a hoisting engineer? Nah, just wing it!

Engineering 102

Join yes

Merlene Chinchilla

The slim captain intrahepatically introduce because leaf family settle down a certain clipper. garrulous, chilly cake

Жорик из Армении

Блять, до чего жалко технику, падающую в "бездну" к хуям... (((

Jeff Fae Scotland

They are some right eegits in the world eh.....

Handy Dan

:20 clue number 1, spotless inside and out, no oil. Kaboom.

John Ares

i don't see any problems at 2:40, that's just the reverse.

cliff corbitt

4:38 concrete AKBAR!

General Electric and Engineering industry

12:50 Polybridge but it looks realistic

richard easther

The main rule for filming is that when something of interest happens film the ground not the thing of interest, seems to be a you tube rule


Why they try to load a wide and heavy equipment in to a regular wide truck?
Also, when a heavy load is on the air there's a lot of people around. Seems like common sense is not so common.