Hermitcraft VII 927 Easy Obsidian Farm!

Hermitcraft VII 927 Easy Obsidian Farm!

927 141 views | 26 Jun. 2020

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Episode Forty Six! Minecraft 1.16 is real! Now we head to the end to mine stupid amounts of obsidian!

Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20



Younge Napkin

#striderskin yes

heya whats the music called at 15:27 ?

sgs primer

#striderskin yes

Daily Dose Of Video Games


Andrea Garcia

He's great at math


@ yes


Btw you misspelled aria math as aria meth on the description

Lukas Holmén

Was kind of funky at first, but I like it

kit fisto

#striderskin I like it but I like the bee more


The chunk loader he uses doesnt seem to work on my server, the item despawn all the time (yes i have blocks around the portal so nothing gets in or out)


#Strider Skin Yes

Julius Klein

#striderskin yes, i like it.


does anyone know how he made the chunk loader?? im trying to make one of my own and cant tell if im missing something... (1.16.1 java)


#StriderSkin Yes


11:37 He... he made the cheapo version of the Nether portal.... COULD YOU NOT SPARE FOUR OBSIDIAN, SIR?!



ryan dziedziech

Lmao ‘Devided’ twice

Alt Shift

Texture pack?

Mats Janssens

#striderskin YEESSSS


Did you see the new Piglin Brute?

Chur Cuzz



cant you just trade?

Laughed A

#Striderskin yes

The Future President of America

@xisumavoid, make an item filter to catch the netherrack and the black carpets

alexzander rossi

Could have mined the obsidian towers where you fought the end dragon. When you re summon him they come back

Abhijeet Shrivastava

and in sept rendog got lost in that long no reason tunnel

Casper Hoetink

That cat in the back ground is hilarious xD 12:07

Bobby Bob


Matt Tanzer

#striderskin no

PithyBog Playz

#striderskin yes I like it

Jared Steele

nice job on the bedrock texture! I love it

Nighty 09


Pro playz

#striderskin yes

The Panda Squad

can someone help me with the chunk loader? we cant see the other side of it


X: "We use farmland because hoppers pick up items through it"
Everyone: "Path blocks do the same thing"

Nhlanhla Marvin



6:20 pls someone do a quick vid on this small restone machine i have built it all but there is 1 small part that u cannot see in the vid


Combine it with a farm that can get more loot so that it basically just has an infinite amount of something coming through

Yelite The beast


I kind of like it and don’t like it
And my final decision is yes

Sam B

#StriderSkin LOVE THE SKIN

Casper Hoetink

#striderskin yes

Ice Dog

you could have rigged the dropper to an infinite carpet generator so you can infinitely put items through the portal

Prashitha Perera

Bee is the best plsssss wear the beesuma plssss bc of your base

Patricia Subia

#Stridesuma No

Fadhil Khadafie

#striderskin yesn't

Hrithik Balaji

In 8:57 , divided spelling is wrong

T8TIN8TER 3000

#striderskin yes

Moon JB9564


42 is best numbe

#striderskin gotta admit, I don't really care for it. Sorry man.

Tyler N



lmao the description says "aria meth "

Luk Dio

You should make a sand farm using an end portal via finding a new one

a boston cream pie

Ok I’m sort of late to comment this, but who else thinks that Xisuma’s new build looks like a japanese onigiri?

Phoenix on Fire

I think the camera stuff is because lecterns, glass, and signs aren't full blocks, whereas wool is.

Darren Rogers

Add an xp farm with mending on the pick for unlimited


#striderskin no cuz your base is themed around bee's

Jared Steele

how do you get so many levels? is it a furnace array?

Rivers Evans



xisuma: makes an obsidian farm and gets stacks and stacks of obsidian.....

still xisuma: can’t even put corners on his nether portal

Some stypid drawings

#striderskin yesssss

Juan David Bitar

Which data pack does he use that when he hovers over shulkerboxes it shows the contents in it. Thanks!

Dr. Ragnorausk

#Striderskin yes

Erinn Streeter

That background music you chose for the end footage was beautiful.

Herr Katze Gaming

9:04 it's Divided, not Devided


#Striderskin not in the over-world seeing as you’ve made everything bee themed.
I do like it tho, but maybe just use it for nether projects?


#striderskin yes

Everest McKay

2:00 (xisuma) flies away......

but the elytra breaks.

Caleb Hudson

i like the bee skin better

Noah Alee

#striderskin love


path path dirt path not farmland or use honey

Neal Schelb

#stryder yes

Josiah Santillan


Fred Joubert


matthew richman

Why is your bedrock stone!!!!!!!!

The big sad

#striderskin no


Can you place a wither rose on a path block?

Mohammed Alaleeli



music @15:45?

Raman Goel

#striderskin ...( drum rollll) YES!
Also don't search #striderskin in youtube
Just sayin

Nathan Huisman

With haste 2, efficiency 5 and a netherite pickaxe the time to break one obsidian is 31 ticks (see https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Breaking#Calculation). This in seconds times five is actually 7.75 seconds or 155 game ticks. So that's around 20 items in the hopper clock which would give you 5 obsidian per 8 seconds. This is 2,250 obsidian per hour, and you'd use up a pickaxe in a bit more than 3 hours

bobbertdaking 420

#stridderskin yes i like it


In MCPE it's a button you press it twice to sneak and unsneak so unsneaking in MCPE is hard..


#striderskin NO. Beesuma was better

Beloved Serpant

#strider yes

Stian Sjøstrøm


Angus Eades

#stryderskin no, i prefer beesuma, feel like it was short lived and didnt get enough time to shine


15:26 is epic


In MCPE it's a button you press it twice to sneak and unsneak so unsneaking in MCPE is hard..

Maharshi Patel

9:01 u spelled divided wrong

Muzammil Hansildaar

#striderskin (yes) Next season. Bee skin this season.


yeah i love it #StriderSkin yes



Matthew Hattemer

Is this a mincraft math channel

Bramantyo YM

I know im late but still #striderskin yes

Tavish N.Competent

I think it would be time for Minecraft to have an official chunk loader block. Like a bed or a respawn anchor, you need to right click it to activate it, giving the devs the opportunity to limit chunk loaders to 1 per player, and provide a config that could allow server owners to change that number.

Thomas Gibson

#striderskin yes 100 %yeeessssssssss

Lukas Holmén


Ahraz Khaled

#striderskin yes!!!!

joeyh273 :D

248 levels man wow


Song at 15:14???