UFC 250 Preview, Fighter Pay, Protests, Tyron Woodley's Future | Live Chat, ep. 36 | Luke Thomas

UFC 250 Preview, Fighter Pay, Protests, Tyron Woodley's Future | Live Chat, ep. 36 | Luke Thomas

58 431 views | 5 Jun. 2020

Today on the podcast, we'll preview UFC 250: Amanda Nunes vs. Felicia Spencer as well as the other bantamweight fights on the card. We'll discuss the latest controversies in MMA fighter pay, Tyron Woodley's future and whether a bout with Colby Covington makes sense, the protests against police brutality gripping the nation, comparing the striking styles of elite fighters (Israel Adesanya, Conor McGregor, Stephen Thompson) and so much more.

This is episode 36 of The Luke Thomas Live Chat.

Winston Smith

Yeah Luke, Kim Kardasian is great. Helped free the Central Park Five, who were undeniably guilty of a most heinous crime. I believe currently she is in the process of trying to free a man who killed an entire family plus children. Your politics absolutely suck! You seem to be an intelligent man, but my god are you confused about politics.

Joey Heisenberg

Can anyone tell me how I can submit questions and make donations?


Dana's response to the fighter's calling for more money is showing how out of touch he is. The fighters are well aware "we have a deal." Their very contention is that the "deals" that all of the fighters are signing are worth less than is deserved. The basis of that contention is that fighters are the "draw" so to speak, even more so in the NFL. Yet, in the NFL, players make about 50% of the revenue as a whole. (Notice: that's a helmet league where players individual brands are diluted even compared to fighting.)

Even if under contract, "employees" on the UFC's roster could potentially get together, strike and unionize. To prevent this, they are all considered "independent contractors" even though they don't function 'independently,' in the sense that UFC fighters CAN'T use their skills to make money for any other promotion. Frankly, they can't use their skills in any other way short of teaching. This is not a traditional "independent contractor." As a law student, I wonder if the fighters could challenge that status in court.

Fighters have shorter careers than other major sports, with bigger short term images, that they can't cash in on as much thanks to the structure of the UFC. (For example, fighters used to be able to make sponsor money on their shorts, that's gone and the 'Reebok bonus' is actually less for a lot of guys.)

This is NOT a crazy request. My family owned a Real Estate business for many years and the employees got 50% of the revenue. This is normal in small business, BUT it's almost never the case in the GREEDY corporate world.

Pay the fighters Dana.

Crooked Nose

Luke needs to apologize for his white privilege!

John Miller

Luke, thanks for distinguishing between rioters and protesters. Protesters show up to the protest with the intention of not breaking the law (other than strategically planned civil disobedience.) Rioters are criminals who deserve to be arrested, tried, and properly warehoused.

Jason Alaniz

I think I can add a different explanation about catching the kicks. Maybe it’s the glove size differential. Bigger gloves = easier to catch kicks? Idk I could be wrong


I hope Adesanya cleans out 185 and goes to 205 sooner rather than later, hope he doesnt end up teasing a move for a decade like Jones.

Zachary Reichert

Using violence to effect political change is the dictionary definition of terrorism. That's not to say it's never something you should do, only that the significance of that should be recognized before you go down that road. Is it worth it? Do you have any chance of success?

Time will tell us how this particular instance will play out.

ben solecki

Just a fact check: Slaves were freed and slavery outlawed without wars in Brazil, England, all of Spanish Latin America, the Middle East and Medieval Europe. The US civil war was a major exception, not the rule.


As far as Wonderboy, McGregor and Adesanya compare. McGregor fights almost exclusively with his front foot pointed towards his opponent, whilst Wonderboy and Adesanya fight in more of a horse stance to open up their side kicks. McGregor prefers the rear leg front kicks for distance control. Although I would argue that Wonderboy has the best technique, I think McGregor's hands close the gap. Wonderboy vs either would be a great match up.

Léon Noël

Luke make a Letterbox account so you can log your movies.

Roman Sekret

Mistakes of Conor-Khabib being a fucking Goat of LW.

Sek war

Does he talk about Chuck Mindenhal?

Alex Salgado

Audio, garbage.

Music Playlists

I think the answer to why kicks get caught more in kickboxing than MMA is because in kickboxing they just throw a lot more body kicks, body kicks are by far the easiest kicks to catch and for that reason MMA fighters throw a lot less of them compared to in kickboxing where you dont have to worry about getting taken down if your opponent does catch one of your body kicks.


This is coming from someone who is primarily left leaning and hates trump.. Defunding the police would have the exact opposite effect as intended ya boners. Instead.. Training all cops in BJJ / Grappling to actually learn the difference between Blood & Airway chokes and when to let go of them, I have seen countless videos of Cops that know BJJ subdue multiple suspects without harming anyone, theres a really good one of a Cop tying 2 suspects together with their own jackets, a lesser trained cop would 100% have to use a weapon to do that..Also vetting of all cops and breaking their "blue line of silence" and firing people who clearly shouldn't be police.. those would produce wayyyy more benefit than defunding the police. I'll admit defunding the police by a small percentage (10-15%) would help, they don't need to be larping Gears of War in the streets pretending to be the military.


I disagree Luke kinda, if MMA and in particular the UFC paid more than you would get more talent that otherwise would be basketball, football, or even soccer players.


Thanks Luke

Victor Alley

Why the fuck do so many people ask Luke his stance on political situations? He one of the better fight analysts in MMA and everybody wants to hear him speak on politics? That's super lame. It fucking ruins this show.


Luke just proved the Mandela Effect. It was never "Luke, I am your Father" it's "No, I am your Father"

Ham Sweet

I say Spencer over Nunes second round sub.


Half the questions are about the protests because you are the only person in the industry with the heart (and decent head) to talk about it.


You think people are already bored of MMA Luke? Don't you think you're oversimplifying it? Maybe people are broke, scared and can't pay $80 for this PPV when they can barely buy food..


My grandfather passed a lil over a month ago and no one was allowed to see him for weeks he died alone Covid lockdown for what now everyone don’t give a fuck anyway


We cant say definitively if the we have been wrong about covid because there is still lots of time for the protesters to get sick and death rates to skyrocket.

Ham Sweet

And than GSP comes out and slams connor all over


I believe Cody can be champ again if he fights like he did against Cruz, and not just brawl. It’s not hard to get KO.


"Hi Luke, I know you're a member of the MMA media so let me ask you your opinions on sensitive political topics instead and then get bitter at the response."

Like what the fuck do you want from the dude, if you want a political debate, you're in the wrong place. If you don't want or like or agree with his opinions, don't ask for them

Don Juan Bob Jovi

I'm not gonna watch jre anymore but I'm not biggest fan and kinda lazy

Primo Living BC

Prime Machida was a great defensive fighter....... "welcome to the Machida era." .......it lasted until the Shogun era and then the Jones era.


Can we get this on google podcasts??

well as an expert I'd say

Why isn't this on Spotify yet chief

Rodney M

Luke, have you got a real haircut yet? If not, you're wife may have found a hidden skill! Damn it, I just said fuck it and shaved it.. And now it looks like I was just a little too aggressive with the buzz saw..oh well, now I gotta commit to a military short hair cut, or look like a fool for months.. And months.

Paul C

Thnx Luke


im 33 and im getting hangovers the are nearly life threatening
my uncles are all heavy drinkers and they are all 50-60
and those dudes don't have hangovers
and they would literally drink two handles of vodka like it's nothing and more
in like an hour

Micheál Gallagher

It is the Promotional Malpractice Live chat. Fuck those cocksuckers at Vox for stealing that name from you

Dash Vash

Keep killing it Luke. You and BC better take care of Chuck Mindenhall (spl).

Scotty Dymond

Look just a brain fart don't put that scumbag on trial put them in a steel fucking cage with Jon Bones Jones and Iron Mike Tyson for 10 minutes but the whole event on pay-per-view and and fucking give the proceeds to the family you think that should allow ever ever happen again have it mandatory viewing for every police officer all they'll be watching believe me motherfukers they'll be watching love you and your show bro you're the best

Jake Killian

Please turn up volume Luke


A lot less people have than what is said, and a lot of deaths are because some dumb ass governors put infected people in old folk homes. After they did that they blamed Trump2020...... Typical Democrat never take responsibility....


Man I really like Luke and he is very educated, but its sad how many people seem to rely on a mma guy for political issues. I really wish this would be mainly mma...


Kim K. is getting murderers back on the streets lol

John Miller

Hey Siri, what year did The Empire Strikes Back come out?

Kevin Devries

kick are not caught in mma because in striking as much because you are only watching for strikes so less options to be looking for plus no takedowns

Devin Watson

Yeah but what does Conor think about all this?


My grandfather passed a lol over a month ago and no one was allowed to see him for weeks he died alone Covid lockdown for what now everyone don’t give a fuck anyway


Why don't you and your dad just get tested and hang out? Come on that's just stupid man. 2 people that don't have it can't give it to each other for fuck sake


Although I think UFC fighters should make more than other professional athletes, it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone who make 5 to 20 times my yearly income in 15-25 minutes.

Jason Irwin

I like you today, Luke. Your response to the cultural issues was very reasonable. Thanks!

Derrick B

I wish Luke's Twitter audience was the same as this YouTube section. So more mature people here on YouTube.

Good stuff, Luke!

Rodney M

30? Dude, I'm fifty.. And you really take note of what you could do and what you sure fuckin can't now!


Our military will not stay longer than needed

Jim Chawki

They just use midkicks less in mma


If you believe in burning the flag GTFO....


Calling Ran a "good flick" is insanely underselling it lol

Tyler Moreau

Never thought I'd say this. But..... In all fairness to Kim K. She started educating herself (I don't know at what capacity) through Harvard Law and doesn't really seem to push her legal aspirations much in her other ventures (haven't watched the show but my girl shows me tons of stuff about the Kardashians and I've never seen her brag about it or throw it into the show or anything like that).

Rodney M

Star wars is really a shitty conglomerate of dumb movies filled with amatomically human shaped aliens from every where, and on and on of foolishness. I was born 69,so I remember thinking star wars was OK, and then the rest started coming, and the dumbness was more than I can bare, bear, beer!

Seth Pino


PrinceChamp Camp

One day I’m gonna meet Luke Thomas

Lukas Belinski

espn should drop ufc they wont pay ther is going to be crap cards

Andy Ellis

Does anyone watch the whole video?

random youtube guy

Nobody cared about small businesses when the fed decided to bail out large corporations for about $4trillion and the small businesses got sweet fuckall

Watch My 666

Turn the gain on your mic up a little bit man

Rico Rich

Rogan isn’t a broadcaster .. He doesn’t have to abide by any of the broadcast in standards..It’s nothing like Howard Stern

Tradecraft secrets

please please turn up the volume... 10% more. just listen to your vids beside the weasle, cheal or mixes molly.


Luke you know more about how businesses operate than any left leaning person. Meant as a compliment.

Marbella Production

The articulation and the thought process that Luke uses is at the highest level with the community, even when I don't agree with some opinions, I see his point of view. Love the content !


luke has such absolutely shit ignorant takes regarding politics. I wish he could separate that into it's own podcast since he takes half a podcast to answer questions like "what do you think about celebrities bailing out rioters?"

The Average Woodsman

So even though you have zero evidence that the vast majority of people arrested in these "protests" were actually protesting and not rioting. You still make the claim, and then assert that the person asking the question is "loading" it. Come on Luke, you're better than that.

Stephen barone

He did call Colin Kaepernick a "stupid (or maybe he said dumb) person" on an episode of MMA Beat (maybe thats where Bill and Ted comes in).

Corduroy G


How can you be considered the GOAT when you never defended a belt. Any fighter can lose can lose. You have to run through a division, long winning streak. Conor needs to STFU, and fight the next guy in stead of pick and choosing to fighting a guy that he matches up better with.


Longo and Matt is not going to be in the corner because of the ChineseVirus.


Fallin in and out of love, with you t Woodley

Uncle Bingo

Well done sir well done indeed now when's your logo going to match on the salt and pepper tip?

Daniel Alzate



Luke, you need a mod for your live chats. It’ll be helpful to let you know everything is going smoothly in your chats and can read all the feedback live and let you know if you need to make any adjustments. Case in point your volume is too low and was said all over the chat.

steve C

Good work

Léon Noël

Lolol we all look to Luke for an interesting perspective on the protests, and Luke is just excited to talk MMA again.

Ashley Dawson

Who could possibly give a fuck about anything other than the protests right now. It’s one of the most significant events in the history of this country


Tell em’ Luke!!! Ya BIG donk!

Don Juan Bob Jovi

George would have got 3 belts Dana wouldn't let him


Luke "Here's the point" Thomas




Luke please put time breakdowns by topic for your long episodes. Thx

Daniel Luna

Best overall defensive movement I've seen in MMA is probably Cody in the Cruz fight.


Given his loss, do the following fights for tony get you excited?
Tony v connor (155 or 170)
Tony v max hollaway (155)
Tony v masvadal (170)
Tony v dustin (155)
And of course tony v khabib (155 or any weight, anywhere)

Also would love a politics podcast if you had time, really value your insight

Kyle Gushue

Best man in the media right here.

Zach DaDante

Used to enjoy Luke’s stuff he was on his way to being a mainstream of information for mma and boxing but then when he went all sideways when Dana white was going to have that fight in April . I can’t even listen to this anymore it just irritates me how many people pushed against Dana and the way they did it. Oh well back to good old Helwani


Luke "Here's the point" Thomas

Dedicated 1

Highly nuanced thoughts, respect for Luke improved. Subscribed.

Ham Sweet

Dont sell her short. I think Felcia has everything

Frank L

Kicks aren't caught as much in MMA because the range is way different than striking sports. MMA fighters don't typically stay in the pocket when being attacked either

Bear Wolf

Funny how it's property > life, and we still pretend to value it.

Anthony Hewitt

Get a test if u havent seen your dad and plus we all know those covid numbers are bullshit. So a flue type virus we shut down everything

Lukas Belinski

ufc paid out 300 million to to investors ben afleck and mark walerg make more than most ufc roaaster

Thorazine 007

"New laws" for Checks and Balances Combat the Police Union.
"Bi-Partisan Bill" allowing citizens to sue cops individually for heinous acts.
“Strict Standards for Police Hire”
“Strict Standards to Fire Police”
"Weekly Training"
“Weekly Mock Stress Situations”
“Weekly non-lethal Restraint”
“Weekly De-escalation Training”
“Monthly Psychological Evaluations”
End Lawlessness in Law Enforcement

watch beginner Alan

Hey Luke , any chance you can pick a time to do the live chat and stick to it ?


In regards to Bo Nickal.. I heard he’s going straight to MMA, he’s been training at ATT. Saw him and Jorge grappling.


Alvarez took a dive for the sake of making history.