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Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.

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mr machinist

6:10 that's how its done

Marc Ingold

The water police would make a fortune fining all the people not wearing life vest through the bar. A bloody disgrace.

Aussie Mick

Whats the appeal of sitting on the bow anyway?


100k boats in these videos are like the lake dinghy compared to the "common" boat ... insane power, great boats, just awesome :)

toby dog

You like those bikinis don't you haha. Me too, keep them coming.

Indrid Cold

This is a relatively smooth day at the Haulover.

Jeff Hess

Their should be a Law requiring everyone too wear Life Jackets, can you spell STUPID !!

Paul Knittle

People need to wear life vests and GET OFF THE BOW when going through waves like that. Children on the bow??? This is just plain ignorant.

Ellis Midkiff

00:32 Southport not Southpoat.

Jason Ferguson

At 0:58 that anchor made me nervous

John Martlew

The one at 0:17 actually ran aground.

10 Gauge


kayak man

what a shitty place that is

On The Hook Charters Daytona Beach

Where’s the guy with all the surfboards going?

Jesse Richards

My like is for the view at 0:20

Construction King

Who rubbeb the lamp?? 4:25

J k

Why are outboards so popular here?? anyone know??

Bryab5k boss

Why we're u FILMING my sister laying on beach? Your wierdo

maerts aidem

Good video. But I wish there were more kids on bows. That's my favorite.

Jay Youplease

The grady white kills it!

Rene Shay

When the smaller bow rider type boats seem to nose dive and start to sink is it possible to just slowly ride in reverse for a few minutes to raise the front? I am not familiar with boats and was just wondering. Thanks

Tom Webber

The yellowfin is no joke. Would love to run the inlet with my bass boat. Those waves are a taste of the great lakes

Alessandro Rossi

I understand: you need 500hp minimum here. In mediterranean sea 40hp are enough


4:40. Just when you think you can’t get dumber...

Nick Weiss

5:50 I was hoping for some pitch pole submarine action, but the driver was better than his boat.

Tyler Smith

Love to see those Carolina boats just killin it. Just watch the Grady footage, done and done.

Harry Duncan

What submarining? A couple of minor scoops and that's it.

Keeping Calm

fuel is much to cheap.

Scott Gibbons

If people don't like the video of people having fun then why watch it?

Jose Peixoto

Man, you should get a permit and organize RACES there: 3 boats at a time, three sorties and three incomings around 2 buoys on the ends; the prize would be a full fillup of the tanks lol


:17 Future leather couch material.


Lots of very expensive sun-glasses I bet.

Jonathan Mack

That Grady was a tank


Its just "submarine", not "submarines"...damn

Ronan Maliff

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J k

Why no fishing poles what the hell do they go out in the ocean and do

Ammo Alamo

Why do these medium size boats need 600 - 1600 horsepower? What can they get out of 900 that they can't get out of 300 or 400? It looks crazy to see a boat with three or four engines hanging off the rear, each engine 300, 350, 400 hp. Sure, they can manage 45-55 mph maybe more at times, but add a little chop to the water and they are just asking for back surgeries, cracked hulls, lost gear, overboarded passengers, etc. at any speed much over 25-35 mph.


6:01, what is that outboard motor? Alaina?


9:45 Riding the waves like a king

Ross Hamilton

This channel taught me the difference in Lake boats and open water boats

André Luiz

it's me, MARIOO!!


More than 60% isn't wearing a lifevest.. Do they all have a deathwish?

Fábio Isidro

So o primeiro jet da um mergulho. O resto normal


That's my neighbor's boat at 3:45

Jim Beck

Never heard of a “Southpoat” brand of boat.

Ahmad Faisal

P nany

Bill White

I've been watching these vids on and off for two days since I found them. When I see a boat go through with people riding on the bow, or better yet on top of the bow cabin. I have anxiety and assume it's their first time through the inlet.

FB Nick

1:40 those mini hydrofoils really seem to work!

Thomas Phetteplace

Toss up between a Grady-White or a Boston Whaler.

Hiker Hobby

Does anyone know why boats, jet skis and surf boarders are all allowed in the same space? Seems super dangerous to me.

claude wernert

Bimbos on the front decks unaware of the dangerous waves in the channel...

Mark Williams Sea Angling

I am strangely addicted to watching these, only ever submarined once but once was enough. Went so deep it tore the wind shield off.

not in service

any one know the boat at 5:35, am loving the big front yard !


I remember a few years back a boat hit the bridge.

silver z06

Did anything happened to the boat at the 17 second mark? I got distracted.....LOL

Mike's road trip 2017

How about zooming in on some sexy lady's

Vintage Electronics

second scene...took a while to recognize the ship, was distracted


It's amazing how many idiots are on the bow while traversing an inlet.

2SaltyDicks Fishing

Hate how these idiots let their young kids on the bow with no life vest


Maybe it's because I've always been a cold-water boater, but I'd never operate or ride in an open boat without wearing a PFD. Only time I take it off while underway is when I'm in a fully enclosed cabin. And I'm a strong swimmer!

Also, what's up with most people leaving their antennas down? Not going to get very good reception that way unless you're trying to hit a satellite!

durr moment

Should call it SUBMARINES MINUTE w/other boats

Mike deubler

Laughing my ass off , more convinced now that there should be a DMV and licensing for boats. Some of the guys shouldn’t ever operate lawn mowers ! By the by where are the cops ?

Bill Smith

I know handling this takes experience, but I also think that there is probably some good and bad luck with the waves as well. You can't always know what the waves are going to do.

outdoor Enthusiasts

I enjoyed the whole video, but the first 24 seconds of the waves was fantastic!

Tab Ranch

Phillip Davies

Loved the Welsh Dragon flag on that boat.

Wayup North

Nice buttocks on the jet ski @ 9:40.

John Boater

I watch until I see the trump flags being flown.

Umaxen 00

I've been here. Unless you have a big, powerful boat over 45', you need to slow down and now plow into these waves. 5 to 7 mph seems to have the least wave resistance where you are not dipping and submarining your way to the bottom...


Where’s the narrator? How will we know who won?

edwin kania

Best shot 20 seconds in.

mark willies

Interesting to see that jetski riders are also idiots like they are in South Africa.I nearly got driven over by a moron driving his at a decent speed towards me whilst i was paddling off 3 Anchor Bay, Cape Town.
The moron turned close enuf thaf I got drenched by the spray. Close enuf for me to think "O Shit" with bugger all options to consider.
The prick never came back to apologise.

Briar Fox

Does anybody trim the motor and such while operating these boats. Never seems like the people do it right, just bigger boat, or slow down, or go fast. A couple made it look easy, you can tell they do.

Mike McCourt

Sponsored by Sea Flo bilge pumps...

Jim Dahl

Fuel must be cheep in Fla


Every bow rider has the front screen open ! You can even see the decal that says close the thing whilst underway.
As for the life jackets they just don't exist. Merica !

Lyman Bone

Well done


You need this awesome movie!!

John Kilsheimer

Grady White makes the 252 proud.

S R Castic

It’s all about bow shape.

Bob Czz

Isn't there a law on wearing a life vest under a certain age?

Ahorse Withnoname

All that magic water stuck to a spinning space ball flying through space at 67k mph around the Sun? First, water cannot bend around a ball, gravity is nonsense and just a theory to attempt to explain the ridiculousness of what we are told, 2nd, if a magic force was holding all that water to the ball there would be no waves, no currents, no tides. Funny how NASA cannot provide one single real photograph of earth from "space".

Reid Bainbridge

5:07 I thought that jetski dude was SCREWED

Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

Super content!!!!

Richard Varnold

Sorry not familiar with this inlet, what causes the havoc? Tide, wind? On the Mississippi river a strong south wind against the current causes 'Rollers'.

Ian Moone

Very few cats, basically all monohulls.
Wylies Yellowfin by far the nicest looking and best handling of anything shown here.
The Boston Whaler was just plain butt ugly.

Roman Ramos

Did anyone noticed the boat at sec 0:17 ?


Man, these boaters really hate wearing life vest.

Jim Stone

Nothing to see here, one guy submarines a jet ski, then cruises home.

Jason Rupek

I love how I'll skip around and stop on a beach babe every so often.


Notice how every time some snowflake in the front gets hit in the face with a little salt spray, they turn around and glare at the captain...


4.00 Wales

Diana Mattson

For a girl who power-boated and sailed on the states' big inland lakes, this type of boating scares the hoo-hah out of me. I wouldn't step onto any of those boats without a PFD firmly affixed to my body! And any child no matter what age, would be wearing one, too.

T.J. p

South Port

Bill Veder

Where is this haul over located?

Jordan Young

Would of loved to see how that Malibu wakesetter handled coming back in.


Fucking rich people

Niko Giannopoulos

What boat is at 520

Justin Sherlock

Does the water get calmer when you get a ways out? I can't imagine having any fun if not


I’m a little disappointed the monterray didn’t get wet.