*REALISTIC* What I eat in a day 4 months postpartum

*REALISTIC* What I eat in a day 4 months postpartum

37 253 views | 16 Dec. 2020

*REALISTIC* What I eat in a day 4 months postpartum

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What I am wearing-



leopard shorts-https://rstyle.me/+muYCQstNl92K-hgJ92FUbA



Nespresso machine-https://rstyle.me/cz-n/eu4k73bhkuf

Water bottle: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/eu73e5bhkuf

White wine garlic sauce:

1. add olive oil in a pan with onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, mushroom

2. add melted butter, basil and a little bit of white wine

3. add sea salt, and saute until the veggies are hot!

4. pour over your favorite pasta dish!

Elina Y

I love your video style! You always give tips and tricks to make it fun and aesthetic, just love you!! And your authentic and don’t always looks dolled up with makeup (and rocking it!) You inspired me to start my channel too.

Devyn Minor

Man, that spaghetti looks amazing!

Murillo Family

Is there a website or app that you use to create your workouts every day?

Halley D'Amico

The ending with “cool parents”


Your both looking freaking fabulous!!!!! I love s little scruff... if said guy can grow a good one!!!!!! Hahah.. but not loving Jarod s huge beard!!!!! He a reallyngood looking guy..... it covers up too much. And as his wife...I m pretty sure its too scruffy for alot of reasons!!!!

Cassie Hamsher

Your coffee always looks so aesthetic

Cindy Reyes

Need to make this smoothie asap! Is that protein powder safe during pregnancy as well? Or is there anything you recommend adding into smoothies during pregnancy?

Liz Pandolfo

I love how you and Jarod are referring to his beard as a “him”

syreeta cunningham

Why does everyone like facial hair? It makes men look older and it hides their handsome face.

Elena Moulder

You peed on dad? Good

Lily rhythm

Your spaghetti recipe looks so facy

Naja Muhammad

Facial hair is cool but it depends on how the facial hair look lol. Cant be out of order.


hey sam! i just want to genuinely recommend Medical Medium’s books and information to you! fats actually thicken the blood and sit in your liver, & make you gain weight! our liver is the cause of weight gain, when our livers are overburdened & sluggish it is the true cause of weight gain! fruit is essential because of the glucose it has that keeps our bodies functioning! i know we want to listen to all the fabulous celeb people but they are spreading trend diets, not true information

Samantha Hanna

Your pretty water is one ingriedient shy of sassy water. Cucumber <3 makes it even more fresh :) they all have great benefits to them <3

Sam Radecki

Every time i watch your vlogs I wish I lived in Florida so I can have a garage gym and not freeze during my workouts since its currently snowing here in New Jersey.

dragana mancic

So young and already so smart

Genevieve Tubbs

I recently found you and I am obsessed with your videos you make me feel soooooooo much less stress and pressure about having first baby I am 26 weeks and am feeling to much stress and the day in the life videos put things into perspective so thank you so much

Sarah Storm

I prefer beards but so many people I know don't

Jenn M

Lol my husband has a huge out of control beard.

Naja Muhammad

OMG!! Whats the song at 1:54???


I adore how much you give us helpful life hacks and simple recipes. You make everything look so stress free. I love it. I'm 28 and have been watching you for years, but I aspire to be like you when I grow up. lol You and Jenna Marbles are my go to people. So authentic.

Kayla Anderson

Omg violet at the beginning what a CUTIE!!!!

June C. Rodriguez

That recipe looked delish! Thank you for sharing. I will try.

Angel Champs

Jarod working out in his flip flops has me dying! Florida vibes

Amanda Tomaine

Hey Sam I love your videos they are so inspiring! ✨If Violet likes wrapping paper you should check out baby paper on Amazon for her!! I used to work in child development and the babies really loved this for sensory play in my class and it’s machine washable!

Nunyo Biznass

How did I miss this upload?!

Paola Montes

Hi! What syrup do you use for your caramel latte


Where is your wood dining table from? :)

Coralee Pingree

Serious question, do you actually use your rose gold spatula and whisk for cooking?


"Ya and then I peed!" Jarod baby boice is so cute!!!!!!!!! But I think Vivi mite sound different!!!! Lmao

Sharon Marie Castaneda


serena Leigh

Can you post the recipe for the fab 4 smoothie?

Alison Boone

Sam I make that same pasta sauce. It is so delicious and versatile. I've even added spinach and asparagus pieces to it and it turns out great.


Omg Sam! Are you still breastfeeding? It makes me so hungry I don’t think I could have a diet or lifestyle like that!


Idk why Jarod working out in chanclas or barefoot gives me anxiety

jeanette Alvarado

Sam can you tell me or link your dining chairs on your dining area please?

Gabrielle Jones

Where did you get the water bottle that you used for the pretty water?

Susan A

You are seriously doing such an amazing job ❤️


And I wish You could be my life coach!!!!!!! I soooo respect you, and def take in your advice.... do I practice what "U" preach??? Not as much as I d like to!!!! But your soo inspiring!!!!!


You are absolutely inspiring! I love everything about you and the content you post. Thank you for making me a better person. What coffee machine are you using? It looks amazing!!

Ang Oz

Yes to facial hair on men! Not a long beard though!

Jackie K

Omggg I cannot believe how cute Vi Vi is and how much she is already growinggg! It feels like you just had her yesturday!!

Holly Parsons

For babies/kids 4 things
Something they need, want, wear and read

Marlen Bianca

Chilling on the couch and suddenly my question for the q&a came up. I think my neighbours heard me screaming.

Kathy Soto

I absolutely love your videos!!! You have a beautiful family ❤


Your advice always just like physically takes weight off my shoulders bc I relax and know it’ll be alright! Thank you!

Lauren Welch - Mindset Master & Real Estate Agent

Violet is gorgeous omg!!!


Ooo i actually make a very similar pasta recipe! I add a little bit of balsamic vinegar as well and make it vegan with nutritional yeast on top. Delicious.

Maggie O'Malley

Sam you are the cutest mom ever!

Ana Riana

Before Jarod shave his beard you should film Violet’s reaction and see if she recognizes him

becca ashleyy

Violet is so adorable!!!


I love facial hair!! My husband is in the National Guard so he has to shave it off one weekend a month :( Luckily it grows quickly!

Erin Corbalis

Every time I make a smoothie it’s fucking brown lol

Jessica Dia

I just want to say you inspire me much! I’m a new mom and you make me want to take care of myself as well as my baby. Thank you for putting in the time to make these videos they are appreciated


Im 5 7 and usually 125/30 lbs.... im kinda sure lockdown and unemployment has given me an extra 5/ to 10 lbs!!!!! Ugh I hate it!


Crazy how you underestimate the power of breastfeeding.

Murillo Family

Are you happy with your espresso machine? What model do you have?

Caitlynn Carlin

You should do a video trying a 1980s workout!

Victoria Hannah

Hahahaha I think the older we get the more we like facial hair! When I was like 17-18 I hated when my boyfriend had facial hair now at nearly 26 when my boyfriend shaves off completely I’m like “nooooooo whyyyyyyy!”

Kimberly Iniguez

What kind of espresso machine does she have? I want one just like it! I love the silver!

Theresa Saunders

What liquid stevia brand do you use for your coffee?

Erica Hensley

Violet is such a BEAUTIFUL baby!

I feel like I gain weight when I drink coffee

Mitzi Jane

LOL loved the beard part. i actually prefer clean shaven! :p gonna try that smoothie tomorrow

Jen Y

Your point about a neutral-toned and clutter-free environment helping with clear thinking is so true and I need to work on that. I think it’s been what is keeping me kinda stuck! Thank you so much, Sam!

erika marie

I love Jordan's skinny syrups especially the caramel one and baby violet is getting so big

Hannah Austin

these are my favorite videos to watch! ok something about Vi Vi's smile/how her mouth is always like :D omg she is the cutest thing

Sarah Roldan

hi where did you buy your necklace that says violet? Thank you!


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Isha khan

Your baby is adorable

Abigail Dobbins

Jarrods comments about murdering his beard

Veronica Breitfeller

Hey Sam! :) Which coffee maker is that?

Laurie Sheats

That sauce!!!!

Celleen Wright

Yes I love facial hair on my husband! He looks so young without it. His mom doesn’t like the facial hair though and she will always make comments about him needing to shave even though he keeps it short

Rachael Seefried

Agreed with the short and scruffy !! Hate it when my boyfriend grows his beard out

Lisa Edwards

You two are the freaking cauuuutest!!!!! Love the video content and getting new food ideas! That sketti looked pretty good! Might have to try it out! And your lattes!!! Yum. You love your latte machine? Do I dare even get one! Haha.

Celina Tan Moe

You’re beautiful Sam! Inside and out. Love all your advice and vids
Love from Norway

Yurianna Z

Love your videos! Also cutest baby! Omg!

Tianna Quammie

Hahaha u guys are Hilarious! Santa inspired beard maybe? Lol he looks Cool either way though

Carol Ghaffari

I have the same christmas pjs lol!

Haydee Ramirez

I like facial hair! You Guys are so cute!

Jessica Suarez Olaya

Hey girl !
Video idea, a sit down coffee girl talk watching how you plan out your day or week !

Bernadette Carson

I love violet it’s look she was talk like (hi my names violet and welcome back to my channel and today we are going to show you how to look adorable for mummy and daddy ) ha ha ha lol she’s so cute

Allyssa Purser

I’m not pregnant, nor am I a mother. But your videos are so good!
I feel like every time I watch, I learn something new from you. Something I can incorporate into my life. Especially because right now I am trying to lose weight. Your tips n tricks make it seem a lot easier, rather than overwhelming! So thank you! ❤️

Sherry Morrow

Your daughter is precious!! And you Mamma, are wise beyond your years!

Hannah Childers

I love your videos so much


Oooooh girl your espresso shots died and you're not supposed to put syrup in your steam wand!

Nicole Zerba

I am with you Sam! I life facial hair but I do not dig the ponytail length. LOL

Peaceful Love

Sam - you may know this already, but when you have alcohol in cooking, it doesn't cook out all the way unless it's cooked at a certain temp for a certain amount of time (ex. 350 for 30 minutes, consistently)...saying this bc you're nursing. Hope it's helpful, in case you didn't know that. A lot of people think it cooks out over heat, but it doesn't, necessarily, 100%. Esp. for people who can't take certain meds having any alcohol in their systems - scary. 5:30 - you look beautiful! Violet is a cutie! Beard/no beard: I like scruff the best!


The way her sports bra strap is all tangled up while she's drinking her smoothie, just looks so painful

Melissa Marie

I’m glad you’re already reading to your baby ☺️
Also, I’m going to try making that smoothie tomorrow! I’m out of fruit anyways so it works out

Nicol Vita Loriedo

Always looking forward to your videos!
So inspiring Sam.

Magick Moon Goddess

The sauce looks divine! I will be trying that one this week! You are always so motivating and inspiring

Tisha's Kouzina

Do you have a link(or the name) for the proteinshake you drink as breakfast?

Simone Renae

jared working out in flip flops tho

veronica linn

Sam your hair is so pretty! Baby V is so so cute. Love when you show what you’re eating.

Ashley Aguilar

You peed on dad?? Good!! Haha loveee

Kristen ONeill

Jade Possible

hey sam love the vid! i was also wondering....do you have any vlogging tips for beginners???

Diana Troncoso

sami i am pregnant and i enjoy your videos you are fun and you have so positive parenting style and you make it look so easy, loving it!


Ommmmmggg! My heart just melted when I saw your baby