Nick Diaz Comeback: 2021 Ain't Ready

Nick Diaz Comeback: 2021 Ain't Ready

303 635 views | 30 Dec. 2020

Nick Diaz, The Stockton OG is making a comeback in MMA after 6 years out of the sport in early 2021. Nick Diaz last fought against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 where he tested positive for Marijuana and Anderson tested positive for Steroids.

Nick Diaz is a decorated mixed martial artist. He is a former Strikeforce and WEC Batamweight champion. He is a guy who maybe the toughest dude on the planet. His ability to take punishment and give it back is unmatched.

He changed the game with his approach of hitting with volume. He made an opponent tired by just hitting them so much and talking shit ti them the whole time.

There are plenty of fights out there for Nick Diaz and he is in a position where he can pick and choose opponents for himself. Lets see who he chooses and the world of MMA will be waiting for the prodigal son.


Who Is Nick Diaz 0:00

Suspension 3:14

Comeback 7:28

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Furness Prime

The music ruins it; it's the wrong vibe for the edit.

Richard California

Used to be all into these dudes. But realize they’re all hype and not as good as media make them be. Good contenders for sure but not champion caliber worthy

William Burdon

Why do you think they call it dope. He could have been one of the greatest ever, he wanted pot more, ok, your choice.


I'm a boxing guy and I watch all boxing fights but when the diaz brothers fight in mma I change it to see then fight


Please come back. The Diaz boys need a return to the ring and make that money!

Jacob Holder

Rhonda rousey had facts

Sean Falcon

Can't explain it any better.Unstopae will.A poet in motion. So much love .Don't ever stop Nick we live you to the end .Don't stop

Samuel James

Wait, so if it's just the Nevada state athletic commission could he not go fight elsewhere? Like out of the UFC? Or at least a different country that has UFC like China or something? What gives?

Levin Tim

Snoop dogg and many of them did the same !

Daniel Lunn

Yes yes yes


209 in da house bitches!!!


The only actually found fighter in the game.


I LOVE NICK DIAZ!!! Yes, 2021 babyyyy, please grace the octagon again for your legacy and your fans!! #StocktonMF

jeremiah johnson

The game has passed him by and he will get rolled.

Khoi Nguyen

Wish Nick well and hope he is not going to end up like BJ Pen.


Yawn... nobody more overrated than a Diaz


So is he coming back or this just another video about nick


Role model


Never underestimate a diaz

eric draven

Wrong to invoke 5th amendment - THANKS ATTORNEY!

Lakpa Dorsom

Without Diaz brothers


they have always understimated how many people that nick put the ufc on the map for, one of the greatest to ever do it, and they have done nothing but fuck him over even outside of the suspension.

Michael BonAnno

I love the Diaz brothers. However, the sport has moved to new levels and unfortunately Nick is too old now to adapt to changes....

Ryan Witcombe

Diaz connor make it happen


Deluded video....Diaz brothers are shit

Mopar1 Hemi

Jorge masvidal is gonna get eaten alive


That's some political bull crap" if he was Macgregor he would have been back the very next year

Sean Falcon

I love this guy thumbs up to the


Nevada state commission so hypocritical.... they legalized prostitution and gambling???? But you can't be an mma fighter that smoke weed ???

Miguel Moreno

He is weak and sloppy


And John Jones gets away with murder.. cocaine, PEDS, drink driving, firearm offences, assault..


Honey Dick.


Diaz bros are average B level fighters with attitudes that uneducated stupid potheads adore


He ain't coming back

West Taylor


James Weedman81

Pat Lundvall ?

Places 2 Go Travel

So the Robot Devil from futurama returns to MMA

Samuel V.L.Peka

Anyone else wanna see him a rematch with Robbie Lawler


i never got to experience a live fight from him and i really wanted to, i think after all i will ima buy it as soon as its announced so hyped!

Shawny Bizzle

I can’t wait for him to get back in the octagon


The Diaz brothers are some bad asses!

John Pembroke

Nick Diaz returns
Donald Trump reelected

Andrew Kim

What the NSAC did to Nick Diaz was absolutely wrong, no way to justify a 5-year suspension. Look at Jon Jones or TJ Dillashaw, and then compare to Nick...there's no way to explain that load of B.S.




Nick is my all time fav. Let's beat up masvidal first then tease Khabib till he comes back for an asswhoopin

Baron Allstars

VaMing Xiong

Bring back the gangsta baby!

Mike Barrett

Damn that music is way to loud

Gilberto Romero

They fucked Nick over with that bullshit suspension... ain’t not telling what he would do now a days being out of the game so long but I’d love to see em get back in there and do his thing.

Joe Breeding

It's been time stop all the bullshit and let him get that belt I promise you!!!!!!!

Diamond Logistics

F the Nevada Athletic Comission. Crooked fks.

Israel Boakes

The only good thing to come out of lockdown is NICK DIAZ! STOCKTON M#########! STOCKTON!


9:41 what is that submission called?

Nicola Nikki

Dont know why but I feel for this guy and his brother. Soooo talented and pure fighters but never have had all the publicity like others......


The Diaz brothers do not back down from noone. He should 've never got suspended.


That’s a fat fucking joint gAwdddd damn


They made an example out of him for invoking the 5th amendment. Pat Lundvall is a snake

Scott Morgan

Covid lockdown has got me craving some Stockton slap!


Fuck yeah..retribution...finally.

Travis Jackson

Fuckin right let's go Nick!!!!!!


They always try to shut down the real


Do you guys realize the choke he put on in that Japan fight??? He choked him out with his ankle. Shit is about to finally get real good.

Slappa Da Bass

Who the fook is Nick Diaz??!

Lakpa Dorsom

Haters goona rub their ass.. because they don't know what legacy means for fighters

El Rodrilowks

Imagine the Mazvidal vs Nick PROMO !!!

Jeff Griffin

This is the old Nick the new Nick is a alcoholic drunk

Javet Moris Siagian

I like nick dias

Carrie j

Hey diaz brothers your loved and highly respected here brothers WOODLONE CA.

Steve Girten

That gangster shit is what molded the brothers. Pride and determination is what moves them.

Johnny Pretorius

Ya nick good


Name your price for the pay per view, I'll pay it to see him again

Michael Wilson

Best shot mma has is maybe masvidal?

Hos Ng

Trickle down injustice is what we get.

1mad rs

I can’t be the only one that heard “we’re coming back January or February 2020” why is this released 2 weeks ago?

Jayden Garrett

2021 Ain't ready for that level of CTE. If you're a fan of Nick's you shouldn't want to see him fight. Dude is struggling to put sentences together

j Olsen

Connor better watch out

Tony Pena

I commend rhonda rousey for standing up for the fans and the American people that do what makes them feel happy

Eric Chouinard

As of yesterday, USDA made it to where you cannot get in trouble for marijuana in your system. Took those dumbasses these long to realize it is not PED's. Need to legalize it federally.

Jason May

Nicks a boss. Cant wait to watch him slap the crap out of these over rated fight duckers. My question is is he going to cut weight or is he going to be BIGGER than he was before. And fight at 185 or maybe 205. Who doesnt wanna see diaz vs Adesanye?


That blond commission chick(pat lundvall) basically said they went so hard on him cause he invoked the 5th amendment. what the f*ck is the point of it then???

Jacob Barrett

For weed

Dan Simonson

i feel he is the greatest fighter of all time.

Indy Sanchez

ALv muy bien

Wes Laycock

Fuck yes

Joe Breeding

Put the champ back !!!!!!!!!

Andrew Solis

Both Diaz brothers are gate keepers. They are not that good both are punch drunk bc they're movement is so slow they are literally punching bags for other fighters

Scott Moyle

Your the man nick


Nick diaz and his bro are a beast when it comes to contact sports and conditioning real deal respect

Joe Black

It was wrong to envoke the 5th amendment, let’s give him 5 years ? Blow her social media up


I love both of these dudes man. Nick and Nate both are gonna end up being like Couture and fighting till they're 50.

Jerusoe Matthews

You one fucken Hamma

Let it burn forever

His boxing reminds me of Marciano


It's a shame that they stole all those years from him..

Nigel Smyth

If Nick comes back he could be bigger then them all. Such a likeable open book style guy. Also great to watch.

Alan Mundy

My father 75 and loves boxing and MMA and I love it to, I will say this, my Old Man Loves the Diaz Brothers, they are the REAL in the fight world!!! He still watches the old Diaz fights and just loves their style and the realness of them.


Living Legend

ab c

Well done Lady... Thats the Truth!

You Know

Nick vs Masvidal


Gotta respect Rhonda Rousey

Mikey Bourne

EPIC NEWS!!! Nick vs Connor :)