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Shayla Smiley

Hey Sam I had a quick question I work out 30 minutes a day 5 days a week do you think that’s enough? Between work and I’m a mom of a 2 year old it’s hard sometimes cuz my baby don’t like to take naps anymore I used to use that hour nap to do my workout and yoga but now I have to work around her lol

Flora Bedinger

Sometimes I go by the mantra:
look good, feel good

Angel Varnado

Thank you for sharing a smile, the good stuff!

Magick Moon Goddess

LOVING that your uploading more since the quarantine. Something to be thankful for!! I work and study from home and these are really great tips that I will start doing!


I love that you can choose the temp n that kettle!!!


Love the jacket and ur hair girl!!!✨

Christen Gardner

What's chaga I have gotten into matcha and I have been making my own at home which honestly save me so much money because I was spending at least $10 on just two everyday

Flora Bedinger

I was admiring your hair so much for the first two and a half minutes of the video haha. Can’t wait to see the next video on how you did it!

Carolina Hernandez

What is your husband occupation ?

Marissa Lomax

This was super helpful! Just started working from home last week and I have not been getting ready, I look crazy and disheveled lol but was like who cares no one is seeing me. Really like the idea if setting timers!

Rachael Avery

Hair, makeup, attitude is all on point

Laynie Ryan

School from home!

Alicia Swanepoel

I had a knee replacement at the age of 25 and was planning to work from home anyway... And then COVID 19 made its appearance and it prolonged the situation ! Love your videos!!

Amanda Hunt

I’m not. Even with everything going on, I still have to go to work. I work at a Primary Care office.

Madeline's Life Management

I am still going to work because my line was deemed critical but I still LOVED this video and found the tips helpful for working on the weekends!

Maggie Parr

Omg where is your denim jacket from????? I’ve been looking for one like that forever! I found one in a dark wash but I can’t find a light wash one.

andrea farquhar

I love you and thank you so much for this, YouTube is everything to me right now to distract me and your videos are so positive

Nadja Kostic

YAAY thanks so much Sam!! This is really inspiring and you're so pretty!

Alli As Always

Thank you for your positivity!! ❤️

Laura Ramos Delgado

Looking beautiful. Thank you for the recommendations. Its definitely a transition that some of us have been forced to go through but time blocks and keeping a routine are crucial and have helped me. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Love your hair.

Natalie Rojas

Hey Sam! I love all your videos and you are so beautiful!

Breanna Kneip

Any chance you’d be interested in a deep cleaning video? I’m looking for ways to get my house super clean and yours always looks great :)

Connie Clark

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

The Crystal Guru

Love this video you’re so inspiring!

That 1 Blessed & Grateful Teacher Lor

Thank you!! You look beautiful as always!! Enjoy watching your videos and learning from you.:) I’m a kinder teacher. With all this going on I’m no longer able to teach in my class with my kiddos. So, I’m doing daily to weekly check-in with my students&parents. I’ve been making time to learn how to make/edit videos (been wanting to learn for the longest) and now I have a reason to learn for my students, I’m also making time to read empowering books to sooth my soul and mind, and working out at a set time in the day to stay physically and mentally healthy. Miss my kiddos and teaching in my class, but I definitely see the silver lining in all this madness.

Kristen Moore

The rest of my senior year was cancelled. I now have no set routine and I must say your videos have definitely helped me stay motivated and less discouraged in my current situation. Thank you!

Natalie Minassian

Your hair looks amazing!!


This is exactly what I needed! I just started working for home and my space has been a mess becuase of it and I'm so unmotivated to work. This just gave me hella motivation!

Jessica Cunningham

I’ve been working 3 days from home for the past few months and it’s been great. But now that my fiancé is home it’s like I’m not getting ANYTHING done

Just Being Ania

I LOVE your look today. That jean jacket is BOMB.

Alex Mojica

Yessss Makeup is definitely therapeutic for me! I love doing it because it releases stress for some reason

Nicole Roden

LOVED this video Sam!! My whole department was asked to work from home, so I set up an office in our spare room and started working from home on Monday. My hubby got laid off the same day. I am so thankful to have him home with me, as he is a chef and is making all my meals, as well as my parents who live around the corner. Timers are coming in extremely handy for me, since I get two 15 minute breaks and one 30. I don’t want to go over time! My husband is trying to save all of his talking to those periods during the day and get upset if he wastes that time looking at his phone haha

Jenn M

You look so cute in this video!!! (Not that you don’t all the time!) But just wanted to tell you!! Lol ☺️

Kayla Rowling

Aw I love this Sam great tips!!

Bella Holland

My grandma has always preached getting ready every morning to me since I was a kid. I’m so glad I listened to her. Even if you’re staying at home and having a “lazy day”, just washing your face and changing out of your PJ’s makes you feel 10x better !

mayra nunez

I’m working from home right now and I love it!!! I’ve done it before and just like you said you need to be in a routine and I get house work done more in between taking breaks from work too!! Keep your videos coming!!! ❤️

Madie Lynch

Ooo girllll I needed this video with online school starting next week

Nada Marshay

This was amazing thank you so much!!!

Paige Wilkerson

I feel like after you have your baby and you give us that routine with a kid- will help me personally so much. I have two- a 4 and 2 year old and started working from home 3 years ago. I feel so off and have had such a miserable time trying to figure it out. We have a morning and bedtime routine but during the day I feel a mess trying to balance kids and working.

Mary Catherine Hughes

Thank you for making all of the videos. I love them!

Carol Schneider

What a great idea. Thanks for posting, and putting up extra content for us all who aren’t usually at home

Karina Nicole

Hi Sam! FYI, I just tossed Yogi Green Tea Antioxidants for the sake of my pregnancy. It contains licorice root with can cause preterm birth!

Marissiana Al Ahmad

Loved this so much!! Can’t wait for the hair tutorial

Brooke Heather

I need that clip of Sam saying "it's not good don't do it" every time I stay up until 2AM.

Meghan Shipley

Your videos and positivity are helping make this weird time so much better! Love you Sam!!

Griselda Sandoval

Thank you for this! I'm currently working from home since the schools are currently closed and it has been such an adjustment!

Mrs Shorty

I have been home and brain storming more content for sure. I love the Quarantining & Chill <3 Going back to work, but I will be incorporating these tips. TYSM

Miranda Calarco

lol i freakin love your dancing at the end haha That's amazing


Your video came in the right time i swear , i quit my job 4 months ago and i am still very struggling to adopt a healthy routine !

Bianca Janel

That’s tips were so helpful!!! I’ve been enjoying working from home, and I have kept my same schedule from work, I’ll wake up early to workout, shower get ready and do my regular work ours :)

Kaya Kalugin

When your married and have your hair put away forever but you still want to see how she does her beautiful hair!!


School is cancelled for us for the rest of the semester and I’m bummed so many event had to cancelled/postponed. We have to do online school which is so ugly. I needed this though because now I have so much more time I need to be more serious on my youtube channel and with my social media as well as my classes.

Rebecah Elizabeth

Where is your mom necklace from

Ashley Dunn

Do you ever run into celebs living in LA?


Love love LOVED this video. All of the tips you gave were super helpful and I’m definitely going to be implementing them into my life. You are very well spoken and made everything easy to understand and actually made me excited to try these things out!

Mercedez Lasiter

caregiver job 16 hours for 2 days from 6-10 my 3 day is a 2 -10. slept good today I normally would be working at my other job. for the rest of the 4 days. my body loved relaxing.

Mel Fitzgerald

Thank you Sam! I’m having a hard time adjusting to working at home.

Vanessa Nicole Ramirez

Omg so crazy! I also can’t drink coffee while pregnant. I use to love it and now I’m like

Jessica Hostetter

The extra content is very much appreciated! Your positivity is contagious and uplifting ♥️

Serena Gunn

Omg I love your robe your wearing while doing your makeup. Where’s it from

Franciine Cabrera

Seriously obsessed with your videos!!! I took so many notes!!


Love this
Sam you're..... A w e s o m e

Valeria Mosqueda

You have so much energy for a pregnant woman lol. I wonder if you will be like this after baby girl gets here

average mija

Thank you so much for the content! Watching productivity videos motivates me to do work while I'm at home :)


LOVE the video ❤️
I am working from home- thank god- IAM ABLE TO FILM MORE & EDIT

Michelle Reynolds

I started a new job February 10th and it's been a whirlwind since working from home and getting acclimated to my new role. These are helpful tips I've never done this and it's a challenge to start the day and stay motivated!

Valerie Rodriguez

I feel like you were speaking directly to me when you said “scrolling through TikTok”

Yasmeen A

Great vedio. Thank you Sam

Aleksandra Kostić

Studying from home only makes it easier for me to overwork myself

Mel Bee

Yessss thanks so much for pumping out the content love it

Viola Jaidhauser

This was so helpful! Especially comparing your first year working from home to your habits right now!!

Plus, you‘re always so positive and just a genuine person!!

liz martinez

You're lucky you have the option


Love this! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Jennifer Forderer

Your glowing girl!!

abby ackley

thank you sam!!! I need YouTube content right now no matter what

Pamela Ooi

Working from home nowwwww

Paige Evers

Your face when the doorbell rang

Mariah Salas

Love this so much! I am teacher and will now be working from home, so this is perfect!

Debra Roth

You look great you are so pretty I can’t say I looked good when I was pregnant you have beautiful hair and you have great skin love your channel Sam ❤️


Great tips ! Having a routine is everything for me, I love having structure.

Pam Fret


Kelly H

This is such a perfect video for me right now

Mel Bee

Sooo helpful, I’m so not used to home office

Pretty Happy Habits

OMG about to comment there's 111 comments!! LOOOOOVE you SAM!!! YES please give us more content! YOu inspire me! Watched you dring my 6 AM workout girl!! much love Atena

Yasmeen A

Great vedio. Thank you Sam

Lauren Welch - Mindset Master & Real Estate Agent

I was going to wait until the morning since it’s late but You got me doing my to do list for tomorrow at 1 am Lolol


I’d totally love to see a pregnancy at home workout video!!♥️

Jazmin Castrejon

i love you!!!! thank you for working harder for us

Hollie V

So happy you shared this Sam!!! I am studying from home and using this opportunity to do D.I.Y in my new house. Blessing to you all <3

Madeleine Leigh

Can you do a video of how to workout at home?? Invested in a few dumbbells while social distancing but I usually rely heavily on machines and i’m lost!

Dana-Marie Childs

So helpful! Working from home for most likely the next month. Really appreciate your videos


What do you do working at home

Mrt. G

Jarod is an actual mood

Tres Chic Mama

Love these tips Sam!!! Thank you

katie marston

Your videos are helping me stay positive! Stay safe you guys xxx and thank you

Sahel Nadia

Tu es une vraie source d’inspiration. Je visionne tes vidéos depuis longtemps maintenant. Je n’ai jamais fait de commentaire sur les réseaux, c’est ma première !!! Je te souhaite pleins de bonnes choses

Savannah Mills

You look so cute in this video! Love your hair and outfit, and of course peep the bump!!!


Lost my job due to the virus. But watching this helped me jump start getting out of this funk!❤

Angela Jones

Omg Jared in the intro

Cait Moffet

This is awesome, I do most of these things but I think it's going to be helpful when I do my last term of senior year allll from home. I'm worried about not feeling social enough if it's just me home. What's your advice on that? I live with my bf but i want to be social past that lol