OFFICIAL Sunseeker Predator 74 Sea Trial

OFFICIAL Sunseeker Predator 74 Sea Trial

61 183 views | 22 May. 2020

The OFFICIAL Sea Trials of the 2020 Sunseeker Predator 74 with Sean Robertson, Sales Director of Sunseeker International and Chris Head, Sales Director of The Sunseeker London Group.

Video by Tiger Co -

The new Predator 74 has all the hallmarks of greatness. Striking style, remarkable power and an innovative use of light and space.

This latest Sunseeker can accommodate whatever your lifestyle desires. Lazy afternoons soaking up the sun on her spacious exterior decks or putting her through her paces at speeds up to 40 knots across the blue waters.

The new Predator 74 has been built without compromise and without equal. Perhaps most breathtaking is the exterior, with sleek yet oversized pillarless windows down to the side deck. Providing uninterrupted views of your surroundings and letting natural light completely flood the interior.


Available Stock for Immediate Delivery. Direct from a World Leader in Sunseeker Brokerage.

This boat with fitted extras comes to £2,509,220.00 ex VAT.


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Lambo Driver

Well presented and very in depth video. I will be watching the 76 Yacht next as this is the size and configuration I am after. Great work.

Mike T

The Predator 74 is exactly what most of us would like to own simply awesome yacht as all sunseekers appear to be, as a person interested at some time in a owning a Sunseeker Yacht but has never owned let alone driven any Yacht - these videos are a absolute gold mine and Sunseeker come over ae really keen to take the nerves and hesitation away from a new owner driving a yacht like this, very good videos 1 hour long ~ and best thing is there British Company and built in England

TTL America

I used to be a Sunseeker Tech in California. Got to drive almost every model from Hawk, XS2000 up to Predators and Manhattans. Went to factory in Poole for training. I loved every minute working with and on Sunseekers. Except servicing broken retractable top trollies

Michael Lui

Beautiful boat new subscriber, can you do predator fly thank you

lee smith

How long will it take at cruising speed to travel from Poole to St Helier Jersey?

Canada Dan

Beautiful vessel


What an awesome bit of kit this boat is , waiting on that lotto win so it can be mine ;)

Alex Blyth

This with a small flybridge (Sportyacht 74) is the best boat on earth


Great presentation, thank you!

Alan Blasczyk

What an absolutely stunning Boat.

the thinker

very interesting video and the weather was good too.

Benjamin Kent

What an incredible boat but, 300 litres an hour. Ouch. Love sunseeker. By far the best boat manufacturer.


What's the advantage of stabilizers over Seakeeper. They do have drag as you said.

Stuart Waite

Really great video and great to see the performance of the boat, as well as use of the joystick control.
To hear Chris tell us of the services and training offered is really good to hear.