Dana White Explains Leon Edwards vs Khamzat Chimaev

Dana White Explains Leon Edwards vs Khamzat Chimaev

138 341 views | 18 Dec. 2020

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Chael Sonnen talks Leon Edwards vs Khamzat Chimaev on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Nc313 ,

Lol bro Eli Manning wouldn’t know where he was. Just blank stares

Scouse kush flavours Scouse kush flavours

Big bad chael lar looking Sharp sugar

Asbjørn Nielsen

If Chael says Chimaev hasn't made it past the first round in the UFC, then dammit Chimaev hasn't made it past the first. Sherdog. wikipedia and everyone else needs to change his record right now

Youssef Mebarki

Click bait.


god damn i love this 1. hell of a video. hell of a rant at the end. he aint wrong either is he.✊

adam daley

My girlfriend thinks you sound like a pastor...and you go on and on and who even cares? I'll never stop watching Uncle Chael.

Mansour Alokam

Seriously what's the actual point he made about khamzat and leon

Alex Hernandez

Love this video finally somebody is saying it !

Leandro Jaume

“Toughness is out of the sport”

Nathan Fraudik


Xion Collins

Here's an idea, if everyone is worried about somebody moving up the rankings too quickly, make it a rule that you are only able to fight up to five positions ahead- unless a higher ranked guy agrees- if the lower ranked guy wins, he swaps ranking with the loser

Andrew Cowell

Nailed it uncle chael

RJ SirCasm

I feel everyone is aware of the rankings excerpts Chael

J Remmie

It’s the damn rankings, uncle Chael. Damn rankings!

Santica's Garden

Fuck that I want an explanation as to why Izzy gets to fight Jan for the title when it should be Glover Tixeira??? That's what I want Dana to explain

dillon smith

Other athletes belong to unions and trade associations that negotiate for them. UFC athletes have to negotiate as individuals because the UFC cuts athletes who call for unionization.

william skrainski

2:00 Here's Chael comparing making a jump shot to getting punched in the face......This should be good!


The bigger question remains unsolved: how will Dana approach Biden, since Trump will be out ? Where’s the big drama show in that ?

Cesare Smetters

You can't compare this to the NFL and then say guys don't sell. You would never ask eli manning to be more interesting to sell more PPVs

J. C

I only disagree as far as Leon deserves any credit for taking the fight. He didn't really have a choice, I honestly feel like he was close to getting cut for his constant turning down fights

Pete Dobbins

Dana is wrong because Chimieve has a quick turn around. He would be more than happy to keep the December date with another un ranked opponent - which is what the Fighters are saying he should have to do, and then still make the fight with Edwards in January. If the man wants to fight, let him fight. But Dana wants the money fight in January. As McTapper said about Dana, How much money is enough? Fuck sake, Dana. Never give us what we are expecting, but always give us what we want!


They need to book multiple fights for fighters at the same time. They won’t fight certain people because winning or losing directly effects their future. In the nfl if you lose you still get a paycheck and another game. In ufc if you lose it can be it for you

Leandro Jaume

He’s got a really good point. Specially about favors that you don’t see. The yeses and agreements that you don’t see that got you to the top of the rankings in the first place. No issue on giving opportunities back at some point to keep the sport competitive.

lucas cline

Dana had to explain it because of all the cancel culture snowflake motherfuckers that just want to complain to complain. 2020 took bitch made to a whole new level.

william skrainski

5:30 Those resume's aren't even in the same universe....If you can't see that, you've been hit in the fkn head too many times.

mario kempes

Next time I go shopping, I will use this logic to jump the line and walk right to the counter, why should my position in line or my proximity to the cashier influence the order in which I am checked out? I will cut in line anytime, anywhere, that's the type of hero I am!!!

Aaron sidhu

Shake my head he said joe montana is a backup qb I could not stop laughing

Thurston Bell

3 fights! 3 fights! And he draws into the upper echelon?? How crazy would it be if that didn't come with some questions? The dynamic tension between the performance and entertainment mindsets is healthy, no?

you & you

Im not sure what this rant was about but I agree with Chael

Extra LifeGaming

extraordinary point about comparing the sports, other teams dont complain about lesser ranks, every year the lakers play the hornets and the chiefs play the browns

Francis The Predator 2.0

This is a win, win for Chimaev. Even if he loses, UFC will keep him in the spotlight because they will give him a pass for losing to the #3 guy And they will still give him a top 10 for his next match. If he wins, he'll go right into title talk. It's all part of the plan.

b 10

Khamzat actually went to the second round vs John Phillips

Darowyn Lee



Why is this video 10 minutes long?

Celso Mollo



I honestly wanted to see Chimaev vs Michel Pereira, that fight would be fireworks.

Random Videos

Why can’t UFC have Kevin Holland against Chimaev on 19th dec if Leon doesn’t wanna show up?

Manny Dawgs

I want to see Chimaev vs Pereira instead

Aries Waters

Does he mean five years because he hasn't fought for the whole last year did he not lose a fight for 4 years before the last year started


Lebron James does get cut if he loses three games in a row and he plays more than three times in a year. I usually agree with you, but this comparison is simply awful. NFL and NBA players behave differently because the stakes are different. Period.

Mansour Alokam

You keep saying he never left the first round, but his first fight ended in the second round

Khaldoun Shishani

Hey Chael,
This is all about chechens, can't you see people from the caucsus will soon take over UFC!
Down there there are 2 links one about a chechen fighter Khusein which you can pronounce it as Hussein is a beast. There are many on the line waiting their chance to invade UFC and get easy money!
Chechen horror is coming to UFC.
I like Habib but Habib is boring in the ring
To the world: how many languages you speak? Reply..english, spanish etc...
To chechens: how many languages you speak..
Chechens, wrestling, kyukoshin, Sambo..
Trust me when i tell you this.. chechens are cut from a different cloth that the entire UFC or MMA world from..
We are not afraid to get punched. And fear has no space inside us.
Here you go
1st link, if this guy comes to UFC.. Dana will make splinded cash.
2nk link.. an article written about chechens. (Useful to know where we come from)

1 - https://youtu.be/NGBsK94za-4
2 - 001_Les_plus_grands_heros_de_la_Grece_antique_sont_tchetchenes___en.htm

Stay safe and always stay Chael that i really like!!!

Nicholas R

He got taken to the second round in his first ufc fight

Beau Benal

Kevin Holland his last fight against ronaldo Desouza 41 years old wait when he get Khamzat he will fill who is Khamzat Kevin talk to much Khamzat make all fighter nervous he is a crocodile in the water territory kevin talks a lot that mean the fear in his belly he think he try to impress Khamzat that reminds me Gaethje vs Khabib Gaethje he said i'm going to chow Khabib he is human i'm going damage his face and he lost and Mike tyson when he said i'm going to eat your children and this and that and he lost and again Lenox, Khabib vs Mcgregor shit talk and he lost that fear in the belly make them talk like this Khamzat he is going to smush how is on his way just look at his body and his training it will be very interesting this fight Khamzat vs Kevin

Alec Comments the Internet

"Dana explains leon vs khamzat" sounds like Dana's forgotten the first rule in politics!

Daisy Flower

You can tell Wonderboy has watched this and regrets not taking the Khamzat fight, by the tone of his recent interviews lol.

Lee Samardzija

Chimaev went to round 2 on his debut with John Phillips uncle Chael. I remember the look of defeat in John's eyes when he got taken down early in the 2nd after being mauled down there for 99 percent of the 1st.

Reko J2563

Good ol chael. Puppet masters got you working hard

A Simpson

The problem is the media doesn't understand how these two guys are headlining a Fight Night card when this fight can be rationalized away into meaninglessness. Khamzat wins decisively and the narrative is Leon was over ranked and has 18 months of ring rust so Khamzat shouldn't get the boost that comes with beating a number 4 ranked fighter. If Leon wins it will be from Khamzat gassing out because he was just an unexposed hype train and Leon shouldn't get a boost for beating a pushed too soon prospect. These are not my personal feelings but how I see the media behaving.


Khamzat Killmaev it's real problem


Chael “everyone gets a favor” Sonnen

John Rush

Unlce Chael, big fan but Chimaev didn't finish his first fight against John Philips until the second round. Not long into the second round but none the less.

P. E.

Chimaev vs Holland

Brigham Huntington

Still Waiting for Chael to explain his feelings about Tito getting on city council


Khamzat's been to the 2nd round 4 times. Finished all 11 opponents. 7 finished by strikes. Just as impressive is his amateur wrestling career. I think Leon is going to regret taking this fight. Chiamev has that nose to the grindstone quality to him and with a decent bankroll still living at the gym. He's going to smash Leon so bad.

M0_ Shy

Uncle Chael conveniently "forgot" that athletes in the other sports he mentioned are paid way way better than they are in the Ufc....

Major reason why fighters are looking for that money fight


Chael is the Barry Horrowitz of MMA

Jason Kim

If a man is right, his world will be right.


Khamzat Chimaev was best fighter last 6 mons and very aktive. Some fighter have only one fight every year some fighter fight manytime

BakerStreet Bear

Wait what did kevin Holland do?

TyBo L33T G4M3R

5 mins in and Uncle Chael dropping some heavy fact bombs

Abel Marquez

C mon chael u did the same shit used your rankings to.

mario kempes

All the tough guys, Chael, Dan, Donald, Colby, all the anytime, anywhere guys have no belt to show for it. Chimaev has been undefeated for 3 months!!!! Edwards 4 years....not quite the same, is it? Plus Chimaev only fought TWICE at that weight...going by your logic, why even give him the nr1 contender, have Chimaev fight for the damn title, a challenge is a challenge, right?

Mo Abuss

Go uncle reinvent da water??? Common It's simply UFC???? Glad I don't live in your house???

Alpha G

Hope he won't call Khamzat " Hazmat"

Young Curt

Edwards is going to get that three piece and a soda from the Wolf, just like Masvidal cut him backstage.

mike santini

Guys sit out all the time leveon Bell really fucked me that year

Omar James

I love how Chael compares football to mma like he doesn’t know fighting is completely different from playing football but again he’s a company man to the highest of levels


Generation of bitches.

Tim T89

Khamzaets last opponents all have more losses than he has fights. He beat 9 fighters 3 of them have a wiki page. Edwards has 3 losses. Khamzaet isn't ready for a fighter of leon edwards. He's hype and after this fight he'll go on a losing streak and get kicked out the ufc

Quan Nguyen

Literally his first fight in the UFC, Khamzat went to round 2..

Matthew Niemeyer

I do agree with you Chael on not having to defend why those two are matched up...however I think there are alot of us confused as to why Neil Magny did not get this Chimaev fight. Thats the one thing I would like to hear Dana's rebuttal to. A reporter needs to ask "Dana, you seemed to recognize that Neil Magny was willing to take the Chimaev fight. You even went further to say he deserved some recognition for that. So why even after all that is the matchup we will see not Magny vs Chimaev but Edwards vs Chimaev?"

SNeaker SEEker


Melvin Springer

I still don't know who he is talking about


Why you weirdos callin him uncle?

Christopher McMullen

Chael this is bullshit.

No one questions Chimaev is a talent but what happened to earning your place at the table? That's not eletist, that's life. Elitism is being cherry picked because the boss likes you. Leon has an eight fight win streak. Usemam, champion and 16 fight win streak. Whittaker, 7 fight win streak before he got his interim title shot. The talent that was and is Yoel Romero had to have a 7 fight win streak before he got an interim championship shot. Michael Bisping, hard as nails, had to fight tooth and claw, blood sweat and tears to get his title and through killers, Anderson Silva being one of them.

Chimaev's oponants have only been three; 1, John Phillips, with only 1 win in the UFC to his name. 2, Rhys McKee, with no wins to his name as it was only his first fight in the UFC. 3, GM3, who's last fight was against Ian Heinisch, where he was knocked out in 1:14 in the first round.

This fight with Edwards is a hand out due to the boss of a company seeing marketing value. That is elitism . Wonder Boy is right, "it's a slap in the face" to all the fighters on the roster that have and are still working their ass's off and have sacrificed their health in the octagon to get where they are.

Sweet Music

Yeah but Chael, if you get to fight Conor you're gonna not just compete, you gonna get that cheddar


Chael’s being generous. There is someone who has beaten Chimaev.... and his name is “The Biggest Guns from West Lin”


Damn ...well said Chael!

Ultra Unity

LeBron James walked off the court with over 10 seconds left in the game he showed who he is your assessment is wrong

Charly Fritz

Lol Chael there is a reason francis isn't fighting a bantamweight, people would die!

Robbie Knowles

Maybe I didn't hear you right Leon Edwards said I do not want to fight this guy does nothing for my career he doesn't want to give him a break so be it let's threaten let's push let's make him fight the Russian is that fair or there is no fair in this game Thank you




If uncle chael says Chimaev never got out of the 1st round then Chimaev never got out of the 1st round

Kent Daley

Does Uncle Chael know who Tom Brady plays for yet?

Robert Keaney

uncle chael has evolved into grandpa chael

Swifty FN

Chael literally gives free game to young fighters it's crazy he doesn't charge y'all for this


The ranking of who Manning competes against doesn't change how much he makes, but it does for a fighter. End of discussion. Could you shill a little less Chael?

Jake Hellard

Bannedone To be seen

Oh so bad guy inc. is working out again

Alfie Warwick

Chimaev’s first fight v Phillips went in to the second lool


(Cough, cough)... Conor McGregor... (cough)... dude is the absolute worst example of a fighter that when from "anybody, anytime, any place" to "who's the most likely to win against, how can I stay relevant and stay protected"

Doexur Motors

Uncle chael. What is your definition of "significant strike"?


Ranking are a strange thing in MMA. I think they have a small amount of merit. But, not much. What matters is the matchup and the story leading up to the fight. That is what sells. This is prize fighting. Hurt business. It isn’t men playing with balls scoring points.


Them some big ass fuckin arms there ....

SLE 297

Yeah it's pissing me off how everyone is trying to choose their opponents when they should simply take whatever fight comes!

Basit Nuristani

But fight has been cancelled

SNeaker SEEker


Johnny Nevermind


David Petruic

Chael I bring you this! Facts I haven’t damn well checked ffs Sonnen!!