Richard Jefferson react to Harden records a triple-double in his Brooklyn Nets debut; Durant: 42 Pts

Richard Jefferson react to Harden records a triple-double in his Brooklyn Nets debut; Durant: 42 Pts

13 077 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Richard Jefferson reacts to James Harden records a triple-double in his Brooklyn Nets debut; Durant: 42 Pts

Hassan Welton

A few days ago he said it wasn’t going work smh commentators are all frauds

Chona Reyes

Wish the got westbrook too..okc players reunion..

Nep Gamer

kyrie who?

Arlando AMB67

All that money and his hair looks

최현 정

Idk if Kyrie and Harden will work together

Susie Langosh

Need lovely

Shiestyer Yt

U think kyrie finna let James harden take over lol ok

Damany Boyd

This is what Kyrie needed

Damany Boyd

Real talk from RJ 100


Richard Jefferson is on point, key to success for Nets is if Harden plays point guard position

Water & Honesty

Everybody that was talkin shit about them being dribble monsters & just the overall bittered hate displayed in the media gon be shit faced once all 3 of em DECIDE 2 co-exist & really Win. Then LeBron will have no choice but 2 bring Devin Booker on board lol. Cuz the Lakers are better than last season but they not "better" than the Nets once they get locked in with each other


I know people love to hate on Harden but man that guy is so effortless on the offensive end. He’s like poetry in motion. The Nets will be a force to be reckoned with no doubt

Universe 7

One game

Lb Thagr8t

Let's get it Nets

Taijh Robinson

Harden got the most rebounds? Thats something

Hans Smits

Kyrie top 10 player? Rly? Wtf

Damany Boyd

They are going to be sick


He really took that man number


trade KI for deep bench

Damany Boyd

And Steve Nash as the coach. "This is crazy!"

Damany Boyd

This is my guy man

Dee Lee

...and...and...he's still fat

bob bob

People obviously don't remember 2016-17 harden where he played point gaurd

Damany Boyd

They need Javell McGee fr

Ricky Morgan

I just don’t see it working long term and Kyrie loves the ball in his hand the game was against Orlando.

Damany Boyd

Good build

Keith Greer

I didn't watch the game but I see they best the Orlando Magic by just 7 points. Looked like a close game though out. They gave up 115 points to the Magic.

Why is everybody peeing on themselves with excitement? Lol. Just wait the hot mess is coming. They have the skills they don't have the mentality.

Big Cuz

If and when Kyrie comes back.._.Move Harden to 6th man and i guarantee Harden will be the 1st 6th Man of the Year/MVP in the same season ever.._.It would make them a Juggernaut if they can emphasise defence 1st...Offensively theyre already set

Laker /Phillyfan

NETS: Kyrie...take your time!

Damany Boyd

Love Steve Nash focus as a player and coach

iankirby omlas

RJ got knowledge they can hover onbtop 10-15 in defence their firepower can overpower the win

Tedlar Kewa

We need more of RJ instead of Paul Pierce..
RJ has more IQ the way he breaks down the game..Well said champ

Yoshiki G

James Harden is the most versatile scorer from 6th man of the year to assist leader to MVP. He was right about Houston. Things just was not going to work out between him and the team.
Kyrie better grow up and show up for work. This is the chance he wanted, well this is the best he is going to get.

Matty Henderson

Trade kyrie for some depth back