TIKTOK || Amazon Finds Compilation Prt6

TIKTOK || Amazon Finds Compilation Prt6

606 909 views | 28 Apr. 2020

Hi, thank you for for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Aashi Bliss

This girl should come to asia


6:48 it didn't record compilitly

Imani Loves roblox

*These lights that you can put anywhere*its called led lights

Ocean Bed


Mayela Trejo

I paused this to go through Amazon and got back with $40 less in my bank account : ) fuk

Jack Kim

Found an awesome site where you can get the latest trending viral products on tiktok! Cheaper than Amazon! https://asseenontiktok.co/


“And you can get it $10 cheaper on amazon than on Sephora” PEOPLE PLEASE make sure that the brand of the beauty product you’re considering buying on amazon states on their website that they sell on amazon (you can contact them first too). If they do not, other people could be selling you fake or expired products. Just because it’s on amazon doesn’t mean it’s safe or legit!!

lunars eve

you know, links would be helpful


Don't buy a fucking microneedling pen

Jayla Kassaby

tHiS iS mY oRgAnIc CaStOuR OiL

Nah Nope

If its not your idea of "affordable" then look for something that is. You having a tighter budget doesn't make them wrong. Heck, my budget is so tight if it were a vice I could put a piece of coal in it and get a diamond out in a week, I still understand people have different budgets. Just move along.


All these people be like “it’s only 40 bucks”
Me: broke af lookin for something that only costs 10.99$

Nevaeh Boivin

So when you are walking in to a store you just squirt out a mask
For coronavirus


2:01 when she said monogram my brain thought pentagram


Amazon is such a horrible brand though. They only make these videos to earn money off of affiliate links lmao I don’t think I’d trust them.

Sam T

A glass straw is a HORRIBLE idea

Victoria Martinez

For that Pravana product the girl uses please make sure your hair is colored/dyed. It’s used to restore/keep the color in your hair lasting longer and making it shiny if you don’t have any colored or dyed hair it won’t do much to your hair. I don’t want y’all to waste your money on a product that doesn’t treat hair that isn’t colored/dyed because it’ll just be a huge waste of money.

Carmen Ortiz

was anyone able to find the belt organizer? @ 2:59

Karina Mtz Salgado

Idk about y’all but most of this items are very expensive for what they are

Brianna Beauty

You can find cheaper “tumblrs” at Starbucks



Tracy's Contact

Where tf do ya'll work?

Just Me

People buy stuff for 9.999 and and " its under 1000"

Dragonflyy 000

Need the links! !! frustrating

Candace Jackson Luke 21:36

Jesus died for us, was buried, & rose again on the third day! because he took the punishment we deserved we can have eternal life if we so choose! ❤️ God bless all those who see this!

Amanda Parker

DON'T use the microneedling and microderm abrasion if you're not a professional. Please please please don't. It may work for her but it can actually do some serious damage to your skin. This is how people make their skin worse by NOT listening to professionals and thinking they know best.

Alma P Diaz

Hi guys I’m trying to get 1k followers on tiktok by the end of the week can you help me? My username is alma_pao_diaz


I wanna see you unboxing your Nintendo switch lite

Your Mom

i love the sweatpants! 4:07 i wish she said the name of them!!

taylor noel

so if you are like me and your parents won't let you get tiktok, there is no links. so here is the planner bc it looked cool:

Sarah Büchner

She describes a ring she got from AMAZON as unique


When u can’t afford any of these

lele witz

How am I supposed to find any of this when they don’t show the actual name of the products??? They just be like: I found THIS thing bla bla. Like wtf

Liquid Luck

"Under 40 bucks"
Well.... she ain't wrong


I’m sorry, but GIRL, those just look like black sweatpants with some serious period stains...

Duh It’s Your daddy

Sends this to mom :

sandy holmes

meh.. i have a feeling that we can find these at stores and i expected impressive stuffs in this list. Mediocre.

Eli’s pets

some of these tiktoks remind me of the ads we had to make for a product in 4th grade-

Gayle Elliott

I like the pad of paper that’s a to-do list; the affiliate account named to find the links does not have it on her account.

Alexis Krammes

NO LIST!!! Kills me!!!


All you DIY people are going down.


The first vid : Bring a charger and cont call it affordable when it's almost 40 bucks :Use a eyelash brush because it works almost exactly and it helps if you wet the brush :Just why??? You can get really good lipstick at the dollar store instead of that crap :why though:


Wtf are you recommending lmao y’all don’t even say the names

Katelyn 88

Dollar tree has the same masque applicators for a dollar

Lemon Saucy

When she said laptop protector, i was like gurl.... THAT THING BROKEN!!

Sonia Siddiqui

Why do all the girls sound the same?


Oh sweetie. You can get those for 5 bucks for a 5 pack at target.


This video just called me broke in 100 different languages

Margarette Allya Bustrillo

The girl in 1:03 sound like betty cooper from riverdale

KDs Creative Corner

Am I the only one who was just WANTED to fix the crooked purple marker? And that’s on having OCD

Meera Ramesh

Who else hates when they don't mention the product name, the company or even a single hint on how to get it! !!!!!!!
Edit: They also only include the links in a "like for part 2!!!!!!!"

Angelina Zink

Please please PLEASE don't take advice for skin/scars from teens. Consult your dermatologist because trust me, they know what should work for you better then a 16 year old

Sanali Edirisinghe

An electric candle lighter..... my god the first world luxuries

Someone Was Here

Lol $13.99 for a six pack of socks! Lmao I’ve seen better prices at Ross

Izzy Williams

do people in the west actually spend money on this random unnecessary stuff??

adriana neff

the no show socks-

Bridgitte Anne

I just buy the same things from AliExpress


The second one is like the only reasonable one

Jessica Leslie-byrn

so where's the links i can go to buy some of this cool stuff?

hello there


Seema Garg

I love the jewellery....

Michelle Benedith

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/7IO7R88S1YI7?ref_=wl_share amazon wishlist pls go check it out


Next time can you add the links??? Thanks

ꔫ-cinnabxn !

0:30 -me wanting tall anime socks bc my legs r noodles

Chicken Chicks & Chill

It's so weird seeing moms post tiktoks like these

- Stormy Alice -

Those tumblers are the exact same ones on eBay for under $10. People don't price check anymore.


Is it just me or the people who buy "water cleaning" water bottles probable don't need them 'cause I'm 60% sure even their tap and shower water are good for cosumption

Caraline Burtt

Ok a actually affordable things from Amazon instead oh getting a $8 latte buy a pink or yellow cloud neon led light it’s literally $8 bucks

Alice Thrasher

For the make up brush cleaner just use a lego!

Amelia E

Ahh yes an electric candle lighter is what I’ll need to make my life complete

Sam T

Everyone gets the same thing :/

Kim Bowman

At 6:56 you can see the address
Me:She should have checked before uploading.

Beanzii Jean

I found a better portable charger for only 25$ at Walmart it can charge two phones and charges itself quickly. It’s from a brand called onn you can go check it out (it also doesn’t look as ridiculous)


The first lamp is literally 175$ on Canadian amazon

aly johnston


dino berry

Hi if u could can u do one of like stationary or cute washi taps or stickers etc.

Nicole :p

The electric candle lighter hurts dogs and cats ears so be careful

Mariah Von Achen

None of these are actually “must haves”, they’re just stuff to buy cause you’re bored and have too much money

Katya Martinez

1:33 - i thought that was a vape


What socks are those The horizontal opening I would like to get them but I don’t know what to look under

Shannon G

We can just find most of these at Walmart or something like that-

Hi im Emily

ok the bitch at the time 7:19 she said is 25 bucks bitch i can seee how much its its fucking 27,99 so like dont

Saii Sson

$39 dollars— that’s not really cheap for my broke ass.

Psychopath Ssisster

Some of these just made me mad

Matina Jazmine

Proudly sponsored by Amazon


I have so many issues with portable chargers. I buy all the best ones and they barely charge my phone or the port on my phone is so finicky it never charges. Do other android users have the same problem or is it just me?


"this portable charger is AFFORDABLE and under $40"
price: $38.99 (she thinks that's affordable? i'm broke lol)
"this flyaway tamer is the best and under $13"
price: $12.98

Nicole Smith

Where the fuck is the lamp at 01:10??? Why do they never the say the name of the products?



Caraline Burtt

They be like “Omg I got a stick on Amazon for only $60 so cheap


I never understood why people love straws, just don’t use them

Taylor Matthews

Did anyone ever come to think about that when she said you can charge the portable charger AND charge your phone at the same time, why not just charge your phone without the portable because wtf if you have an outlet and cable to charge the phone and charger just... you get the point

audrey michelle

no clue what she said lol
*no hate lol she probs said stuff clear as day but i just didnt understand lol*

Mary Zaras

Tbh your editing is horrible

- ghøst -

Btw at somewhere around 2:27 she says “don’t hate me” not “donate me” just wanted to make that clear cus it took me a few times to figure that out myself :)


That portable charger is wayyyy too overpriced...

aubrie daniels

Where are my Hyram stans who cringed at the girl with the derma needle thing telling people to do it themselves to save money!!

Za ra

1:42 or you could just get a lighter??

Do you see that you’re icy?

What’s the name of the lamp?? 1:15