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Facial Steamer

Smart Sweets

Eternity Rings

Tennis Bracelet

Wet Brush


Haus Labs Lip Gloss in Venus

Lash Extensions Remover

Phone Ring Light

Air Fryer (the one i have is sold out but this is similar!)

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Hi, Im Kelly Strack! On my channel you will find makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, full face first impressions, makeup hauls, sephora hauls, PR unboxings + more!

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I can't believe she said "haribro" Its haribo, hairebo is how you would pronounce it

Kate Wesolowski

I have that steamer! Pretty good!

Lina Villegas

I love your makeup!

Bibi Majeed

You speak very fast and talk and talk.

Adia Holmes

What lashes are you wearing?

Kasual Beauty

I buy my wet brushes at Marshall's for like $4.99 lol love them I have food swear by them the only hair brush I can use in my daughter's hair

Jamie Winters

I definitely wish you would've shown the basket size on the air fryer! I'm curious if it is the same size or bigger than the one that I already have.

Darya Redekop

Sweet snacks so good

Ali Moreno

Kelly always making me spend money.

Jenna Perez

what about people with sensitive skin and are allergic to nickel or copper jewelry

Ann Christian

Kohls has wet brush and so does walmart WET brand wet brush both places not too expensive

Andrea Jacobs

The rings are not sold as a set anymore and they are now 14...bummed

Lisa Cohen

Love your eyeshadow, can you share?

Yassin Sahara

Can you help me who has products but I don't know what to sell

Shayna Soto

blue is your color

Jessica Laprise

I love these amazon vids!

Jamie MAC13

Girl please try to part your hair directly down the middle if your gna have it that straight and flat.


Will you review the hard candy marilyn monroe collection plz&ty

Sandra Crowder

Could you PLEASE post a video of your eyebrow routine? I L❤️VE yours


You’re so pretty

Breanna Bischof

Those jeans r 38-40 $ now

Alicia B

I've seen those gummies at Winners/Marshalls (Canada's version of TJ Maxx) I know you love going to TJ Maxx so keep your eye out for them!

Haute Hum Tutorials

YES, I'll never buy a brush other than a Wet Brush again! They are like magic for not tangling hair!

Venetra Roberson

Alexis Hafter

I have those black jeans too I’m obsessed

Shaswati Sahoo

I love watching Amazon must haves so clicked this video as this popped up in my suggestion. This was her first video I’m watching but I’m not gonna subscribe cuz we all caught her lying confidently when she said she got that ring as a set and later admitted it to be separate. Def deserves a dislike. No one like dishonest YouTubers!


All lash remover stings it’s not just that particular brand, in case anyone was put off by that. You just have to keep your eyes closed the whole time and make sure you wipe and rinse them well before opening. I usually just use some cotton pads and water.


Could you share what your light set up is for filming your channel?

Lucy Clark

I can't get past your fake/overdone makeup to listen to your content. Girl bye

Holly Aber


Josie Maynarich

You should check out thrive for your smart sweets!

Jill Reed

Pics are the best for coming wet hair.

Kayla Boyd Duhon

I love all your videos wish I could visit New York so we can link up

Hana Mann

You neeeeed to put your amazon wishlist for your wellbeing omg.... so many people would want to help you out with your wishlist ❤️❤️ xox

Maddie Dasilva

kelly: hair dressers will always tell you to not brush your hair when it is wet'
People with thick curly hair: ummmmmm yeah no.

Jenn Jenn

New subscriber

Lydia Glassman

Could u do a self tanner video! U r beautiful!!! XO

Rachael Lim

I'm absolutely in love with the tennis bracelet that you shared! Totally going to get it for myself


Great video! Happy New Year

Katharyn M

I love watching you and learning and getting great tips from you and you also look so pretty it’s just you make it look so easy

Jennifer Edmonds

Hey Kelly! Love you and your channel. Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t steam your face before you dermaplane. You actually want your skin clean and dry with no moisture. That’s what they taught us in esthetics school ❤️

Pinkshadow 4444

The wet brush is amazing! My son has super curly thick hair and this is the only brush we can use on his hair.
Ps. The knockoff brushes do NOT work the same!
We use the green one!

Emily Bryan

I. Like watching this it gave me good advice about make up and tips

Abigail Morado

I thought you were Gigi gorgeous for all of five seconds.

Aria V

Got the ring and bracelet ! thank you for the links pretty girl

Taylor Nicole Moore

Yesssss!!! WET brushes are the only thing we use in my house. I have 3 daughters that have a lot of curly hair. & we love them. I bought them each the new princess design for Christmas! ❤️❤️



Lacey Peterson

Our local Target sells the bags of Smart Sweets. I was really surprised at how great they taste!

Kelsey Navarre

They also sell wet brushes at Marshall’s and tj Maxx for 4 dollars!

Jenny Grant

Hey does anyone recommend getting Magnetic Eyelashes on Amazon and has anyone tried them? Cheers

Dr. Shelly knowles

You’re a fake paid advisor

Christine Angel Harris-James

A wide toothed comb is best for wet hair not a normal comb

Erika Martin

Wh y Wood any one NEED rings?? My, the emptiness...

amy alksnis

Her hair and makeup

Roxanne Alanis

I agree with kelly on high waisted jeans not fitting right i have one pair from old navy that fits just right

Philisa Crawford

Could you do an Amazon Fails video?

Catherine Defelice

I have ZERO clue how to do makeup. I have no idea how to do eyes, foundation, highlighter, brows, nothing! Could you do a video for makeup for dummies 101?

Sassy D

Hi, thanks for sharing your favorites! I ♥ Amazon and spend too much but I can find anything in one place!

Alex S.

So you don't buy makeup on Amazon but you got a gel for removal of your eyelashes.

Melissa Bolduc

Hey Lady!!! Love your videos and your makeup! Do you think you could do a video on brushes? Like which brushes you use, brands, how to clean them? Thanks!

Milette Salvador

your voice is so irritating

Harlem Scent

Ooh that makeup she’s wearing

Blackheart 58

We just got an air fryer and we love it! No more getting splattered with hot oil. The food tastes great, don't know how we lived without it!

Jenniffer Rhodes

Can I suggest slow down your talking, I felt like I needed to put my gym shoes on to stay up with you. Your hand movement made me dizzy and your hair isnt falling out. I know I will get backlash for this comment, but its my opinion and the reason I won't subscribe. Good luck on your channel.


Title sounds a little cliche, sorry.


I have the bamboo Go Green wet brush and I honestly like it more than the original! I find it hurts even less to get out tangles. somehow the structure is a little different and it works better for me.

Kali Elizabeth

Omg girl do not remove your lash extensions at home, it can really hurt your eyes

by:Dej Shianna

What lipgloss are you wearing??

Meredith Miller

Lol I most be poor $22 is a lot

Mayra Jauregui

Love this kinda of videos! Wich lipstick combo are you wearing?

Cristina Antoniuc

love hearing people's favourite amazon purchases, now i need all of these haha.

Cierra Rich

Omg buying the ring light and subscribing!!!!!

Alexis Sparagowski

Going to order the lash extension remover ughhhh such a life and money saver!

Monique Royster

I'm so sorry to hear

mariadelaluz zilinskas

Loving your eye makeup. Love to see a video on how you did it

Kim Bombardiere

OMG Kelly!!! I love my air fryer. I have a 3qt one and cook Everything in it! I've made the best chicken, pork chops, hotdogs and hamburgers....Everything. Grilled cheese, toast all my sandwiches. I just Love it!

Jamie Winters

I can't be the only one who thinks the facial steamer looks a bit like the Demogorgon


Yes, let's keep supporting China. When their economy crashes due to the virus, we won't be able to buy anything cuz nothing is manufactured here anymore.

Isabella Castro

I can’t believe she still hasn’t hit 1 mil! She really deserves it

Daphnie Hanna

Ninja brand for air fryer is amazzinngg!!

Isa Whitley

Hey girl! I was actually able to find some of those smart sweets fish and bears at my Walmart on the end caps when you’re about to check out! Their prices are $2.79 for a pack of the fish but the bears are on clearance for $2.00 right now!

Stacey Rodriguez

The ring looks promising

Cassie Greulich

I can't stop staring at your makeup in this video! I know it's a simple look but it's so pretty! ❤

Olivia Rose

i want that facial steamer ❤️❤️

Rebecca Christian

I brush my hair before I wash it. I do have a wet brush, but honestly I do not have to use it often because brushing my hair before washing it does the trick. I do have very, very thick long hair too.

Ashlee Leathers

The steamer isnt 22$ now its 45$...double the price

Lisa Trapani

See I have an airfryer and haven't used it yet

Jay Roberts

Ur so orange Jesus Christ

Debbie D

Lawd have talk WAYYYYY to fast!!! I keep saying...take a breath lol. All in all though.....gorgeous products! Thanks for sharing


I’m was never a big fan of gummies, but oh my you really sold those gummies! I feel like I will miss out on life if I won’t try them


You are so beautiful!

Rhi Mcstay

The wet brush never ever worked for me


is the steamer good for acne?

Amanda Love

What eye liner is in your water line?

Alicia Gaines

I got an air fryer for Christmas but I hate fried food. Ughh I asked for a pressure cooker

Katelyn Brennan

I've never come across ur channel before but when I saw ur face, OMG SO WEIRD BUT I GOT THIS ENERGY FROM YOU! UR AMAZING! Keep killing it gf!


Omg those jeans are not 25 but 38.95 at least in Canada with 20.95 import fees lol that's ridiculous.


i have 11 bucks for amazon...

Taurus Tribe

Your videos motivated us to make similar videos thank you ❤️ we love you ❤️❤️

Emily McPhedran

How much make up do you have caked on holy shit!